Chapter 694: Agitation, waiting for them to beg for help

What was Han Yunxi’s idea?

She looked around them, carefully observing the mist, its density, and the direction of the breeze. The mysterious high level expert who had rescued Jun Yixie from Fishery Island had controlled a vast patch of poison fog. She didn’t have such skills, but she could create her own “poison fog” as easily as blowing dust in this mist! 

Women were beautiful when concentrating on a task. Long Feiye didn’t know what Han Yunxi was thinking, but he didn’t disturb her. As if admiring a treasure, he simply looked at her with more and more satisfaction. Han Yunxi was too focused to notice his doting stare. From the detox system, she mixed up a toxic concoction and scattered it on the ground. The scent of poison quickly filled the air, this time emanating the stench of sour feet.

Long Feiye immediately covered his nose and asked, “What’s this?”

Han Yunxi pulled him back. “Just wait. We’ll have something to guide our way very soon.”

A guide? 

Was Han Yunxi attracting something to them with this poison? Long Feiye couldn’t figure out what that might be. Their only answer would be to wait. Within the swirling mists, the poison scent spread quickly. Both Long Feiye and Han Yunxi held their noses as they stared at the poison in silence. 

Meanwhile, Lady Leng Yue and the young woman were still waiting by the shores of the lake. The younger woman had no ounce of patience left and was beginning to press Lady Leng Yue again.

“Just how long do we have to wait? Can’t you go in and out as you please? You might as well head straight in and kill Han Yunxi with a single stab.”

Lady Leng Yue replied scornfully to the woman, “The mists contain poison. If you want to seek death, you can go by yourself.”

“Do we have no other choice except wait? What if the poison never dissipates?” the woman asked.

“We’ll wait for them to beg for mercy, and for Han Yunxi to hand over the antidote.”

Lady Leng Yue stared at the pathway. She had come this time to deal exclusively with the Duke of Qin, never expecting Han Yunxi would be an even harder conundrum. Of course, she didn’t anticipate the younger woman being so stupid and irritating either.

“Beg for mercy…” the young woman trailed off before growing delighted. “Alright! I’ll wait! I want both Han Yunxi and the Duke of Qin to beg me!” Her restless anxiety dissipated, to be replaced with thrill and anticipation. As soon as she imagined those two pleading with her, her blood boiled with excitement as her hairs stood on end. She wished that moment was already here!

But by now Han Yunxi and Long Feiye had already received their answer. A large black swarm entered the mists from the side in a slow and steady cloud. Before meeting Han Yunxi, Long Feiye would have assumed this was a poison miasma, but now he realized this was a giant mob of poison mosquitoes! When they drew nearer, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi heard their buzzing before the entire swarm streaked to the poison scattered on the ground and devoured it in a frenzy.

“You want them to lead the way?” Long Feiye was still wrapping his head around the idea. When Han Yunxi had been kidnapped by Jun Yixie in the past, she used poison mosquitoes to mark her way so he and Chu Xifeng could track her down. But how were the mosquitoes supposed to break through the formation for them this time after having their meal?

“Are there any special properties to that poison?” 

For Long Feiye to guess this much was already commendable. Han Yunxi inwardly praised him even as she kept things in suspense with a smile. “Long Feiye, don’t you trust me?”

His mouth twitched. “I do,” he replied before falling silent. Han Yunxi immediately turned around to hide her giggle. Between the two of them, it was always Long Feiye taking the lead. This was a rare chance for her to show off for once. He knew she was laughing, but pretended not to notice. Meanwhile, the swarm of mosquitoes suddenly took off from the ground and headed like an arrow towards the left.

“Long Feiye, quick, chase them!” Han Yunxi shouted.

She had added an extra toxin to the poison that attracted the mosquitoes. Once eaten, it would create unbearable thirst in its victims, so the mosquito swarm would be heading for water as soon as they ate. Despite being primates, human beings were inferior to smaller animals when it came to certain skills. Right behind this maze formation was the lake. Although Han Yunxi wasn’t sure whether there’d be fog there, she was certain it’d be a damp environment. The mosquitoes would be able to sense the moisture in the air and head towards the water. They didn’t think beyond instinct, so the changing matrix wouldn’t affect their progress.

Sometimes, people were just too smart for their own good. That was why they made mistakes!

Long Feiye held onto Han Yunxi’s slim waist with one hand while he chased after the mosquitoes using lightness techniques. Even when the swarm headed off the path and into the forest, he followed. He always expressed his faith in Han Yunxi through actions instead of words.

A strange thing happened as soon as they entered the woods. The heavy mist dispersed as they followed the mosquitoes and somehow found their way back on the pathway again. Yet the swarm kept flying forward and before long, another stretch of misty woods appeared before them. The only difference was that a mass of darkness lay beyond that. There were strong risks to keep up the chase, but Long Feiye simply sped up without hesitation. However, once they passed through the darkness and entered a new stretch of pathway, they spotted the end of the road ahead. Verdant green growth awaited them!

“Long Feiye, we broke through the formation!” Han Yunxi was thrilled. She immediately told him how she’d poisoned the mosquitoes, answering his final question. He didn’t praise her with words, but rewarded her with a kiss on her forehead.

“Now it’s time for your lordship to protect you,” he murmured by her ear, his voice enough to make her burn!

“Sure…” Han Yunxi trailed off tenderly.

Long Feiye tightened his grip on her before drawing out his sword. Together, they shot forward like an arrow to catch up to the mosquito swarm. Long Feiye had kept his eyes open while Han Yunxi was protecting him, but now she was leaning against his chest with eyes shut, utterly relaxed. No matter how much Long Feiye trusted Han Yunxi, it was certain that she had complete faith in him!

Meanwhile, Lady Leng Yue and the young woman were still waiting. Suddenly, the young woman exclaimed, “Lady Leng Yue, look! What’s that?”

Lady Leng Yue had already noticed the giant black miasma emerging from the matrix. It was moving extremely fast and flooding the air. As she gaped, she lost the will to speak.

“Is it poison miasma?” the young woman asked.

“No, it’s Han Yunxi…” Lady Leng Yue trailed off. This scene was all too familiar to her. When she had been trapped in the formation, Bai Yanqing had bumped into her and used this same “poison miasma” to break through the matrix. 

Yet this wasn’t miasma, but a poison mosquito swarm!

Who knew that a young woman like Han Yunxi possessed the same skills? Her poison techniques had to surpass that of Jun Yixie. Perhaps she could even fight on level with Bai Yanqing? Just who’s her master? Would they be stronger than Bai Yanqing too?

Does Bai Yanqing know about this?

“What kind of nonsense are you spewing?! It’s just poison miasma. It’s perfectly normal for that to show up in a damned place like this!” the younger woman said unhappily.

“It’s Han Yunxi! They’re out!” Lady Leng Yue unsheathed her sword and stood on guard.

“How is that possible? How can Han Yunxi understand the art of the Qimen Dunjia?” Furious at the thought, she huffed, “Lady Leng Yue, are you panicking just because of some poison? It’s true that Han Yunxi’s skills are formidable, but--”

Before she could finish, the sound of buzzing reached her ears. Alarmed, she spun around at the same time Lady Leng Yue took to the skies. The young woman could only see a swarm of mosquitoes heading her way. Too stunned to escape, she could only stand there and scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhh….!”

She was soon swallowed by the swarm, but they chose to ignore her in favor of the lake behind her. Scared to death, the woman threw up her hands to keep her face covered and kept screaming. “Ahhh...ahhhhhhh!”

“What are you yelling for? Trying to call back your soul?” The woman’s voice that spoke wasn’t very loud, but it carried an air that made one impossible to ignore.

The young woman abruptly stopped screaming. She discovered that none of the mosquitoes had harmed her at all, so she was still alive. She quickly dropped her hands, only to see Han Yunxi and Long Feiye already standing in front of her. Or rather, Han Yunxi was the one standing, while Long Feiye stood behind her back. The former spoke coldly with a face free of makeup, “Were you the one who kidnapped Grand Concubine Yi?”

Afraid, the young woman backed up a few steps and almost fell into the lake. Luckily, she dug her sword into the ground just in time to regain her balance. Lady Leng Yue suddenly swept in to bring the girl aside while increasing the distance between her group and Long Feiye’s. Her movements were swift and clean, showcasing admirable skill.

Finally regaining her senses, the young woman immediately lowered her voice and said, “Long Feiye, I told you to come alone. Why did you bring her along?”

Once again, Han Yunxi was completely ignored. She’d long grown used to such treatment, so she only examined the younger woman. Unfortunately, the girl was wearing a veil and using an assumed voice that made it impossible to identify her. However, it was certain that they knew each other.

The young woman might have ignored Han Yunxi, but Long Feiye was worse. He bypassed her completely to look at Lady Leng Yue and asked, “Lady Leng Yue, how about your lordship strike a deal with you?”

“Speak,” Lady Leng Yue replied calmly.

“Kill this woman,” Long Feiye got straight to the point.

The young woman grew alarmed. “Long Feiye, don’t you want to see your imperial mother anymore?”

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