Chapter 69: Close questioning, is this it?

Chapter 69: Close questioning, is this it? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

“Your majesty, Yunxi dare not take credit for others’ achievements. I only plead for your majesty to spare the three generations of the Han Clan!”

Han Yunxi immediately kneeled as she said these words, very serious.

“Your majesty, Han Congan diagnosed a strange illness, but he’s kept it secret all this time. Yunxi believes that besides Han Congan, the Han Clan’s three generations have no idea about the details of the situation. No one would dare to reproach or censure the crown prince. Yunxi is willing to make amends for one’s faults with good deeds, and begs your majesty to spare the innocent and show mercy.”

These words prompted the flurried Han Congan to calm down. He hastily followed to plead, “Your majesty, this subject assures you with my life that I’ve never revealed the crown prince’s illness to anyone else. I beg your majesty on behalf of the people in this room and Yunxi, spare this subject once.”

Emperor Tianhui wore a nasty expression and didn’t speak. The empress looked at him quietly, but kept silent, though here was a cold smile in her heart. Compared to Lady Tianxin, Han Congan was far inferior. Compared against his daughter today, the distance was even farther. Han Yunxi pleaded for leniency for the sake of the Han Clan’s three generations, while Han Congan only pleaded for himself.

“Imperial Mother, they can’t be spared or else Tianmo will be wronged!” the empress muttered in a low voice, ready to kill Han Congan right there and then.

A single person of imperial lineage could change the situation entirely, such as when Lady Tianxin saved the empress dowager in the past. If it wasn’t for the delays these few years, the crown prince would’ve taken a firm stand within the court and prevented the other imperial sons from showing their influence and power.

Yet the empress dowager shot Han Yunxi a glance before calculating under her eyes. “Your majesty, Yunxi’s heart is the same as Lady Tianxin’s, just like a Bodhisattva’s. How about listening to her?”

Han Yunxi didn’t expect the empress dowager to help her instead of pushing her down. How strange she sounded when she spoke. Even if Han Yunxi had saved the crown prince, there was no guarantee that the older lady would treat her sincerely. But she didn’t have time to consider these things.

Emperor Tianhui raised his eye to look at the empress dowager, then Han Yunxi, before releasing a breath. “All right, Zhen will give you and your mother face today and spare the Han Clan’s three generations…”

Han Congan rejoiced and kowtowed to express his thanks, but Emperor Tianhui angrily kicked him aside with a cold voice. “The three generations of the Han Clan can be spared, but for a useless trash like you, Zhen definitely won’t show mercy!”

Han Congan was kicked to the side, entirely stunned. He suddenly felt all the energy ripped out from his body and grew paralyzed in place.

“Many thanks to your majesty!” Han Yunxi’s voice was loud and clear, each word sonorous. She originally intended to save Han Clan’s three generations, but never planned to save Han Congan. This result was very satisfactory.

“Someone, lock Han Congan in the prisons already. Hehe, Zhen will parade him through the streets and decapitate him at noon!” Emperor Tianhui said coldly.

“No...your majesty, me… Yunxi!”

Han Congan shouted, but was quickly escorted out until his cries grew farther and farther and faded. Han Yunxi mused over this ‘decapitate him at noon.’ It looked like he was planning to take advantage of this to proclaim the crown prince’s sickness to the world and clear up everything. After all, a strange illness would cause people to think and affect the crown prince’s image. If they said he was poisoned, it would be very normal. But with this, the medical family of Han would definitely be utterly discredited. They’ll have difficulty finding a foothold in the medical community from thereon. For the Han Clan that relied on medical services to make a living, this was undoubtedly a catastrophe!

Leaving aside old scores, it really was a pity to ruin hundreds of years of Han family reputation. But Han Yunxi knew that for Emperor Tianhui to yield a step was already the best outcome. The emperor’s temper dissolved greatly after Han Congan was taken away. Only then did he approach the bed and carefully observed his son’s face with a mild tone. “Han Yunxi, he’ll wake in an hour, right?”

“Yes!” Han Yunxi was very certain.

“Someone, take Qin Wangfei to rest,” Emperor Tianhui said. As he looked at the crown prince, his dark eyes ignited anew with hope.

“Thank you, your majesty,” Han Yunxi tidied up her medical pouch and followed the court lady to a room in the side wing.

She really was exhausted and had no energy to consider Han Congan’s situation at the moment. There was only an hour left, so she didn’t lie on the bed, afraid that she wouldn’t wake up. She leaned against the warm bed, a hand propping up her head. She was planning to take a brief rest with her eyes closed, but she really did fall asleep.


In the quiet room, Long Feiye’s footsteps were very light as if he’d slowed them on purpose. He walked in front of Han Yunxi and looked down at her disdainfully. Originally, he thought that she’d wake up, but this woman actually slept so deeply in a foreign environment without any safeguards. Unhappiness flashed through Long Feiye’s eyes before he sat down next to her. Even then, Han Yunxi didn’t sense him. Her sleeping face was both peaceful and happy, looking less fierce and more charmingly feminine than usual.

This was the first time Long Feiye had seen her so close, and the first time he really looked at her. His cold, penetrating gaze slowly turned intense as if locking onto prey as he brazenly studied every single aspect of her daintiness. In the silence, he boldly reached out his hand to lightly press a finger against her tender lips.

“Han Yunxi, just who are you?” he asked in a low voice.

He had investigated for a long time, but was completely unable to find any of her weak points. Still, he refused to believe that this woman was that timid and ugly useless trash who feared getting into trouble. If she wanted to blindly marry into the Duke of Qin’s household, she had no need to pretend or suffer grievances in the Han house. The one thing that he could ascertain was that he’d seen everything clearly from the roof of the crown prince’s room. This woman had turned her back to Gu Beiyue and completely conjured away the dregs in the medicine pot so that Han Congan couldn’t find them at all. Did this count as part of her miraculous poison skills?

Leaving aside the Han Family, even Cloud Realm Medical Academy wouldn’t possess people with such abilities, right?

Heaven knows how tired Han Yunxi was to sleep like death. Only when Long Feiye applied more pressure to his finger did she suddenly wake up. The first thing she saw upon opening her eyes was Long Feiye’s cold and hazy eyes.

Ehh...this is…

Han Yunxi’s eyes looked down to see his finger pressing on her lips. This movement was, so, dubious! The muddleheaded Han Yunxi opened her eyes even wider. She couldn’t be dreaming, right? Otherwise, why would Long Feiye take liberties with her while she was sleeping? Thinking here, Han Yunxi gave a start and abruptly pushed his hand away!

She rubbed her eyes...had sleeping turn her stupid?

This was trying to assail her by eating the fruit!

“Long Feiye, what are you doing?” An angry Han Yunxi backed away and curled up defensively.

Long Feiye didn’t plan on explaining his actions, but lazily leaned against the other side of the bed with eyebrow raised. “Han Yunxi, you have quite the guts to poison the crown prince.”

Han Yunxi was shocked. This guy knew?

“What are you saying? I don’t understand what you mean.” Of course she had to feign ignorance.

“Your lordship saw everything. You switched the medicine in the pot,” Long Feiye said again.

Han Yunxi was even more surprised. This guy had spied on them. Could it be that he saw her hide the poison inside her detoxification system too?

Although she was ill at ease, she quickly calmed down. Even if she was exposed on the spot, she’d still try to defend herself. Since she hadn’t been exposed on the spot, she wouldn’t own up to her actions even if she died.

“I don’t know how your highness was watching, but it was probably a mistake,” she said, indifferent and self-possessed, before mentioning a sore point. “Your highness, these things can’t be said so carelessly. Poisoning is a serious crime, so if his majesty sets the blame, neither of us would be able to afford it.”

Han Yunxi’s expression was leisurely and comfortable, but Long Feiye looked even more relaxed as he said, “Your lordship can afford it.”

Gloominess flitted past Han Yunxi’s eyes, but she bore it and went on. “Your highness, such words demand evidence. Chenqie treated the crown prince with Gu Beiyue there the whole time. Imperial Physician Gu can confirm that your words are false.”

As soon as these words were spoke, Long Feiye inclined his body and drew near to her. Not expecting this, Han Yunxi leaned back. If the screen of the bed hadn’t been so high, she might have toppled to the ground long ago. One hand warded off his chest as she glared at him. What was this guy doing? Can’t he just speak properly?

“Why is Gu Beiyue helping you? Gu Beiyue probably knows too much,” Long Feiye smiled coldly.

“Your highness, Imperial Physician Gu acted under orders to assist chenqie, so helping chenqie is only natural,” Han Yunxi feigned ignorance as she replied seriously.

“You know what your lordship is talking about. Exactly what is the matter with the crown prince’s illness?” Long Feiye had turned serious as well.

“Your highness, chenqie has already clearly explained his condition,” Han Yunxi’s intentions were revealed by her taut tone.

Long Feiye’s patience finally evaporated as he asked, “Han Yunxi, do you think the emperor will trust you and Gu Beiyue, or your lordship?”

This… Han Yunxi couldn’t say a word. She only just realized that this Giant Iceberg could act like a hooligan, too! She curled her lips in contempt and grew displeased.

“Can’t you speak nicely? Get out of the way!”

Her ferocity slightly dumbfounded Long Feiye, who backed away to return his usual apathy. He didn’t stop scrutinizing Han Yunxi, determined to have her explain. With no alternative, Han Yunxi told the truth about the fetus in fetu. Long Feiye listened attentively before furrowing his brows at the end, a little incredulous.

Seeing his expression, Han Yunxi sighed with emotion in her heart. This guy really was different from the ordinary. Even Gu Beiyue had been shocked upon hearing the facts, but he only seemed mildly curious. After a clear explanation, Han Yunxi didn’t say much, but languidly leaned against a high pillow, looking at him face-to-face.

Now that he’d gotten answers, what was he going to do?

But Long Feiye only spoke briefly. “The matter will end here. Never tell anyone else.” Then he got off the bed and left.

Just like that?

He came especially to press her for questioning just to find out the truth? Han Yunxi was a bit stunned. She was preparing to be threatened. Did he even see her take things from the detoxification system? These doubts had no answers, but Han Yunxi thought that since he didn’t ask, he might not have seen anything in the end.

All right, she couldn’t see through this guy.

Long Feiye troubling her banished all her drowsiness despite her exhaustion. She was too lazy to move, but curled up on the warm bed to think things over. Very quickly, an eunuch excitedly knocked on her door. “Esteemed wangfei! Esteemed wangfei, His Highness Crown Prince woke up! He’s awake!” It was even sooner than Han Yunxi’s estimation. She rejoiced and recovered her energy to rush back to the crown prince’s rooms.

Inside, everything was as it was before. Emperor Tianhui, the empress dowager and empress all surrounded the edge of the bed. Emperor Tianhui had summoned many imperial physicians, each of whom were taking Long Tianmo’s pulse! Long Tianmo was still lying in the same position, but his eyes were wide open. Those pupils were filled with an indescribable joy. Even though he was still a patient, observers could see his youthful spirit!

If it wasn’t for the fact that his imperial mother and grandmother disliked her, Han Yunxi would be fond of such a strong, staunch patient.

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