Chapter 689: Warmth, impossible to quarrel

“There’s an accountant to take care of the accounts,” Long Feiye remarked. “But it’ll all be left to you for management afterwards.”

Doubtful, Han Yunxi scooted closer and asked, “Long Feiye, you...are you planning to run away?” He was acting so strangely that it made her uneasy. It was as if he was planning to settle everything before vanishing from sight. 

Long Feiye played with her hair as he gave her a pampering smile. “Even if I ran, I’d take you with me. Except if I was running for my life.”

Han Yunxi knocked his hand aside. “Long Feiye, just what are you planning to do?”

“You did so well managing Pill Fiend Pharmacy that your lordship can only count on you for my estates and properties too,” Long Feiye teased.

“I’m not just talking about that,” Han Yunxi paused, then grew serious. “Do you have some plan in mind to deal with Celestial Mountain’s current conduct?” She only felt that Long Feiye was making preparations before their trip to Celestial Mountain for her sake because they’d be in danger then. 

A complicated look flickered past Long Feiye’s face before he said lightly, “Their current actions are violent and dangerous. If I still can’t descend the mountain by mid-autumn, can you leave first and help me take care of the commander-in-chief’s estate here, as well as deal with developments in the western regions?”

“Is it because of Duanmu Yao?” Han Yunxi grew anxious. Would Long Feiye’s actions make him the sword sect master’s enemy because of that girl? In her impression, he had always respected his master even with Duanmu Yao causing trouble. Celestial Mountain Sword Sect’s grandmaster was the number one expert across the continent. His martial arts had reached unfathomable heights. If her guesses were right, then he’d really be in peril.

“It has nothing to do with her. Cang Qiuzi is the biggest source of trouble,” Long Feiye replied. In truth, even that man was number two. His primary obstacle lay with himself--or rather, the lock still sealed in his body. If he could smoothly get rid of it on their trip to Celestial Mountain, then it’d be easy to take care of Cang Qiuzi as well. In the jianghu’s martial arts circles, strength directly determined the successors as kings. It wasn’t as complicated or variable as the royal courts. Meanwhile, he’d never taken Duanmu Yao to heart, nor was he planning to let her return to the mountain. As long as she didn’t come back, his master wouldn’t have any conflicts with him. 

Once he obtained the power to speak for Celestial Mountain, none of Cloud Realm’s martial arts circles would dare to threaten the south central regions and its commander-in-chief’s estate. He could also use the martial arts circles’ strength in the future to take down the two mercenary cities. He always knew that the strength of the jianghu couldn’t be underestimated. Duanmu Yao’s efforts to rally their forces against Ning Cheng was already clear proof of their power. 

Celestial Mountain’s current actions would have far-reaching effects. While the three nations were busy fighting in the western regions for the next few months, visiting them would be the best idea. If they didn’t move now, Heaven knows if Duanmu Yao and Cang Qiuzi might end up teaming with Jun Yixie, or worse. Cang Qiuzi had always wanted to gain support from the secular world to buff up his power at Celestial Mountain. Since Jun Yixie and Duanmu Yao had already colluded in the past, connecting the man with Cang Qiuzi would wrest the situation beyond Long Feiye’s control. That was one thing that could not be allowed to happen.

If he couldn’t unseal his lock, then things would be even more complicated and both him and Han Yunxi would be in danger. Thus, he would first send Han Yunxi off the mountain in mid-autumn, even if he couldn’t leave himself. All of the arrangements had been made. Now he was winding up things at the commander-in-chief’s estate. If he couldn’t return, Han Yunxi would be safest here. She also now had all of his business accounts books for the south central regions. Even if all five clan heads tried to pressure her, she would have enough chips to contend against them. Although it looked like she was going to control the situation in his place, there wouldn’t be much for her to do in actuality.

“I don’t want to leave the mountain. You can leave the affairs at the commander-in-chief’s estate to Baili Yuanlong. I’m going with you up and down that peak! If you don’t leave, I won’t either!” Han Yunxi said seriously.

“You don’t know martial arts. You’ll just be a burden for your lordship if you stay behind,” Long Feiye stated ruthlessly.

Han Yunxi wouldn’t be defeated by just one sentence. “Even so, I’ll stick around. If you have the skills to bring me up, then you have the skills to come back down with me! Otherwise, don’t bring me at all!”

“Alright, then don’t go,” Long Feiye said, but his eyes were soft and bright. It was obvious he was humoring her.

“Long Feiye!” How could he say such cruel things in such a gentle voice? 

Unperturbed, Long Feiye tenderly fed her another spoonful of soup. She huffed as she drank it all and said, “Fine, I won’t go. I’ll wait at South Ning until you come back!” After some thought, she added, “And if you dare not to return, I’ll break up the commander-in-chief’s estate and scatter Chu Xifeng and the rest. Then I’ll sell all your properties and estates to the Cloud Realm Trade Consortium and go wander the world with Gu Qishao!”

Her angry words were also a warning.

“And also, I’ll go to the Tang Clan and---”

“Han Yunxi, my mother and father are already dead. I want to bring you to Celestial Mountain so my master can meet you,” Long Feiye explained as he continued gazing gently at her. Han Yunxi abruptly shut up. She didn’t want to meet those eyes, but was drawn to them anyway. How could she refuse something so tender?

How could she refute a reason like that? Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to go. She, too, was hoping for the day when she could join him on Celestial Mountain. She’d held this wish for so long that she wouldn’t drop it now, especially when he was going to face danger. Han Yunxi stared at him intently without a word. 

Long Feiye ended up smiling helplessly as he played with her bangs again. “After mid-autumn, the grain and medicine supplies for the three nations will be exhausted. Someone will need to be present to oversee things at the south central regions then. Baili Yuanlong is a military man, thorough and thorough; he’s not as smart as you. Your lordship will only come down the mountain a little later, if at that. It’s not like I’ll never leave it.” He cupped her by the chin as he spoke, lifting her face to meet his.

“Han Yunxi, just what kind of foolish fancies are you thinking of? You want to wander the world with Gu Qishao? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Do you believe that your lordship will break his legs right now until he’s a cripple?”

Somewhere else, Gu Qishao had finally broken free from Mu Linger and was curled up inside his wide black robes beneath the sun. A sudden chill went down his back before he peeked his head outside. The sun was still shining brightly, so he only ended up feeling confused…

Han Yunxi looked at Long Feiye before she finally replied, “You said it yourself, it’s going to be dangerous.”

“That’s why,” Long Feiye replied smoothly, “I won’t be able to descend so soon.”

“I don’t care. I’m not going down first!” Han Yunxi was in a rare stubborn mood.

Long Feiye knitted his brows. He didn’t speak, but simply stared at Han Yunxi. His cold gaze was enough to scare all the servant girls. They feared that a single misstep would land disaster on their heads. But Han Yunxi furrowed her brows as well and matched his stare. The two of them ended up in a deadlock.

Finally, Han Yunxi stood up and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Long Feiye called her back.

“There’s no discussion for this matter. I can find someone else to take care of South Ning’s commander-in-chief’s estate. I don’t need to come back personally to oversee everything,” Han Yunxi declared coldly.

In fact, she already had a candidate in mind: Gu Beiyue. He had survived years in Tianning’s Imperial Physician Courtyard without ill effects, which meant his intelligence extended beyond just medicine. With time, he could analyze the current situation well. Once they shared their plans with him, she trusted Gu Beiyue wouldn’t disappoint them.

She was about to leave when Long Feiye coaxed gently, “Han Yunxi, do you still want to eat? Come here, don’t starve your stomach.”

Han Yunxi paused. How am I supposed to stay mad when he’s like this? How am I supposed to keep arguing?

Her eyes suddenly stung and she felt like crying…

Before she could move, Long Feiye had already strode over to hug her from behind. “Alright, you win. Come and eat.”

Han Yunxi spun around and stared at him. “You can’t lie to people!”

Can’t lie to people? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t lied to her before. Long Feiye kissed her forehead as a stamp of promise. “Then you’ll accompany your lordship wherever I go, how’s that?”

Han Yunxi finally smiled. “Alright, I’ll tie you up with a rope!”

All of the servants sucked in a cold breath at her words. That’s too bold, even for Qin Wangfei! Isn’t she just cursing His Highness Duke of Qin as a dog?

However, Long Feiye didn’t get angry. He simply pulled Han Yunxi back to the table, where they continued to have their lunch. The two of them tacitly agreed to drop the subject from before. 

Han Yunxi was no fool. She was already telling herself to take precautions. When mid-autumn passed, she would have to be extra careful and keep a closer eye on Long Feiye.

“Aren’t you going to make any preparations for the extortion letter?” Han Yunxi asked as she changed the topic. She had the courage to go with Long Feiye to exchange hostages, but worries still plagued her heart. Long Feiye, by contrast, didn’t seem bothered by it at all. They didn’t even know who their mighty opponent might be, so wasn’t he being a bit too calm?

“There’s nothing worth preparing for,” Long Feiye replied.

“Suppose the other side didn’t only hire Lady Leng Yue, but Qi Zonglin as well? Wouldn’t we be going to our deaths then?” Han Yunxi wasn’t joking. In the past, they had run into both Leng Shuangshuang and Qi Yaotian while hunting down Mama Su. Long Feiye’s current skills were more than enough to deal with those two, but he was bringing her along, a woman who didn’t know martial arts. If he had to face two city lords at the same time, then it was simply seeking death!

“Your lordship is only bringing you along. No matter what happens there, your lordship will take care of defense while you attack. How does killing them all with poison sound?” Long Feiye asked.

Han Yunxi’s eyes lit up like a lantern, shimmering and bright. When she had teamed up with Long Feiye against the Chu Clan archers, even that was more than enough! If no Driving Arrow Arts were involved, Long Feiye could bring her right up to the enemy. At such proximity, she had plenty of ways to poison them. It didn’t always have to be hidden needles.

“Alright!” Han Yunxi rejoiced. Now she was even more curious to know who’d be the unlucky party to fall prey to their combined teamwork. In any case, his arrangements set her heart at rest. 

After lunch, the two of them drank tea with Baili Yuanlong before Long Feiye accompanied her to Pill Fiend Pharmacy. They entered through a side door, which took them past the treatment hall. It was very quiet there in the afternoons because all of the patients were resting. Long Feiye and Han Yunxi kept their footsteps light until they heard the sounds of an argument coming from a window. 

“Miss, you’re very pretty. What’s your name?”

Han Yunxi didn’t recognize the voice, but it definitely didn’t belong to anyone in Pill Fiend Pharmacy. Is it a patient flirting with another patient?

While Long Feiye showed no interest in the snippet, Han Yunxi was curious enough to sneak a peek through the window. To her surprise, she saw someone trying to provoke Baili Mingxiang. Han Yunxi grabbed Long Feiye’s hand and murmured, “Look! That person has some nerve!”

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