Chapter 681: What does Han Yunxi like?

So disappointment followed by surprise is a way to cheer up a girl and touch her heart. Long Feiye had never heard of such a method until now. This was also the first time he even bothered to care.

Would this method be effective on Han Yunxi?

Han Yunxi didn’t expect the sudden question and stared at him as her brain short-circuited. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say. Long Feiye slowly drew closer and stared at her with interest as he waited. Despite his patience, he was quite eager to get an answer.

His familiar scent in close proximity made Han Yunxi subconsciously lean back in hopes of distancing herself. She didn’t mind it when he drew close, but his aura was too powerful. It was difficult for her to breathe when he was nearby. Her heart would speed up, and an indescribable tension would overtake her body. 

Long Feiye didn’t pressure her, but he did lean forward when she leaned back. It had been a while since she’d seen him so up close--especially his eyes. Those deep, dark pupils didn’t have their usual chilly air, but were still fathomless. Although she knew she’d lose herself in them if she stared for too long, she stared at them anyways.

Long Feiye, can I see into your heart if I look into your eyes from here?

Long Feiye, just how many secrets are you hiding in that heart?

Time seemed to freeze as everything grew still. The two of them traded mutual stares, each reflected in the gaze of the other. 

Suddenly Han Yunxi lost her balance and toppled backwards. Long Feiye immediately caught her around the waist, but instead of pulling her upright, he lowered himself to meet her and said, “And what about you? What do you like?”

The almost-tumble had long startled Han Yunxi back to her senses.

“What do you mean, ‘what do I like?’” she asked while feigning ignorance.

“What kind of flowers do you like?” Long Feiye asked seriously.

“Are you going to give them to me?” Han Yunxi smiled.

Had Long Feiye ever given her flowers? Would Jiangnan’s count? If so, then Long Feiye would be unmatched. At most, she’d heard of others gifting 999 roses as a romantic gesture, but his entire orchard of plum blossom trees had definitely surpassed 999 bouquets. If one was calculating with pure numbers, it’d be impossible to count them all.

No one needed to teach Long Feiye how to give gifts, because nobody could match his generosity. Still, he was unhappy at Han Yunxi’s smile and immediately stopped asking about flowers. Instead he tried, “What do you like? Hm?” His eyebrows were furrowed as he insisted on an answer.

“I like…” Han Yunxi fell into serious thought. “I like…”

She thought it over for a long time before asking, “Long Feiye, will you give me anything I like?”

“Mhm,” he didn’t think twice before answering. 

“Then listen well,” Han Yunxi grinned mysteriously. Her full weight was lying on his arms, but now she beckoned him to come closer with her finger. She was already bent at nearly 90 degrees to the floor. If Long Feiye came any closer, they’d fall over for sure. To remedy this, he scooped her up and pressed her against his chest before resting his head near her ear. 


“I like…” Han Yunxi held out for suspense. “I like…”

“Mhm?” Long Feiye had limitless patience when it came to this woman.

“I like Long Feiye. Can you give him to me?” Han Yunxi finally replied. Although this wasn’t her first time confessing, her ears still turned red. Long Feiye gave a start, but she only pinched his chin and laughed. “You have to keep to your word. Don’t go back on your promises, ah.”

Long Feiye allowed her to toy with his chin as he asked, “Hasn’t your lordship long been yours? When did you lose your lordship to ask for him back again?”

Once upon a time, she’d said she wanted his everything. Now that she was looking into Long Feiye’s warm and gentle gaze, Han Yunxi felt like she was dreaming. She never thought there would be a day when this man said such gentle and beautiful things.

She was only joking, but she stopped smiling when she saw him get so serious. It might have been her imagination, but she thought she caught a glimpse of sorrow in his eyes.


She never thought he’d feel sad. His heart was stronger than the edge of his sword, so why would it hurt? Who had pained him? Between them, wasn’t she the only one who felt heartache over the past few years? At most, he’d gotten angry. She straightened up from his embrace and looked at him carefully. She had to make sure she was truly seeing him and not a dream.

“Long Feiye, can you say that one more time?”

“When did you lose your lordship? Now you’re--”

“No, the line before that! One more time!” she said greedily, emboldened by her joy.

“Simpleton.” Long Feiye smiled.

Han Yunxi grew embarrassed as he laughed, but he simply held her softly and murmured by her ear, “Han Yunxi, your lordship has long been yours.”

Her cheeks grew flushed and dimpled from her grin. Joy filled her heart even as her ears turned red. His voice was enough to make her melt. Long Feiye, no need to coax me or surprise me. As long as an ironhearted man like you shows tenderness, Yunxi’s stone heart will dissolve away too.

“One more time,” she insisted. She was avaricious, after all.

“Han Yunxi, your lordship has long been yours. Yours and no one else’s.” 

His hot breaths brushed against her ear, drowning Han Yunxi in happiness. But Long Feiye next commanded, “Han Yunxi, you’re only allowed to have your lordship and no one else.” Then his lips closed on her ears and trailed a line of kisses down her neck, making her tremble as she grew limp and numb in his arms.

“Long Feiye, so bad…” So much for being warm and gentle. He’s still so domineering!

She pushed him away, but he caught her hands and lingered on her collarbone with his kisses. It seemed to be one of his favorite spots as he dominated her greedily. He didn’t mind her pushing him. In the end, she gave into the bullying, and he kissed her all the way to the clasps of her collar. Before he could continue, he suddenly drew back. Han Yunxi was calm at first, but grew restless by the end. Finally, she wrapped her arms around his neck and cried, “Long Feiye, that’s enough! Enough!”

They were standing in broad daylight in the Tang Clan’s courtyard. Where could she hide her face if anyone caught them like this?! It was supposed to be Tang Li and Ning Jing’s wedding night. Just who was the conservative and who was the progressive in their relationship?

Fortunately, Long Feiye was still in control of his senses. His lips left a sound kiss on her clavicle before he released her. Still, he persisted in his previous questioning. “Aside from your lordship, what else do you like?”

“I’m not telling you!” Han Yunxi huffed.

Tang Li suddenly appeared around the corner. “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law…”

Scared by his sudden appearance, Han Yunxi jumped. Luckily, Tang Li hadn’t seen anything.

“Sister-in-law, Ning Jing’s already--” Tang Li abruptly covered his mouth at the sight of Han Yunxi. He looked between her and Long Feiye with an expression of disbelief.

“What is it? Ning Jing still hasn’t recovered yet?” Han Yunxi asked.

“The poison’s been cured, but she’s still unconscious,” Tang Li mumbled before his gaze trailed back to Han Yunxi’s collarbone again. Of course, when Long Feiye glared at him, he immediately averted his eyes and turned to leave.

He’s leaving already? Han Yunxi stopped him. “How’s her pulse?”

“The doctor says it’s normal,” Tang Li finally remembered his original motive and asked, “Sister-in-law, when will Ning Jing wake up?”

When it came to work matters, Han Yunxi grew serious. “Demon Night Rampage will cause massive damage to the body when its effects have been compounded--especially injuries to the respiratory tract. Why is her pulse normal?”

“I had the doctor take her pulse five times, but all of them were normal,” Tang Li said hastily.

Five times… Han Yunxi shot him a doubtful look. “Was there any need? You were that anxious?”

“I... I was just doubting whether the pulse was right!” Tang Li quickly explained. “Sister-in-law, that slut’s just married into the family. If anything happens to her, it’ll be hard to explain things to the Cloud Realm Trade Consortium.”

“She made her bed, so she should lie in it,” Han Yunxi said coldly.

“She’ll never admit to it. She might even accuse us of poisoning her in the first place!” Tang Li exclaimed.

Han Yunxi thought that this made sense. “If her pulse is normal, then that means she’s got quite a sturdy body capable of withstanding the shock.”

“She’s skinny, so how could her body be any good?” Tang Li doubted it. 

“The quality of one’s body doesn’t depend on how fat or skinny you are,” Han Yunxi explained. 

“If there’s nothing else, then why aren’t you leaving yet?” Long Feiye added. He had no patience to listen to Tang Li and Han Yunxi discuss another woman’s health. 

Tang Li was about to leave, but stopped to turn back. “Sister-in-law, in other words, her poison won’t affect her chances for pregnancy?”

“What do you mean?” Han Yunxi asked. “Her body might be fine, but you can’t just...are you that impatient?”

Although she didn’t like Ning Jing, she couldn’t just let Tang Li bully a girl like that. After all, the girl was still unconscious after her bout with poison. Tang Li was completely innocent, but ended up glancing at Han Yunxi’s collarbone a few more times before adding resentfully, “I...I mean in the future! Afterwards!”

Ning Jing’s methods might have been shameless, but he wasn’t inhuman enough to take advantage of her difficult situation. Actually, he was thinking that it would be easier to keep Ning Jing in if children were brought into the equation. He hadn’t figured out how he would get her pregnant yet, though.

“Of course it won’t affect her in the future. She should recover after resting for a couple of days,” Han Yunxi remarked.

“Thanks a lot, sister-in-law,” Tang Li purposely rubbed at his collar before shooting Han Yunxi a meaningful glance. Then he left. 

Sensing something was off, Han Yunxi rubbed at her neck before asking Long Feiye, “Is...did something happen to me here?”

“Nothing. Go back and rest. We should leave by tomorrow.” 

Han Yunxi stopped asking just as Lady Tang and Tang Zijin arrived on the scene. The latter spotted her chest and averted his gaze, while Lady Tang gave Long Feiye a considering look.

She didn’t reveal a thing, but asked cheerfully, “Yunxi, that little slut’s fine, right?”

“It’s nothing serious,” Han Yunxi replied.

“Then that’s good. Hurry back, they’ve served a bunch of Feiye’s favorite dishes.” Lady Tang chuckled. 

Fortunately, Han Yunxi didn’t return to the banquet hall that night, or else she would have lost all nerve to enter the Tang Clan from there on. As soon as she returned to her room and sat down at her dressing table, she discovered that her collarbone was…

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