Chapter 65: Obtained, meeting again in the future

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Duanmu Yao finally discovered that she was the humiliated party seeking more embarrassment for herself! Han Yunxi had never left this courtyard and even found the Wall-Hitting Ghost. But she purposely dragged out the time while a clown like her ran all around the mountain.

“Han Yunxi,…” Duanmu Yao was both disgraced and irritated as she pointed a finger at Han Yunxi, almost too angry to speak. “ cheated! You’re from a medical family so you’re experienced with medicinal ingredients, while I’m completely ignorant. This isn’t fair! I don’t accept it!”

Han Yunxi long expected that this princess had no credit to her words. She looked towards Pill Fiend. “Your Excellency Pill Fiend, you have to stand up for what’s right.”

Right now, Han Yunxi pleased Pill Fiend’s eye no matter how he looked at her. His weird and ambiguous voice issued a warning. “Heheh, Princess Changle. You’re the one who said the rules were very fair before the competition. If you go back on your words now, this excellency will be very unhappy.”

Duanmu Yao didn’t know about the complexity of things and wanted to keep arguing, but Duanmu Baiye held her back and tightly clutched her wrist. “Enough, this isn’t a place to make trouble.”

Pill Fiend might have been an eccentric that was vaguely sinister, a crazy talking chatterbox, but he wasn’t easy to provoke. After being disgraced once, Duanmu Baiye didn’t want to gamble with his namesake, which he couldn’t afford to lose, nor make the issue into a big deal.

Imperial brother was a little angry, while Duanmu Yao’s heart held a hundred different displeasures. Still, he turned her back and obediently withdrew the box with the Seven Stars Caterpillar Grass. As soon as she placed it in her brother’s palms, tears began to flow from her eyes. She gave a resentful glare at Long Feiye and Han Yunxi before turning away and running outside.

Han Yunxi, I hate you. I definitely won’t let you off next time!

Duanmu Baiye gave the Seven Stars Caterpillar Grass to Pill Fiend and said coldly, “Your Excellency Pill Fiend, if you accept this you have to agree that I’m a man of my words.”

Pill Fiend revealed his emancipated hand and dragged the object into his robes before giving a strange, cackling laugh. He didn’t pay any more attention to Duanmu Baiye.

“Duke of Qin, may we meet again in the future,” To his credit, Duanmu Baiye still possessed some manners and even managed to bow with his hands clasped before his chest. Though he spoke to Long Feiye, he was looking at Han Yunxi in silent warning. Han Yunxi, you truly are a remarkable woman. Too bad you hurt Yao Yao and humiliated this crown prince. You better not end up in my hands one day!

After that, he flicked his sleeves and left. Han Yunxi had seen even scarier warnings and wasn’t frightened at all. There were misgivings on her mind as she replied, “If you bet, you must be prepared to lose. How is this accepting defeat?”

Pill Fiend gave an eerie smile as he hid away the Seven Stars Caterpillar Grass. “Qin Wangfei, this excellency is wholeheartedly convinced of your win.”

Immediately, Han Yunxi’s hair stood on end as she unconsciously hid behind Long Feiye. This weirdo had accepted her, but she was hesitant to accept him. Long Feiye handed over the poison python snake dan and reminded him, “Your Excellency Pill Fiend, you should take out the Life Blood Pill now.”

Seeing Long Feiye, Pill Fiend’s expression immediately turned haughty as he replied, “Just wait.”

He proceeded to walk leisurely into the master’s quarters and took a long time before coming back. There was only a single brocade box that he sluggishly opened to reveal a small Life Blood Pill resting inside. Close up, one could even smell the scent of fresh blood. This was the Life Blood Pill that Gu Beiye had mentioned. Han Yunxi’s eyes shone as she prepared to take it, but Pill Fiend quickly took it back with a mischievous laugh. “Qin Wangfei, tell me where in the courtyard the Wall-Hitting Ghost is and I’ll give you this, how’s that?”

Han Yunxi stood dumbstruck, but before she could speak, Long Feiye cut in. “Gu Qi Sha, are you going to go back on your word?”

“This excellency wasn’t speaking with you,” Pill Fiend said coldly, changing his expressions faster than one changed books.

Han Yunxi replied, “But what if I don’t want to?”


Pill Fiend’s eyes grew dark as his killing intent flashed in an instant before being hidden away. He took a deep breath before offering up the Life Blood Pill with two hands. Afraid that he’d change his mind, Han Yunxi quickly accepted the item and carefully stored it away. Afterwards, she took a deep breath. Now that the most crucial ingredient was in her hands, Long Tianmo’s sickness was basically half-way cured. With this in hand, of course they had to rush back. More likely than not, the Eastern Palace must be getting worried by now.

Yet Pill Fiend followed them all the way to the gates, sidling over with a laugh. “Qin Wangfei, just tell me. You really found it, right?”

Han Yunxi gave a mysterious smile. “Hehe, I’ll tell you when I come back next time.”

Pill Fiend wanted to pester her some more, but Long Feiye turned around to give him a cold glance. Pill Fiend felt killing intent rising around him and narrowed his eyes at the dangerous aura before falling back. When Han Yunxi and Long Feiye left the valley, Pill Fiend didn’t stop them but watched from a distance until their forms vanished. Only then did he give a loud burst of laughter.

Unexpectedly, this sound was not only charismatic, but low-pitched and pleasant to the ears. It was obviously the voice of a young man. His hands emerged from the black robes, as mild and white as jade, the fingers slender and attractive. They were nothing like the emaciated joints of before. Even the precious poison python snake dan and Seven Stars Caterpillar Grass in his palms couldn’t compete with those alluring fingers. He stood thoughtfully muttering to himself, subtle traces of a smile on his face.

“Han Yunxi...heheh, interesting! We’ll meet again in the future!”


On the way back, Long Feiye asked Han Yunxi, “Where was the Wall-Hitting Ghost?”

Han Yunxi didn’t expect this guy to be curious too, but she remained secretive. “Not telling you.”

His expression turned stiff at her unexpected answer, but it quickly returned to its usual coolness. The two of them hurried back and reached Tianning’s capital at morning three days later. Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s absence these few days had really worried the emperor and empress. If it hadn’t been the Duke of Qin who took the necessary person away, then everyone might have thought that Han Yunxi had fled.

It was only morning, but the court was filled with people. Emperor Tianhui came over as soon as he finished court assembly. The empress dowager and empress had been keeping closeby, and even Han Congan hadn’t left. He respectfully remained behind the empress dowager, afraid to speak out about his grievances. Gu Beiyue was in the room looking after the crown prince’s bedside.

“Your majesty, your majesty. The Duke of Qin and Qin Wangfei entered the palace and they’re coming this way.”

As soon as Long Feiye and Han Yunxi entered the palace gates, Eunuch Xue had ran and stumbled over to report.

Emperor Tianhui rejoiced. “Did they bring the Life Blood Pill?”

Hearing this, Han Congan grew anxious, his restless eyes staring at Eunuch Xue for an answer. Han Yunxi already did a penetrating analysis of the illness situation, and even insisted that she wasn’t wrong. Yet Han Congan was forced into speechlessness. Even now, he still didn’t believe in Han Yunxi’s diagnosis! With the Life Blood Pill on hand, Han Yunxi would be able to start treatment. As soon as that happened, they’d know where it was him or Han Yunxi that was right! There was a child inside the crown prince’s stomach. He wanted to see how Han Yunxi could turn that child into poisonous blood!

Eunuch Xue was in a bind. “Your servant...your servant forgot to ask!”

Actually, it was more like Eunuch Xue didn’t dare to ask. What kind of qualifications did he have to ask His Highness Duke of Qin? Even if he had them, His Highness Duke of Qin wouldn’t spare him a glance.

“Useless thing, hurry over,” the empress dowager rebuked, even more worried than Emperor Tianhui.

“Yes, yes, yes, your servant will go right away!”

Just when Eunuch Xue was about to leave, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi entered, looking travel-worn and tired. Despite this, their bearing was still as elegant as before, especially Long Feiye. As soon as he entered the courtyard, his tall, proud form gave a feeling of pressure to all those present, well matched to the impressive dignity of an emperor.

Emperor Tianhui was anxious on top of being worried. He couldn’t help but rush forward when Long Feiye entered, deeply concerned. “Duke of Qin, were your travels successful?”

“With Imperial Brother’s good fortune, everything ran smoothly,” Long Feiye made a slight bow with hands folded in front, Han Yunxi copying the motion by his side.

“Hehe, then that’s good, that’s good. Both of you may rise,” Emperor Tianhui smiled. He didn’t seem flustered, but the people around them were burning with impatience as they eagerly watched Long Feiye and Han Yunxi for news.

“Then, you’ve brought back the Life Blood Pill?” Emperor Tianhui asked. The crowd tensed up at these words, especially Han Congan, whose forehead showed a crease. Within the room, Gu Beiyue and crown prince Long Tianmo both stilled, listening quietly. Long Feiye’s face was expressionless. He didn’t get anxious like everyone else, because the object wasn’t in his hands.

Han Yunxi swept her eyes over the assembled people and was secretly delighted. Making you all wait is payback for this wangfei’s hard trip. Her line of vision slid past Han Congan, whose heart leaped at the sight. What did this damned girl mean by this? Han Yunxi only delayed for a few seconds, but anxious people couldn’t wait.

“Duke of Qin, did you two get the Life Blood Pill?” the empress couldn’t help but blurt out.

Long Feiye didn’t speak, but look towards Han Yunxi as if to say, stop before it gets too far.

All right. Han Yunxi smiled and immediately withdrew the box from her sleeve, opening it up. “This is the Life Blood Pill, we have obtained it successfully!”

In a flash, everyone’s eyes fixated on the object. Emperor Tianhui didn’t dare relax just yet, but hurriedly shouted, “Imperial Physician Gu, Imperial Physician Gu, come.”

Gu Beiyue left the bedroom and made quick steps over.

“Imperial Physician Gu, this is the Life Blood Pill?” Emperor Tianhui asked seriously.

Smelling the scent of blood and seeing its color, Gu Beiyue was certain and rejoiced. “To reply your majesty, empress dowager, and esteemed empress, this is indeed the Life Blood Pill. The crown prince can be cured, congratulations to your majesty! Congratulations to your majesty!”

With Gu Beiyue’s assertion, everyone finally felt relieved. Now that the Life Blood Pill was on hand, Han Yunxi’s treatment could begin. Actually, neither Emperor Tianhui nor the empress dowager completely trusted Han Yunxi’s diagnosis, but compared to Han Congan’s diagonsis, they much preferred hers. Of course, this also counted as Emperor Tianhui’s last chance for the crown prince. If he was cured, then everything would be fine. If he couldn’t, Emperor Tianhui would have to abandon this crown prince.

The empress saw these formidable conditions most clearly. In Emperor Tianhui’s eyes, there were plenty of sons available. But for the empress, she only had a single son in this crown prince. She didn’t care whether Han Yunxi’s diagnosis was correct or if the crown prince had a sarcoma or baby in his stomach. She only wanted a result that would leave the crown prince unharmed.

“Han Yunxi, then we can start expelling the poison now, right?” Emperor Tianhui’s eyes revealed an anxiety he couldn’t quite hide.

But Han Yunxi replied, “Not yet.”

What? The Life Blood Pill was already here, but it was still ‘not yet?’

The crowd fell silent at these words. Even Long Feiye’s eyebrows knitted as he looked over…

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Duanmu Yao: Han Yunxi, you won't get away with this!

Han Yunxi: Actually, I think I just did.

Duanmu Yao: I'll make you pay me back! Just wait! You'll regret it!

Han Yunxi: All right, all right, I know--here's my schedule book, pick an empty slot, etc~

Duanmu Yao: Oh, thank you. Hmm?

Han Yunxi: What is it?

Duanmu Yao: Over half these slots are filled by someone named 'Murong Wanru.'

Han Yunxi: Oh yea, my adopted sister-in-law. One of my biggest headaches.

Duanmu Yao: Hmph, we'll see about that! How can a mere foster daughter compete against a princess of Western Zhou?

Han Yunxi: Right? Right!

Duanmu Yao: If she gives you headaches, I'll give you heartaches! And migraines!

Han Yunxi: Honestly? I was hoping you'd finish her off for me instead...

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