Chapter 649: Who's more wicked?

Duanmu Yao’s voice died in her throat as she opened and closed her mouth. Though she wanted to speak, she couldn’t say a word. She didn’t want to see what was going on, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away. Like a frozen statue, she stood by the carriage door with her hands clenching the curtains. 

Uncle Gao glanced inside and immediately averted his eyes, his expression painted in surprise! Although he’d heard the pair do it before, this was his first time witnessing it with his own eyes. There was a big difference between hearing and seeing! 

Mu Linger was going to drag Duanmu Yao away from the carriage, but the funny expressions piqued her curiosity for a peek too. Like Uncle Gao, she immediately looked away, the tips of her ears turning red as she stood embarrassed.

Heavens, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye are right inside the carriage!

Heavens, they’re even...kissing each other!

Gods, Duanmu Yao’s already drawn the curtains but they’re still being so passionate and lost in the moment!

Long Feiye was sprawled on the couch and leaning against one of the high pillows with Han Yunxi resting on top of him. Her arms were wrapped around his neck while his circled around her waist. The two of them were literally plastered together. As they kissed and kissed, he even lifted one of his slender legs to circle around her own, completely enveloping her within his form. Duanmu Yao saw the scene with her very eyes and swore she heard her heart break into a million pieces as it shattered onto the ground.

How can this be?!

Why is it like this?!

How am I supposed to forget something like this? I won’t be able to get rid of the sight for the rest of my life!

She couldn’t see Han Yunxi’s expression, but Long Feiye’s hooded eyes and frantic kissing was all too clear. His greedy motions and air of infatuation belonged to a man who couldn’t stop even if he tried. His clear cut profile and handsome features, combined with his naturally domineering aura, made him look especially masculine in the throes of passion. The sight made it hard to imagine what it’d feel to be on the receiving end of his attacks. 

But that was precisely what Han Yunxi was doing now! She took his aggression and his rough, wild ways! Heaven knows how hard he was kissing, but she was actually starting to moan in response. Her cries were a mix of protest and contentment. He loved it when she made those noises, so he only deepened their kiss.

But the sound was nothing if not strident to Duanmu Yao’s ears! Her hands shook while her heart trembled. In fact, her entire body was shaking from the sight. She knew she couldn’t look at them any longer or else she’d lose her mind. But it was impossible to look away. She was afraid that if she did, she’d miss the ways in which Han Yunxi gained his affections, and how much. 

Why? Why can Han Yunxi gain all of this? Just what’s so great about her? Which part of her does Long Feiye like? Can’t I just study and copy the same things myself?

Do I still have enough time to learn?

Duanmu Yao was ready to go insane from jealousy! 

As Han Yunxi’s moans grew louder, Long Feiye released her thighs, then her petite waist, and laid staring at her with hooded eyes. He was completely indifferent to the sight of Duanmu Yao standing just a few feet away. It was always so much trouble to acknowledge people compared to just avoiding them altogether. But Han Yunxi had asked him, “Why hide at all? Are you afraid of her?”

She was even ready to get off the carriage herself until Duanmu Yao opened the curtains first. Seeing that, she simply turned around and jumped him for a kiss. After they started, he didn’t want to stop! Now she was reeling from the aftereffects and gasping for breath. She laid against his chest, breathing loudly. Duanmu Yao was already shedding tears. She was about to speak when Long Feiye suddenly turned over to pin Han Yunxi beneath him.

One hand supported himself against the couch while the other brushed against her hips teasingly as he straddled her. His long legs and strong waist were the stuff of daydreams.

“No…” Han Yunxi couldn’t help but cry out.

“! Senior brother, you…!” Duanmu Yao finally burst into sobs. She was about to run inside when Long Feiye snapped at her.

“Get out!”

Heaven knew how irritated Long Feiye felt at being interrupted. He’d forgotten about Duanmu Yao’s existence entirely, still lost in the depths of his passion. With a wave of his hand, he simply shoved Duanmu Yao out of the carriage until she tumbled to the ground. 

As the curtains fell down, Han Yunxi burst into laughter. Of all her bouts with Duanmu Yao, this was the easiest one yet. She didn’t have to lift a finger, much less use her brains. The girl simply had no means to fight with her over her man! While she was crowing with delight over the success of their “evil plot,” Long Feiye remained serious, his gaze still hooded as he continued his ministrations. His hands had already crept up to the base of her thigh, the gentle stroking motions tickling Han Yunxi beneath the fabric of her robes until she tensed.

What does he want to do?

She was simply playacting, but he was dead serious. His gaze was dark and intense. By now, she could feel the obvious growth protruding from his lower body and realized she’d actually set him on fire. He was absolutely flaming right now! But rather than reject him, she waited expectantly. As her husband, she was perfectly willing to accept his advances.

Except, this was the wrong place and time!

Not only that, there were still people outside!

Long Feiye’s hands were about to slip inside her robes when she quickly caught them with her own. If she didn’t stop her now, she was worried that she’d lose her cool, too.

“Long Feiye!” she grumbled charmingly.

“What?” his hoarse tones carried a hint of displeasure.

“You….you…” she didn’t know what to say, so she finally settled to whisper by his ear. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” he asked, his voice dreadfully low.

“You! You’re being naughty!” She tugged on his wrist until he came to his senses, but he simply planted both hands on the couch to trap her between them with a frown. “Who’s being naughty? Say it clearly!”

Now she was really embarrassed. “You! You’re the one!” Covering her face, Han Yunxi turned to one side, but he only drew closer and left a trail of kisses down her cheek and slender neck that tickled her on purpose. She wasn’t afraid, but she did tremble from the unbearability of it all.

“Enough, enough!” she began to give out soft cries as his kisses trailed down further. One hand rose to brush against her chest, making her exclaim, “Enough enough! Long Feiye, that’s it! Don’t!”

“Long Feiye, it’s enough already! Don’t! I don’t want to!”

“Long Feiye, get away. Long Feiye, I’m begging you…”

“Long Feiye, you’re wicked! Scoundrel!”

Outside the carriage, Uncle Gao had already walked off into the distance again of his own accord. Mu Linger, being an inexperienced virgin, was wearing a face as a red as a monkey’s bottom as she stood with her back to the carriage and her hands over her ears. Still, she couldn’t resist eavesdropping every now and then. Meanwhile, Duanmu Yao was still sprawled on the ground by the carriage, her face covered in tears. She looked downtrodden and humiliated as she stared at the carriage curtains, hearing Han Yunxi protesting and laughing at the same time. Her complexion was as pale as a corpse.

She loathed Han Yunxi as much as she hated everything about today. But still she wanted to know just how wicked Long Feiye was acting! How far could he go?! She’d loved her senior brother since she was young, adored him for his taciturn ways and quiet personality. What did he look like when he was naughty? How did he even know what to do?

“Sobsob….” Duanmu Yao began to whimper. This was a massive blow. But why was it that even she herself felt like she was being a pitiful, petty disappointment?

Long Feiye, why are you treating me like this? Why?!

The flirting and giggles continued nonstop from within the carriage. By the end, even Long Feiye himself was laughing. Duanmu Yao was absolutely floored. She sat unmoving on the dirt, looking like every inch a woman who’d lost her wits. 

It was a long time before Long Feiye finally finished his punishment of Han Yunxi. Actually, the two of them hadn’t done much at all besides toying with each other. Han Yunxi had been tickled from head to foot by him in a thorough lesson! Right now she was catching her breath on her back, Long Feiye sprawled on top of her.

“Get up already,” she urged. He was a heavy man, after all. Even if this wasn’t his full weight, it was still a little unbearable. 

“Be good and let me lie here for awhile,” Long Feiye’s tone was gentle, nothing like the raging beast of before. 

Han Yunxi gave in to him easily and started stroking his back, only to find that it was soaked in sweat. She couldn’t help but burst into giggles again.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked.

“You’re sweating after a little thing like this?” she asked frankly.

The implications of her words were…

Long Feiye propped himself up and knitted his brows at her. “Just how wicked can you be?”

Han Yunxi drawn her conclusions in a perfectly guileless manner. She was blameless for connecting the dots, so she simply retorted, “How wicked? Where’s your mind gone now?”

But Long Feiye only dipped his head to nip her on the ear. He murmured back, “Once your lordship has nothing else to do, I’ll know bad you can be.”

Finally, Han Yunxi flushed from the tips of her ears. Before long, her entire face was red! Of course she knew what he meant by as it turned out, he was thinking of the same thing. 

By the time Han Yunxi and Long Feiye straightened their clothes to resume their seats, half an incense’s worth of time had gone by. They didn’t get off the carriage or acknowledge Duanmu Yao. Long Feiye simply said coldly, “Uncle Gao, still not leaving?”

Uncle Gao quickly came over to take the reins. Duanmu Yao awoke from her depression and sprang to her feet to block the carriage with both arms. She wasn’t going to let Han Yunxi get anything she couldn’t get, either! Even if Han Yunxi already had it, she was going to snatch it away from her!

“Senior brother, master told me to look for you. Have you received his letter yet?” Duanmu Yao asked loudly.

“It’s no use. Your lordship has no time, scram.” Long Feiye’s tone was impatient. In the past, he’d been polite on the surface because they both hailed from the same sect. But after she teamed up with Jun Yixie, he’d dropped all formalities with her.

“Senior brother, I’ve brought master’s letter with me.” Duanmu Yao took out the letter written in the sword sect master’s own hand. Once she heard that master had failed to get in touch with senior brother, she told him she’d find him herself and taken the letter personally. 

Master was like a father to senior brother, who owed him a debt of gratitude as weighty as a mountain in exchange. Senior brother had never disobeyed any orders from their master in the past, so she refused to believe that a single woman would make him break his habits now!

“Uncle Gao!” Long Feiye proclaimed.

Uncle Gao made to take the letter, but Duanmu Yao refused to hand it over. “Master said that I was to give it personally to your hands. You have to read it in front of me too!”

Han Yunxi was really to slap Duanmu Yao’s thick-skinned face! Without a doubt, the letter in her hand was the one with three “musts” from the sword sect master. Long Feiye was about to speak, but she stopped him and got off the carriage herself…

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