Chapter 638: Husband and wife's professional inquiries

Long Feiye was paying attention to their conversation, so Han Yunxi wouldn’t give Tang Li any aphrodisiacs even if she had some! Any woman who carried those drugs with her would definitely get a bad rep in Long Feiye’s eyes.

She shook her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sister-in-law!” Tang Li tugged at her robes. He looked ready to kneel at her feet at any instant. 

Han Yunxi slapped his hand aside and murmured, “Go on, go on! It’s easy enough to get what you want, just buy it with some silver.”

“None of the things sold outside would be as strong as something of yours. Sister-in-law, help me out here. Make me a portion that doesn’t have any antidote!” Tang Li said seriously.

Han Yunxi immediately backed away and pretended like she didn’t know him. “I don’t know how!”

“Sister-in-law, stop pretending. How can something like that be a challenge for you?” Tang Li asked next.

Han Yunxi only felt that the cold eyes on her back were turning frigid enough to freeze her solid. She wished she could poison Tang Li deaf this instant. “Things like aphrodisiacs aren’t classified as poisons or medicine despite being a bit of both. I really don’t understand them! Moreover, I wouldn’t study things like that to begin with.”

She had to be transparent about that stuff from the straight. Tang Li refused to give up. He tried begging her again, but a teacup came flying at him when he tried to grab Han Yunxi’s robes again. Fortunately, he dodged it in time before it could injure his fingers. Before he could turn around, Long Feiye was already walking expressionlessly to his side. Sensing that things had gone south, he decided to run as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it was already too late for him to avoid the kick that sent him flying out of the courtyard.

It was hard to see how far he flew from that kick, but one thing was certain: Tang Li wasn’t coming back a second time. Long Feiye gave Han Yunxi another glance before sitting back down to continue brewing his tea. Although Han Yunxi was wondering whether Tang Li would really go buy some aphrodisiacs instead, she didn’t dare to voice her question out loud.

“Do you want to drink any tea?” Long Feiye asked.


Han Yunxi ended up sitting back in her seat, separated from him by the tea things. Long Feiye poured her tea before resuming his usual silence, quietly tasting his drink. Han Yunxi only felt that the entire atmosphere was strange. 

That damned Tang Li already left, so why did he have to turn back to ask me things like that? Serves him right for being ravished by Ning Jing!

Her heart was full and fierce, but Long Feiye was her sole weak point. As long as he stayed silent, she couldn’t help but feel restless and uneasy. When the silence stretched on without consequence, she finally found it in herself to calm down.

“Long Feiye, when are we setting out?” she asked. She still wanted to visit the Tang Clan, after all.

“How about tomorrow? This place isn’t far from the Tang Clan,” Long Feiye answered.

“Done. Then I’ll go take care of Doctor Gu and pack up my things.” She stood up, convinced that she’d been overthinking things. This guy probably didn’t take any of Tang Li’s words to heart.

But she’d hardly reached the exit when Long Feiye asked, “Han Yunxi, just then you said aphrodisiacs aren’t classified as poisons or medicine despite being a bit of both. What does that mean?”

I shouldn’t doubt my instincts! She doubled back and told herself to face Long Feiye like a doctor would face a patient. Professionalism was the way to go to explain this particular scientific problem. 

In a serious tone, she replied, “Drugs like aphrodisiacs can be classified into three types. One is more medicinal, while another is more poisonous. The last lies between the two categories, so that’s why it’s a bit of both without being either.”

“What are the differences between the three?” Long Feiye asked patiently.

“Their types and quantities of ingredients. The main difference is the drug potency. Medicinal types are using for treating illnesses, while toxic strains are for hurting people. The one in between can do both.” By the time she finished, she was afraid to meet Long Feiye’s eyes. It’d be impossible to say she wasn’t thinking of tangents right now!

Long Feiye nodded while drinking his tea with interest. He didn’t ask any more questions, seemingly satisfied with the answers. Han Yunxi kept her eyes down as she unconsciously sipped her tea. He should be done by now, right.

It’s not like this information will be useful to him. He….has no need for them anyways!

But after a while, Long Feiye asked again, “Then which one is supposed to make the experience more exciting?”


Han Yunxi spat out her tea directly on Long Feiye’s face. It was more or less spit, but he didn’t mind beyond cleaning it off slowly with a handkerchief. Her face was already as red as an apple, but he looked as calm as ever as he asked, “Are you choking?”


Finally, Han Yunxi figured it out: he was teasing her on purpose!

Despicable! She grew incensed while he finished wiping his face and cleaned up the tea things. Although he asked nothing else, she clearly saw the hint of a grin on his lips.

She viciously declared, “Your Highness, all of the three types can liven things up. There’s not much difference between them--nor is there a need for any difference under usual circumstances.”

Long Feiye was quite surprised, and asked, “When would you need there to be a difference?”

“I don’t know about that,” Han Yunxi replied.

“Then what else do you know?” Long Feiye continued.

He just won’t let it drop! Han Yunxi steeled her heart and asked back, “Why is Your Highness asking about these things?”

“It’s useful,” Long Feiye answered.

“What kind of useful?” Han Yunxi was going to play until the end.

Long Feiye only smiled and said ambiguously, “What do you think?”

Once again, Han Yunxi’s face turned scarlet. She suddenly didn’t know what to say. I must have gone crazy to talk with him about this topic. 

Fine, this was it. “I’m leaving!” she declared and tried to escape.

But Long Feiye simply grabbed her hand and pulled her into his lap to ask a very serious question. “Han Yunxi, who taught you these things?”

He actually...actually… After asking all that, this was his true motive all along!

Now Han Yunxi really wanted to cry. Not only that, she was already mentally paying respects to eighteen generations’ worth of Tang Li’s ancestors for her inevitable death ahead.

“Answer me!” Long Feiye’s smooth chin rubbed against her cheeks and ear, his voice low.

“Read it in a book!” Han Yunxi said honestly.

“Really?” Long Feiye’s tone turned threatening.

Han Yunxi vowed that she’d never seen since a jealous, petty, nit-picking man in her life! She pushed him aside and stared into his eyes before demanding, “As if I’d make that up?”

Long Feiye hugged her again and sighed lightly before he said, “No makings things up.”

Han Yunxi discovered that his voice had changed again. This time it was both soft and a little helpless. It seemed like he was sighing, but also sending her a warning. Her heart grew calm at the words and allowed him to hold her as he gentle patted her back.

Long Feiye, what are you sighing about? 

Long Feiye, why do you feel so helpless?

Yunxi has been good and docile this entire time. Yunxi has never had cause to make you sad, have I?


The next dy, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye prepared to set off for the Tang Clan. He first took care of a whole host of business before accompanying Han Yunxi to bid Gu Beiyue farewell. By now the doctor was on his way to recovery. Han Yunxi used to treat him with daily acupuncture and moxibustion, but he said he could manage on his own after three days. Han Yunxi refused, but he waved her off with the excuse that her needle skills weren’t fine enough. She had no choice but to cave in after that. 

He had been doing nothing but recovering since their return from the medical cottage. Aside from occasional walks in his wheelchair to get some air, most of his time was spent indoors. Han Yunxi was afraid that he’d get bored, but that was before she discovered he could read a medical text for an entire day. His leg only needed regular healing. Besides acupuncture, there was no special care needed past the 100 days. It was unknown whether Gu Beiyue had heard about Tang Li, but neither of them would tell him that they were going to the Tang Clan. Long Feiye’s connections were still top secret, after all.

Han Yunxi treated Gu Beiyue as an insider and didn’t want to hide so many things, but this was Long Feiye’s secret, not hers. It was better if fewer people knew. If it was ever leaked, the Tianning imperial clan would definitely make a fuss, and the south central regions might even give rise to rebels. Bloodline was of utmost importance in this world.

They only said that they were leaving for a long trip.

“Will it be very long?” Gu Beiyue asked.

“Do you have business?” Long Feiye asked before Han Yunxi could reply.

Gu Beiyue was simply worrying, that’s all. Long Feiye’s question was quite hurtful! Han Yunxi didn’t like the sound of his question, but Gu Beiyue only replied, “This one’s leg was saved by Your Highness and esteemed wangfei. If this one could stand, then I would make a formal bow to you both. I’m afraid that if the two of you can’t come back after the hundred days, this one’s return to Pill Fiend Pharmacy will be delayed.”

Han Yunxi didn’t like it when Gu Beiyue was so formal, but her heart still warmed at his words. “It won’t take 100 days. I still want to see you stand up with my own eyes,” she replied.

Long Feiye didn’t speak, so after sitting for a while, they left the room. They ran into Gu Qishao as soon as they stepped out of the door. Seeing Gu Beiyue was calming, but seeing Gu Qishao made one alert. Han Yunxi quickly waved and said, “Old fiend, how are things progressing?”

Long Feiye had given Gu Qishao 10 days’ time to take care of Lady Lianxin. Time was almost up. Gu Qishao was listless to begin with, but perked up as soon as he saw Han Yunxi. He looked at them both before asking with a grin, “Where are...the two of you going?”

“A sightseeing tour,” Long Feiye declared.

Gu Qishao glanced at him with a look that plainly read, I wasn’t asking you. “Poison lass, where are you two going to play?” he asked, still smiling.

Han Yunxi avoided answering and asked, “Have you settled things with Lady Lianxin?”

“Not yet…” Gu Qishao grew depressed.

“What happened?” Long Feiye asked.

“Talks with Mu Linger haven’t been doing well, so I’ve made no progress with Lady Lianxin, either,” Gu Qishao explained.

“Just what’s going on?” Long Feiye still took this job quite seriously.

But Gu Qishao only said faintly, “That lass said she wants to talk in person.” Then he looked at Han Yunxi and asked, “Poison lass, you...haven’t leaked anything, have you?”

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