Chapter 635: Just who bullied whom?

Night fell, and with it silence between the pair. Tang Li and the woman stood at the cave entrance, staring at each other’s hazy features beneath the moonlight. His breathing had become deeper and deeper as a strong coursed through his body to blur his thoughts. Although he’d never experienced this before, he knew exactly what was going on! As if recalling something, he shot a glare at the woman currently staring dreamily at his face. Startled by the look, she backed away out of a guilty conscience.

She was the one who drugged him, so she knew very well why he was angry. But now she feared not his wrath, but the things to come. She had staked all her happiness on staying with her clan. If that could continue for the rest of her life, then she could cheerfully go on managing the family’s affairs and businesses. Nothing else mattered, not who she married, or what kind of man she took into her family. That’s why the same principle applied to her body as well. But in the end, she was still an inexperienced virgin and timid about the next act.

Tang Li stared at her for a long time as the heat from his lower body grew more and more intense. Finally, he was certain that he’d been drugged! None of the Tang Clan men would have dared to do such a dirty thing, so this woman had to be the culprit! That handkerchief must have been suspect.

“Slut!” Tang Li suddenly clutched her by the shoulder and heaved her out. “Get lost! Beat it for this gentleman this instant!”

The woman ended up staggering back until she crumpled onto the ground. She stared at the furious Tang Li as a complicated look flitted past her eyes. There was a hint of regret there too, but she quickly stood up and approached him instead. Before she met with big brother, she had to cook her rice. First she’d claim this man, then ask for his hand in marriage first thing tomorrow morning. After that, no one would bother her for marriage affairs ever again. The closer she walked, the more her eyes shone with determination. 

I’m definitely claiming this man!

Tang Li all but exploded when she crept closer and immediately shot out countless hidden needles---only for the woman to dodge them all! This despite the fact that they were shot by the eldest young master of the Tang Clan himself. It wasn’t that she was stronger, but that Tang Li was too affected by the aphrodisiac to control himself, much less aim properly.

“Slut! Scram!”

“I’m warning you, if you take another step, I’ll have you die with an incomplete corpse!”

“Women like you disgust me!”

As he cursed, he shot out more weapons while trying his best to ignore the growing heat overtaking his body. But it burned so violently that his whole body broke out in sweat and uncontrollable impatience! None of his needles hit their mark. Instead, he only felt an urge to pounce on the woman drawing closer!


Tang Li was currently battling with his growing lust while the woman stood there unmoving before him.

“Get out!”

Tang Li wanted to punch her aside, but discovered that all of his martial arts had been locked. It was impossible for him to use any of his skills. His fist against the woman’s shoulder was only at normal strength, which had no effect on someone who practiced martial arts as well. His long, tapered fingers ended up clutching the woman’s clothes instead.

“You really want to sell yourself cheap, don’t you?” His tone was full of mocking and scorn enough to bury her in the mud. But the woman didn’t care. She tilted her head at the hand grasping her shirt before her eyes trailed downwards to the obvious reaction growing beneath his abdomen. 

“You too!”

Humiliated and furious, Tang Li released her shirt and went for her throat instead, intending to kill her. But as soon as his hands touched her ice-cold skin, his body gave an involuntary shudder. Scorching heat rose up in his body and set every inch of his skin on fire, burning away the last traces of his reason. He couldn’t control himself, much less let go of her. Instead, he began to stroke irresistibly at her neck. The woman started out calm, but as Tang Li’s hands crept closer to her collar, she began to grow afraid! 

She subconsciously caught his hand to stop him, bringing Tang Li back to the brink of of his senses. Thoroughly frightened by what he’d just done, he grew even more enraged at the woman’s sheer daring. He quickly released her and roared, “If you don’t want to die, then get lost! Now!”

He was only tottering on the edge of reason, after all. It was completely impossible to control the reactions of his body and that growing girth between his legs that was threatening to erupt at any second to give him satisfaction! If this woman didn’t leave soon, he had no idea what he’d do to her instead. But the female simply threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“I want you!” 

Tang Li tried to push her aside, but ended up backing her against a rock wall. He pressed against her then, trapping her between the boulders and his body. 

“Woman, just who are you?” he demanded. Despite looking self-possessed, his body was already moving on its own to press against her, looking for a form of release.

“You’ll know that soon enough.” The woman looked calm as well, but her heart was flustered. Now she could truly feel the fearsome girth of a man rubbing against her. It was an indescribable sensation that made her hardly able to bear it. What she was trying to resist, even she didn’t know, beyond the fact that she was yearning for something unexplainable. In any case, she felt uncomfortable--though not unwell. 

She’d always followed her heart and did as she liked. She had already steeled her resolve to take this man and given her all to claim him, so she listened to her instincts and grasped him by the waist. Her body arched forward to meet his, surprising Tang Li with her action.

“You...damn it!”

 He wanted to pry her loose, but the moment he touched her hand, the cool skin quenched his rising thirst like a drug. He lost all control and started stroking her wrist instead, searching greedily for relief. Ripples broke across her heart at the sensation as he drew closer…

Like a thunderbolt, he suddenly set her senses on fire. As he tore off the clothes blocking her hands, she pulled open his robes, meeting him with equal daring...freed of all obstacles, the two of them began dually demanding souls. He wasn’t delicate when he pushed her to the ground, but she wasn’t gentle when she pulled him down on top of her, either. Neither of them were experienced and only followed their basic urges, their movements rough and clumsy yet filled with passion. She demanded and catered in turn, while he rode and released her. The two of them eked out a furious tempo at the entrance to the cave, so much that the moon blushed and hid itself behind the clouds…

The night passed very fast.

By the time dawn broke and Tang Li opened his eyes, he discovered that he wasn’t wearing a thing. Neither was the woman lying next to him. Stunned, he recalled all of the scenes that had happened last night. All he did was fall prey to an aphrodisiac, not lose his wits, so he remembered everything perfectly. He never thought that he’d be… a woman! Utter humiliation! If news of this spread, how was he supposed to have any face left in the jianghu? 

Damn it! I’m going to kill her!

He clenched his fists, but stopped before the fatal blow when he saw the bloodstained clothing beneath the woman’s body.


It was actually her first time.

Incredulous, Tang Li couldn’t figure out why the woman had chosen what she’d done. It won’t be too late to kill her after I figure this out. He found the remants of his clothing and put them on. Without waking the woman, he picked up all her clothes and tossed them far away before sitting with his back to her until she woke up.

He waited for a long time, but she still didn’t wake up. When he turned back to look, he finally discovered that her back was covered with the marks and bruises from their wild night of passion. A complicated look flitted past Tang Li’s eyes before he averted his gaze. But soon enough, he was looking back again, tracing her figure from the beautiful back and examining her in earnest. 

It had to be said that this woman was a beautiful female. He had tasted her enough to know she was to his appetite. As he stared, he suddenly felt an urge to look at her from the other side and see if he’d left any marks there too. Even though he’d been drugged, this was still the first woman he’d ever taken in his life. But now it looked like she was waking up, because one of her fingers moved. Suddenly flustered without knowing why, Tang Li turned and fled. He was already far away when he stopped, doubled back, and picked up all the clothes he’d thrown away before placing them by her body.

Then he ran for it.

Wasn’t he going to kill her?

Why did he run away?

That was probably something only Tang Li himself knew.


The woman soon woke up and wanted to get up, but her whole body was too sore to move---especially her waist. She remembered that she’d only given the man a tiny dose of the aphrodisiac, which wasn’t supposed to be very strong. How could could he have been so frightening?

She couldn’t even remember how many times he’d taken her last night. Why did she feel like the one who was bullied despite drugging him first? Thinking up to here, her ears began to burn as if on fire.

That’s right, where is he?

She didn’t see him anywhere around him, causing her to jump to her feet. She even forgot about the pain as she quickly dressed herself and began to search the area. But there was no sign of him anyways.

“You think you can leave right after having your fun? Dream on!” She stared at the skies with a cold huff. “You can’t just take me, Ouyang Ning Jing, and run away as you like! Chang Li, is it? You’re already mine, just wait!”

The domineering woman straightened out her hair before heading straight for the Green Cloud Pavilion atop of the peak. But it was there that she discovered they didn’t have a disciple named Chang Li at all. Moreover, Green Cloud Pavilion’s Heavenly Profound Master had recently entered closed door cultivation, so none of his disciples had been allowed to leave the mountain at all.

She was intelligent to connect the dots before hurrying back down. By the cave, she discovered one of the needles that Tang Li had shot at her and immediately had her men investigate its origins.

“You liar!” she was both upset and regretful over the fact that she’d been so bewitched by his looks and turned impulsive. Heaven knows what kind of man he really was? He actually had the audacity to cheat her! Once she found him, she was going to give him a piece of her mind!


By now, Tang Li had just flipped over the wall to Long Feiye’s courtyard. He looked like a wreck and avoided the door just so he could sneak in instead, but had the bad luck to run into Long Feiye and Han Yunxi head on. 

Han Yunxi shot him a doubtful look and asked, “Tang Li, why are your clothes all torn?”

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