Chapter 553: Strange, who put out the fire?

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Before Gu Qishao could finish, Long Feiye coldly cut him off. “Gu Qishao, you still haven’t come with your lordship to settle scores with those old Medical City coots. Why are you in such a rush to die?”

As he spoke, he actually pulled out his sword, using the momentum from the motion to fly upwards with both Han Yunxi in his arms and Gu Qishao dangling below until he found another patch of cliff wall to drive his weapon in. This was solid rock, pure stone with no dirt mixed in. The sword in the surface made for a completely firm grip. Seeing this, Gu Qishao rejoiced and stuck in another dagger. This time, the blade remained stable. Han Yunxi gave a long exhale and finally let go of his hand.

She turned back to Long Feiye and murmured, “You’ve worked hard.”

Long Feiye’s expression was cold. He didn’t reply, but lowered his head until his chin was resting against her forehead.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Perhaps only Long Feiye himself knew. In any case, Han Yunxi was suddenly engulfed in his scent, her heart and mind content. Meanwhile, the mountain rumbled around them like an angry god, rocks and dirt tumbling past them constantly. Han Yunxi’s group was only safe for the moment, because it was likely the tremors would dislodge their current life-saving rock if this kept up for any longer. Their only ways back were even now buried in flames, so all they could do was wait for rescue. But none of them knew if Chu Xifeng and Tang Li would arrive before their rock crumbled.

Gu Qishao stared at the raging flames beneath them while lost in thought. Han Yunxi leaned against Long Feiye’s chest, her heart oddly calm despite their desperate situation. She recalled a certain saying---when you were with the person you liked, you’d be brave enough to face life and death. Perhaps these were her feelings right now. As for Long Feiye, he stared off into the distance, deep in thought. Despite hanging over imminent death, none of the three felt any dread or fear.

Suddenly, Gu Qishao cried out. “Look up there! The fire’s out!”

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi both stared blankly in his direction, completely uninterested. Even if Chu Xifeng and Tang Li came as fast as they could, they wouldn’t have put out the flames so soon. Gu Qishao must have been joking because he was bored.

“Hurry and look! The fire’s out, it’s out!” Gu Qishao was greatly moved and even went to tug on Han Yunxi’s sleeve. Long Feiye had kept quiet the entire time when Han Yunxi was holding onto Gu Qishao, but now he turned snappy.

“Let go!”

Han Yunxi, on the other hand, suddenly exclaimed, “The fire’s really out! It’s actually stopped!”

Long Feiye glanced towards the secret tunnels and saw that the flames there had actually disappeared! What’s going on?

“Gu Qishao, go take a look!” “I’ll go take a look!”

Both Long Feiye and Gu Qishao spoke at the same time. Next, Long Feiye stuck out his leg, allowing Gu Qishao to leap up and kick off it with a ferocious push to soar into the air towards the tunnels. When he reached the entrance, he discovered that the flames inside were completely gone. He shouted towards Long Feiye, who then flew over with Han Yunxi in his arms. All three of them landed with their hearts still in their throats. Could the sudden disappearance of the flames simply be a trap?

Still, this was the only way back. Standing here, they could fear that the earthquakes in the area were getting stronger. It felt like the entire underground palace was going to cave in at any moment. Without further discussion, the trio came to a tacit agreement. Long Feiye shielded Han Yunxi as he brought up the rear, while Gu Qishao scoped out the path ahead. They evaded falling rocks as they hurried through the tunnel, spotting piles of stone and dirt on the sides. It seemed like someone had stifled the flames that way.

This was a very intelligent way to put out the fires, because it didn’t need water and wouldn’t produce too much smoke. Once the flames were out, Han Yunxi and the rest could escape directly through the passageway without waiting for the air to clear. She felt that whoever had put out the flames had given care to help them rather than set a trap. If they really had ill intentions, they wouldn’t need to take so much cares to clear the tunnel. Trapping them on the cliff or in the abyss would’ve been enough. Of course, she was too busy escaping to think any further than that.

The closer to the exit they ran, the stronger the tremors grew. Half of the tunnel had caved in by the time they made it to the entrance; fortunately, there was still enough room for them to squeeze past. But once they left the second set of tunnels, they discovered that the exit out of the secret chamber was block fast by boulders. The area was shaking so badly that it was hard to even stand upright in the room. Fragments of rock and dirt fell incessantly from the roofs as if trying to drown them in stone. This place was even more of a dead end than the cliff!

“Look after her!” Long Feiye said sternly. Gu Qishao didn’t react at first, but after seeing Han Yunxi’s embarrassed expression, he knew what was up.

He purposely moved to stand behind her and said, quite happily, “Don’t worry!”

Long Feiye released Han Yunxi and found the location of the original exit. Then he spread out his arms and punched forward, shattering the boulders there to pieces. Seeing this, both Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao sucked in a cold breath as they exchanged glances. It was as if they were thinking the same thing: don’t provoke this man if you can help it.

Behind the boulders lay a pile of smaller rocks that Long Feiye slashed with his sword. The force of his blow cut a clear path between all the rocks. Even after his attack, the bright white glow of his sword qi lingered in the air. Seconds later, it scattered the rest of the rocks away.

Gu Qishao was dumbfounded by the sight. Just how much internal energy do you need to form such a potent sword qi? Compared to the last time they fought, Long Feiye’s stores had improved once again! He always thought the man was better with a whip, but his swordsmanship was terrifying as well. Which one’s stronger, his sword skills or whip skills?

While Gu Qishao was stunned, Long Feiye pulled Han Yunxi back to his side, avoiding a falling rock at the same time. He gave Gu Qishao a baleful glare vicious enough to kill. He’d told the man to look after Han Yunxi, but now Gu Qishao was spacing out! Feeling awkward, Gu Qishao accepted Long Feiye’s scornful look without a murmur. He then ran on ahead to open up the path for them and check outside for threats before letting Long Feiye and Han Yunxi follow.

The paved path in this part of the chamber led steadily upwards towards the exit to the underground palace. Right now it was in an awful state, so Gu Qishao and Long Feiye had to spend time clearing rocks the entire way. Strangely enough, they didn’t run into any traps or ambushes on the way. This made their guard grow as they progressed. Would danger show up at the last possible moment? Since the path only led up, it was all too easy to sneak attack them.

At this moment, Long Feiye shoved aside a massive boulder. When the dust had settled, he spotted two figures.

“Watch out!” Long Feiye cried as he pulled Han Yunxi behind him at the same time Gu Qishao pulled him aside to face the incoming arrow.

That’s right, the two figures before them were none other than Chu Tianyin and a black-robed middle-aged woman. Long Feiye went to find Han Yunxi as soon as he slaughtered the archers, while Chu Tianyin was the mantis lying in wait who’d set fire to his escape route.

Against Long Feiye, Chu Tianyin was eternally on his guard. He was hoping for the flames to burn for half a month here and starve Gu Qishao and Long Feiye to death before leaving the grounds. But he never expected the underground palace to collapse, forcing him to flee. Unfortunately, his escape ended here with the giant boulders blocking his way. He tried his best, but couldn’t get past them, nor did he expect Long Feiye and the rest to catch up.

His arrow sank into Gu Qishao’s shoulder, but Chu Tianyin didn’t stop there. He immediately notched a second arrow. Compared to the other archers, Chu Tianyin’s arrows were ten times more powerful and deadly. This time, he aimed straight for Han Yunxi!

He didn’t give a second thought to Gu Qishao at all. His ultimate goal was Long Feiye, but the best way to hurt him was to aim for his weakness, Han Yunxi. Naturally, Long Feiye could tell what he was planning as well. His eyes turned shockingly cold. It’s perfect that I’ve run into Chu Tianyin. Now I can clear all debts with him!

He narrowed his eyes as the arrow flew close, then caught it with his bare hands and threw it back at its owner with just as much force. Chu Tianyin hastily lowered his head to avoid being hit, a flicker of amazement in his eyes. Here was Long Feiye’s true strength up close. He tossed aside his ebony crossbow and simply took an arrow from the woman beside him, before drawing it as if ready to shoot. Though his movements looked slow, it was filled with raw energy. He didn’t pull back on any strings or even use a bow, but it felt like he was holding a real weapon all the same, its invisible point thrumming with pent up energy.

Both Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao were flabbergasted. Could someone really shoot an arrow without a bow? After all, Chu Tianyin was holding onto the arrow by its end. No matter how much strength he used, the weapon wouldn’t fly far! What was going on? Was he trying to fool them all?

But Long Feiye only lowered his voice and muttered seriously, “Gu Qishao, look after her well!”

This time, Gu Qishao was absolutely serious. He was standing behind Long Feiye to begin with, but now pulled Han Yunxi behind him as well so she was doubly protected. Han Yunxi looked coldly at the woman by Chu Tianyin’s side before muttering, “Long Feiye, there’s hypertoxic poison on that arrow. It’ll take your life as soon as it touches you, so you have to be careful!”

If her hunches were right, that middle-aged black-robed woman must be the Witch Aunt that the other poisoner had spoken of. Long Feiye nodded and took out his whip.

Driving Arrow Arts!

He had done extensive research into the Chu Clan, but still wasn’t sure of its existence. Now Chu Tianyin was revealing his true skills right here. Drawing an arrow without a bow was one of the secret skills of the Nether Clan from the Seven Noble Families. The Annals of the Seven Noble Families had clearly documented the skills. Such arrows were quite formidable even without a bow.

Chu Tianyin had revealed his ultimate skill here, most likely because he planned to kill all witnesses. Long Feiye would like to see just who would silence whom today!

With a whoosh, the poison arrow came flying towards them. Yet Chu Tianyin didn’t rest there, but shot more arrows in succession.

Shuaaa! Shuaaa! Shuaaa!

Each one flew faster than the last, all of them in different directions. It was an assault from all fronts!

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