Chapter 537: His Highness Duke of Qin's been tamed

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As Han Yunxi looked subconsciously at Long Feiye, Wang Gong saw that her lips were actually swollen. Although it wasn’t very severe, the skin was far redder than usual, making it an obvious sight.

“Esteemed wangfei, what your mouth?” Wang Gong asked hastily.

Han Yunxi quickly smoothed out her lips, dearly wishing she could disappear into a crack in the ground! What had happened to her? Long Feiye had kissed her too fiercely with his punishment! She found it awkward to explain the situation, but Wang Gong was all concern and didn’t connect the dots at all.

“Esteemed wangfei, did you touch something dirty? Has it infected your lip?”

Han Yunxi naturally kept quiet, enduring his questions,  so Wang Gong only assumed that her lips were making it too uncomfortable to talk. He then asked, “Was it a poison wasp sting, perhaps?”

How depressing! She was a so-called genius poisons doctor. How could a simple venomous sting affect her?! Finally, Wang Gong realized his guesses were too absurd as well, so he tried, “Or maybe it was some sort of germ?”

When things got embarrassing, staying silent was the only solution, so Han Yunxi continued to play mute. But Long Feiye was being outright rotten! He clearly knew what had happened---being the guilty party who had caused it in the first place---yet he didn’t say a thing, much else to help Han Yunxi out of her scrape. He simply looked at her tender red lips with obvious amusement.

Finally, he managed to say, “Forget it, let your lordship drink this tea for you instead.”

Han Yunxi silently lowered her head. She had finally understood that teasing His Highness Duke of Qin came with consequences! Wang Gong was still quite perplexed, but wisely dropped the subject upon hearing Long Feiye’s words. If it were anyone else, the Duke of Qin’s apparent indifference and lack of concern would make it seem like he didn’t care, but since the matter concerned Han Yunxi, his attitude seemed more like someone taking amusement from it all. To put it in the language of young people, he was being a tsundere.

The condition of Qin Wangfei’s lips shouldn’t be too serious then, Wang Gong decided as he changed the topic instead. “Tomorrow the Council of Elders will formally hold the trials for Mu Yingdong and Xie Deyi. Tonight fourth and seventh elder and a few guards will come to the estate to discuss with this old man about a few particular details. I invite Your Highness and esteemed wangfei to wait and preside over the final judgement.”

Long Feiye’s reply was brisk and to the point. “It’s fine if you guys discuss it. Tonight…” A complicated look flashed past his eyes, before he said seriously, “There is still an important matter for me to take care of tonight. I’m afraid the Mu Clan’s trial won’t progress very smoothly.”

“Lady Lianxin?” Wang Gong had considered the question of that woman.

Long Feiye nodded. “You guys go on with your own discussions.”

Wang Gong gauged the situation in his heart before breaking into a smile. “Esteemed wangfei, did His Excellency Pill King give you something nice?”

“Yes,” Han Yunxi replied with her head still down. She would only tell Long Feiye about His Excellency Pill King’s matters. Although the Pill King regarded her as his disciple and gave her a chance to return to him anytime, she knew she would never be able to fulfill his conditions. That’s why she didn’t consider herself his true disciple, instead as simply someone on friendly relations with the man. Despite this, a single friendship and titles of ‘master’ and ‘disciple’ between them was enough to rock the entire foundations of the medical community. Under these circumstances, it was useless to explain the details.

“I have yet to congratulate esteemed wangfei. For esteemed wangfei to enter into Pill King’s doors is great fortune!” Wang Gong was quite thrilled.

Soon afterwards, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi left by the secret passage. More accurately, it was Long Feiye ‘taking Han Yunxi away with him’ through the passage, because Han Yunxi was acting like a little child who had committed a wrong, her head bowed as she followed behind Long Feiye.

Long Feiye didn’t even hold her hand the whole way back, nor did she dare to edge forward towards him. Finally, he stopped to wait for her at the end of the secret passage. Han Yunxi docilely walked to his side and tugged on his hand. She had no idea that the man beside her had been smiling during the whole trip back, or that his smile was widest at this very moment. She had only assumed he was being petty and still angry at her for her actions.

After all, ever since he wrapped her up in those black robes and locked his lips with hers, he’d been nothing but ferocious. He was like a storm that wanted to swallow her whole. She had nearly suffocated before he finally let her go, but she had hardly taken a breath when he kissed her anew. After a few rounds of his punishing kisses, her lips had been left swollen by the encounter.

Yet, after all that, all he did was to wear a long face without saying a word. Han Yunxi was regretful enough to turn her intestines green as she privately vowed never to play such jokes on him again. In the midst of her depression, Long Feiye actually wrested free from her grasp.

It was only a joke... Could it be that way, would he really?

Han Yunxi’s heart leapt in her throat before she blurted out, “Long Feiye, are you actually angry for real? I was only---”

But Long Feiye’s large hand simply grabbed her little one, entwining their fingers together. He didn’t mind it when she strung him along, but he simply liked to string her along in turn. Familiar with his habits, Han Yunxi realized that she had misunderstood his intentions. She simply pretended that she hadn’t said a thing and allowed him to hold her hand, a feeling of security settling in her heart. Long Feiye was still the same reserved, taciturn man who rarely spoke. The two of them walked hand-in-hand back to the inn in silence.

But just as they were about to arrive, Long Feiye suddenly asked, “Han Yunxi, has your lordship not yet punished you enough? Is that why you feel like your lordship wasn’t truly angry?”

She had just asked him if he was actually mad, which had meant that she assumed he was simply faking it all along. Should I lose my temper for real and give her another ferocious ‘punishment?’

Han Yunxi finally looked up to give him a gloomy glare. “Enough, you!”  How could there exist such a man under the Heavens? He’s still so bad even after taking such advantages!

Long Feiye couldn’t help laughing out loud, the sound bright and candid. What else can Han Yunxi do, besides to glare at me? He had forcefully kissed her, yes, but then could she do the same to him?

In response, Han Yunxi steeled her heart and actually stood on her tiptoes to grab Long Feiye by the neck and pull his face down to her height. Then she firmly locked her lips over his.

Long Feiye was stunned motionless under her assault…

This wasn’t the first time this woman had chosen to be proactive, but he found himself completely helpless to resist her. The very same man who controlled everything and remained calm in all situations had found himself at a loss in this situation, even when it concerned himself. Actually, all Han Yunxi did was capture his lips. She didn’t even probe any deeper, but he was already frozen in shock, allowing her to do as she wished.

“Long Feiye, are you still angry?” she murmured with their lips still locked.

“I’m...not angry,” he said, extremely obedient.

“You bullied me on purpose!” she accused him.

“I…” he actually fell silent in agreement.

“You jerk!” Han Yunxi cursed him. She was about to push him aside when Long Feiye’s hand rested on her back and drew her closer in. This time, he was far gentler than earlier when he kissed her, so she didn’t struggle.

Their shared kiss was fine, exquisite, and drawn out, filled with tender feelings like water and the perfect willingness of both parties. Stormy emotions spoke of passion, but peaceful feelings like this were a different realm of enjoyment, enough to make one forget oneself.

Finally, Long Feiye left a light kiss on Han Yunxi’s forehead before he stopped, even though she refused to let go of his neck. The two of them met gazes, her’s bashful and amused, his helpless yet still finding it all laughable. His arm settled around her waist before he said, “Let’s go.”

She recalled how docile he’d been just a moment ago and suddenly discovered a secret: actually, it was very simple to make this man obedient! Thinking up to there, she snorted in laughter.

“What are you laughing about?” Long Feiye was already less docile than before.

“I’m happy!” she admitted openly, before silently committing the secret to memory. Long Feiye, if you bully me again next time, I won’t let you off either!

On the way back, Han Yunxi had bought a face veil to cover up her swollen lips so she could lift her head normally again. The first people they saw upon reaching their room was Tang Li and Chu Xifeng standing guard at the doors.

“Your Highness, Gu Qishao and Lady Lianxin are both inside,” Chu Xifeng said in a low voice.

Gu Qishao had already been waiting for ages, while Lady Lianxin had only arrived recently. Long Feiye long guessed that Lady Lianxin would show up for Mu Yingdong’s sake, but there was no more need for Gu Qishao now that the Grand Medicine Testing Convention was over. As for the rerun of the competition, Wang Gong would definitely give Long Feiye an invitation too.

Once they entered the room, Long Feiye had hardly opened his mouth before the black-robed Gu Qishao had asked Han Yunxi, “Poison lass, what happened to your face?”

“I’ve caught a chill, so I’m sheltering myself from the wind.” Han Yunxi tugged on the veil that even covered up her nose.

Lady Lianxin stood up. Compared to before, her haughty attitude had diminished significantly. She had to ask them for help, after all; moreover, now that Han Yunxi was the Pill King’s disciple, the differences between them in the medical world was incomparable.

“Your Highness Duke of Qin, esteemed wangfei, this one has a matter to discuss with you. I respectfully ask that…” Lady Lianxin trailed off without saying it outright, but it was clear that she wanted Gu Qishao gone.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qishao simply sat grandly off to the side with a cold laugh. “You’re simply here to ask for favor and to plea mercy for Mu Yingdong. What does that count for?”

Lady Lianxin was greatly alarmed. Does Gu Qi Sha know something? Or did Han Yunxi already find out what had happened in the past? Mu Yingdong had said that Han Yunxi was the one who had taken away Mute Granny, but Mute Granny didn’t know anything much. While the old woman was in contact with Mu Xin, she couldn’t read, so she had found a servant girl to help her with the letters. That was how Mu Yingdong had found out about the things Mu Xin told her servant. Still, Mu Xin had found her, Lady Lianxin, after she went missing. Mute Granny knew nothing of the happenings between themselves.

Even Mu Yingdong had no idea of her current secret. Mu Xin was already dead, but she knew that Mu Xin was none other than Tianning capital’s Lady Tianxin. She had come into a liaison with the Poison Sect’s young clan head and married Han Congan. For the sake of helping Han Congan gain a position as director, Mu Xin gave her a secret letter, allowing Lady Lianxin to track down her location and new identity.

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye took that chance to sit down. Gu Qishao knew quite a lot of things, so Han Yunxi didn’t mind having him present. Long Feiye, on the other hand, knew it’d be useless to protest in any case. Gu Qishao had grown up in Medical City since he was young, so he would know far more than Long Feiye to begin with.

The relationship between Mu Xin and the Poison Sect, Han Yunxi’s father’s true identity, and other matters---these were all things that Gu Qishao could help the pair find out so they wouldn’t be tricked by Lady Lianxin. In addition, with Mute Granny dead and the Shadow Clan still, he didn’t need to worry about any leaked news regarding the West Qin imperial heir.

When Lady Lianxin witnessed Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s attitudes coupled with Gu Qi Sha’s disdainful look, she began to grow nervous. It looks like it won’t be so easy for me to lie today.

“Lady Lianxin, speak as you will,” Han Yunxi said politely.

Lady Lianxin hesitated, but it was only for a second. Under these circumstances, she should get to the truth quickly. After all, no matter the price, she had to save Mu Yingdong and the Mu Clan!

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