Chapter 515: Perfectly justified to capture her

Chapter 515: Perfectly justified to capture herOriginal and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Cries of disbelief rose from the crowd at her words. What harsh terms! That’s equal to having her betray the Mu Clan and all of Medicine City! Yet, the girl actually agreed to them!

There’s no mistaking it, she must have true skill to be so confident!

Even the people who had looked down on Mu Linger were moved by her words. Perhaps we’ll see a miracle happen in the medical community tonight and have Mu Linger beat Gu Qi Sha.

Meanwhile, Mu Yingdong was so angry that veins were popping out on his forehead. He was standing in the crowd as well, and had no idea what Mu Linger was playing at. Still, he could sense the workings of a conspiracy in place! Han Yunxi was aiming for the foundation of his Mu Clan!


And yet despite his wrath, he remained aloof and indifferent. Mu Yingdong leveled a long stare at Elder Xie, who was standing in front of him. A shrewd look entered his eyes as he forgot all about his anger.

“Then....please begin,” Han Yunxi said with a smile.

In an instant, hundreds pairs of eyes focused on the duo, all of them expectant and eager! The pill-making contest was about to start!

They saw Gu Qi Sha expose his skinny, skeletal fingers while Mu Linger slowly rolled up her own sleeves. Everyone was silent under the tense atmosphere, their gazes fixated on the contestants each and every move.

But then!

Mu Linger’s hands flashed across the table and grabbed her mortar and pestle. Her fingers played the handle like an instrument while her other hand swept ingredients into its base. Soon enough, she produced a tiny black pill from inside the tool.

On the other side, Gu Qi Sha’s movements were even faster than hers had been. He didn’t even bother using any tools, but somehow did some lightning-quick movements with his hands that were impossible for the human eye to see. In a flash all of the ingredients on his table disappeared, to be replaced with a single small pill.

It had taken mere seconds for both parties to create their medicine.

That’s it!?

Everyone had been waiting an entire day just for a few seconds’ worth of content? Moreover, none of them managed to see anything at those speeds!

What cheats!

They could only console themselves with the fact that they did, technically speaking, see high-level experts at work. Despite their disappointment, they were still tense; after all, the process wasn’t as important as the result! It was very possible that Mu Linger would give them all a surprise in the end!

Han Yunxi personally took the two pills and raised them up high for everyone to see. Both of them were the exact same color and resembled their compatriots on the market. Under the gazes of everyone present, the pill testers each took the pills at the same time. Tension filled the air and the silence was loud enough to hear them swallow the pill.

They’d eaten it!

And then, Gu Qi Sha’s tester suddenly widened his eyes before bending over and clutching his stomach to run for the nearest restroom. His speed was akin to a streak of smoke---phenomenally fast.


Hundred Purging Pill was a laxative, but the ones on the market still needed two hours to take effect even if the patient took three at a time. They’d never seen such fast effects! Of course, the crowd was more concerned with Mu Linger’s tester now, because...he hadn’t reacted at all!

So then…

Mu Linger sighed softly before she said in a calm tone, “Heheh, Your Excellency Pill Fiend, looks like I’ve lost.”

Han Yunxi was secretly chuckling on one side, while Gu Qi Sha had no reaction whatsoever. The onlookers were left speechless by the admission.

That’s it? It’s over just like that?!

Mu Linger had been so arrogant and self-confident but then she lost so simply? Damn it, why are you being so calm? Sure, we might not have seen the pill-making process, but the results of the competition also had...completely no suspense!

Mu Linger, you cheatin’ us?! We waited an entire day for this! We were looking forward to it so much!

The conclusion left everyone at a loss for words. Gu Qi Sha gave a meaningful glance to Long Feiye before walking into Pill Fiend Pharmacy. The instigator for all this, Han Yunxi, met gazes with Mu Linger while hiding the laughter in her eyes. “Mu Linger, you’ve lost. You have to keep to your word.”

Mu Linger watched Gu Qi Sha’s retreating back as her heart was secretly thrilled. She was about to speak when a stern voice suppressed her.

“Mu Linger, hurry up and return with this old man to accept your punishment in Medicine City!”

Mu Linger gave a start before turning to see an old man in his sixties sporting white hair and no smiles. That old man was none other than the leader of Medicine City’s Council of Elders, Xie Deyi. He was so fierce that she also mistook his voice for her father’s! While she was reeling from the surprise, Han Yunxi already sensed danger in the air. Mu Yingdong hadn’t shown himself after things grew to such massive proportions, yet Head Elder Xie had appeared at such a critical juncture!

Medicine City had its own Council of Elders whose members hailed from pharmacists who enjoyed high prestige and commanded universal respect. Some came from the three great clans in Medicine City, while others hailed from smaller or lesser families. The Council of Elders had the right and duty to handle many internal matters of Medicine City. They could even represent the entirety of the city to outsiders.

The Council of Elders had been causing difficulties for Mu Linger ever since her antics at the empress dowager’s banquet. Because Mu Yingdong lacked the strength to stand against the council’s pressure, he had chosen to have Mu Linger confined for the rest of her life. The Mu Clan held substantial power in the Council of Elders, but lacked a majority vote. Moreover, it was rare for the clan to make a mistake so all the other forces had allied against them. When Head Elder Xie mentioned the words ‘punishment,’ it was clear that the council was still harboring grievances for Mu Linger’s independent actions at the empress dowager’s banquet!

Head Elder Xie stepped forward from the crowd while ten more high-level bodyguards suddenly appeared out of all sides to surround Mu Linger.

“Lass, you’ve already escaped us for an entire year. Come back to receive your punishment immediately!” Head Elder Xie ordered.

Mu Linger unconsciously backed away and Han Yunxi immediately stepped forward to shield her. Long Feiye didn’t make move, but his cold gaze rested on the crowd. Meanwhile, Gu Qi Sha had slowly turned around at the commotion.

“Those who bet must agree to lose. From this moment, Mu Linger is one of Pill Fiend Pharmacy’s people! Head Elder Xie, do you want a little girl to go back on her promise?” Han Yunxi asked.

“Heheh, Qin Wangfei, this girl shouldered many crimes to begin with. Our Medicine City has put her on our wanted list for a year now, so any promises she made to you are worthless.” Head Elder Xie had a domineering tone and refused to leave any loopholes. “Qin Wangfei, this old man had come to ask for an audience long before the competition began, but you refused to see me. Now I have no choice but to do this in public. This old man asks that you don’t blame me for refusing to give Pill Fiend Pharmacy face.”

What a hypocrite!

Han Yunxi might not have seen him before, but didn’t she show up in person on competition day after all? If Head Elder Xie was really sincere about discussing the situation with her and stopping the competition, he had plenty of choices to ask for another audience before Gu Qi Sha had arrived on the scene. But he purposely delayed things until this moment. After all the hubbub, everyone was paying attention to what was happening. Mu Linger had already lost, so it was likely news of her status would spread very quickly.

By speaking up now to mention Mu Linger’s “independent action,” Head Elder Xie undoubtedly wanted to give Pill Fiend Pharmacy a show of strength to stop Han Yunxi from salvaging the situation. He also wanted to borrow the momentum of the competition to create a massive stir. None of the onlookers expected the situation to take such a turn. Soon enough, the crowd was in an uproar again. Hidden amongst their ranks, Mu Yingdong smiled coldly. Naturally, he was the one behind Head Elder Xie’s choice to stand out and speak now. He wouldn’t show his face here, but would wait to see what Han Yunxi would say to counter the head elder.

There were so many people here, much of them were members of the inner circle of the medical community. He’d like to see how Han Yunxi would continue to meddle to Medicine City’s private affairs! If he had stood out personally, the matter would only be a Mu Clan problem, but if Head Elder Xie spoke up, then it would rise to the ranks of Medicine City’s issue. In any case, the Medical Materials Association had already signed its contract and the proof of the black market dealings were already in their hands. He wasn’t afraid of Han Yunxi exposing anything else. If she wanted to smear them with that, she’d been besmirching her own name as well. He was feeling smug about these facts at the same time Han Yunxi was pondering over the same problem.

By now, the issue of whether or not Mu Linger could stay at Pill Fiend Pharmacy had already become secondary importance. Han Yunxi was very clear that Mu Yingdong had sent Head Elder Xie in his place just so they could cut off all means of retreat. Mu Yingdong refused to give Pill Fiend Pharmacy any advantages even if he had to lose his own daughter. So many people in Medicine City were jealous of Mu Linger’s genius pharmacy skills. Once she fell into Head Elder Xie’s hands, wouldn’t she meet with a bad end?

Mu Linger was clearer on the facts than anyone else. “Han Yunxi, you can count me begging you just this once. Save me!” Her voice was low and trembled slightly as she spoke.

If this were the past, she wouldn’t have cared---at the worst, she’d die. But ever since learning about that secret, she grew fearful. She wanted to spend her entire life at Pill Fiend Pharmacy and live out the rest of her days happily. Han Yunxi naturally wanted to save her, but Head Elder Xie’s words had been so full of reason and logic, and heard by so many people, that it was difficult for her to shield Mu Linger’s faults.

If she forced her views through, the world would censure her and she’d lose Pill Fiend Pharmacy’s reputation. Moreover, making an enemy out of Head Elder Xie would mean antagonizing all of Medicine City as well, making their future progress difficult.

Seeing Han Yunxi remain silent, Head Elder Xie said coldly, “It looks like Qin Wangfei can be a reasonable sort. Come, take Mu Linger into custody!”

“Hold it!” Han Yunxi still spoke up by the end. “Head Elder Xie, Mu Linger’s actions at the empress dowager’s banquet were an attempt to foster a personal friendship with this wangfei. In a moment of muddle-headedness, she made a mistake. This girl’s been running helter skelter for over a year and has already suffered her share of punishment. For this wangfei’s sake, why don’t you lighten her punishment today? As for her promise to Pill Fiend Pharmacy, we can simply drop it.” This could be counted as a polite gesture to yield her way.

“What do you...think?”

As long as Han Yunxi could make sure Mu Linger would be safe, she could always figure out other ways to get her to come to Pill Fiend Pharmacy in the future. But Head Elder Xie refused to budge a step.

“It’s rare for esteemed wangfei to show such clarity of mind. But this lass doesn’t know the difference between Heaven and Earth and tried to flaunt her slight skills before an expert. She has affected an entire day of sales at Pill Fiend Pharmacy, so this old man will need to represent Medicine City to pay it all back. As for the terms of her punishment, Medicine City has its own rules, so I ask esteemed wangfei not to worry about such matters.”

Having said as much, he signaled the guards with his eyes so they could apprehend Mu Linger. At this moment, both Long Feiye and Gu Qi Sha stepped forward.

Long Feiye said coldly, “How is Head Elder Xie planning to represent Medicine City and pay us back?”

Gu Qi Sha continued, “Head Elder Xie, do you mean to pay me back instead? She made such a huge gamble and still lost to this old man, and now she’s going back on her promise to Qin Wangfei. You Medicine City types shouldn’t be stupid enough to reject a life-saving offer!”

It was rare for Long Feiye and Gu Qi Sha to be standing on the same side. But Head Elder Xie remained brusque and replied…

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