Chapter 512: Do as you please, you're in charge

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Left her forever…

Long Feiye held Han Yunxi tight as he rested his chin on her head. After a period of silence, he finally spoke. “That won’t happen. Not unless...I die.”

Han Yunxi immediately muffled his mouth with her hands. “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Long Feiye countered, “Han Yunxi, what about you?”

“No, I definitely will never leave you!” Han Yunxi said urgently. She was very certain on that point. No matter what, I never will! After this morning’s false alarm, she was quite determined in her decision. Once she finally calmed down, she realized that Long Feiye was looking at her with a different gaze than usual. He stared at her for quite a long time in silence, but she hadn’t noticed it in the midst of her distress. Now that she saw that he was still staring, she grew restless and found his gaze strange.

There’s probably nobody in the world who can best His Highness Duke of Qin in a staring contest. Whatever the case, Han Yunxi was always the first to break eye contact when their eyes ended up meeting.

She asked timidly, “Long something wrong?”

“What you said just then, could you repeat it?” Long Feiye asked her solemnly.

Just then she’d said that she ‘definitely wouldn’t’ leave me.

“I said…” Han Yunxi began, before her voice suddenly trailed off into silence. Her face exploded into a blush. Your Highness Duke of Qin, are you sure you’re not trying to seduce me?

Long Feiye broke into laughter before drawing close to whisper aggressively into her ear. “Your lordship likes those words very much!”

Han Yunxi was both embarrassed and thrilled by his words. Alright, I admit I feel more happy than embarrassed. If that’s the case, I ought to go ahead and risk everything. I’ve taken my share of risks, so this isn’t much.

She suddenly wrapped her arms around Long Feiye’s neck and pulled him even closer, whispering in his ear in turn. “This wangfei will remember your words!”

Long Feiye gave a start, surprised at the sudden daring of his woman. But the shock only lasted a second. After all, was it that easy to seduce the Duke of Qin? He took advantage of the chance to bend down, forcing Han Yunxi to gradually lay back down onto the bed. He assumed that Han Yunxi would release him, but she didn’t.

This woman, she’s been getting bolder and bolder ever since coming back from the Han Clan and smashing her bowls of medicine!

Han Yunxi had planned to let Long Feiye go, but his domineering, wicked ways caused her to grow even more stubborn. She just wouldn’t release him!

As a result…

While Han Yunxi laid on the bed, Long Feiye went down with her until his head rested against her collarbones with her arms wrapped firmly around his neck. Han Yunxi lifted her head and laughed out loud. So even His Highness Duke of Qin has days when he has to submit!

Long Feiye allowed her to laugh as much as she pleased as he lay buried in embrace, unmoving. But soon enough, Han Yunxi’s laughter ceased abruptly before her entire body tensed up.

What’s...going on?

Long Feiye was actually nibbling lightly on her collarbones!

The saying ‘whoever plays with fire is looking to get burnt’ described Han Yunxi’s current situation perfectly. She stiffened as her hands gradually released Long Feiye. Unfortunately, it was already too late. As Long Feiye continued to nibble, a numb sensation overtook Han Yunxi’s senses. Meanwhile, he had already started to open up her collar. The gentle motion made Han Yunxi cling at him unconsciously as she murmured, “Long Feiye…”

But the soft sound was enough to jolt Long Feiye back to his senses. He looked at her, his eyes glimmering with a faint sense of helplessness. Yet, that too soon disappeared as he nipped at her one last time before straightening up. “Are you still going to laugh?”

Han Yunxi’s courage had limits, so she simply docilely shook her head. They’d almost caught on fire just then. No matter how much guts she had, the consequences...alright, she didn’t dare imagine further.

Very satisfied, Long Feiye only said, “Rest well over the next few days. Don’t run around before Gu Qishao’s due to come.” Han Yunxi’s heart skipped a beat. She knew Long Feiye would bring up the subject sooner or later, and she still wasn’t clear whether the outbursts he said last time came from truth or an angry temper.

“You think he’ll come as well?” she asked.

“You think he wouldn’t dare?” Long Feiye countered, his words filled with meaning.

“Let’s gamble on it,” Han Yunxi grinned. “I bet he has the guts!” Her words were filled with meaning as well.

“Your lordship will bet that he dares to come as well,” Long Feiye said coldly.

There were some things that the couple had decided not to bring up again after a tacit understanding. Han Yunxi climbed off the bed and chatted for awhile with Long Feiye, her tone casual. “Imperial Physician Gu is here now. If we can get Mu Linger to stay at Pill Fiend Pharmacy too, then chenqie won’t need to worry about it a bit.”

Han Yunxi wanted to make Pill Fiend Pharmacy a big deal and cultivate it into a strong powerhouse within the medical community. However, she had no aspirations of trapping herself in the pharmacy. After all, medicine wasn’t her forte or her interest. Her strength lay in poisons and her interests in Long Feiye’s next plans regarding Tianning’s civil unrest. If his goal was to take Medicine City, then she might be able to find out more about Lady Mu Xin from Mu Yingdong along the way. Mute Granny was all in the past now, so she wouldn’t get any results languishing over a missing person. It was better to get more information from her jailer, Mu Yingdong!

Long Feiye was surprised because he always assumed that Han Yunxi wanted to manage Pill Fiend Pharmacy personally.

“Then what do you want to concentrate on?” he asked as he looked at her quizzically.

“Whatever Your Highness is worrying about so I can bear the burdens with you,” Han Yunxi spoke earnestly.

Long Feiye’s expression, which had been gloomy throughout, suddenly broke into a charming smile. “I don’t need you to worry over me, just set your cares at rest.”

But how could anyone not worry for the person of their heart? Who could try just relax and not bother? Han Yunxi kept smiling and said, “So what you’re saying is...I’m meddling in affairs that don’t concern me?”

Neither of them noticed how she’d used ‘me’ instead of chenqie, nor how she was calling him by his name more often. But Long Feiye did discover that this woman was leaving him speechless more and more often lately. Finally, he gave a light cough and said, “Do as you please.”

If any of his subordinates heard the words, they’d probably be too scared to sleep for three nights straight! Who in the world had the skills to do as they wished with His Highness Duke of Qin?!

Just like that, the topic of Gu Qishao went on a tangent after a few exchanged lines. But just when Long Feiye was about to leave, Han Yunxi couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness, no matter what the case maybe, it still was he who saved chenqie’s life. If he dares to show up, I hope Your Highness will think thrice before acting on old scores.”

Long Feiye paused for a long time before finally walking away. A complicated expression flickered past Han Yunxi’s eyes before she stepped outside as well. But she discovered that Long Feiye wasn’t planning to leave Jiangnan’s Plum Blossom Sea at all, and that he was just heading for a pavilion in the flower gardens.

Seven days were neither long nor short. Han Yunxi originally assumed that Long Feiye would ‘confine’ her to the Plum Blossom Sea while he went out by himself, but the place seemed to be her lucky charm. The last time they were here, Long Feiye had never abandoned her; and it was the same treatment this time. Long Feiye and her settled down at the house by the hot springs. Though he received secret missives daily, he never left her a step. While the entire world was ruminating over Pill Fiend Pharmacy, the two of them seemed to be on vacation, living leisurely lives while never mentioning Gu Qishao. Now was late autumn when the weather was cold and perfect for soaking in hot springs. Aside from drinking tea, that was Long Feiye’s favorite pastime.

Whether it was morning or afternoon, he’d be often found in the hot springs while tasting tea and deep in thought. Last time, Han Yunxi had found out about his habits on her own, so she chose to use the hot springs at noon or late at night. That’s right, she enjoyed soaking in them too!

In the past, she used to get nervous when sneaking through his quarters at the Hibiscus Courtyard to use his spring there, much less an open-door area like this one. But, now, she was full of confidence. Her habit while soaking in the waters was to take a light nap. Tonight was no different, and she soon fell fast asleep while leaning against the edge. But suddenly, a figure emerged from the surrounding forest to dart past her location. Because Han Yunxi was unconscious, she didn’t notice a thing.

Outside the woods, Chu Xifeng managed to stumble out with difficulty, confusion painted across his features. He had just come back with an urgent message for His Highness when someone launched a vicious kick at him before he even reached the hot springs. He could guess from the force of the kick that it was His Highness, which was why he was confused!

I haven’t made any mistakes lately, have I?!

Very soon, Long Feiye himself appeared with his hands behind his back, floating down from the air.

“Master…” Chu Xifeng felt greatly wronged.

“Who allowed you to enter as you please? If there’s a next time, you’ll have to shoulder the consequences!” Long Feiye snapped frostily.

Chu Xifeng glanced at the direction where he’d came from and suddenly realized something. Just then he’d emerged at the back of the house, right next to the hot springs... His back dripped cold sweat at the revelation and fear in hindsight. Thank goodness my martial arts skills weren’t good enough to get me flying out of the woods at once. If that happened…

But wait...weren’t master and mistress arguing with each other? How did things end up like this?

While one of them soaks in the hot springs, the other

Chu Xifeng was still occasionally quick on the uptake. “Your Highness, things aren’t urgent over at Medical City, so this subordinate won’t disturb you anymore.” Long Feiye had sent him over to Medical City to investigate Gu Qishao’s past. Technically speaking, Long Feiye should be anxious to find out the status by now. But at Chu Xifeng’s words, the man simply waved his hand to dismiss him.

Chu Xifeng was a little flabbergasted. Actually, he was just...just trying to get on his good side with my words, but I never thought…

While Chu Xifeng was standing there, lost in a daze, Long Feiye interred, “Still not leaving?”

Chu Xifeng almost thought he’d dreamed the entire encounter up as he sheepishly bid his farewell. Once Long Feiye had made sure he was gone, he leaped back to the roof overlooking the hot springs. In the still and quiet night, the moonlight shone upon the sleeping beauty amidst the steam. Although he had his eye on her figure, he paid more attention to their surroundings instead. His expression was cold, stiff, silent, and stubbornly severe, as unreadable as a mysterious night sky.

Was he guarding her, or peeping on her?

In truth, he was doing more guarding than peeping, but then…

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