Chapter 505: He's the most suspect

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What were Gu Qishao’s motives for his actions?

Han Yunxi creased her brows as she stared at Tang Li, who added, “He clearly knows the extent of your skills, so he must have made that mixture on purpose. Then he could win you over to his side!”

“Or we could take a step backward. If my big bro really tricked you and Gu Qishao knew, why didn’t he give you the proof and tell you directly? Why spend so much effort on a complicated scheme? That fellow’s simply sowing discord with bad intentions!”

Han Yunxi’s expression turned complicated even as Long Feiye fell silent. Tang Li’s words had a point, because that was precisely Gu Qishao’s motive. And because of his bad intentions, Gu Qishao ended up being the tragic party of his own plot. Han Yunxi had considered these points herself, but Tang Li’s dissemination helped tip the scales in her heart. If there was any suspicion, then Gu Qishao was the most suspect. She kept silent for a long time while Long Feiye stared at her with his lips drawn into a tight, strict line.

“See, I’m not blabbering nonsense, right?” Tang Li started up the subject again with a sigh. “A striking man like my big bro, losing against the likes of Gu Qishao? Even if you’re moved by manly good looks, you should be dazzled by my big bro most.”

Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes again, but Tang Li seemed to have gotten carried away with the topic. “Han Yunxi, you’re a married woman with a husband. Thus, everything you do should be---” He abruptly lost the ability to talk before he could finish his sentence. Though he mouth was still moving desperately, no sound came out.

I’ve gone mute?

Han Yunxi glanced at him and said coldly, “Your lips must be tired from talking so much. Take a break and try again tomorrow.” Then she took Long Feiye by the hand and said, “Come on, let’s go get my medical pouch.”

Would Long Feiye save Tang Li? Of course not. Although the man had helped with regarding Gu Qishao, he still felt like Tang Li had said too much.

Han Yunxi held Long Feiye’s hand while walking at a steady pace. Gradually, her thoughts drifted to the antidote of the Broomcorn Millet Poison again. Long Feiye kept quiet as before, knowing that Tang Li’s words would be enough to move her. Gu Qishao had the skills to find out that Mute Granny was being kept in the Hidden Pavilion, but didn’t tell Han Yunxi anything outright. Without a doubt, he wanted to conceal his actual skills. Even after being attacked by the crossbow archers, he still refused to reveal his true abilities. Just what were his motives?

He couldn’t die from a stab to the heart and had unclear relationships with both Medical City and the Poison Sect’s Poison Gu Humans.

Long Feiye was very interested in finding out about it all!

The mystery of the Broomcorn Millet antidote thus passed without a single question from Long Feiye or any mentions from Han Yunxi. Perhaps she had already drawn her own conclusions. Would the fate of Mute Granny pass by just like this?

Or would she find out the whole truth another day?

For both Long Feiye and Gu Qishao, would the incident of the Broomcorn Millet antidote be their boon or bane? That would all be determined eventually, but it was undeniable that something big would happen between Long Feiye and Gu Qishao in the future.

After reclaiming her medical pouch, Han Yunxi took out a bottle of pills meant to recover internal essence and handed it to Long Feiye. She couldn’t help him personally treat his internal injury, but she could at least bolster his body. Tang Li regained his ability to talk the next day, but was so scared that he decided to keep at least ten paces away from Han Yunxi in the future.

Who wrote the saying that villains and women are hard to raise? It’s obviously Han Yunxi who’s hard to deal with!

That had been terrifying!

“Big bro, you better be careful in the future. If something goes wrong, she might poison you crippled one day,” Tang Li reminded carefully.

Long Feiye simply took his words as air. “How is my master doing?”

“The same as before,” Tang Li replied, before denying it instantly “No, no! Strictly speaking, he should be much better now that Duanmu Yao’s there.”

Long Feiye slammed the table in silence.

“Big bro, Celestial Mountain Sword Sect’s affairs aren’t the usual brand of trouble. If possible, it’s better you don’t get involved,” Tang Li had stopped joking with his words.

Long Feiye nodded, then asked, “Any progress with the matter of the Hundred Poisons Sect?”

Tang Li shook his head. “The Wang Clan lost contact with their connections inside the sect. I suspect that...the situation went south.”

Jun Yixie hadn’t made any moves since his return from Fishery Island, making Long Feiye very uneasy. Despite this, his attitude remained unchanged like an ever present shield against ten thousand potential maybes. It might be good news that Jun Yixie wasn’t moving. At least it’d give him enough time to finish the game on Tianning’s chessboard…

While politics were still unstable within Tianning, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi settled down at Jiangnan’s Plum Blossom Sea. Unliked the timidity of last winter, Han Yunxi looked and acted more like a mistress of the estate this time. Long Feiye gave her a group of shadow guards, while she amassed a large pile of hidden weapons via Tang Li. After dipping all of the items in poison, she handed them out to her guards and taught them the effects of each toxin. Of course, she busied herself with researching Perplexing Butterfly Illusion on the side as well.

As for Long Feiye, he spend most of his time either making tea, reading scrolls, or healing his injuries. It was admirable enough that he didn’t fall onto a demonic way from such a serious wound, but it would take at least two to three months to recover. That period of time was enough for Han Yunxi to finish training her poison troops. Long Feiye’s injury got better as well, while Tianning finally found some sense of stability. The north was divided up into two kingdoms separated by a river. West of the river was Tianning with the capital at West Jing; east of the river was Tianan with the old capital now renamed Tianan City.

Emperor Tianhui had made Chu Qingge his empress and gained Western Zhou’s emperor’s support. Rumors had it that Chu Qingge was already pregnant with a royal heir, but nobody could verify the claims. Long Tianmo made Mu Liuyue empress and brought back the insane empress from the western mountains. Rumors had it that Mu Liuyue was living together with the woman, but again, there were no ways to verify the claims.

On this day, Long Feiye asked Han Yunxi, “Do you...want to go back to the estate?”

“Back to the estate?” Han Yunxi was astonished. Long Tianmo had naturally claimed multiple properties within Tianan City, but he’d left the Duke of Qin’s estate untouched. Nor did he dare to meddle with the premises. Han Yunxi even heard that the Han Estate had escaped unharmed and that no one dared to enter the compound without permission.

Even if Long Tianmo invited them, Long Feiye would never go back there again, much less on his own initiative. Go back to the estate? Which estate is he talking about?

“Do you want to go back?” Long Feiye asked again. He still remember how her stubborn determination led her back to her maternal house.

“Sure, let’s go back,” Han Yunxi didn’t ask for details, curious to know where he’d take her. Unexpectedly, Long Feiye really did take her out. The autumn winds were high, so he wrapped her up in his own cloak and helped her into their carriage, just like old times.

Once the carriage vanished, a scarlet red figure appeared atop the walls of Jiangnan’s Plum Blossom Sea. The red fabric fluttered in the breeze, announcing the presence of Gu Qishao. Inside the carriage, Long Feiye flipped through his secret missives as always and left Han Yunxi alone. She nestled next to his chest and joined him in reading together. Some of the letters came from Northern Li, others from Western Zhou or Medicine City and Medical City. It had to be said that this man had eyes and ears all across Cloud Realm Continent. Very soon, they reached South Ning Prefecture. The carriage came to a stop in time to raise a minor stir.

When Han Yunxi got off the carriage, she gave a start. Before her was a newly constructed estate, its front doors framed by two large lions. A set of vermillion doors about four meters wide gave off a solemn, dignified air. Above the doors was a sign that proclaimed, “Duke of Qin’s Estate.”

Going back naturally meant going back to the Duke of Qin’s estate. How could she have been so foolish to forget? Han Yunxi suddenly felt that Tang Li’s ramblings made some sense. Long Feiye hadn’t proclaimed himself emperor or established a separatist regime, but built a large compound within the central region’s largest South Ning Prefecture. It gave people food for thought.

Han Yunxi didn’t have time to admire the view because a crowd was quickly forming around them. There were not only high-level officials and army commanders, but offspring from powerful, influential families as well. Long Feiye’s current estate was built upon the framework of an imperial palace used for short stays away from the capital. Construction had started two to three months ago, but the crowd had come daily just for a chance to see him appear! The central and southern regions were like a host of dragons without a head, and all of its people had hoped for the return of their master.

At least ten of these people had illustrious, celebrated identities, but Long Feiye dismissed them with a single statement. “Your lordship is too used to idleness and cannot assume such large responsibilities. You should all go back.”

The crowd was still reeling from their shock when Long Feiye helped Han Yunxi into the estate. She glanced back and caught a few reproachful, resenting glares that made her give a start. If Long Feiye’s so idle, there’s probably going to be plenty of people cursing me as the femme fatale distracting him from his work.

The estate here wasn’t as big as the one back in Tianning, nor were there many rooms. It only had one separate compound besides the main building called the Leisurely Cloud Courtyard. However, everything inside the Leisurely Cloud Courtyard was an exact replica of the Hibiscus Courtyard back in Tianning. There was a single main residence and another loft-styled house. Zhao mama and the rest came to greet them as soon as they arrived.

They were all happy to see Han Yunxi again despite not knowing how their masters made up. In any case, it was good that they were getting along once more. Han Yunxi thus settled happily into her home. A few days later, the three big clans of Medicine City all sent letters to ask for an appointment with Han Yunxi and Long Feiye. Without a doubt, they were aiming for Pill Fiend Pharmacy. Han Yunxi had never forgotten about the pharmacy, but she hadn’t known how to bring it up. After all, it involved Gu Qishao, who had seemingly disappeared.

Long Feiye read the letters before having Chu Xifeng send work to Gu Qishao at Pill Fiend Valley. If he refused to come, then they’d be the final say for all of Pill Fiend Pharmacy’s matters. Han Yunxi looked at Long Feiye and dearly wished to speak, but kept mum in the end. Her heart was full of complicated feelings towards Gu Qishao. Leaving aside all else, the man had saved her life! If possible, she didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

Very soon, Chu Xifeng returned. “Your Highness, esteemed wangfei, Gu Qishao isn’t at Pill Fiend Valley. But he left a message saying that he wouldn’t bother with Pill Fiend Pharmacy anymore as long as he got his timely payments of silver delivered to the valley.”

This...doesn’t sound like Gu Qishao’s style!

“Someone come, make an appointment to meet Medicine City’s three clans at South Ning’s Pill Fiend Pharmacy!” Long Feiye ordered coldly.

Now Han Yunxi was surprised. Since when did South Ning have its own Pill Fiend Pharmacy? The one back at Tianan City didn’t even finish construction!

Today, Long Feiye brought her to a large, nameless compound near the estate. The interior was designed as a roomy shop and included many storehouses and extra wings. Han Yunxi finally realized that Long Feiye had long ordered his men to construct another Pill Fiend Pharmacy right here in South Ning. However, construction had stalled until he resumed the building two months ago. Now everything was done except for the sign over the door.

“After we finished negotiations with Medicine City, you should come hang up the sign,” Long Feiye said simply.

Han Yunxi looked at him and felt warmth creeping into her heart. This man...he’s really taken pains. She ended up inspecting the whole place with Long Feiye in tow, but once they went back to the courtyard, they heard a firm voice cry out from next door.

“I won’t go back today even if I die!”

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