Chapter 490: Try and yell at her again

Chapter 490: Try and yell at her again Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

The sudden impact of the door left Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao with no time to react before Long Feiye entered and strode past the folding screen.

He saw a room filled with ambiguous scents, a floor covered in scattered clothing, a beautiful girl sitting on a bed.

He saw Han Yunxi’s skirts pulled high, high up, revealing her shins and jade-like feet. Her upper garments were bound across her chest, exposing her bare shoulders; strands of hair fell loosely about her face, the rest tied carelessly behind her head.

He saw Gu Qishao’s long, slender legs exposed to the air, the bedcovers wrapped around his bare upper body. His hand was resting on Han Yunxi’s naked shoulder!

Long Feiye stood stunned, not budging an inch. His face was completely expressionless, but after sweeping his gaze over the pair, his cold eyes penetrated into Han Yunxi’s own without response. Meanwhile, both Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao had been caught off guard. They assumed that it was soldiers who’d entered their room, not Long Feiye!

This guy, didn’t he leave with Duanmu Yao? When did he come back, and how did he find this place?

Han Yunxi could only feel surprise right now. After all, she was convinced that Long Feiye had disappeared with Duanmu Yao already, and in such a rush that she was sure they’d take two or three days before they returned. In the silent room, the three figures stared at each other without speaking. Time itself seem to stop along with their breathing. But Long Feiye was the quietest of all, quiet enough to be frightening!

Suddenly, a commotion sounded from outside. More people were coming over!

Long Feiye turned expressionlessly to walk outside, slamming the door behind him. Both Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao gave a start before returning to their senses. Inside, they could hear Long Tianmo and Mu Qingwu’s voices from beyond the door.

“Imperial Qin Uncle, how is it?”

“Your Highness Duke of Qin, was there anyone inside?”

“No one,” Long Feiye said immediately, his voice cold.

Long Tianmo and Mu Qingwu didn’t delay, but went to search somewhere else. Long Feiye stood in front of the door as his entire figure dimmed. His eyes were so dark that not a single speck of light escaped them, the pupils turning into an endless abyss. He had always been extremely picky about things like that. In the past, when she’d taken off a single shoe, he’d gotten very angry; he cherished her body so much that he hadn’t dared to touch her rashly, even now. But now she was half-dressed in a room with another man!

Just what had they done, and how long have they been like that?

Long Feiye’s hands gradually formed into fists until veins popped out from the skin. His fury mixed with the chaotic blood qi swirling around his insides. For the first time, his tall and steady form looked on the verge of collapse! But he didn’t wait long. Once the hallway was cleared of people, he slammed his fist against the door and cried, “Han Yunxi, why aren’t you out yet?!”

Inside the room, Han Yunxi had just gotten dressed, so anxious that her hands were shaking. Although Gu Qishao kept reminding her about the wound on her shoulder, she didn’t bother giving it another look.

Damn it!

For the sake of evading that black-robed assassin, she and Gu Qishao had put on a play. This wasn’t altogether blameless, but still forgivable. Still, why had she forgotten to get dressed when applying medicine to Gu Qishao afterwards? How could she have forgotten? Although she came from the present and thought nothing of exposing a shoulder or leg here and here, she knew better than anyone else where Long Feiye’s limits were!

After getting into her clothes and shoes, she ran towards the door without even bothering to pick up her medical pouch. But Gu Qishao grabbed her and pulled her back. “Poison lass, you’re still injured on your shoulder! You haven’t even taken out the arrowhead yet!”

“I won’t die!” Han Yunxi shook his hand free and headed for the door, but Long Feiye came in instead. When he saw the two of them pulling and pushing at each other, the effect was like adding oil to fire.

He unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Gu Qishao. “Let go of her!”

“Long Feiye, just try and yell at her again! This old fellow won’t release her!” Gu Qishao grew stubborn as well. He hated it when Long Feiye was so fierce to Han Yunxi, and despised the fact that the man had lied to her! He couldn’t see anything good about him!

Perhaps many people would assume that he was forcing himself on Han Yunxi despite knowing that she was a married woman. But in truth, he knew that Han Yunxi loved that other man, which was why he wouldn’t force her. This wasn’t what he wanted!

As long as that girl told him she didn’t like Long Feiye anymore, he’d take her away at once. Long Feiye had given her wealth, status, and fame, but he could do the same! Even if his heart was filled with nothing but revenge against the medical academy, he could still win all of Cloud Realm Continent for Han Yunxi if that was what she wanted!

But Gu Qishao’s current stubbornness only exacerbated Long Feiye’s already fiery temper. He simply stabbed his sword at Gu Qishao, who immediately pushed Han Yunxi aside to grab his own sword to block. But the sudden movement caused the injuries on his back to all open up, sending fresh blood soaking through the bandages. Han Yunxi had no idea that Long Feiye had serious internal injuries as well; she only saw that Gu Qishao couldn’t hold out any longer under his wounds.

“Long Feiye, can’t you wait for me to explain first?!” she said frantically.

“No!” Long Feiye had lost all traces of reason in his anger. Heaven knows if there was any man who could keep his cool in this situation. Perhaps the only ones who could were the ones who didn’t love the woman involved at all!

Long Feiye’s sword swept towards Gu Qishao’s lower body, and the man immediately flipped into the air to avoid the slash. More blood stained his bandages, dying a large patch of his back bright red. Han Yunxi panicked and ran to block Long Feiye’s next strike with her own body. She too, had lost her wits in the midst of the chaos.

“Long Feiye, you’ll have to kill me first before you kill him!”

Long Feiye stiffened completely at her words. A rush of blood rose up in his throat, but he still managed to force it back down. He creased his brows and stared fixedly at Han Yunxi, whose gaze turned evasive. She didn’t mean what she just said, she just wanted these two men to calm down.

“Long Feiye, the two of us were only---”

“Han Yunxi, your lordship overestimated you,” Long Feiye cut her off with a mocking tilt to his lips.

Han Yunxi’s heart clenched. She wanted to explain, but his scornful smile only made her feel like tearing up. Her sinuses began to ache as she suddenly quieted down.

Long Feiye, what do you mean by those words?

Long Feiye, why are you smiling so disdainfully?

Long Feiye, do you know how uncomfortable I felt when you left with Duanmu Yao after she whispered into your ear? You know very well how much she likes you!

Long Feiye, why are you never around when I need you?

Long Feiye, do you know Gu Qishao risked his entire life just to protect me?

Why aren’t you asking me how I escaped those archers?

Long Feiye, why do you close yourself off in your world and its secrets, but still come forcing your way into mine?!

Seeing Han Yunxi’s hopeless gaze, Gu Qishao only felt his heart ache. He went ahead regardless of everything and grabbed her by the waist. “Poison lass, I’ll take you away!”

“You’re delusional!” Long Feiye gave a cold snort, stabbing his sword past Han Yunxi to aim for Gu Qishao’s heart. But instead, Han Yunxi suddenly intercepted the weapon. She moved too quickly for Long Feiye to react, and the blade scraped against her palm, leaving a trail of torn skin, gaping flesh, and fresh blood!

Greatly alarmed, Long Feiye immediately withdrew his weapon. Gu Qishao was shocked as well and quickly shielded Han Yunxi behind him with a snarl. “Long Feiye, don’t you know she’s still got an untreated arrow wound on her shoulder?!”

Long Feiye had completely lost his mind, so he hadn’t realized the injury came from an arrow. He glanced at Han Yunxi’s shoulder again, this time catching the blood soaking through the fabric. That provoking shade of scarlet finally calmed him down. He stepped forward to take Han Yunxi’s hand, but she only hid behind Gu Qishao and refused to meet his eyes.

Here was the woman who always chased after him like a fool. Even if she avoided from him, she’d never stop looking at him, much less hide from him like this. Blood rushed to Long Feiye’s head as his heart ached with inexplicable grief. After a long period of silence, he murmured, “Come here.”

But Han Yunxi had been truly hurt this time. She couldn’t stand the sight of his previous mocking smile and only stood there looking away from him. Gu Qishao gave a soft harumph. He was about to take Han Yunxi away when Chu Xifeng came in with a team of guards. When he saw the sight before him, he gave a start. There were clothes strewn all over the floor, which could easily lead to a misunderstanding. But upon closer inspection, he found that none of them belonged to esteemed wangfei, but more likely girls of the brothel. Meanwhile, that bright red robe in the corner should be Gu Qishao’s own clothes.

He and Long Feiye had long found out that Gu Qi Sha was Gu Qishao. They had been waiting for a chance to expose him all this time, but never thought Gu Qishao to do it himself. Fine, he had no idea what had happened, but it was best that esteemed wangfei was unharmed!

Chu Xifeng’s commotion attracted Long Tianmo and Mu Qingwu too, who quickly backtracked with their men. When they saw Han Yunxi safe and sound aside from minor injuries, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Esteemed wangfei, we’ve finally found you. Are you alright?” Mu Qingwu asked with concern.

“Your hand and shoulder are both injured. Imperial Qin Uncle, you should call for an imperial physician soon,” Long Tianmo was anxious as well.

Both of them were supposed to be tracking down the crossbow archers and that black-robed assassin, but all of their attention was focused on Han Yunxi at the moment. Instead, it was a young official from the justice courts who cried out hastily, “Esteemed wangfei, how did you hide from the assassins?!”

“When did those archers escape? Which way did they go?”

“Esteemed wangfei, did you recognize that black-robed assassin?”

Han Yunxi ignored them all to stare outside the window in silence. Gu Qishao had nothing but an expression of disdain and treated the entire crowd as good-for-nothing rice buckets! As for Long Feiye, he simply stared coldly at Han Yunxi, his complexion ghastly. Chu Xifeng finally sensed that something must have happened between the trio. His Highness had been so frantic to rescue Han Yunxi that he would have taken her home long before now.

The crowd watched and waited before finally falling into silence. The spread of clothes on the crowd, a disordered bed and Gu Qishao’s bare upper body really made for an unpleasant sight. Chu Xifeng wanted to break the silence, but Long Feiye only said icily, “Chu Xifeng, take wangfei back to the estate first.”

Chu Xifeng hadn’t started moving before Han Yunxi walked out by herself. Gu Qishao grew anxious. This foolish lass, is she really going back? He hastened to catch up.

With so many people present, it wasn’t convenient to have another shouting match. Once a row kicked up, all sorts of rumors and slanders would probably fly up for a woman like Han Yunxi. Chu Xifeng knew that His Highness Duke of Qin would never let off anyone involved in today’s assassination attempt, but he was still worried about the man’s internal injury.

“Your Highness, treatment is essential,” he reminded in a low voice, before chasing after esteemed wangfei. But once they reached the doors, Han Yunxi refused to return to the Duke of Qin’s estate.

Instead, she said, “I’m going back to the Han Estate!”

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