Chapter 47: But I'm still really scared

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Right at that moment, the surrounding four swarms suddenly stopped. Han Yunxi knew that this was their signal to attack. Her line of vision quickly swept around in a circle before she promptly decided, “Go now!”

As expected, it took only a second for the four swarms to rush forward! In an instant, Long Feiye pressed Han Yunxi into his arms and securely wrapped her in his cloak before his body flickered like a burst of lightning to speed past a crack between two swarms. Neither too fast nor too slow, Long Feiye escaped the swarm as they converged into one and gave frenzied chase. He didn’t stop, but flew straight up towards the cliff with the swarm in hot pursuit. It changed shape to resemble an attacking arrow as it sped up after them.

Han Yunxi was wrapped tightly in the cloak, without a bit of skin revealed. But she could tell by the buzzing drone that these poison mosquitoes were very close behind--and their loud buzzing sounded angry. She really wanted to poke her head out for a look. Were they close to the cliff edge yet? While she was thinking, her feet touched the ground.

They made it?

Han Yunxi rejoiced as she suddenly pushed aside Long Feiye’s hands, pulling down the cloak for a look. Within the abyss, a giant swarm of poison mosquitoes hovered in place, not daring to fly any higher. Soon enough, they sank back into the depths of the abyss. She turned to gaze at Long Feiye with a particularly pleasant smile in the sunlight. “Long Feiye, you’re impressive!”

With her back to the light, Han Yunxi was completely enveloped in a soft golden glow. Her sweet smile made her look like a flower beneath the sun. Long Feiye looked at her and in that moment, time seemed to stop.

Yet as before, his words were cold. “Coward.”

Han Yunxi abruptly stopped smiling, pursing her lips as she rolled her eyes, too lazy to argue further. The results from her scan had all been stored in her detox system. She’d been shaking from fear too much to extract the results, but now she turned around to take in a deep breath. The detoxification system was connected to her consciousness, so if she was too agitated, the system would become agitated as well.

“Have you determined the type of poison yet?” Long Feiye pressed. He really thought that Han Yunxi only needed to see and smell it.

Han Yunxi quickly organized her thoughts before facing him and speaking seriously, “Your highness, congratulations. The four swarms all contain the same species of spider mosquitoes, meaning that they all carry the same poison--and only one type, from the black widow spider. It’s commonly referred to as black widow venom.”

She couldn’t tell whether this was her luck or Long Feiye’s, because she’d already researched this peculiar strain of mosquitoes extensively in the present. It was extraordinarily singular phenomenon for mosquitoes and spiders to carry the same type of poison. Without a doubt, Han Yunxi’s detoxification system carried the antidote. Not only that, she even had a special spray to kill the mosquitoes.

Hearing Han Yunxi’s explanation, Long Feiye nodded and asked, “How long do you need to create an antidote?”

“Take a guess,” Han Yunxi smiled. With antidote in stock, her mood was naturally cheerful. But Long Feiye only narrowed his dangerous-looking eyes.

Fine then, no matter how much of a good mood she had, never make jokes with this Iceberg. Otherwise, she’d freeze to death.

“I have it with me right now!” Han Yunxi said coldly.

Long Feiye raised an eyebrow in disbelief. She scoffed softly, and took out two bottles of mosquito spray with a container of antidote. Seeing these strange items, Long Feiye’s handsome brow wrinkled even further, not understanding.

“This is the antidote, and that’s the spray to kill the mosquitoes. Take the antidote and it’ll protect you for two hours. Even if you get bitten, there won’t be any aftereffects or scars. This spray can kill those mosquitoes; of course, if you’re still suspicious, you can slap them to death with your bare hands.”

As Han Yunxi explained, she demonstrated the use of the spray bottle with a few presses on the handle, releasing a delicate fragrance into the air. Long Feiye listened intently as he watched. Though the spray bottle was very strange to him, he learned how to use it fast enough. Han Yunxi realized for the first time that this man was most entrancing when he was focused on a task!

And yet, Long Feiye’s expression returned to its usual emotionless state very soon. “Where did these things come from?”

“Black widow poison is very common, so of course I have antidote in reserve,” Han Yunxi replied calmly. Who cares whether he believed her?

“So you conveniently prepared some?” Long Feiye asked again.

Han Yunxi offered the antidote pills. “Do you want them or not?”

Only then did Long Feiye drop the issue and swallow a pill, handing over his cloak to her at the same time.

“I’m not cold, so I don’t need it,” Han Yunxi returned the item.

Long Feiye only turned frosty. “If your face gets scarred, your lordship won’t take responsibility.”

So that was it…

When they were escaping under such dangerous circumstances, he even thought of wrapping her up safely in case she got bitten?

All right, if her looks were ruined, he’d be the one shamed. She was once an ugly woman who’d lost him years of face.

Han Yunxi ignored the momentary warmth that had blossomed in her heart, took a dose of antidote, and wrapped the cloak tightly around herself. She put on the hood as well to cover most of her face. Just as she finished, Long Feiye’s powerful arms wrapped around her slim waist. Even though they were separated by multiple layers of clothing, she could clearly feel the heat from his palms.

She couldn’t fathom how such a cold man could have such warm hands…


The poison mosquitoes were much smarter than the average bug. Long Feiye had just brought Han Yunxi into the valley when the four swarms separated to attack them from four sides again. This time they were even faster, as if they’d been waiting for them to return. Unexpectedly, Long Feiye didn’t dodge, but flew straight at the swarm.

“Ah!” Han Yunxi hadn’t expected him to do things this way.

Although they had immunity and the killer spray on their side, being flooded in a black swarm of mosquitoes still made her heartbeat quicken. Too scary, so disgusting!

She had already pulled the hood forward so that it covered her entire face, but still felt wave after wave of mosquitoes crashing against them, crawling all over her body as they buzzed and buzzed while pressing down. It was almost hard for her to breathe.

She didn’t even had time to use the mosquito killing spray. Yet very quickly, all the pressure disappeared. Long Feiye had carried her full speed through the mosquito swarm until they left it far behind them. Han Yunxi poked out her head and took in a deep breath of fresh air. She discovered that the four swarms had congregated into one mass again to hover before them. After discovering that they were immune, the poison mosquitoes weren’t as arrogant as before, but faced off against them without advancing a step.

“Mosquitoes have self awareness too,” Han Yunxi teased. However, Long Feiye kept quiet, holding her tightly as he rushed towards the swarm. This time he wasn’t just passing through, but stopped in the center of the swarm to unleash the mosquito spray! A single spritz eliminated a small section of the swarm, startling the rest into backing away. Seeing this, Han Yunxi was delighted and took out her own bottle to spray at the black mass. One spray eliminated one section of the swarm. Perhaps the mosquitoes had been scared witless, because all they did was hover in place without escaping.

The more Han Yunxi sprayed, the more excited she became. A hand stuck into the medical pouch, really a front for her detox system dimension, and withdrew another bottle of mosquito spray. Holding a bottle in each hand, she swept across the swarm as cool as cool could be. Very soon, large sections of the swarm vanished as poison mosquito corpses littered the ground. Finally, the mosquitos recovered their senses and scattered as they fled, dispersing the black fog.

Han Yunxi was amused and laughed loudly. “Player Han deals the fatal blow!”

Long Feiye half-turned his head, his disdainful glance resting on her like a predator judging its prey. Han Yunxi only felt her scalp turn cold as she unconsciously looked up to meet his deep gaze. She gave a small start and stopped grinning. To smile at someone who didn’t know how to was really wasted effort.

Long Feiye withdrew his gaze without a word.

This mountain valley was a sealed off area in the shape of a reverse “V,” surrounded on four sides by barren cliffs. A single glance was enough to tell that it couldn’t conceal anything, so the Northern Li Country agent must be stuck at the bottom of the abyss. Long Feiye brought Han Yunxi with him as he dove down unimpeded. The very bottom of the valley floor was a mess of uncultivated land and rock piles surrounded by short grass. They landed on the tallest rock there. From the start, Long Feiye had held onto Han Yunxi, and now his dark eyes were coolly sweeping across their surroundings.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in thin air to land on an opposite rock. This was the Northern Li Country agent that Long Feiye had been chasing. Unexpectedly, Han Yunxi realized that this spy was female--not only that, but an exceptionally delicate-looking woman. She wasn’t very tall, but had an attractive figure with lithe and graceful curves in all the right places. Like a small bird of a human, her looks were high quality, with dainty features that were three times softer than Murong Wanru’s. Without speaking a word, she already gave off a pitiful air, as if too weak to withstand even a gust of wind.

Don’t mention men, even women would want to protect such a fragile-looking female.

As soon as she appeared, her eyes filled with tears as she begged pathetically, “Duke of Qin, I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again, so please forgive me just this once!”

“Duke of Qin, forgive me, I’ll do anything you want!”

Unfortunately, Long Feiye had never been a person who showed pity and tenderness to women. He didn’t waste any words but released Han Yunxi to unsheathe his sword. Seeing that her begging didn’t work, the female agent’s face twisted before her gaze settled on Han Yunxi. Immediately, she pulled out her own sword to resist. At this moment, Han Yunxi spoke in a low voice.

“Be careful, there’s poison on her sword.”

Long Feiye knew that fairly well. After losing the first time, he wouldn’t lose again. If he knew beforehand that this woman used toxins, he wouldn’t have gotten poisoned so carelessly in the first place.

“Long Feiye, I didn’t expect you to make it down here. But I can promise you won’t be going back up!” the spy spoke, but didn’t attack. Instead, she turned to flee with Long Feiye in pursuit, speed as quick as lightning. In one second, he’d already appeared in front of the female spy. As always, he remained silent and raised his sword to kill.

But the spy abruptly dodged and gave a sharp, shrill whistle that echoed throughout the entire valley.

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