Chapter 454: You’re your lordship’s wangfei

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Her pure silk, wine-red dudou was delicately wrought and exquisite, making her visage slim and graceful! Although Long Feiye only caught a single glance of her form, it was already a visual assault on his senses. Han Yunxi had already hid everything beneath her covers, but his gaze lingered on her body.

Where is he looking?!

Han Yunxi grit her teeth and stared back in her embarrassment. Long Feiye was left at a loss, surprised that he could lose track of his thoughts like this as well. After all this time, he finally realized she had been lying there with her clothes all but completely removed. The two of them sat there in silence as they stared into each other’s eyes.

But soon enough, Long Feiye’s eyes turned more adventurous as they traced a line from Han Yunxi’s eyes down to her body. Sensing this, Han Yunxi furrowed her eyebrows even more to glare at him. Unfortunately for her, Long Feiye didn’t notice. His momentary loss only lasted for a second before his gaze turned intense like a predator sizing up its prey.

An ambiguous air filled the room.

Beneath his scorching gaze, Han Yunxi’s heart was pounding against her chest. She gradually grew timid of his staring and lowered her head. The silk covers around her body were cold, but she still felt like her entire body was on fire. She was clever enough to control herself and see through other people, but she seemed to have lost all that now. Past and future didn’t matter when there was only the present staring her in the face. She didn’t know what to do and didn’t dare to think about what might happen next.

But the man before her possessed total self-control. Perhaps he’d seen enough; in any case, Long Feiye cooly brought over the bandage and commanded her, “Sit still.”

Han Yunxi dearly wanted to say that he could leave, that she could do this herself, but she ended up staying silent, letting him do as he wished.

“Sit still.” Long Feiye sounded much stricter than before.

Han Yunxi curled up with the covers held tight against her chest, staring at him without a word. The binding method of the triangular bandage required the material to be wrapped around the patient’s body before being tied off in the front. In other words, even a simple dudou like hers would only get in the way. It had to be removed before the bandage could be tied.

Does he want to bandage my injuries, or just bully me?!

Finally, Han Yunxi spoke up. “Your Highness, you can withdraw. Chenqie will do it herself.”

Long Feiye immediately asked, “Why?”


Why is he asking me that?

Although they were husband and wife, they had never consummated their marriage, much less gone past certain limits. Their interactions were few and subtle as a result of tacit understanding. At the very least, they hadn’t gotten far enough to stay calm when facing each other like this yet. Han Yunxi really had no idea how Long Feiye could be so cool and self-possessed in a situation like this.

What kind of person does he think I am? Am I that loose and casual?!

“It’s inconvenient, after all… Men and women shouldn’t intermingle so easily,” Han Yunxi said truthfully.

But Long Feiye only retorted, “You’re your lordship’s wangfei, so when has intermingling been a problem?”

Han Yunxi was completely floored. For a moment, she didn’t know how to respond beyond stammering, “…”

She looked at Long Feiye’s strict, serious expression and suddenly felt like she’d been thoroughly bullied. That’s not right. This isn’t the relationship between us at all!

But she didn’t know how to categorize their relationship, either. She had inexplicably come to like him, while he’d slowly come to dote on her. Step by step, the two of them had walk towards each other without either one admitting their feelings or making any promises. They hadn’t even verified anything in the open with each other, either.

Why did he suddenly…

Long Feiye’s lips quirked up into a helpless smile as he observed Han Yunxi’s perplexed, aggrieved, and embarrassed expressions. He actually really liked this woman in her moments of weakness.

At his smile, Han Yunxi finally lost her temper. “Long Feiye, you’re a bully!” She only called him by his full name when she was really angry. That was when she had the most courage, and when he was most lenient.

Long Feiye grew serious. “Sit still, I have to bind your injuries tightly.”

Han Yunxi clutched the covers to her chest, still furious. “You, get out. I’ll do it myself!”

Long Feiye didn’t speak, but lightly pulled at the covers. Han Yunxi immediately grabbed his hands and held it down. Long Feiye stopped moving, and both of them fell into silence. A long time later, Long Feiye slowly withdrew his hand and rose to his feet.

“I’ll be right by the door,” he said simply. “If you need help, just call me.”

Han Yunxi was supposed to breathe a sigh of relief, but she didn’t feel relaxed at all. The sight of Long Feiye’s retreating form only made her heart sink. When she saw that he was about to go out the door, she frantically called out, “Hey…”

Long Feiye glanced back, still serious. “You shouldn’t delay the recovery of the injury. How about calling Baili Mingxiang over to help you?”

Han Yunxi scrutinized him for a while before saying bitterly, “How about you come help me instead?”

Long Feiye almost burst out laughing, but managed to keep a straight face as he returned to the bed. As soon as he sat down, Han Yunxi turned around and removed the bedcovers.

How much could a single dudou hide?

Long Feiye thought he could control himself, but the soft, smooth skin before his eyes made his breaths heavy. His pupils locked onto Han Yunxi’s shoulders as his gaze intensified.

“Your Highness, the gauze,” Han Yunxi said.

Long Feiye recovered his senses and carefully pressed the triangular bandage against Han Yunxi’s burns. He then wound the rest of it to the front, which Han Yunxi grabbed with her hands to tie into a knot. Very soon, the deed was done.

“Your Highness, chenqie’s clothes are to your right. I’ll have to trouble you to get them,” she said next.

Long Feiye collected the robes and draped them over her form before lightly embracing her from the back, his chin resting on her shoulder. Han Yunxi gave a mild start, suddenly aware that something about him was different today. As to how, she couldn’t quite say.

“Han Yunxi…” he murmured softly.

“Mm…” she replied back, just as soft.

But he didn’t end up saying anything. He only avoided her hugs to keep her in his embrace for a long, long time. Han Yunxi was left confused and lost. She was about to ask him what was the matter when he resumed his usual self.

“What happened with these burns? What’s the connection with Su Xiaoyu?”

Alright, this is more important right now! Han Yunxi shifted to the side and found a more comfortable position before telling Long Feiye everything that had happened with Su Xiaoyu. The more he heard, the uglier his expression grew.

That damned Tang Li. Something this big happened at the Duke of Qin’s estate, but he hid it from me.

Of course, Long Feiye didn’t lose his temper there. He made sure Han Yunxi was lying comfortably on the couch before stalking down the stairs. Unlike his previous good mood, he was nothing but enraged now. When Zhao mama saw him, she quickly backed away. Meanwhile, Chu Xifeng had just received updates on the Su Xiaoyu situation and arrived at Leisurely Cloud Pavilion.

“This subordinate has been derelict in his duties, may Your Highness mete punishment!” Chu Xifeng fell to his knees by the door.

“How are you doing your jobs? Even a child younger than ten can sneak in here?!” Long Feiye growled.

Han Yunxi had put on her robes to dash down the steps, and was now standing silently at the foot of the stairs.

“This subordinate deserves death!” Chu Xifeng didn’t even dare to lift his head. As soon as he got word that Su Xiaoyu had injured esteemed wangfei, he knew he was dead meat. After all, he was the one who had first sent scouts to investigate her history.

“Your lordship will give you five days. If you can’t find the master behind the scenes, do as you see fit! And also, throw out all the servants! Replace them with members from the Solitary Enclosure instead!” Long Feiye ordered coldly.

Zhao mama desperately fell to her knees at the declaration. “Your Highness, have mercy! This old servant…”

Long Feiye flew into a rage before she was done. “Zhao mama, were all your years in the palace for naught? You’re old and experienced, but you were still swindled by a little girl?”

Zhao mama could only shiver, at a loss for an answer. She really had been careless this time.

“Chu Xifeng, what are you dawdling for?” Long Feiye shot next.

Chu Xifeng saw Zhao mama’s pleading gaze and dearly wanted to help, but he was having enough trouble saving himself already. Finally, Han Yunxi spoke up.

“Your Highness, chenqie has a…”

But Long Feiye cut her off icily. “If we had changed all the servants at the start, you wouldn’t have been so seriously injured!”

How could the Duke of Qin’s estate allow the existence of spies within their walls? How could the Duke of Qin’s servants ever dare to accept bribes?  To Long Feiye, this was nothing but a source of disgrace and humiliation.

These were the facts, so Han Yunxi had nothing to refute him. She could only plead, “Your Highness, can’t you…”

Long Feiye refused before she could ask for anything. “This is non-negotiable.”

Zhao mama and Chu Xifeng both looked hopeless. If even esteemed wangfei couldn’t help them, then they were surely doomed to tragic ends. But then, something remarkable happened.

Han Yunxi actually took a step forward and took Long Feiye’s hand. She didn’t say a word, but the action was enough to make him turn around and wait for her to speak.

What did this count as? A coquettish act? A honey trap?

Whatever the case, it worked! Zhao mama and Chu Xifeng exchanged looks filled with hope.

“Your Highness, when chenqie ferreted out Wang Laifu and Su Xiaoyu, I made a public promise not to punish the innocent. If Your Highness does this, do you want lose the trust of the servants?” Han Yunxi asked in a hurt tone.

Now it was Long Feiye’s turn to be struck speechless. Han Yunxi, however, gave him a chance for a graceful retreat. “Your Highness, just give chenqie another chance. Chenqie will definitely make sure to tidy up the Duke of Qin’s estate from the inside out.”

Han Yunxi’s words had her shouldering the burden by herself. She was still the mistress of the estate, after all, so the servants here were her responsibility. If one could accuse the old and experienced Zhao mama of being tricked by a child, then they could accuse the bright and intelligent her of falling for the same schemes. As she spoke, Han Yunxi lightly swung Long Feiye’s hand in hers.

Perhaps her words really did reach him; perhaps the hand-holding was to blame. In any case, he relented to a compromise. Long Feiye held her hand still so she would stop swinging theirs back and forth and said coldly, “There will be no next time!”

Han Yunxi rejoiced. She immediately shot a glance at Chu Xifeng and Zhao mama, who quickly expressed their thanks for her grace with hearts of gratitude.

The servants had escaped a terrible fate yet again, Chu Xifeng wasn’t sure what he’d find upon investigating any more, and Tang Li was by far the saddest of the lot. Long Feiye had Chu Xifeng send secret orders for Tang Li to keep watching over the Hidden Pavilion. Without his orders, Tang Li wasn’t allowed to budge a single step from the grounds, or else pay the consequences.

Tang Li fell into depression at the news. He almost entertained the thought of going back to the Tang Clan to get married and have children. Fortunately, Chu Xifeng stopped him. “Young Master Tang, are you sure His Highness will forgive you even after you get married and have children?”

Tang Li fell silent and obediently returned to the Hidden Pavilion without a word.

By now it was approaching daylight. Long Feiye didn’t go to see Su Xiaoyu, but had tea with Han Yunxi in the gardens instead. He wasn’t worried about finding out the true culprit as long as the girl was in their hands. He could even wait until Chu Xifeng made his inquiries. There was something else he had to tell Han Yunxi first…

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