Chapter 447: Does he really not want her anymore?

Chapter 447: Does he really not want her anymore? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Han Yunxi is not the West Qin imperial heir.

The news wasn’t only a blow to Chu Tianyin, but to the entire Chu Clan! When Chu Tianyin had started investigating the possibility, his father had given him a three-year deadline by which to complete the task. He assumed that would be more than enough time to both find the heir and spread their influence into Tianning Country.

But now that the lead had been proven false, where was he supposed to find his next clue?

Seeing his master fall silent, the scout knew that he should withdraw, but he couldn’t help but to add timidly, “Master, they’ve hung up little Yu’er in a tree…”

She was so high up that it was obvious her captors were trying to lure people to come to her rescue. Although it was an obvious trap, little Yu’er had still been personally brought up by their master. He had spent so much time training her that losing her now would be both regretful and saddening. Master had plenty of capable people under his command, but none of them were as steady, bright, and clever as little Yu’er. Moreover, she was a helper that didn’t elicit any suspicions from her targets.

Whatever the case, Chu Tianyin didn’t show any hint of sadness as he ordered, “Recall all our men and temporarily call off all operations!” He had planted plenty of scouts around the Duke of Qin’s estate and investigated all his servants, hoping to bribe more to his cause. Compared to sending in new people, it was much better to have trusted insiders. But now that Su Xiaoyu had been exposed as a spy, he had to retreat immediately!

He still wanted to maintain his other plans in Tianning’s capital city!

Even though the West Qin heir business had reached a dead end, his little sister Chu Qingge was still the apple of Emperor Tianhui’s eye in the palace. At the very least, he could help her secure the throne as empress. The Nether Clan Chu Family had two important missions: 1) find the remnants of West Qin’s imperial bloodline and 2) help the West Qin imperial clan revive the Great Qin Empire!

When the scout heard the orders, he knew that there was no saving Su Xiaoyu now. Although it was highly regrettable, he would never defy his master’s orders. He did as he was told and had all of Chu Tianyin’s men stop their operations in the capital overnight and disappear. Their speed was so fast that none of Han Yunxi’s guard caught traces of them.

“Esteemed wangfei, all of the men that Guard Chu Xifeng had sent to investigate before were found dead. The enemy moves even faster than we do!” Xu Donglin brought back bad news. When Su Xiaoyu had first entered the estate, Chu Xifeng had sent men to investigate her origins. But when the guards went to check again this time, everyone with any connections to Su Xiaoyu had been murdered.

“Esteemed wangfei, could we have startled the snake in the grass?” Baili Mingxiang asked in a low tone. Dangling Su Xiaoyu from the tallest tree in the estate might lure out their enemies, but it could also drive them away once they had found out the girl was compromised. Now it looked like the other side was giving Su Xiaoyu up for lost!

“If it was me, I’d choose to abandon the cause as well. Tianning’s capital is the Duke of Qin’s territory. The other side shouldn’t have the guts to keep going after they’re exposed,” Han Yunxi spoke seriously.

“Then esteemed wangfei, why did you hang up Su Xiaoyu? We should’ve kept quiet first!” Xu Donglin grew anxious as he asked, but Baili Mingxiang just smiled.

“Esteemed wangfei had ulterior motives with Su Xiaoyu herself.”

Han Yunxi really liked Baili Mingxiang for being so perceptive.

“What does that mean?” Xu Donglin asked quickly.

“Esteemed wangfei had predicted that Su Xiaoyu would be abandoned, so she hung her up as a blow against the child. If esteemed wangfei wants to know anything, it would be more direct to get it from Su Xiaoyu herself,” Baili Mingxiang explained carefully.

Indeed, those were Han Yunxi’s intentions. She couldn’t believe that Su Xiaoyu, a child less than 10 years old, would keep on a brave front all the way until death. How strong would her resolve be once she realized she’d been discarded?

“This girl doesn’t seem like she wants to kill me, so what are her intentions?” Han Yunxi muttered to herself. She couldn’t figure out why Su Xiaoyu had set up the explosion and then tried to scald her for no reason. Judging from the present situation, Su Xiaoyu knew a bit of martial arts. If she really wanted to kill her, she would’ve had ample chances to do so. She could’ve easily made a move in the study right after burning her with soup.

Just what were the girl’s motives? She wasn’t here for murder, but just injury---and only a meaningless burn at that.

“Esteemed wangfei, who, exactly, was present when you rescued Su Xiaoyu?” Baili Mingxiang asked, curiously.

“Chu Qingge and Mu Linger…” Han Yunxi had long thought of the pair. It had been Chu Qingge who hit Su Xiaoyu first, inciting Mu Linger to get involved. I just happened to pass by and save Su Xiaoyu by chance!

She hadn’t made a special detour just for the restaurant. On that day, she and Zhao mama were in the city to buy jewelry and had randomly chose the restaurant for lunch. As things stood, Su Xiaoyu was probably waiting for ages in that restaurant. Even if she and Zhao mama hadn’t gone in, she probably still would’ve found some way to make a big commotion until it spilled into the streets.

Then, were Chu Qingge and Mu Linger just convenient tools in that restaurant, or is one of them in league with Su Xiaoyu herself?

“Those two have a grudge against esteemed wangfei, correct?” Baili Mingxiang asked next.

Alright, even Han Yunxi felt embarrassed at those words. She hadn’t been in Tianning’s capital for long before offending enough people to make a line stretching all the way to the city gates.

“Both of them are suspicious, but…” Han Yunxi paused before she remarked, “Yet, as I see it, they’re probably not the culprits.”

“What do you mean by that?” Baili Mingxiang asked.

Han Yunxi explained her reasoning clearly, “If they wanted to set up something like this but not to take my life, why make up such a complicated scheme? First an explosion, then a scalding?”

“Esteemed wangfei, those two must hate you to your very bones,” Xu Donglin laughed out loud. It was only after Han Yunxi shot a look at him that shut him up. Baili Mingxiang couldn’t help but cover her mouth to hide a grin. Esteemed wangfei’s reasons made sense, thus clearing both girls from suspicion.

“Esteemed wangfei…” Baili Mingxiang began to ask, but Xu Donglin interrupted again.

Aiya, Miss Mingxiang, stop asking her already. As I see it, that girl won’t last more than three days before we can ask her ourselves. Furthermore, when His Highness Duke of Qin comes back, we’re guaranteed to find out everything!”

Baili Mingxiang’s eyes flashed helplessly as she fell silent. Han Yunxi didn’t speak, but only looked in the direction of the gardens. In the distance, Su Xiaoyu’s skinny little body hung high above the air like a desolate, floating leaf. She really couldn’t figure out the girl’s intentions. News of what had happened had already been sent to Long Feiye, but he was busy elsewhere and there was no telling when he’d return.

After standing for awhile, Baili Mingxiang urged, “Esteemed wangfei, it’s time to change your medicine.”

Actually, Baili Mingxiang was still too preoccupied with the winged phoenix birthmark to think about Su Xiaoyu at all. She was still trying to decide whether to speak up before His Highness Duke of Qin returned.

Meanwhile, Su Xiaoyu had been rendered listless from her raging hunger. Her hands and arms were tied behind her back, but she curled in on herself with a drooping head as she hung from the tree. She was very clear that Master Chu wouldn’t come to save her, but she’d risked her all regardless. Still, when he really didn’t make a move after two days, she couldn’t help silently grieving the results.

Master really doesn’t want me anymore.

Master was the one who had picked her up and raised her, and she always saw him as her older brother. Although she knew she’d have to pay her debt of gratitude with her life one day, it was still hard to accept the reality. What’s Master doing now? Will he miss me? Is he really going to abandon me just like this?

She hadn’t seen him in so long that she wished she could have one last look.

She knew that Han Yunxi wasn’t just planning to starve her, but give her a warning with Wang Laifu’s fate. Moreover, Long Feiye wasn’t even back yet. Heaven only knows what he’d do to her once he returned. Su Xiaoyu thought it over for a long time before quietly deciding a course of action. She’d wait it out a few more days. If Master really hasn’t showed up by then, then there was only one choice left...suicide!

Su Xiaoyu feared Long Feiye the most of all, but he hadn’t even gotten the latest news yet. When he and Chu Xifeng headed to Pill Fiend Valley, the only person they’d told was Tang Li. The rest of the guards had no way to reach him. There were some things that Long Feiye hid so deeply that even his own men had no idea. Tang Li received news of Han Yunxi’s burns promptly, but didn’t immediately send the news Long Feiye. He trusted the woman to have the skills to uncover the plot and capture the spy. Long Feiye was meeting up with Gu Qi Sha to get his medicine from Pill Fiend Valley and couldn’t afford the disruption! Things had been delayed for far too long.

Moreover, he had his own selfish motives at heart. He dearly wanted Long Feiye to get the antidote and treat Mute Granny quickly. Once that was done, he’d finally be free from guard duty! It took him monumental effort to escape his wedding and earn his freedom, but guarding a mute and deaf old woman for half a year was enough to drive him mad. In other words, he was depressed and dejected!

Long Feiye and Chu Xifeng had arrived on time at Pill Fiend Valley, but Gu Qi Sha was late! For the first time ever, Long Feiye had the patience to wait without a word for two entire days before the man arrived.

“Where is it?” Long Feiye came straight to the point.

But Gu Qi Sha only replied, “Where’s esteemed wangfei? Why didn’t she come with you?”

Long Feiye’s original plans were to hide everything from Han Yunxi, but Gu Qi Sha had purposely been loose-lipped last time and had only caused him more complications. Hearing his words now only made him unhappy and he said coldly, “Where is it?”

Gu Qi Sha was very generous as he opened up his robes to take out a brocade box. “Here!”

Long Feiye had done his research before coming here and was able to determine the Bear chuan in the box was real.

“You’ve finally acquired all the ingredients. Your Highness Duke of Qin, you must be excited, right?” Gu Qi Sha asked with a chuckle.

Long Feiye didn’t even spare him a look, his face expressionless as ever. Gu Qi Sha knew this guy was physically paralyzed when it came to facial expressions, so his words were just an offhand comment. Now he grinned and said, “Your Highness Duke of Qin, the Panoptic Red Lotus and Bear chuan were all given to you within a year. You can spare my little life now, right?”

Gu Qi Sha’s voice was weird to the extreme and filled with a sneer. It didn’t sound like he was begging for his life at all. Instead, he was ridiculing Long Feiye! As he spoke, he turned to head for his house, but Long Feiye called him back.

“Hold it!”

Gu Qi Sha grew puzzled. With Long Feiye’s personality, he’d stop wasting words and leave as soon as he got his things. What else does he want?

“Your Highness Duke of Qin, are you still looking for other medicines? Want to fight me again?” Gu Qi Sha asked with a derisive smirk.

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