Chapter 440: Descendants of nobility

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Jun Yixie didn’t spare Bai Yuqiao a glance before viciously pulling out the needles in his shoulder.

“Where’s Master?”

Bai Yuqiao circled around until she was standing right in front of him and grinned. “Come here and beg me. Beg me and I’ll tell you.”

Jun Yixie had been in nothing but foul moods of late and swung out a fist at her words. Bai Yuqiao understood her martial brother all too well and had long ducked out of the way. “Master’s waiting for you at the harbor!”

Jun Yixie gave her a warning glare before turning to look out at the sea. He remained silent for the rest of the journey until their boat arrived on land that night. His first task on shore wasn’t to find his master or even straighten himself up, but to task his subordinates with three specific things.

One, spread news that Northern Li’s Duke of Kang had already successfully broken through the Baili Navy’s guard and left Fishery Island.

Two, send people with gold to the City of Daughters and Carefree City, and hire large groups of mercenaries to hunt down and kill Gu Qishao.

Three, issue orders to seal up all of Ouyang Ningnuo’s business’ in Northern Li, and stop all transactions with Tianning’s Chamber of Commerce over at the borders.

Since he had lived and escaped from Fishery Island, anyone and everyone who had humiliated him would have to pay the price! Once that was finished, Jun Yixie cleaned himself up and had Bai Yuqiao take him over to see Bai Yanqing. On their trip to meet their master, he finally deigned to speak with his junior sister.

“When did Master come back?” he murmured quietly.

“A few days ago. He suddenly showed up at Hundred Poisons Sect, giving me such a fright too,” Bai Yuqiao smiled. She had been defending the sect this whole time against Medical City whilst thinking of ways to save Jun Yixie, and had been kept plenty busy by both tasks.

“Did he say anything?” Jun Yixie asked her next.

Bai Yuqiao shook her head. “You know his personality. In any case, both of you are the same in that manner, never wasting words with the likes of me.”

Jun Yixie rolled his eyes at her before finally asking how thier master had rescued him from the island. As soon as Bai Yuqiao mentioned the poison fog, he realized his master’s poison skills had improved yet again. After being apart for so many years, Jun Yixie found himself pausing at the door. His father had passed away when he was three, so in his mind, this master, was his true parent. Still, he had never understood why the man had left him with Northern Li when he was only thirteen.

While Jun Yixie was still hesitating, a low voice could be heard from behind the door. “Is that Little Xie?”

Little Xie was a childish and laughable nickname. Even Northern Li’s emperor didn’t call him like this, but master still kept his old habits. Jun Yixie’s arrogant eyes flickered with a hint of sentimentality. But that quickly disappeared, and he pushed open the doors to stride in pridefully.

Inside the room was a man about forty, seated at a tea table. Although he sported a full beard, he didn’t look old at all, but only conspicuously masculine. Those dark black pupils seemed tranquil and calm, but hidden within their depths was a keen, insightful gaze. He was dressed in the simple of gray robes and sitting leisurely in his chair, but he still gave off an unmistakable pressure. Emperor Tianhui was about the same age as this man, who carried a far more impressive aura than the emperor.

Jun Yixie approached him and bowed respectfully with his hands clasped before his chest. “Master, long time no see. This disciple has missed you.”

Bai Yanqing motioned him to rise and lectured, “Wouldn’t your tiny life be extinguished by now if your master was one step late?”

“It was a fellow named Gu Qishao who poisoned me in the stomach, his origins are unclear. We’ve fought before, but I never knew his poison arts were so formidable before this tangle!” Jun Yixie replied truthfully.

“Indeed, it was a rather formidable poison. I expect his skills far surpass yours.” Bai Yanqing gestured towards Jun Yixie to sit as he spoke, his indifferent calm akin to that of a century-old sage.

“Regarding this disciple’s shoulder poison…” Before Jun Yixie could finish speaking, Bai Yanqing took out a black needle.

“Even Master cannot cure this poison. It looks like you’ll need to avoid offending that woman in the future.”

“Master knows it was Han Yunxi?” Jun Yixie was puzzled.

“I only learned of it after I had left the mountains,” Bai Qingyuan remarked lightly, as if discussing the weather.

Jun Yixie abruptly lowered his voice as he spoke. “Master, a Shadow Clan member has protected her with his very life. Moreover, the Poison Sect’s sacred poison beast is in her hands!”

Bai Yanqing’s eyes flickered. “Your meaning?”

“This woman has a high possibility of being a direct descendant of the West Qin imperial clan! This disciple has been thoroughly investigating her past, but unfortunately, all the clues were destroyed previously!” Jun Yixie said, before adding, “But the West Qin imperial clan has no heirs left. Perhaps this disciple is only over thinking things, and that Shadow Clan man was only after the poison beast, not Han Yunxi herself.”

“West Qin imperial clan...imperial clan…” Bai Yanqing muttered to himself. “I never expected the Shadow Clan to still have any members still living today.”

“Master, this disciple attempted to draw him over to my side, but unfortunately…” Jun Yixie was quite contrite.

“Did you reveal your identity?” Bai Yanqing asked sharply.

“Master needn’t worry. Aside from Northern Li’s emperor, nobody else knows of our identities,” Jun Yixie answered earnestly. Because he and his master both came from very special backgrounds, Northern Li’s emperor had treated them well and given them vast amounts of authority.

Jun Yixie was a member of the Black Clan, one of the Seven Noble Families! In the past, it had been his grandfather, the Black Clan’s youngest general, who had witnessed the arrow that killed West Qin’s last and final heir. It was also the Black Clan that had sowed discord between West Qin and East Qin, thus sparking the civil war of the Great Qin Empire. As one of the Seven Noble Families, the Black Clan had boasted the greatest numbers amongst their kin. They had ruined the peace between the two Qins and created internal strife, but then lacked the power to control the final phase of their chess game. In the end, they too, suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat to the shadows.

Meanwhile, his master was from the Wind Clan, another member of the Seven Noble Families! The Wind and Black Clans had always been allies. His father and his master were the closest of brothers and friends. When his father had left him in his master’s hands, it was with hope that they would cooperate and fulfill the Black Clan’s unfinished plans. Master had left the Northern Li emperor with knowledge of Jun Yixie’s origins and promised to help the emperor control the entire continent. Of course, their true motives were only to use Northern Li country as a stepping stone to achieve their own ends.

Jun Yixie originally assumed that the Seven Noble Clans were all extinct so that nothing would stand in their way. The world would belong to the Black Clan in the end! And yet, the white-robed gentleman from the Shadow Clan had appeared, along with Han Yunxi. Both of them were a threat to their plans, but he hadn’t used knowledge of the Shadow Clan against Han Yunxi yet because he had his own worries. He wanted to find his master and discuss their plans first, but didn’t get a chance to do so until now.

Thankfully, Master had personally appeared!

Bai Yanqing remained in silent thought, his fingers rapping softly against the surface of the table. It wasn’t clear what he was thinking about, but Jun Yixie didn’t dare to disturb him. Finally, Bai Yanqing lifted his eyes and murmured, “You should return to Northern Li. Figure out what happened with South City’s horse farms. As for Han Yunxi and the Shadow Clan...let your master look into them first before I give an opinion.”

Jun Yixie was startled by his words. “What happened to South City’s horse farms?”

Bai Yuqiao had been quiet this entire time, but he now spoke up to explain about the plague that had spread through the farms. By now, the horse pestilence had extended beyond the stables to infect the grazing grounds as well, leaving Northern Li’s emperor almost frantic with worry. Jun Yixie finally understood why Northern Li hadn’t waged war to rescue him. Something this big had happened!

The horse farms and grazing grounds were the lifeblood of Northern Li!

“All of that, with this timing, seems rather fishy, doesn’t it?” Jun Yixie asked doubtfully.

“No matter what you have to do, secure your position first. Take Yuqiao along, she’ll accompany you for the forseeable future. Neither of you need to worry about the Hundred Poisons Sect,” Bai Yanqing replied.

Bai Yuqiao was delighted and stepped forward to pay her respects. “Thank you, Master!”

Jun Yixie was sincere in his reply as well. “This disciple understands! This disciple will leave for the capital right away!” None of his sentiments were faked. When faced with his master, his arrogance and presumption gave way to full obedience.

On the third day of his trip to Northern Li’s capital, news of his escape had already spread throughout Tianning Country. Some people applauded his emancipation, while others stomped their feet. Still others accepted the news dispassionately. Of course, many more were waiting to see the fallout. How could Tianning’s Duke of Qin simply let the matter drop? And how could Northern Li’s Duke of Kang not seek revenge?

Gu Qishao’s views on the matter were unknown, but Mu Linger ended up shouting at the seas, “Jun Yixie, why didn’t you just drop dead?!”

For the sake of finding her Qi gege, she had already went to the Hundred Poisons Sect but found nothing. Then she resolved to head to Fishery Island. No matter what Qi gege’s plans were, he’d hunt down Jun Yixie eventually. Unexpectedly, Jun Yixie had already escaped before she even made it to the island!

If Jun Yixie’s gone, Qi gege won’t come to the island at all!

She was a seasick type, too! It had taken her a vast amount of effort to sail one day on the oceans, but it was all for nothing. Now she had to make her way back to the mainland again and chase after Jun Yixie’s tracks.

Currently, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi had already arrived at Fishery Island, where the latter was examining the poisoned soldiers and archers. Many of them had succumbed to the fog, but each of the soldiers had been unconscious for different amounts of time. Han Yunxi examined them in batches and took meticulous and copious notes. She remained silent the entire time, her serious air making it impossible for Baili Yuqi to say a peep. He had given His Highness Duke of Qin multiple glances, but the man was only sitting over to one side and observing esteemed wangfei like some sort of art piece.

Baili Yuqi couldn’t help but wonder whether His Highness Duke of Qin would be in a better mood with esteemed wangfei here. Would their penalty be lighter as a result? As it turned out, he was right. Qin Wangfei would be their savior!

“Your Highness, I have greatly underestimated our enemies. Even you wouldn’t have held up after prolonged exposure to this fog,” Han Yunxi said bluntly.

Baili Yuqi almost fell over at hearing the words. Thank goodness the navy and archers had already withdrawn, leaving him the only man here. Otherwise, how was His Highness Duke of Qin supposed to maintain his dignity?! He originally assumed that the man would be unhappy, but Long Feiye only nodded his head and said nothing. Han Yunxi sat down to drink a cup of tea. She was about to speak up when Long Feiye signaled for Baili Yuqi to withdraw.

They really weren’t going to be punished!

Baili Yuqi privately vowed to stay on esteemed wangfei’s good side in the future. Following esteemed wangfei is the safest way to secure steady days ahead!

Once everyone was gone, Han Yunxi spoke up. “Your Highness, though I can understand and analyze this poison fog, the skill of the poisoner far exceeds myself or Jun Yixie. Chenqie thinks that this person might be Jun Yixie’s...master?”

Jun Yixie had always stood out amongst Cloud Realm Continent’s poison circles. Han Yunxi was an outsider to those very circles, so many people (including Long Feiye) had wondered at the origins of her skills. Yet, she herself was more concerned with Jun Yixie’s background. Where had he gained his knowledge? And who had taught him the art of using poison Gu? Such skills surely originated from the Poison Sect and were a taboo in Medical City, so could Jun Yixie’s teacher be related to the Poison Sect?

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