Chapter 422: Awarding a drink of water

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...only for Han Yunxi’s eyes to fly open as soon as his face drew near! Not expecting this, Long Feiye choked on his mouthful of water and nearly swallowed it down his windpipe.

How did this woman wake up so soon? Didn’t Gu Beiyue say even the mildest cases needed one to two days to recover?!

Gu Beiyue hadn’t exaggerated his claims, but it was Han Yunxi’s personality to blame. She was so adamant about finishing what she started that her mind refused to rest until she was done, even when she was fighting exhaustion. She looked groggily at Long Feiye, then at her surroundings, before she hastened to ask, “Why am I here? What about Baili Mingxiang?”

Long Feiye didn’t back away, but propped himself up with his hands on either side of her. He looked down at her coldly and said, “Take care of yourself first!”

His sudden antagonism startled Han Yunxi. Why is he being so fierce right now?

“Did you forget how to talk in your exhaustion?” Long Feiye asked irritably.

Han Yunxi put together a general idea of what had happened. She must have collapsed in the end. It felt like the detox system seemed to have shut off for now, making it hard for her to even restart the system. But none of that was important now. Once again, she asked, “Your Highness, has Baili Mingxiang recovered after taking the medicine?”

Long Feiye had unhappy eyes to begin with, but now his entire expression was displeased. “She’s dead!” he told her.

“What?!” Han Yunxi struggled to get up, but Long Feiye forced her back down. She ignored the pain of him pressing against her body and asked, shocked, “How could that be? Was the medicine fake?” She’d done her best to hold on until the woman ate the pill before she lost consciousness. How could this have happened?

“She’s only a subordinate. Why do you have to care so much?” Long Feiye asked coldly.

Han Yunxi shook her head in disbelief. “Long Feiye, aren’t subordinates humans all the same? How much did Baili Mingxiang suffer for the sake of the Beauty’s Blood? Even if she didn’t accomplish any meritorious deeds, she still worked hard. Aren’t you afraid of people losing faith in you when you’re so heartless?”

Han Yunxi didn’t understand. Long Feiye knew how to win the people’s hearts in the disaster areas, but why was he so cruel towards his own men and women? Long Feiye simply gave a start and stared at Han Yunxi. He hadn’t understood things like ‘meritorious deeds’ or ‘hard work’ even since he was young! Whether it was mufei, Aunt Ru, or his uncle Tang Zijin and even General Baili, everyone had told him that such things didn’t exist in the face of their cause! Any and all results were for the sake of the cause, so even sacrifices were worthy of pride.

He had never forgotten his mother’s words: Ye’er, for the sake of the cause, you have to give up everything. All you need to keep is your life.

Han Yunxi couldn’t accept the news of Baili Mingxiang’s death. She struggled fiercely with a stomach full of ire. “Long Feiye, I was the one who gave Baili Mingxiang her medicine! I never wanted to be her executioner! I wanted to fail her even less, after giving her hope!”

She was about to push Long Feiye aside when he pushed her down again, his tone softer this time. “She didn’t die.”


Once again, Han Yunxi was left stunned. Her heart rose and dropped with the news, making it hard to breathe. “What did you say?”

“She didn’t die. She can get out of bed now, so she should be fine,” Long Feiye could faintly recall Baili Mingxiang kneeling down to thank him before he left.

Han Yunxi clutched Long Feiye’s hand and said, absolutely serious, “Really?”

Though he only felt impatient, Long Feiye still stopped to nod his head. Han Yunxi exhaled a long breath of relief. “Thank goodness, thank goodness! How is her situation now? Shall I take a look?”

Immediately, Long Feiye’s face fell. Too lazy to waste any words, he said bluntly, “Why don’t you try to get out of bed and see what it feels like?”

Han Yunxi gave a start before she realized a certain someone was currently holding her down! Meanwhile, Lil Thing had been watching their intimate position from a corner all this time. It had no idea what Mama Yunxi and Papa Long were saying, but only felt that their positions were too reminiscent of this and that. It was even starting to feel a little embarrassed. Spying on private moments like this was wrong, but...but the picture was so beautiful that it wanted to look anyways!

Their positions, combined with Long Feiye’s stormy expression, thoroughly turned Han Yunxi docile. As long as the pill was real, Baili Mingxiang would survive. The rest hinged on her recovering her strength, so she didn’t need to worry anymore. Forget about trying to get off the bed, then.

Long Feiye’s look was murderous enough to kill right now. She could admit that she wasn’t generous enough to put her own life in danger for the sake of Baili Mingxiang’s. Her obedient ways and pursed lips caused her to remain still as Long Feiye coldly stared---no, glared---at her. Actually, she was still a bit confused.

I’m just tired, that’s all. Why is he so angry?

Silence reigned in the room until Han Yunxi felt restless. Breaking her gaze from Long Feiye, she asked, “Your Highness, can you award me a drink of water?”

I’m thirsty!

Long Feiye might be unhappy, but he still got the cup of water for her right again. When he saw Han Yunxi trying to get up, he supported her with a hand. But midway through the motion, he pressed her back down again.

What’s he doing? Han Yunxi fell against her pillow at a loss and almost lost her temper.

Unexpectedly, Long Feiye drank a sip of the water himself before leaning in close. Han Yunxi stared until she suddenly realized what he was planning and sealed her lips shut. Because Long Feiye wanted to feed her mouth-to-mouth, he couldn’t talk, but he did lift Han Yunxi’s chin to hint that she should open up. His gentle movements clashed with his utterly evil expression. How villainous!

Because they were so close, she could feel his hot breaths all across her face. His smooth chin brushed errantly against her skin. Han Yunxi’s nerves went taut as she realized for the first time how naughty this ice-cold man could be. He must be drunk if he’s taking ‘awarding a drink of water’ to mean this!

Han Yunxi refused to open her mouth, so Long Feiye kept brushing against her face. She glared at him, but he simply rested a hand across her lips. On the ceiling rafters, Lil Thing covered its eyes with its paws despite stealing peeks through the gaps. It could tell that Mama Yunxi had gotten bolder even as Papa Long grew more aggressive. Despite being only a bystander, Lil Thing was still extremely nervous. It didn’t even dare to breathe, afraid that the pair would catch it watching.

Han Yunxi stubbornly insisted on keeping her mouth shut, but Long Feiye was far less kind. He simply pinched her nose with his fingers.

He’s even doing that? Long Feiye, playing like that is unfair! Han Yunxi tried hard to push him aside, but she didn’t have the strength. Soon enough, she felt uncomfortable and ended up opening her mouth. Thoroughly satisfied, Long Feiye took advantage of the occasion to give her water.

When Han Yunxi heard of mouth-to-mouth in the past, she’d found the entire idea revolting, but it was different when facing the man she liked. Though she outwardly resisted, her heart didn’t mind him in the least. Of course, she had no experience with this either, so Long Feiye took pains to carefully feed her sips. Instead of refusing, she accepted them cautiously. This was a method that required skill and finesse so the receiver didn’t choke!

After finishing one mouthful of water, Long Feiye went to drink another.

“Your Highness, awarding one sip is enough…” Han Yunxi murmured.

Long Feiye ignored him and drew closer, so Han Yunxi reluctantly yielded. Like this, they exchanged water mouthful by mouthful. Long Feiye went from an inexperienced rookie to an old hand and quickly fed Han Yunxi an entire cup’s worth of liquid. When that was all done, he asked, “Do you want any more water?”

Han Yunxi immediately shook her head. “Not anymore.”

Long Feiye then asked, “Are you hungry?”

Han Yunxi grew speechless. Though she was absolutely famished, she still shook her head. “Not hungry!”

Fortunately, Long Feiye didn’t pursue the matter. He finally straightened and said, “I found Gu Beiyue to examine you. You collapsed because of over-exhaustion and your situation is serious. You need ample rest.”

Gu Beiyue had exaggerated Han Yunxi’s condition already, but Long Feiye only added to the hyperbole. Han Yunxi was very clear on the state of her own body, but Long Feiye’s words made her wonder if she really was that much tired. She nodded meekly to his claims.

“Regarding the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion....there’s no rush,” Long Feiye added. With the Beauty’s Blood in their hands, they were already one step closer to unraveling its mystery.

Han Yunxi hadn’t realized it until Long Feiye spoke those words, but the man was actually worried for her sake. He actually told her to set aside something so important to recover. Her heart, which had felt indignant from his bullying, suddenly calmed down. When she recalled his previous anger, she came to understand that he was expressing his own anxiety.

Han Yunxi looked at Long Feiye as her gaze softened. In a soft voice, she said, “Your Highness, don’t worry. It’s nothing serious.”

Her gentle gaze left Long Feiye at a loss. He didn’t say much, but helped pull the covers over her before rising to his feet. Han Yunxi looked at the thick covers over her body and drew up lips into a satisfied smile. Sometimes, simple gestures like this meant much more than solemn pledges of love.

When Long Feiye left the rooms, he immediately ordered Zhao mama to send in a meal. “Let esteemed wangfei rest thoroughly. Without your lordship’s permission, she’s forbidden from going out!”

Zhao mama was thrilled. All day long she saw esteemed wangfei doing nothing but leaving the estate and busying herself about. She had long hoped the woman would fall ill for a bit, just to stay still in Leisurely Cloud Pavilion for a few days. Treating the sick and nurturing the ailing was her strong point!

Because of her exhaustion, Han Yunxi was temporarily left unable to start up the detox system. She set aside the issue of Perplexing Butterfly Illusion as well and stayed lazily in her bed to look at the gloomy skies outside. She suddenly realized that days like this were perfect for loafing around. Rejoicing at the fact, she silently thanked her exhaustion for giving her the chance to be lazy!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even dark before Han Yunxi realized she wasn’t suited to the leisurely life. Since she couldn’t open the detox system, she wanted to go downstairs to the study instead, but Zhao mama forbade it!

“Esteemed wangfei, His Highness instructed you to rest thoroughly,” Zhao mama said as she brought over a bowl of ginseng-chicken soup.

Han Yunxi lost her temper. “Do I have to keep drinking? Are you treating me like I’m pregnant?”

Zhao mama had already given her ten separate soups in the course of one day. There was Hundred-Year Milkvetch boiled with old chicken, Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng stewed with old chicken, poria mushroom and baizhu herb chicken soup, donkey-hide gelatin with chicken stew, even an edible bird’s nest and chicken stew!

“Esteemed wangfei, bear with it for a while. His Highness’s already sent people to find the ingredients for Imperial Physician Gu’s prescription. These soups will help you recover your body until then.” Naturally, Zhao mama had missed the point entirely.

Han Yunxi was too lazy to argue, so she simply waved her away. But it was then that Long Feiye returned...

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