Chapter 366: How about serving by your side?

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“Your lordship wants to know who it was too,” Long Feiye admitted. He believed that Tang Li and Chu Xifeng wouldn’t be stupid enough to reveal the secret of the person within the hidden chamber, much less the mystery behind them. But he had no reservations whatsoever on sharing everything about the black-robed assassin with Han Yunxi.

“Impossible! That far exceeds the limits of normal human physiology!” Han Yunxi cried out, before she fell deep into thought and rejected her own views. “Your Highness, it’s possible that such a man might exist. Isn’t Baili Mingxiang one such example of an impossible existence?” Baili Mingxiang’s body also defied many of the logical rules for a normal human. There were probably plenty of unexplainable mysteries across Cloud Realm Continent.

“Then what kind of body did he have?” Long Feiye asked mildly.

Han Yunxi had no idea. Instead she answered with a question of her own, “Your Highness, why did that assassin attack you? Is he one of your enemies?”

“Your lordship wants to know that as well. Since he’s come once, he’ll probably come again.”

Long Feiye was very curious about the physiology of the assassin. Of course, he was more keen to know how the man had found about about the person in the secret chamber in the first place. But as long as that person was still there, he was sure the black-robed assassin would show up again.

“It looks like you’ll have to add more guards,” Han Yunxi said seriously, completely ignorant of the truth.

Long Feiye didn’t answer, but instead lightly patted her back. The motion made Han Yunxi aware of their proximity once again. Her face was resting against his chest, making it impossible for her to see his expression. But she imagined that Long Feiye must be quiet and calm right now, since he’d patted her so gently and softly. She dearly wished he could hold her longer so she could enjoy his warmth. But reality proved that cool logic and reason dictated her actions as well. She knew that this wasn’t the time to act as a lovestruck fool.

“Your Highness, if you don’t let me go now, you’ll probably be bedridden for an additional month,” Han Yunxi said seriously.

Long Feiye’s wound did pain him. He was very clear that worsening the injury would delay a bunch of things he had to do. Despite that, he was reluctant to part with Han Yunxi after seeing her red-rimmed eyes.

When Long Feiye didn’t react, Han Yunxi grew stern. “Your Highness, please release me immediately!”

Long Feiye’s thoughts didn’t wander off. He instantly let go, a faint trace of helplessness about his lips. So, there are times when she’s stern with me, too.

Han Yunxi carefully extricated herself from Long Feiye’s embrace and immediately went to check his wound. After making sure it hadn’t split open, she released a breath of relief.

“Your Highness, how about we let Imperial Physician Gu in for an examination?” she docilely asked first.

Currently, Tang Li and the rest were still waiting with palpitations outside the door. When they saw Han Yunxi walk out, they were nearly scared to death.

“Esteemed wangfei, how is His Highness doing?” Chu Xifeng asked her directly, while Tang Li had long ran straight inside the room.

“He’s woken up. Imperial Physician Gu, hurry in and take a look,” Han Yunxi said, and Chu Xifeng dashed inside as well. On the other hand, Gu Beiyue was quick to notice Han Yunxi’s red eyes and knew that she’d been crying. His eyes flickered with distress, before joy replaced the emotion as he followed her inside.

At the sight of Long Feiye, he greeted him respectfully with a bow that was neither haughty nor humble. Then he checked his pulse while asking a few questions. Very soon, his face broke into a smile. “Your Highness Duke of Qin, Heaven helps the fortunate. Your life is already out of danger!”

To Long Feiye, these were superfluous words. Even without Gu Beiyue’s diagnosis, he knew. Still, he didn’t utter a sound. Gu Beiyue next carefully examined Long Feiye’s injury and said, “Your Highness, the injury’s only just starting to heal. Because the wound is both deep and grievous, I ask that Your Highness recuperate for a month. By no means should you exercise your right hand, much less use a sword.”

A month without using a sword? Chu Xifeng and Tang Li exchanged glances as they grew worried for Long Feiye’s sake. For a swordsman, giving up their weapon for an entire month was an extremely troublesome thing. What happens if he met with another assassin? Still, Long Feiye showed no change in his expression as he waited for Gu Beiyue to continue. Gu Beiyue only wrote down a prescription and offered it to Han Yunxi.

“Esteemed wangfei, use this prescription on His Highness for a month. For the first half of the month, change his dressing every day. For the second half, you can change it once every three days. You can make judgments based on his condition.”

Han Yunxi took it all down seriously. She didn’t take his prescription until she’d looked over the ingredients first. Long Feiye witnessed the entire exchange with his eyes. He might not dare to use Gu Beiyue’s prescription directly, but he had no worries after Han Yunxi had reviewed the paper herself.

It was only after Gu Beiyue had cleaned up his things and prepared to leave that Long Feiye spoke up coldly, “Your lordship’s injury was so serious that it left my life hanging by a thread. The fact that Imperial Physician Gu could save me is great merit to your position as Head Imperial Physician.” His words not only praised Gu Beiyue’s medical skills, but called them into question at the same time. Even he himself would’ve been incapable of saving his own life.

“Your Highness, that’s all thanks to esteemed wangfei. She stopped the bleeding in time. Without her help, this official would’ve been helpless as well,” Gu Beiyue said as if that was what had really occurred. At the very least, most of the people present recalled that stopping the bleeding was the hardest part of saving Long Feiye. Han Yunxi thought that treating the wound was much harder, and assumed that Gu Beiyue was being modest again.

“Someone come, award Imperial Physician Gu with 100 taels of gold,” Long Feiye was very generous.

“Thanks to Your Highness Duke of Qin,” Gu Beiyue didn’t refuse the reward, but instructed clearly, “Your Highness Duke of Qin, this month will be critical for healing your wound. By no means should you overdo things. If possible, don’t exert yourself at all.”

As he spoke, he crept closer and murmured in Long Feiye’s ear, “Your Highness, forgive this official for saying too much, but I ask that Your Highness refrain from any sexual intercourse during the month.”

If Han Yunxi had heard those words, what would her reaction be? In truth, it was actually quite normal for a doctor like Gu Beiyue to disclose such details when Long Feiye was so seriously hurt. If he didn’t remind the man, it’d be a loss of professionalism on his part.

Long Feiye was extremely calm as he replied with perfect self composure, “Mhm, your lordship shall refrain.”

The implication of his words meant that… Gu Beiyue stiffened slightly before he recovered his senses. Nobody noticed anything amiss as he smiled gently and left with his medical chest. Now that everything was said and done, there was no need for him to stay any longer.

“Chu Xifeng, accompany Imperial Physician Gu back,” Long Feiye ordered, giving Gu Beiyue no more excuse to stay.

Han Yunxi sent them off all the way to the door. “Gu Beiyue, I really have to thank you this time.”

“Esteemed wangfei is being too polite. Originally, this official thought that… Heheh, Heaven smiles on the fortunate like His Highness!” Gu Beiyue didn’t finish his sentence, but Han Yunxi knew what he meant. According to his previous diagnosis, Long Feiye’s condition should’ve been hopeless after he failed to wake up that night.

“That’s right. Heaven favors the fortunate like His Highness!” Long Feiye certainly was lucky to escape death, Han Yunxi mused. Naturally, she had no idea that Gu Beiyue already calculated that the man would actually wake up. But in order to hide his medical skills, he spoke a lie instead. Originally, Gu Beiyue had estimated that Long Feiye would resume consciousness after a month. He never expected the man to wake up so early by so such a large margin.

It had to be said that the man’s vitality was strong to the point of being frightening!

While Han Yunxi was sending off Gu Beiyue, Long Feiye got the whole story from Tang Li. “Big bro, that Gu Beiyue shouldn’t be an enemy,” Tang Li might be impulsive, but he wasn’t an idiot. In his eyes, Gu Beiyue was a complicated figure, but he didn’t seem to hold nefarious designs against them.

“Those who aren’t enemies aren’t necessarily friends,” Long Feiye had his own considerations. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi had returned immediately after sending Gu Beiyue off, so Tang Li didn’t say anything more on the matter.

“Your Highness, no matter what, you have to rest for a month!” Han Yunxi was very earnest. She knew that Long Feiye had tons of things to do, but nothing was more important than his own health. Her wide stare made her eyes seem even more teary.

“You cried!” Tang Li blurted out, finally noticing the state of Han Yunxi’s eyes.

Urk… Han Yunxi instantly looked away. Now that she’d regained her cool, she felt it was rather shameful that she wept. She simply pretended she hadn’t heard a thing and continued to speak. “Your Highness, why don’t you recover here, at the Hidden Pavilion? It’s peaceful and quiet here.”

Before Long Feiye could answer, Tang Li spoke up again, even scooting closer to Han Yunxi so he could check for himself. “You actually cried?!” In Tang Li’s memories, Han Yunxi was a woman with a ‘venomous heart and poisonous methods,’ a manly woman who would never cry!

Annoyed, Han Yunxi shoved him aside. “So what if I cried? Didn’t you go crazy and try to hit people back then?” He actually wanted to beat up Gu Beiyue! How abominable!

“That’s because I was made anxious with worry about His Majesty, get it?” Tang Li was usually too stingy to expression his “love” for his most beloved elder cousin.

“Can’t I be made anxious with worry, too?” Han Yunxi said in front of Long Feiye’s face. Tang Li was surprised. He’d only been gone for awhile, but Han Yunxi now had the guts to say things like that in front of Long Feiye. He glanced towards his cousin, only to see that man smiling slightly without a word.

Why does it feel like these two are making a public display of their affections? Although he knew this woman had a place in Long Feiye’s heart, progress like this seems all too fast!

“Sure! Of course you can!” Tang Li laughed and added meaningfully, “You’re his woman, after all. If you’re not anxious with worry about him, who will?” So speaking, he withdrew with a chuckle, leaving Han Yunxi and Long Feiye alone.

Han Yunxi was brave enough with Tang Li there, but his absence sent the room into silence, making her feel a little awkward. She stole a peek at Long Feiye, only to see him staring at her with amusement. She decided to stay calm and let him stare as he liked. But reality soon proved that Long Feiye was a far more patient man. Soon enough, she was feeling a little unbearable.

“Your Highness, go rest first. I’ll go prepare the prescription and help change your dressing later.” Han Yunxi was about to flee when Long Feiye beckoned to her with his right hand.

“Come here.”

Seeing this, Han Yunxi panicked. “Your Highness, you can’t move your arm like that!”

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