Chapter 363: The most formidable man

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Stabbed in the chest? Life in danger?

As soon as Han Yunxi heard these words, she stopped moving. She’d waited all night for Long Feiye, only to receive news like this! How was she supposed to take it?

Life in danger…

Those words echoed unceasingly in her head, but she had no way to connect them to Long Feiye himself. Suddenly, she grabbed Tang Li and raged, “Just what happened? Who hurt him?”

Tang Li was using lightness techniques to take to the air, but her tug nearly sent them careening out of the skies. He shouted back angrily, “Why are you asking so many questions? Let’s get there and save him first!”

That’s right, it was more important to save him. Why was she asking numerous questions? Han Yunxi released him immediately like a child who’d been scolded into fright. She grew extremely silent.

Soon enough, they arrived at the Hidden Pavilion. Chu Xifeng had already laid Long Feiye in one of the bedrooms. Han Yunxi rushed towards the bed as soon as she entered the room, only to see Long Feiye lying there with his chest bared, a thick layer of gauze on his wound. Despite this, fresh blood was still seeping through the wrappings. He lay there silently, his handsome brow lacking its usual cold and severe air. Instead, there was a simple serenity to his features, making his sleeping expression even more attractive than usual. It was as lovely as a tranquil ink painting. At first glance, he looked to be someone sleeping who would wake when the day grew light.

Han Yunxi’s eyes inexplicably reddened as she grew very, very still.

“Tang Li, hurry and find Gu Beiyue. Tell him the dagger struck next to the heart and the wound’s extremely deep,” she ordered calmly.

Both Tang Li and Chu Xifeng exchanged uncertain glances. The existence of the Hidden Pavilion was a secret in itself. Moreover, His Highness Duke of Qin had been investigating Gu Beiyue the entire time, so it’d be inappropriate to bring him here.

“Han Yunxi, why are you looking for Gu Beiyue? Hurry and stop the bleeding! Don’t you have some very effective medicine?” Tang Li urged anxiously.

Unexpectedly, the calm and silent Han Yunxi suddenly glared at him, her stern little face emanating a fierce aura that chilled both Tang Li and Chu Xifeng until they trembled where they stood. She ordered them, word by word, “Bring Gu Beiyue here within half an hour! Otherwise, if he dies, I’ll poison you two to death first!”

Han Yunxi hadn’t even done a thorough examination yet, but judging from Long Feiye’s pale face, the position of his wound, and the constant flow of blood, she knew he was in a terrible state! Gu Beiyue had been injured in the same place as Long Feiye before, thanks to Gu Qishao’s needle attack. It’d missed his heart by a hair, but that injury hadn’t been as deep as Long Feiye’s current wound. Moreover, his assailant had viciously pulled out the dagger after stabbing it in, further exacerbating the injury. Despite missing the heart, the wound was still located next to the organ and very deep. Even an ordinary injury could affect normal blood flow within the body. If there wasn’t enough blood to keep the heart beating, one’s life would be in danger all the same.

Long Feiye’s complicated wound meant he needed treatment beyond just stopping his blood loss. This wasn’t Han Yunxi’s strong suit, so she was nearly at the point of tears. But she silently told herself to calm down. She not only had medicine to stem the blood, but acupuncture skills to do the same thing. Still, no matter what she used, she would have to expose the injury anew. How could she bear to touch it under such dangerous circumstances? Treating illnesses and injuries was Gu Beiyue’s forte; she could only wait for him to arrive before decide which method to stop the blood and which way to save his life.

She didn’t dare to imagine the consequences if he came after the 30 minute limit.

Stunned by the “die” in her words, Tang Li hastily ran off. Han Yunxi wrapped her hands tightly around Long Feiye’s icy fingers as she knelt by his bed, keeping silent vigil. Neither Chu Xifeng or Doctor Lin dared to make a sound, but stood guard with her. Soon enough, Chu Xifeng saw esteemed wangfei’s hands trembling. Though she looked calm, how much fear was she hiding in her heart?

Perhaps ‘fear’ wasn’t the right word to describe Han Yunxi’s current state of mind. She had lived so many years and through two separate lifetimes without ever being so frightened out of her wits. It had always been Long Feiye who tried to hold her hand, but now she was holding his, entwining their fingers tightly together. She dearly wished the man who had seemed undefeatable in her eyes would open his now and look at her to give her strength!

Long Feiye, didn’t we agree to go to the disaster areas together? We were supposed to set out tomorrow.

Long Feiye, do you know how much I was looking forward to it?

Long Feiye, you can’t go back on your words…

Time trickled by in the room. Fortunately, Tang Li brought over Gu Beiyue before the half hour time limit was up. He had given the man a concise description of the wound in question. Gu Beiyue entered the room with his medical chest in tow, looking respectful despite his wan features.

His first words were, “Esteemed wangfei can stay, but everyone else get out. Prepare some hot water and wait by the door.”

In truth, Gu Beiyue was the real cool-headed one of the group. He opened his medical chest as he spoke, his movements quick and methodical. Chu Xifeng and Tang Li exchanged glances before leaving the room with some hesitation. Han Yunxi adjusted her feelings before moving out of the way.

“The wound location is identical with your own from last time, but it’s much deeper. I’m afraid to examine it myself,” she said seriously.

Gu Beiyue prepared his things before coming over. When he saw Han Yunxi’s red eyes, he still gave a start. But he recovered soon enough to explain, “Esteemed wangfei, I’ll examine the wound immediately. Then I’ll decide which medicine to use. There’s not enough time to find a Life Blood Pill, so…”

“I understand!” Han Yunxi didn’t let him finish. She was very clear that Long Feiye might lose too much blood in the treatment process and die from that instead. Still, with time so tight, they had to try saving him anyways. There was no other choice.

“This one will do his utmost. Esteemed wangfei, you must keep calm as well and prepare to stop the bleeding at anytime,” Gu Beiyue was extremely solemn.

Although Han Yunxi knew his words were only meant to comfort her, she still nodded her head. “Alright!”

She prepared her needles and medicine on the side and stood by to assist Gu Beiyue at any time. Gu Beiyue personally undid the bandages across Long Feiye’s chest. Every layer he unwound revealed more and more fresh blood seeping from the wound. Han Yunxi was calm at the start, but soon enough she saw his blood gushing out like a spring. This wasn’t simply blood, but Long Feiye’s life!

Frightened, she lost her cool. “Let me stop the bleeding first!”

“Esteemed wangfei, keep calm!” Gu Beiyue said sternly. It was the first time he’d spoken so harshly to Han Yunxi. Han Yunxi knew it wasn’t the right time to stop the bleeding, but she….in the end, she averted her gaze so she wouldn’t see anything!

“If you need me to stop the bleeding, just call me.” Han Yunxi had no idea what a thrilling sight she’d missed when she looked away. Gu Beiyue used one hand to examine Long Feiye’s injury while his other grabbed some medicine. With lightning fast moves, he did something so quickly that it was imperceptible to the naked eye. The result left a layer of medicine on Long Feiye’s wound, while Gu Beiyue’s pre-prepared medicines were all used up.

According to the rankings of Cloud Realm Medical Academy, Gu Beiyue was only a fifth-rank Divine Doctor. The skills he displayed were approximately that of the same rank. But in reality, his true medical skills had far surpassed any measuring system of the medical academy. Even the medical academy head couldn’t compare to him. Unfortunately, there was no one in the world aware of such a fact.

Long Feiye’s wound was still pouring blood. Soon enough, the liquid submerged the medicine atop the injury. Gu Beiyue didn’t hesitate. “Esteemed wangfei, stop the bleeding, quick!”

Han Yunxi immediately turned back, only to see Long Feiye’s chest covered in blood. Even the bedding had been stained a bright scarlet. She couldn’t even tell how Gu Beiyue had treated the wound, because everything was soaked in red. Under such circumstances, she had no time to consider how Gu Beiyue had treated Long Feiye so quickly. Instead, she held fast to her faith and started using needles to stem the blood flow. Despite her shaking fingers, she used the fastest speed in her lifetime to apply them to Long Feiye’s body. By the time she finished, her back was soaked in cold sweat.

“Hot water, quick!” Gu Beiyue shouted, and Tang Li personally brought in a tub. Gu Beiyue’s eyes flickered with distress as he noticed Han Yunxi’s trembling fingers. He was about to make the next move when Han Yunxi beat him to it.

“I’ll do it.”

She agilely wiped Long Feiye clean, then took care of the other bloodstains before helping him change into warm clothes. People who lost blood needed to be kept warm at all costs, she knew. Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue was already giving his prepared prescription to Chu Xifeng so he could gather all the necessary ingredients. The tense atmosphere in the room finally eased somewhat.

Tang Li asked timidly, “Is the Duke of Qin...alright?”

Gu Beiyue didn’t answer, so Tang Li looked to Han Yunxi. “Say something!”

Han Yunxi simply glanced back at Gu Beiyue. She wanted to ask the same thing. Long Feiye had truly lost too much blood. It was impossible for his body to replace it all at once, even if they used some sort of miracle pill to replenish his stores. They could only say that they’d preserved his life for now, but she had no idea what would happen in the future, nor did she dare to guess.

“Gu Beiyue, say something!” Tang Li was worried.

A complicated look flickered past Gu Beiyue’s eyes. He checked Long Feiye’s pulse and paused before remarking, “It’s better to stand watch over him tonight. If he doesn’t regain consciousness, then the situation...will be pessimistic.”

Everyone stayed up with Han Yunxi that night to keep watch, but Long Feiye didn’t show any signs of waking even when the skies grew light. Instead, his pulse grew weaker and weaker. Gu Beiyue opened the windows to let the sunlight pour in, making it impossible for anyone to deny the advent of day. In fact, the sun was already high in the sky.

Suddenly, Tang Li raised a hand against Gu Beiyue. “You quack!”

Fortunately, Han Yunxi pushed him aside in time. “Have you gone mad?!”

“My big bro will definitely be alright! This quack is spewing nonsense! He’s seeking death!” Tang Li had lost all sense of logic.

“Get out!” Han Yunxi roared, suddenly infuriated.

Tang Li wanted to refuse. As it turned out, it was Han Yunxi who’d truly lost her mind. She started screaming at everyone else, “All of you, scram! GET OUT!”

Gu Beiyue was the first to leave, followed by Chu Xifeng, who dragged Tang Li out with him. Han Yunxi’s eyes were now redder than a rabbit’s, but they still refused to shed tears. She was still holding on tightly to Long Feiye’s hand as she sat by his bedside.

Han Yunxi spent a whole day and night next to Long Feiye’s side, checking his pulse and personally feeding him medicine mouth-to-mouth. But still, Long Feiye didn’t wake up…

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