Chapter 347: Your Highness, you took offense

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If this was any other day, Han Yunxi would definitely help Gu Beiyue off the bed herself. For a modern-day doctor, this was nothing. Despite knowing the customs of the past, she had a habit of forgetting them at times. It was impossible for her to think of every single detail.

This time, Han Yunxi only said mildly, “Imperial Physician Gu, treat your wound well.” Then she ordered Chu Xifeng, “Escort Imperial Physician Gu back to his home. Make sure to take care of him along the way.”

If Chu Xifeng didn’t have orders to stay by Gu Beiyue’s side, he would’ve chased after Han Yunxi with Zhao mama. Now he was completely clueless as to what happened between His Highness and this mistress. He could only feign ignorance and say, “Your subordinate obeys.”

He helped Gu Beiyue off the bed and left the room together with Imperial Physician Huang. Zhao mama was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. She couldn’t figure out what esteemed wangfei was doing, but she never expected her to really send Gu Beiyue away. Could it be that she’d given up the farce? Or was she unable to continue? Was she going to apologize to His Highness Duke of Qin next? Esteemed wangfei liked His Highness Duke of Qin immensely, but she couldn’t just toss out her dignity or principles just like that! That wasn’t esteemed wangfei’s style! Rather than admit her wrongs now, she should’ve forgot about fooling around in the first place.

Zhao mama decided she had to do something before esteemed wangfei returned. After a while, she found Long Feiye and said, “Your Highness, esteemed wangfei nearly fainted when she saw Imperial Physician Gu being tortured at the palace.”

Long Feiye was wholly concentrated on reading a secret missive delivered by a carrier pigeon, and paid Zhao mama no mind. Though Zhao mama was clearer than anyone on her master’s self-control, she was still a little uncertain. How can he be so calm? Would everything be settled as long as esteemed wangfei sends away Imperial Physician Gu?

Zhao mama always felt that His Highness Duke of Qin had held misgivings about esteemed wangfei, though she couldn’t pinpoint what. No matter the case, she was dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. “In the palace, Imperial Physician Gu couldn’t even get up on his own. It was esteemed wangfei who personally helped him to his feet.”

Long Feiye’s profile looked absolutely chilly in the darkness, but as before, his face was expressionless.

“Master, as this old servant sees it, esteemed wangfei certainly treats Imperial Physician Gu differently.”

“Master, Imperial Physician Gu and esteemed wangfei must get along very well in their private lives, yes?”

“Master, Imperial Physician Gu has exquisite medical skills, so he probably has many topics in common to talk about with esteemed wangfei, right?”

Zhao mama asked three questions in a row, but Long Feiye didn’t even look her way. She was ready to put things plainly, but a guard suddenly rushed over with a report.

“Your Highness, esteemed wangfei’s packed up her things and is preparing to stay over two days at the Gu Estate.”

Long Feiye abruptly rose to his feet, absolutely furious. “Where is she?”

What a Han Yunxi. She’d sent away Gu Beiyue, so he was waiting for her to come back and give an explanation. Unexpectedly, this was her plan in the end! She wanted to go to the Gu Estate!

That woman, what gall!

Long Feiye’s figure flashed out of sight before Zhao mama recovered her senses. She sucked in a cold breath as she finally understood esteemed wangfei’s intentions.

She actually dared to do that?! She was probably the only person in the world who could make the chilly as ice Long Feiye thoroughly explode in rage.

Currently, Han Yunxi had finished packing her things and was preparing to exit the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion. Suddenly, a fierce wind dashed against her face, causing her to back up a few steps. In the next instant, Long Feiye appeared before her like some sort of lofty deity, his powerful aura strong enough to send mountains toppling and waves crashing through the sea. The pressure was so intense that she even had trouble breathing.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“The Gu Estate.” She actually had the guts to answer without the slightest hesitation, before adding, “Imperial Physician Gu’s injury isn’t fully recovered yet. I’ll go take care of him for a few days.”

Long Feiye’s face had turned completely black, his fists clenching until the veins popped out. His fury burned as a dragon’s heart fire in his chest as he spoke. “What. Did. You. Say?”

The plucky Han Yunxi actually repeated herself word by word.  “Imperial Physician Gu’s injury isn’t fully recovered yet. I’ll go take care of him for a few days.”

As she finished speaking, Long Feiye suddenly struck out with his fist, his arm rushing straight past Han Yunxi’s head. The gust it left in its wake made her face sting. “A dignified and upright Qin Wangfei is going to look after an imperial physician? Han Yunxi, do you even have your lordship in your eyes?” Long Feiye interrogated.

Han Yunxi’s eyes flickered with a crafty look as she lowered her head in silence. Long Feiye tilted her chin up and forced her to meet his eyes. “Answer your lordship’s question!”

“Imperial Physician Gu is really severely wounded. I’m worried…”

Before she could finish, Long Feiye tightened his grip on her chin so she couldn’t say anymore. His cold eyes stared wordlessly at Han Yunxi, his breath coming fast and furious in his rage. Han Yunxi’s chin ached, but in the face of Long Feiye’s pressuring, she chose to shut her eyes instead. That only made him more angry. He didn’t force a kiss on her this time, but spoke up in a wrathful tone that was impossible to hide.

“Han Yunxi, do you fancy Gu Beiyue?”

Han Yunxi’s eyes immediately flew open as she glared straight back at him.

“What, did your lordship say the wrong thing?” Long Feiye was so enraged that he didn’t even realize how illogical he sounded right now. He had never lost so much control over himself, even when Han Yunxi had left him last time. The two of them stared daggers at each other. Long Feiye assumed that Han Yunxi would issue a vehement denial to his words, but her angry eyes suddenly filled with laughter until they were as bright as stars.

This woman...what does she mean by this?

Long Feiye unconsciously loosened his grip on her chin, and Han Yunxi burst into uncontrollable laughter. She was so happy that she couldn’t even speak. Her gamble had paid off--she’d won the fight! This man was not only offended, but offended to the point that he’d nearly gone crazy!

“Hahah…” Han Yunxi covered her mouth, but she still couldn’t control her utter joy. Every time she looked at Long Feiye, she wanted to laugh.

Long Feiye furrowed his brows and raged, “What are you laughing about?!”

Han Yunxi lifted her eyes to stare at him with a dimpled smile like a flower. Her happiness had even made her voice sound much more pleasant. “Your Highness, you're eating vinegar, aren't you?”

Long Feiye gave a start at these words, his anger freezing itself on his face.

Tsk tsk, how lucky! I get to see what he looks like when he’s stunned!

Han Yunxi drew closer, her limpid eyes sparkling with radiance as she asked, “Your Highness, you took offense, right?”

Everything had happened so suddenly that Long Feiye’s anger completely disappeared. Taken by surprise, Long Feiye subconsciously avoided Han Yunxi’s stare and felt, for the first time in his life, at a loss.

This woman did all that on purpose to irritate me!

The more Long Feiye avoided her gaze, the more Han Yunxi chased after him to stare. Again, she burst out into laughter. “Your Highness, you haven’t answered chenqie’s question yet!”

Her laugh made Long Feiye’s complexion turn even ghastlier. This woman, she tricked me! He turned to leave, but Han Yunxi instantly grabbed his hand before standing on tiptoes to give him a peck on his icy cold lips.

It was only a light kiss, and she immediately let him go afterwards. Her heart was already beating abnormally fast despite her clear grin. “Your Highness, chenqie likes it when you take offense.”

Did this count as this woman defying his expectations yet another time?

Long Feiye didn’t leave, but wrinkled his brows to stare at Han Yunxi. The more he stared, the tighter he furrowed his eyebrows, as if a thousand thoughts lay buried in the creases. He was so serious that Han Yunxi even began to feel timid. Oftentimes, people were braver when they kept their thoughts in their hearts. Once they said them out loud, they’d turn as meek as a mouse.

“Your Highness…” Han Yunxi felt like she should say something else. But as soon as she opened her mouth, Long Feiye lowered his head and covered her lips with his.

Her kiss had been like a dragonfly skimming the surface of a pond. His was strong and aggressive, crushing her mouth like a passionate flame. It was as if the cold and cheerless man had released all of his inhibitions in his kiss. Gradually, he held her in his arms and drew her close, while she unconsciously wrapped her arms around him. The kiss that was willingly given and then accepted lasted for a long time.

As the chilly evening approached dusk, the sun’s golden yellow rays spilled into the courtyard of the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion, bathing the two figures in a glittering haze. It was a hallowed, beautiful sight. Long Feiye never answered Han Yunxi’s question, but perhaps his kiss was answer enough. She was fully satisfied.

Su Xiaoyu perched on a window as she saw the warm scene below, secretly astonished that His Highness Duke of Qin could be so gentle. This wasn’t a sight for child’s eyes, but she kept watching anyways. When she saw the Duke of Qin’s lips move down to Han Yunxi’s neck, she even felt a little excited. Perhaps there’d be a show to see! Even the strongest man would let down his guard in the middle of lovemaking. Maybe she’d be able to find the thing she was looking for today. Then she could report it to her master.

However, Long Feiye only left a single peck on Han Yunxi’s neck before he abruptly stopped.

This man, his self-control is unbelievable! But Han Yunxi was even more formidable than he was, because she’d never thought of moving to the next step. She was still happily absorbed in Long Feiye’s reaction and how he’d taken offense.

“This shouldn’t be taken as a precedent!” Long Feiye warned her coldly.

Han Yunxi bit her smile as she smiled foolishly, not daring to meet his eyes. Long Feiye’s gaze flickered with helplessness. He really didn’t know what to do with this woman. Though still a bit reluctant, he eventually let her go. “Aren’t you going to put your things back now?”

Han Yunxi laughed out loud, and Long Feiye’s face immediately turned icy. He turned his back to her and said, “Your lordship still has things to take care of.” So speaking, he left in a flash, almost as if he was fleeing the scene.

In truth, he really did have business to do. Messenger pigeons had been flying over nonstop from the Tang Clan. That idiot Tang Li still hadn’t escaped from his impending marriage. As soon as Long Feiye reached his study, a guard handed him three separate secret missives. Long Feiye didn’t open them immediately, but stood by his window to stare in the direction of Leisurely Cloud Pavilion. His finger lightly brushed past his lips as a faint smile rose unbidden to his face.

At the same time, Chu Xifeng returned from the Gu Estate...

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