Chapter 346: I'm happy because you're unhappy

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He said she didn’t need to come along?

As Han Yunxi watched Long Feiye’s figure retreat into the distance, she suddenly felt like she’d been abandoned. Her heart felt stifled and uncomfortable. Long Feiye had asked her no end of questions in the guesthouse. Of course she knew he disliked what she was doing, and had gotten angry. If she didn’t follow him now, the results might be disastrous, but she was rendered immobile.

There was Gu Beiyue’s life on one side, and Long Feiye’s feelings on the other. No matter what, a life was more important than one’s feelings. She wouldn’t ignore Gu Beiyue’s plight just because of emotions. Long Feiye’s figure had just about disappeared by now, but Han Yunxi was still staring after him. Nobody knew that she felt the worst of all from making such a choice. Zhao mama stood stunned for a long while because she suddenly recovered her wits to tug on Han Yunxi’s sleeve.

“Esteemed wangfei, His Highness isn’t happy! His Highness is actually extremely unhappy!”

Zhao mama finally remembered what Han Yunxi had said before. Wasn’t this esteemed wangfei’s goal? She even said that they’d leave Gu Beiyue here until he fully recovered. If His Highness was unhappy, then esteemed wangfei should feel the happiest of all! Zhao mama rose from the depths of anxiety to pleasant surprise. “Esteemed wangfei, His Highness is really unhappy!”

But Han Yunxi was still too gloomy to hear her speak. At this moment, Chu Xifeng ran out of the room. “Esteemed wangfei, we really don’t need to take out the arrowhead with your method?”

Han Yunxi came back to life and asked hastily, “What’s going on?”

Inside, Imperial Physician Huang had already started using the needles. The arrowhead had broken, and Chu Xifeng had seen black blood seeping out from the wound.

“Esteemed wangfei, answer my question first!” Chu Xifeng asked urgently.

“Were there complications with the needles?” Han Yunxi was more concerned with the situation inside. She’d met with a few exceptional cases in her line of work, but complications always arose when it was time to use needles.

“Everything’s going smoothly, he’s bleeding black blood!” Chu Xifeng’s tone sounded somewhat irritated.

Han Yunxi breathed in relief. “Then that’s good. Everything’s going as expected. As long as all the black blood comes out, we’ll just need to treat his wound and things will be set.”

Chu Xifeng was stunned. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say about his mistress! When he heard her explanation to Imperial Physician Huang, he didn’t really believe that poison would be enough to get rid of the arrowhead. As it turned out, it was true--and the effects had taken effect very quickly. His Highness had taken pains to plan out everything, but why did it have to be Han Yunxi of all people who ruined his scheme? Chu Xifeng couldn’t imagine the expression on his master’s face at this instant.

Finally, he asked, “Esteemed wangfei, where’s His Highness?”

Han Yunxi sighed lightly but didn’t answer. She leaned against the wall with her arms crossed as she waited in silence. If everything had gone smoothly, then Imperial Physician Huang would be out in the time it took to brew a cup of tea. Right now, there was only him and Gu Beiyue left in the guesthouse. Imperial Physician Huang had long cleared away the needles and wrapped Gu Beiyue’s stomach in a thick layer of white gauze. He was half leaning against his pillow while tying up his waistband. Though he looked thin, his chest was still well-defined. The skin revealed through the half-opened robes combined with his fresh, refined face to emit its own charm. It was easy for anyone to have flights of fancy when looking at him.

“Since you’ve already found her, why not take her away?” Imperial Physician Huang asked in a low voice. Although he was Gu Beiyue’s subordinate at the Imperial Physician Courtyard, he was also a good sworn brother to Gu Beiyue’s grandfather and watched the boy grow up.

Gu Beiyue sighed softly and didn’t reply.

“The Duke of Qin certainly suspects you,” Imperial Physician Huang added.

“No. He knows something, and just wants to find out more.” In the beginning, Gu Beiyue didn’t think that Long Feiye had planned today’s assassination attempt, because everything had been too true-to-life. He only had his suspicions by the end until Long Feiye himself showed up. Then he was certain that both the assassins and the arrow came from Long Feiye’s hands.

“Then why aren’t you leaving yet?” Imperial Physician Huang grew anxious.

Gu Beiyue glanced towards the door and only spoke up after a long pause. “The Seven Noble Families are starting to stir. The safest place for her now is at the Duke of Qin’s estate.”

Sometimes, security didn’t come from keeping someone by your side. Letting them go was another form of protection as well. Imperial Physician Huang was going to coax further when someone knocked on the door.

“Imperial Physician Huang, are you done yet?” It was none other than Han Yunxi. Enough time had passed for Gu Beiyue’s treatment to finish. He should be done by now!

“We’re done, we’re done. Esteemed wangfei, come in! Everything ran smoothly,” Imperial Physician Huang shouted.

Everyone assumed that Han Yunxi would walk right in, but she only replied, “It’s good that things went smoothly. I’ll have to trouble Imperial Physician Huang to change the dressing on his wound again in four hours.” So speaking, she turned and hastily made her way in the direction where Long Feiye had gone.

“I thought she left long ago,” Imperial Physician Huang had never expected Han Yunxi to wait outside the door after Long Feiye left.

“I thought…” Gu Beiyue trailed off as he slowly shut his eyes.

Zhao mama chased after Han Yunxi the entire way until they reached the Hibiscus Courtyard. As if suddenly sensing something amiss, she switched to tiptoeing silently along until she disappeared into the bushes. By now, Han Yunxi had already reached the door to Long Feiye’s sleeping quarters. She had questioned a guard who told her the Duke of Qin was right inside. However, there was no reaction after she knocked on the door.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!” she called a few times, but nobody answered her. She pushed at the door, but it was locked, so she couldn’t open it.

“Your Highness, I didn’t do any--” Before she could explain, Zhao mama popped out of the bushes and gestured at her. Han Yunxi grew doubtful and walked over. “What is it?”

“His Highness is unhappy, unhappy!” Zhao mama emphasized one more time. Han Yunxi was too lazy to pay her any attention. She wasn’t an idiot, so of course she knew he was unhappy, all right?!

Before she could leave, Zhao mama hastily pulled her aside and lowered her voice, imitating Han Yunxi’s tone from the night before. “Esteemed wangfei. His. Highness. Is. Un, hap, py!”

Han Yunxi gave a start before her eyes widened. Suddenly, she realized what was going on! That’s right. Didn’t she want this guy to feel unhappy? She hadn’t even done anything yet, and he was already displeased.

So that means…

“Esteemed wangfei, this old servant has said so before. His Highness has you in his heart. See here, his jar of vinegar has completely spilled over.” Zhao mama was extremely delighted.

So was Han Yunxi! She smoothed her lips to hide her smile, but her heart was already filled with joy.

“Esteemed wangfei, why don’t we make His Highness Duke of Qin even more unhappy?” Zhao mama urged sneakily. Judging by her master’s temper, they could still fan the flames a bit more before he caught on fire.

If you have the heart, then all’s well!

Han Yunxi’s eyes have curved into two smiling crescents. She went back to the door and knocked a few more times. “Your Highness, are you out? If there’s nothing important, then I’m going back. Imperial Physician Gu’s condition is still rather unstable.”

As before, there was no reaction. Han Yunxi didn’t wait, but simply turned to leave. But as soon as she reached the covered walkway, she saw Long Feiye standing in front of her, facing the opposite way. Even Zhao mama wasn’t sure if she herself was nervous.She had been secretly frightened that Long Feiye wouldn’t show up at all.

Fortunately, he’d come.

Han Yunxi feigned ignorance. “Your Highness, did you need chenqie for any particular reason?”

She couldn’t see his face, but she heard his icy, expressionless voice. “Didn’t I say you didn’t need to come over?”

“Oh,” Han Yunxi walked to his side before she replied. “Then...I suppose it wasn’t anything important?”

The entire walkway was plunged into absolute silence. Long Feiye still didn’t speak, while Han Yunxi patiently waited with a sense of anticipation. How was he going to reply?

But after all that time, the only thing Long Feiye said was , “Mm.” Then he turned around and walked away, keeping his back to her all the while. Now Han Yunxi couldn’t even see his back anymore. Her heart plummeted. It was clearly her plan to make him unhappy with her acting, but when he replied to it in earnest, her chest still ached.

Long Feiye, did Zhao mama and I both make a mistake? Are you simply cold instead of unhappy?

Han Yunxi felt pained, but she was no coward. Since she chosen to be brave, she’d be brave until the end! A careless grin rose to her face before she elegantly turned to face him and shouted, “Your Highness, if there’s really nothing else, chenqie will be returning to the guesthouse. Imperial Physician Gu’s injury is serious. Chenqie has already applied for sick leave in his place and plan to keep him here to recover.”

If not for the assassins, Han Yunxi’s original plan would be to keep Gu Beiyue here for a day after he woke and then send him home. She liked to be clear-cut with her actions instead of dragging her heels. She disliked being ambiguous with her feelings, too. Gu Beiyue had always treated her with respect and courtesy. She saved him because they were friends, and because the good doctor had helped her many times. The whole reason he’d been tormented by the empress dowager was her fault as well. Logic and sentiment both dictated that she should leave him here for treatment. If not for Zhao mama’s reminder, she would never remembered how men and women were supposed to keep their distance.

Finally, Long Feiye stopped walking. His voice was cold. “Han Yunxi, you’re not the one who decides who can stay at this estate.”

“Didn’t Your Highness say that chenqie should be responsible for everything at the estate now?” Han Yunxi counted.

Long Feiye turned around, his face frigid and devoid of any expression. “There’s no need for any of that now.”

“Oh.” Han Yunxi didn’t elaborate, but simply turned and walked away in front of his face. That’s right, she hadn’t even spared him a look. Long Feiye was left standing alone in the walkway. Zhao mama had been watching the entire time from her hiding spot, her heart nearly bursting out of her chest. This master and mistress...each one was tougher than the other! She was starting to wonder whether esteemed wangfei wasn’t pretending, but...unhappy herself as well!

By the time Han Yunxi’s form disappeared from the walkway, Long Feiye had clenched his hands into fists so tightly that his knuckles cracked. He’d probably never been so angry before! Still, he remained standing in place without any intention of chasing after Han Yunxi.

When Han Yunxi returned to the guesthouse, she immediately arranged for the servants to prepare a carriage that would send Gu Beiyue back home.

“Esteemed wangfei, Imperial Physician Gu currently...isn’t suited for getting off the bed, is he?” Imperial Physician Huang could that something was amiss with Han Yunxi. Gu Beiyue noticed it even clearer.

“It’s fine,” Gu Beiyue rose with a hand over his injury, neither haughty nor humble “Esteemed wangfei, there are still matters at home that this official needs to take care of. I’ll pay you a visit another day to express my thanks for saving my life.”

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