Chapter 342: Beiyue, you're the only one left

Chapter 342: Beiyue, you're the only one left Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Zhao mama said her behavior would make His Highness Duke of Qin angry.

But why would he be angry? Han Yunxi was a little startled. If she didn’t say she didn’t understand what Zhao mama meant, then she’d be lying. Women were always more sensitive than men when it came to matters of feelings, much less an intelligent woman like Han Yunxi. She knew what Zhao mama was trying to say, but she had no confidence in her words. Her clear eyes blinked as she stared silently at Zhao mama without saying a word.

Assuming her mistress didn’t get it, an anxious Zhao mama heaved a sigh and urged, “Esteemed wangfei, men and women shouldn’t be so intimate with each other. Moreover, there’s an issue of rank at state. His Highness Duke of Qin isn’t home, yet you’ve let a man stay at the estate for so many days. You even took care of him personally. That’s completely inappropriate! If news of this spreads, it’ll hurt the reputations of Imperial Physician Gu, His Highness, and yourself!”

But Han Yunxi looked disappointed. “Is that it?” So that’s what Zhao mama meant. I thought she…

Zhao mama was completely clueless. “This is already very serious. What else do you want?”

Han Yunxi tugged on her robes as she whispered, “I thought he’d be angry because…”

“Because he’ll take offense!” Zhao mama completely lost it before her mistress. She was smart, but why was she so ignorant when it came to matters of the heart?

Han Yunxi’s eyes brightened at the words. So Zhao mama really did mean what I was thinking…. She looked at Zhao mama until her face inexplicably broke into a smile.

“Esteemed wangfei...are you alright?” Zhao mama was scared by the sudden grin.

Han Yunxi burst out into laughter. “I’m perfectly fine! Imperial Physician Gu will stay at the estate to recuperate. After he’s fully recovered, he can leave.” So speaking, she detoured around Zhao mama and took quick steps to the guesthouse.

“Has she been possessed? What did she just say?” Zhao mama’s head was all in a fog as she chased after her mistress. “Esteemed wangfei, you...why don’t you get it? If His Highness Duke of Qin comes back, he definitely won’t be happy!”

Han Yunxi turned back to give her an especially radiant smile, bright enough to illuminate the pitch-dark Duke of Qin’s estate. “Zhao mama, I purposely want him to be un, hap, py!”

Long Feiye, if there’s still a distance to go between us, will this time draw us closer?

Zhao mama stood rooted to the spot for ages before she recovered. She always knew esteemed wangfei had guts, but she never knew she was that courageous! Having guts versus having courage were two different ideas altogether. When her astonishment passed, Zhao mama realized she really liked this mistress of hers. She wasn’t affect or artificial, but natural and at ease--extremely cute!

“Esteemed wangfei, wait for this old servant. This old servant will help you!” Zhao mama was thoroughly delighted as she chased after Han Yunxi. Chu Xifeng’s mouth wouldn’t stop twitching. After hearing those words, he wasn’t sure whether he should report them straight to His Highness Duke of Qin!

But they don’t sound all that great! And also, how am I supposed to tell him? After thinking back and forth, Chu Xifeng decided to keep quiet. He couldn’t imagine how a man like him was supposed to report on a woman’s words of affection, much less His Highness’s reaction. In the midst of his thoughts, Zhao mama backtracked and gave him a stern warning. “Little Chu, keep your lips sealed!”

Chu Xifeng looked to the skies. “I didn’t hear a thing. Good luck to you both!”

Han Yunxi scurried into the guesthouse, only to be greeted with the sight of Lil Thing feeding Gu Beiyue...its blood! It had scratched open its paw and was getting ready to drip the blood into Gu Beiyue’s mouth!

Stunned, Han Yunxi rushed over and cried, “Lil Thing! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Lil Thing seemed startled as well, but it quickly extended its bloody paw to Han Yunxi, blinking its big eyes innocently as if to say, You can check, Mama Yunxi. There’s no poison!

Lil Thing was only about the size of a palm, so its paw was even tinier. Still, it’d given itself a massive scratch, so that blood was pouring continuously from its wound! Han Yunxi had been very careful with her knife when she asked for its blood last time. Heaven knows how Lil Thing had scratched itself open. Her heart ached unpleasantly at the sight. When Lil Thing saw Mama Yunxi’s unhappy expression, it continued feeding Gu Beiyue as it spoke, as if to say, Mama Yunxi, don’t worry. As long as the gentleman drinks my blood, he’ll be okay. I’ve eaten so many good things that my blood is super nourishing now.

Lil Thing had yet to recover fully from the last time Han Yunxi took his blood. Right now, its blood was still incapable of curing any poisons. The venom hidden in its front teeth wasn’t very toxic, either. However, its blood was indeed still extremely beneficial. It would only help Gu Beiyue on his road to recovery! It’d long wanted to feed him its blood, but it had never found a chance until now.

Han Yunxi’s expression was heavy as she watched them. Lil Thing had no idea that Han Yunxi was feeling distressed for its sake. It kept chittering as if to comfort her. It’s alright. The gentleman will get better very soon. Finally, Han Yunxi broke into a helpless smile, and Lil Thing stopped chattering. She sat on one side and softly stroked his warm fur.

“Little pet! Why do you treat Gu Beiyue so well?”

Lil Thing loved it when Mama Yunxi was stroking it. Gradually, it began to feel sleepy from contentment as it fed Gu Beiyue its blood. Mama Yunxi, it’s so comfy, but...but why do I feel so lightheaded?

“Chee chee…” Lil Thing cheeped lightly a few times before collapsing on top of Gu Beiyue. It was so tired, it really wanted to sleep!

Mama Yunxi, is it okay if I sleep with the gentleman?

Han Yunxi quickly scooped Lil Thing into her hands, only to see that both its eyes were shut. It had slipped into unconsciousness and seemed much lighter than before. Lil Thing must have lost too much blood. She recalled how Gu Beiyue had told her the little gu shu needed time to recover after giving up its detoxification blood. Fortunately, Lil Thing wouldn’t die. Otherwise, Han Yunxi wouldn’t know what to do. She carefully took care of Lil Thing’s injury before placing him in a small chest filled with all sorts of poisons and nourishing medicine. She didn’t know when Lil Thing would wake up, but once it did, it could start refilling its stomach immediately.

After taking care of Lil Thing, Han Yunxi kept her vigil by Gu Beiyue’s bedside while Zhao mama and Chu Xifeng kept watch over her. The only difference this time was that Zhao mama felt much happier. She dearly hoped that His Highness Duke of Qin could come back soon!

Gu Beiyue lay there quietly, his complexion looking far better after Lil Thing had fed him its blood. In fact, he looked even healthier than before. Currently, he was lost in a half-awake doze. He seemed to be dreaming, but he also felt like he’d returned to the past. Back then, his parents and grandfather were still alive. Everyday,  he had to soak in a big tub of medicine with his father to nurture his body. He also had to drink endless brews of bitter medicine. Like his father, he had been born with a weak constitution and nearly died young.

His mother had been an extremely gentle woman, who would often caress his head to comfort him. “Beiyue, don’t be afraid! You won’t die. Father and mother will always be by your side.”

But one day, father had fallen asleep in the big tub of medicine and never woke up. Mother had been as warm as always, stroking his head as she comforted him. “Beiyue, don’t be afraid. Grandfather will always be by your side.”

That very same day, mother had left him as well.

Grandfather was as warm and gentle as his mother. He told him, “Beiyue, you’re the only one left. You cannot die.”

From that day on, grandfather found all sorts of rare and famous medicines to bolster his sickly, fragile body. He hadn’t been this weak for a long, long time. It resembled his childhood years, when he would frequently faint away. He dearly wanted to keep sleeping forever, but again came the voice to echo by his ear.

“Beiyue, you’re the only one left. You cannot die…”

Gu Beiyue seemed to see the indistinct forms of his parents smiling gently at him, and felt like he’d returned once more to his ignorant and clueless childhood. But when he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the captivating face of that woman, looking solemn and serious. He gave a mild start before breaking into a smile. The warmth and sorrow of his dream he hid away without a trace.

“Esteemed wangfei, you saved me?”

Han Yunxi knew that Gu Beiyue would wake up, but she never expected him to wake up so soon. Pleasantly surprised, she nodded and said, “Mhm, it’s good that you’re awake!”

“Excellent, excellent!” Zhao mama was thrilled as she went to pour some water.

Han Yunxi studiously took Gu Beiyue’s pulse and found that he was more or less normal. She finally set her cares at rest.

“Esteemed wangfei must have used some sort of miracle medicine on me?” Gu Beiyue was clearer than anyone on how his body worked. There was a warm energy currently seeping into his veins and doing a stellar job at repairing his essence qi. If not for this energy, he might be still be unconscious for the next few hours.

“Lil Thing’s blood,” Han Yunxi had scooted closer to whisper the answer by his ear. Although she withdrew very quickly, Zhao mama was still stunned by the sight!

Esteemed wangfei, even if you’re trying to make His Highness unhappy, you can’t keep so close to that man! Serious consequences would happen!

Zhao mama hastily offered up her water, planning to stick herself between her mistress and Gu Beiyue, when Chu Xifeng suddenly cried out, “Who is it? Show yourself!”

As soon as he finished speaking, assassins appeared outside the east and western windows. All of them held long swords in their hands as they aimed for Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue.

“Ah…! Someone, come! There are assassins! Assassins!” Zhao mama shouted as she shielded Han Yunxi behind her. There were quite a few assassins present, and all of them looked to be high level experts. Chu Xifeng was soon overwhelmed by their numbers. Fortunately, the Duke of Qin’s guards were quick to show up. Despite this, they couldn’t fully suppress the assassins, either. Anyone who could trespass into the Duke of Qin’s estate all the way here couldn’t be someone simple.

Suddenly, a sword stabbed straight towards Zhao mama. Lying on the bed, Gu Beiyue had a full view of the entire scene! He cried out, “Zhao mama, esteemed wangfei, be careful!”

“Little Chu!” Zhao mama shouted in fear. But Chu Xifeng was currently being blocked by three other assailants. The other guards were similarly overwhelmed.

Han Yunxi kept her cool and waited for the assassin to strike before she silently released one of her hidden needles.


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