Chapter 320: A good

Chapter 320: A good mama atones for her crimes with good deeds Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Han Yunxi coughed as hard as she could, but with no success. Long Feiye was so anxious that he kept patting her back, though he was afraid to use any real strength. When he heard Zhao mama’s reminder, he shifted to her front and lightly pressed down with his hand. Again and again, he repeated the motion with his fingertips until Han Yunxi suddenly felt a jolt of electricity pass through her chest to spread all over her body, leaving her somewhat numb. She sucked in a cold breath as her air passages cleared up.

Her lips pursed into a tight line as her body stiffened. She didn’t dare to cough any further, but her red face grew so scarlet that it looked like it would burst into flames. She wanted to move Long Feiye’s hand away, but her body had frozen in place. Long Feiye was too worried to see what he was doing, and simply stroked his fingers up and down until Han Yunxi stiffened. Only then did Long Feiye notice something amiss and came to a halt, wondering what was up with her now.

“Han Yunxi, what’s wrong?” he asked urgently, eyes furrowed so tightly that it looked like they’d never smooth out again.

“I...I…” Han Yunxi’s ears were burning. “I’m...alright now.”

What else could she say? His hand was still touching her chest! She wasn’t sure whether that shrewd old Zhao mama had seen everything, but the old woman was standing off to the side with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Long Feiye was completely oblivious. He surveyed Han Yunxi and made sure she was alright before withdrawing his hand. “Eat slowly.”

Then he sat back and resumed eating his snow lotus seed soup, as if the anxious man from before was a completely different person altogether.

Han Yunxi was in no mood to eat. She kept her head bowed as her heart hammered in her chest, nearly bursting out of her skin. Her heart hadn’t pounded so much even when he’d forcefully kissed her in the past! She knew he hadn’t meant to touch her like that, but what was wrong with her now? She almost couldn’t take her pounding heart.

“Esteemed wangfei, are you still feeling unwell? Why aren’t you eating?” Zhao mama asked.

Long Feiye immediately lifted his head, though he didn’t say a word.

“No...not that, my throat’s just feeling a bit uncomfortable,” Han Yunxi made up an excuse.

Zhao mama immediately poured her a cup of water. “Here, esteemed wangfei. Moisten your throat with this.”

Silence resumed in the room. Han Yunxi discovered that Long Feiye ate very quietly. Soon enough, he was finished. Zhao mama took the chance to nudge Han Yunxi before she spoke. “Your Highness, it’s already so late. Why don’t you stay here?”

Han Yunxi wasn’t an idiot and immediately realized what Zhao mama was up to. She silently pinched Zhao mama, but it wasn’t enough to stop her.

“Your Hignness, there’s only four more hours until daybreak. You can rest upstairs with wangfei while this old servant prepares breakfast. Your Highness, it’s probably been awhile since you’ve eaten the soft bean curd made by this old servant.” As Zhao mama spoke, she even pushed Han Yunxi, indicating that she should make Long Feiye stay. Han Yunxi wordlessly pushed back. Long Feiye was an intelligent man; he’d know what Zhao mama meant.

Long Feiye glanced at Han Yunxi. It was only a single look, but she was already embarrassed enough to avoid his gaze. He’s not going to think that I’m the one who wants him to stay, right?

She knew that she always ended up feeling empty when he left her, but she had never harbored thoughts like Zhao mama’s!

Some things are simply unthinkable!

It was obvious that Han Yunxi had fallen into Zhao mama’s trap. Faced with her current plight, she was even slightly nervous because she didn’t know how he’d reply. Long Feiye didn’t look like he had much to do at all. He poured himself a cup of tea and drank it first before rising to his feet.

At that, all the air suppressed in Han Yunxi’s chest scattered, giving her some relief. At the same time, it left behind an emptiness and a faint sense of disappointment that she didn’t even notice herself.

Zhao mama’s disappointment was written all over her face. Her tone was even a little resentful. “Your Highness, it really has been ages since you’ve ate this old servant’s homemade breakfast.

But Long Feiye simply walked to a long couch on the side and lazily settled down. “Your lordship still has matters to take care of. I’ll leave after resting for two hours.”

Zhao mama was absolutely thrilled, and urged on Han Yunxi, “Esteemed wangfei, hurry and get the bedsheets.”

Han Yunxi still hadn’t realized what was happening, and blankly went upstairs to fetch the sheets. By the time she returned, brocade bed covers in hand, Zhao mama was long gone. Long Feiye was leaning indolently against the couch, one hand propping up his head with his eyes shut. His handsome visage seemed less icy and more soft this way.

Han Yunxi stood watching him by the doorway, completely enraptured. It was like she was seeing a painting of an attractive man instead. His beauty was so surreal that she momentarily forgot what she’d come to do.

Before long, Long Feiye opened his eyes and asked, “Han Yunxi, what are you spacing out for?”

Actually, he’d noticed her as soon as she reached the door, and had been waiting for her the entire time. Han Yunxi finally recovered her wits and walked over, preparing to cover him with the brocade covers. Unexpectedly, Long Feiye sat up and took off his white outer robes edged with gold. Han Yunxi immediately averted her eyes.

Very white...very white… But very soon, she couldn’t resist stealing another peek. In her past life, she’d rescued her share of lives and had plenty of men unclothe themselves in front of her eyes. She was used to seeing them naked, but…

Alright, no more bits. It’s not like it’s a big deal if I see some more.

Han Yunxi the dunce probably forgot what happened the first time she saw a naked Long Feiye. By the time she looked back, Long Feiye was in his white inner robes, the V-shaped collar resting just below his Adam’s apple. With its narrow sleeves and form-fitting waist, it made for a clean cut against his figure. When Han Yunxi saw Long Feiye lie down, she quickly placed the covers over him. It had to be said that this fellow looked extremely handsome even when wearing the simplest of clothes!

Alright, so he’s staying here. What about me?

Long Feiye didn’t say a word as he closed his eyes. He looked like he was sleeping, but he could be dozing off as well. Han Yunxi simply stood at his side, not knowing what to do. It felt like she should go upstairs to sleep since it was almost daylight. But protocol dictated that she wait upon her husband if he was here. After a period of internal struggle, Han Yunxi decided to sit by his side. She didn’t notice when Long Feiye’s eyelids fluttered opened to look at her briefly.

Time passed in the silent room. Even though it was getting brighter, Han Yunxi didn’t feel sleepy at all. She quietly looked at Long Feiye’s peaceful sleeping face and couldn’t help but wonder, Did he stay because he really had nothing else to do…? Or is he just giving me face?

She could admit that she couldn’t see through him, and even had trouble seeing through his thoughts with the simplest of things. The more she stared at him, the more foreign he felt. Just how many things do I still not know about him?

After a long period of silence, Lil Thing finally poked its head out from beneath the study table. It’d hidden there as soon as Long Feiye arrived, curled up so tightly that its bones had started to ache. Now that Long Feiye was asleep, it immediately scurried out and onto Han Yunxi’s body, nuzzling piteously against her.

Mama Yunxi, do you not want me anymore? Why are you letting such a scary cold demon sleep here? Too frightening!

Once again, Long Feiye’s eyes fluttered open. Lil Thing immediately sensed danger as its fur rose in hackles. It jumped off Han Yunxi’s hand and scampered out of sight like a streak of smoke.

“What are you excited over now?” Han Yunxi muttered in bewilderment. Again, she didn’t notice that Long Feiye wasn’t sleeping at all. He was only staying here for two hours, in the end. Eventually, Han Yunxi sat and sat until she fell asleep as well.

By the time she woke up, she found herself lying on the long couch with Long Feiye nowhere in sight.

Is he eating breakfast? She hastily got off the bed before realizing her feet were bare. Someone had arranged her shoes neatly on the side.

Did he do it?

A rush of warmth filled her heart before she ran outside in her bare feet--only to crash into Zhao mama on her way in. As soon as Zhao mama saw her bare toes, she admonished, “Esteemed wangfei, you...if His Highness saw, he’d be unhappy!”

“Where is he?” Han Yunxi asked.

Zhao mama’s good mood faded. “Since esteemed wangfei wouldn’t keep him, did you think this old servant’s bean curd could do the trick?”

Wouldn’t keep him? What kind of methods was Zhao mama thinking she’d use? Han Yunxi sat back on the couch and arched a brow at her. Struck with a guilty conscience, Zhao mama decided to ingratiate herself instead. “Esteemed wangfei, His Highness left as soon as it was daybreak. He said he had business to take care of at Hidden Pavilion, and that he’ll be back in a few days.”

Han Yunxi looked at her coldly without saying a word.

“Esteemed wangfei, that’s the first time His Highness has told this old, no, that His Highness has told esteemed wangfei about his whereabouts!” Zhao mama said with a grin.

Han Yunxi couldn’t keep calm anymore. “What’s he doing?”

“His Highness didn’t say. Esteemed wangfei, His Highness has tons of things to take care of,” Zhao mama answered.

Han Yunxi next asked with interest, “Where is Hidden Pavilion?” She knew of its existence along with the Solitary Enclosure, but she’d only gone to the latter. The Hidden Pavilion seemed like an even more mysterious place. Zhao mama started to chuckle.

“Esteemed wangfei, this old servant would definitely tell you everything I know. This old servant would rather you know as much as possible about His Highness!”


Suddenly, Han Yunxi didn’t know how to answer. She forced a smile and pretended she didn’t hear her, but Zhao mama actually grew serious. “Esteemed wangfei, don’t keep wasting time with His Highness! This old servant can tell, His Highness dotes on you.”

When Han Yunxi still didn’t speak, Zhao mama’s words grew more sincere. “Esteemed wangfei, if there were 100 steps between you and His Highness and you took one step towards him, he’ll definitely finish walking the other 99.”

Han Yunxi felt rather pained by the words. She didn’t know how many steps she’d taken already, much less what Long Feiye took in turn. She only knew that the distance between them seemed very far apart.

“Esteemed wangfei, you...what’s the matter?” Zhao mama sensed that she’d grown solemn.

But Han Yunxi simply laughed. Her penetrating eyes were bright and luminous as she joked, “Zhao mama, can I take 99 steps instead?”

“Esteemed wangfei, this old servant was being serious. I wasn’t joking with you!” Zhao mama grew anxious.

Han Yunxi was still laughing. “This wangfei wasn’t joking, either! I’m telling the truth!”

Zhao mama felt rather helpless. Han Yunxi took the chance to slip again, her smile still hanging about her lips. She couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “How far 99 steps?”

Han Yunxi didn’t rest, but reported to the General Baili’s estate first thing in the morning. Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue went to seek out Emperor Tianhui on his own…

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