Chapter 293: Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move?

Chapter 293: Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Perhaps Mu Linger had sold out Gu Qishao; perhaps Mu Yingdong had been using Mu Linger as well. In any case, Mu Yingdong had truly kept his ambush here for a long time.

“Qin Wangfei, what’s your relationship with Mu Xin?” Mu Yingdong got straight to the point. If not for Gu Qishao, neither he nor Mute Granny would have noticed the Xin (心) embroidered on Han Yunxi’s medical pouch.

Han Yunxi rejoiced over the fact that they hadn’t said too many things about Lady Tianxin inside the house. She replied coldly, “It has nothing to do with you!”

Mu Yingdong’s expression darkened. “Han Yunxi, this isn’t Tianning Country. Don’t be fool enough to reject a life-saving offer!”

“Are you still a man? You actually did such a venomous deed to someone without the strength to truss a chicken!” Han Yunxi was filled with disdain. No matter who Mute Granny was, it was obvious that Mu Yingdong had used her for his own benefit. He’d set up this bamboo house just to wait for someone to fall into his trap. Unfortunately, Gu Qishao had brought her here.

“You wanted to take her away? Heheh, I’ll keep you two here as well!” So speaking, Mu Yingdong suddenly struck out with his foot at Han Yunxi. At the same time, all of the assassins moved to attack Gu Qishao.

Han Yunxi pushed aside Gu Qishao’s hand on her shoulder. “Protect granny well!” Although she didn’t know martial arts, her recent experience with close combat still afforded her some evasion techniques. She dodged to the side to avoid Mu Yingdong’s foot before aiming her fingers at him to shoot her needles. Mu Yingdong didn’t know that Han Yunxi had such skills. Fortunately, he reacted in time to escape her attack.

“Trifling skills!” he gave a cold snort before pulling out his sword.

“What, Jun Yixie didn’t tell you this wangfei wasn’t easy to deal with? Aren’t you two working together?” Han Yunxi retorted icily.

Mu Yingdong gave a start. How did Han Yunxi know? But Han Yunxi was waiting for this chance. She shot out a multitude of needles from her fingers while stomping her feet at the same time to launch the poison needles from her shoes. Mu Yingdong swerved to avoid them again, but this time a needle brushed past his arm, narrowly missing its mark! Han Yunxi was extremely vexed. She was about to shoot again when Mu Yingdong’s figure flashed to appear behind her. Immediately, she turned to launch more needles, but Mu Yingdong easily evaded them this time.

“It looks like this is all Qin Wangfei can do,” his lips curved up into a mocking smile. An old fox like him had long gauged the extent of Han Yunxi’s abilities after a few moves. She looked aggressive, but she didn’t know martial arts at all, only weaponry. Han Yunxi knew she’d been exposed, but she still didn’t give up. But after a few rounds, she was already panting for breath while Mu Yingdong was still moving with ease. On the side, Gu Qishao was worried about Han Yunxi, but it was hard for him to divide his concentration between the various assassins and an unconscious Mute Granny. Very soon, Mu Yingdong went on the counterattack.

“Qin Wangfei, I don’t care about your connections with Mu Xin. Since you’re already here...don’t even think of leaving for the rest of your life!” As Mu Yingdong spoke, he reached for Han Yunxi’s shoulder.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gu Qishao glimpsed the action and sent his swordfan flying on Han Yunxi’s direction. He managed to protect her, but ended up losing Mute Granny to the assassins. Deciding quickly, he pulled Han Yunxi into his arms. “Let’s go!”

In actuality, Gu Qishao was capable of killing all the assassins and Mu Yingdong alike, but that would mean revealing his secret. If it was possible, he’d never reveal that secret in this lifetime. Since these people had planted a trap ahead of time, they had to escape now. Han Yunxi felt her heart clench at the sight of Mute Granny, who’d been cast aside by the assassins. She didn’t want to leave just like this. It would probably be difficult to see Mute Granny again once they escaped. Han Yunxi was planning to push Gu Qishao aside and try for another bout when a second wave of black-robed assassins appeared to surround them. Seeing this, Gu Qishao and Han Yunxi were both startled. Even if Han Yunxi changed her mind to escaping now, it was too late.

“Qin Wangfei, I’ve said it before. Today, you have to stay,” Mu Yingdong had steeled his heart to keep them here.

And yet it was at this moment that an ice-cold voice pierced through the crowd of assassins. “Mu Yingdong, what kind of skills do you have to keep your lordship’s woman?”

As the voice fell, the outermost circle of assassins were sent flying into the air, spraying blood everywhere. Behind came Long Feiye, a hand holding his sword while the other rested behind his back. He advanced slowly, flicking his blade with each step he took forward. Every strike of the sword sent an assassin in his way flying into the air. They were already corpses by the time they landed on the ground. In a flash, all of the assassins backed off and yielded a path for Long Feiye.

“Long Feiye!” Mu Yingdong was stunned. Isn’t he still searching for Han Yunxi? How did he find his way here?

Long Feiye ignored Mu Yingdong to fixate on Han Yunxi, who was still in Gu Qishao’s arms. The edge of his sword trailed against the ground as he headed towards Han Yunxi, his entire being emanating a frightening rage. It was a fury that forced Gu Qishao to be on his guard, while Han Yunxi had turned stiff in his arms, absolutely dumbfounded.

Mu Yingdong was the first to recover and immediately gave orders. “Everyone at once, charge him!”

All of the assassins instantly rushed at Long Feiye. But as before, he simply walked step by step towards Han Yunxi. Anyone who tried to block his way met a violent end with one strike of his sword! Nobody who entered his range of attack escaped with injuries--there was only death. Soon enough, there was a line of corpses in the wake of Long Feiye’s footsteps. In the end, the assassins all backed away again, subconsciously distancing themselves from this death god.

Mu Yingdong was stupefied as well. He’d long heard of Long Feiye’s famous reputation and knew he wasn’t someone easy to provoke. But it was only now that he realized why the proud and ambitious Jun Yixie had labeled Long Feiye as a dangerous man.

As for Han Yunxi--she’d imagined various different scenes of Long Feiye coming to find her, but she never thought he’d be trampling over corpses on the way. Gu Qishao didn’t retreat, but held on even tighter to Han Yunxi as if she was a precious treasure that a single moment of carelessness might steal away.

Finally, Long Feiye stopped before them, only three steps away. Gu Qishao still managed to smile. “Your Highness Duke of Qin, long time no see.”

Long Feiye didn’t reply. His eyes rested on Gu Qishao’s hand, which was still holding onto Han Yunxi’s shoulder. Then he suddenly lifted his leg and struck out with a blindingly fast kick that connected with Gu Qishao’s gut and sent him flying. Gu Qishao spat out a mouthful of blood before he splashed into the icy waters of the lake, sending ripples in his wake. Even then, Long Feiye didn’t spare him a glance. His focus was completely on Han Yunxi, his icy pupils seeming to see through her completely.

“Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move?” his low voice was completely frigid, enough to lower the temperatures around them by a few degrees. Han Yunxi, Mu Yingdong, and the assassins around them all heard his words, but nobody dared to move. A few people even broke out into cold sweat for Han Yunxi’s sake. Most likely, this woman had ran away by herself. If she let that man make his own move, the consequences might be unthinkable!

Han Yunxi bit her lip tightly and refused to speak.

“Still not coming over?” Long Feiye asked, suppressing his temper.

In fact, Han Yunxi not only refused to come, but backed up a few steps to escape. Finally, Long Feiye lost his patience and took a sudden stride forward to grab her by the jaw. His ruthless strength chilled the hearts of all who saw him.

It was at this moment that Gu Qishao resurfaced from the lake and cried, “Long Feiye, I’ll never forgive you if you hurt a hair on her head!”

But nobody expected Long Feiye to suddenly kiss Han Yunxi on the lips. He attacked her like a violent storm, appearing to unburden his cares while punishing her at the same time. The movement was intense and ferocious.

He wasn’t attacking her with his hands, but his lips!

Han Yunxi even forgot to struggle in her surprise. By the time she recovered her senses, it was already impossible to repel him. She pounded against his chest, but Long Feiye quickly grabbed both of her hands. Gu Qishao watched without moving from a distance, his two hands slowly curling into fists. He was this close to revealing everything so he could fight Long Feiye to the death. He didn’t like it when Poison lass was being bullied, especially this kind of ‘bullying!’ But in the end, he did nothing at all. He turned aside to avoid looking at them before taking to the skies and fleeing.

Han Yunxi, it looks like this is fate. In the end, I can only say ‘I love you’ as a joke.

Mu Yingdong recovered his wits upon seeing Gu Qishao escape. He had trouble believing that Long Feiye would start being intimate with Han Yunxi in such a situation. But now was his best chance. Immediately, he signaled the assassins with his eyes. Very soon, all of them launched a group attack at the pair. But Long Feiye still didn’t let go of Han Yunxi!

He held onto Han Yunxi’s waist with one hand while his other wielded his sword. As he kissed her, he fought off the attacking enemies. Blood splashed around them on all sides as he grappled with the foes. Still, he deepened his kiss, the forceful motion slowly giving way to a lingering reluctance to part with her lips. It was as if he feared he’d lose her forever if he let go.

Nobody had known, but his wrath over the past few days had been hiding a deep set terror. It was a fear that had even eclipsed his feelings when his mufei had died. Han Yunxi had long shut her eyes against the sounds of blades clanging in close combat. She’d managed to escape from this man’s grasp, but not his lips. From being unable to struggle, she gave up struggling altogether. Despite being physically paralyzed in his arms with dread, she felt an inexplicable sense of safety as well.

Again, she realized that she’d lost.

As the fight drew to an end, the area around them became littered in corpses. None of the assassins dared to approach them again. This man was simply too terrifying. Mu Yingdong hesitated, considering whether he should step out personally. But in the end, he had no way to force himself forward. His hands clenched into fists as he looked at the kissing pair in frustration.

What is this?!

They were kissing right in front of him, but he couldn’t do a thing. The assassins sent questioning glances toward Mu Yingdong. Should they keep trying to kill the targets, or...or let them do as they pleased? Mu Yingdong didn’t even know how to answer. This was the Mu estate, so were they supposed to withdraw? Even if they didn’t withdraw, how were they supposed to defeat their foe?

Finally, when Han Yunxi was having trouble breathing, Long Feiye reluctantly let her go. Their eyes met, his as cold as ever, hers accompanied by a flushing face as she avoided his gaze. Long Feiye didn’t say a word, but simply lowered his head again in the face of everyone watching and kissed her anew.


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