Chapter 271: She's domineering, too

Chapter 271: She's domineering, too Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

The room was silent.

The budding warmth on Long Feiye’s face vanished, to be replaced with a cold stare. There wasn’t a single flicker of light coming from his pupils, which were so dark that they seemed capable of swallowing the world whole. He looked at Han Yunxi for a long time without speaking, causing her to feel a tendril of dread slipping into her resolve. Again, she evaded his gaze without a word, turning away with the escape.

Only then did Long Feiye speak up, his voice as icy as the first night they met. “Suppose your lordship doesn’t forgive you?”

Nobody had even been able to provoke his limits or ignore his very existence to such an extent. At the very least, he never thought that the woman who always looked at him with those dazed eyes could have a day where she didn’t look at him at all. Han Yunxi, you’re the the one who provoked your lordship. There’s no such thing as someone who decides whether or not they’ll stay or leave!

Long Feiye picked up the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion and walked in front of Han Yunxi. As soon as he drew near, his overpowering aura swept across her. Han Yunxi only felt pressure as heavy as a mountain and unconsciously backed away. But Long Feiye actually grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him. He kept his hand there. Though he didn’t use any strength, Han Yunxi still felt fear for no reason, as if her waist might snap. She slowly raised her head and looked away, not wanting to meet his eyes.

Long Feiye remained silent as he slowly placed the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion back into her medical pouch, his movements making her hairs to stand on end. As soon as he finished, he grabbed her chin and forcefully turned her to look at him. Though neither of them spoke, their mutual struggle was intense. Han Yunxi used all her strength on her chin, refusing to yield. Long Feiye’s own grip gradually strengthened until it started to hurt her bones. Finally, she was defeated and forced to look at him head-on. Still, she shut her eyes and refused to see him.

“Open your eyes!” Long Feiye ordered angrily, his voice so very fierce.

Han Yunxi didn’t budge a muscle as she pretended to hear nothing. When Long Feiye saw this, a cruel look swept past his eyes before he gripped her lower jaw and bent down to kiss her. Han Yunxi’s eyes flew wide open, but it was already too late. An aggressive Long Feiye rudely plundered her lips. She clenched her jaw and refused to open her mouth, making him even more angry. He used strength to grip her waist, hurting her enough to part her lips. Before she could even cry out, he had swallowed her lips whole.

Unlike the gentle kiss of the first time, nor the overbearing kiss of the second, this time he seemed to have gone insane. The longer he kissed, the more force he used and the deeper he went. Han Yunxi almost couldn’t bear it anymore and only felt like he was eating her up. With both her waist and jaw held captive, she had no way to struggle free. Suddenly, Long Feiye released her jaw and took her into his arms before heading for the bed. Han Yunxi used all her strength to hit him before she gave up on being silent to yell, “Long Feiye, that’s enough from you! Enough!”

He placed her on the bed and finally spoke up as well with a furious shout. “It’s not enough!”

“I hate you! Get lost!” Han Yunxi had lost her temper and released a flurry of poison needles to attack him. Long Feiye evaded them all and pressed down on her wrist. He had taught her how to use all of her assassination weapons, so there was no way she could hurt him while he was on guard.

“What are you bullying me for? Who do you think you are?!” Han Yunxi used her other hand to punch him; unfortunately, Long Feiye caught that one and pinned it down as well.

“Your lordship is your husband, your Heaven and Earth. Your lordship is your entire life!”

“Bullsh*t!” Han Yunxi sent a spray of saliva flying into his face.

Though Long Feiye was severely mysophobic, he actually ignored the spit and said coldly, “Was it the white-robed man who saved you?”

Han Yunxi gave a frosty laugh. “It certainly wasn’t you.”

If he hadn’t gone out to save Duanmu Yao, she wouldn’t have stood at the entrance to wait for him. They would have had enough time, and Mu Linger wouldn’t have been able to push her out into the hands of Jun Yixie. All of them could have escaped unscathed and shut the door, leaving Duanmu Yao and Jun Yixie to be devoured alive by the flesh-eating rats. Everything she had suffered after being kidnapped by Jun Yixie was a direct result of him saving another woman.

“You took offense?” Long Feiye asked without hesitation. There was no need to ask what he was referring to, because they both knew implicitly.

“So what if I did?” Han Yunxi admitted openly. Long Feiye, if you want to treat me well, then you should never treat another woman the same way. Otherwise, I’d rather not have you at all! When it came to matters of feelings, she was ever more domineering than him!

Long Feiye was about to explain himself when he suddenly stopped. His expression was indescribably complicated. It was as if a sudden burst of stormy rains had ceased, causing his impulsive, fiendish transformation to hesitate in place. Han Yunxi looked and looked until her half-dead heart sank down a few parts more.

What did he mean by this? Was he not planning to answer her? Did he have nothing to say at all?

After waiting for a while without hearing anything from Long Feiye, Han Yunxi simply pushed him aside. The dazed Long Feiye was left behind as she said coldly, “This girl doesn’t mind it anymore. Bridges will be bridges and roads will be roads. Chenqie won’t cause trouble for Your Highness, so chenqie troubles to ask that Your Highness won’t bother me, either.” So speaking, she got off the bed, but Long Feiye simply sat there looking at her quietly without trying to stop her.

Han Yunxi adjusted her clothes and hair. She hesitated a bit, before wiping her mouth clean right in front of him to get rid of his taste on her lips. “Chenqie won’t be going to the poisons warehouse, may Your Highness find someone better qualified.”

After that, she turned to leave. Even when she reached the door, Long Feiye didn’t call out to stop her. Han Yunxi gritted her teeth and ignoring the misery in her heart as she took large strides away. Inside the room, Long Feiye sat on the bed, staring at the white robes that Han Yunxi had left behind her. His entire person had turned frighteningly still, his eyes filled with complicated emotions as they brightened and dimmed. No one could tell what he was hesitating over now. Tang Li stood right outside the door to wait, because he understood. He ended up waiting for a long time, up until the night began to grow light.

Originally, he thought that it’d only take Long Feiye a few hours to adjust himself. Hadn’t he always been the decisive type? But no, he was still just sitting there in silence. Personal relationships between a man and a woman wasn’t something Long Feiye could have, especially when the origins of that woman were still suspect.

If he can’t make a decision when he has to, it’ll only cause trouble down the road!

Tang Li couldn’t just stand by and watch him anymore. He walked inside and said thinly, “Big bro, you all right?”

If Tang Li wasn’t calling him the Duke of Qin with a grin, then he was referring to him by his full name. Very rarely would he ever call Long Feiye his ‘big bro’ beyond a handful of times since their youth. His father and aunt had both forbidden it. They’d told him that only a person who gave up all forms of affection, even familial ties, could accomplish great things. When Long Feiye was ten years old, his mother--Tang Li’s aunt--had given him the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion along with a large responsibility. Then she’d committed suicide by slitting her throat right in front of his eyes.

Her blood had splattered all over Long Feiye’s face, frightening him so much that he couldn’t even cry. After that, he didn’t speak a single word for an entire year. Recalling those memories, Tang Li lightly patted Long Feiye’s shoulder, but the man simply pushed his hand away as he recovered his usual icy face. It was as if nothing had happened to him at all. He tossed the white robes to Tang Li and said, “Make preparations, we’ll enter the poisons warehouse in three days’ time.”

Tang Li wanted to say something, but swallowed his words at the sight of Long Feiye’s icy pupils.

“Send someone to guard and escort her back. Take Mu Linger back as well, we can’t give up on the clues we’ve found about Lady Tianxin,” Long Feiye tossed these words at Tang Li before his body flickered and flashed out of sight.


Currently, Han Yunxi was inside Gu Beiyue’s room. The doctor still hadn’t shown up, but the medical supplies box he’d brought was still here, as if he’d just left his quarters. Han Yunxi sat on the bed, hugging her knees to her chest as she fell into a depression. She ended up sitting there from day to night, oblivious to the fact that the entire medical academy was looking for Xi Yubo.

He had ran away!

But he hadn’t left the medical academy. Instead, he had hidden himself within the Poison Sect’s area. When he saw a white-robed man suddenly appear out of thin air, he quickly ran out from the trees and respectfully said, “Master.”

This white-robed man was none other than the white-robed gentleman from the Shadow Clan. Yet as soon as Xi Yubo raised his head, it was to meet the man’s vicious kick. The ruthless move was a complete contrast to his white robes, and one kick was enough to send Xi Yubo sprawling to the ground. He lay there, physically paralyzed as he spat up a large mouthful of fresh blood.

“Master!” Xi Yubo was stunned. He endured the pain in his chest and crawled to his feet, indignation evident in his tone. “Master, your subordinate doesn’t understand!”

Although he called this white-robed man his “master,” he had no idea who he was or even what he looked like. Xi Yubo wasn’t naturally gifted in medicine, but relied on hard work to get through. The only reason he’d managed to make it as a sixth-rank Primogenitor Doctor was all because of the white-robed man’s help. He had taught him all about the medical arts. As for the Gu arts, he’d learned it from a rare book given to him by the white-robed man. Where else could he have learned it? He had planted Gu in Long Tianmo all according to the white-robed man’s directions, though he didn’t know the reasons.  

“There’s no need for you to understand. Who told you to act on your own authority and cause difficulties for Han Yunxi?” the white-robed man interrogated. He may have been gentle, but he had a temper as well. He had set up this entire chessboard, first to lure Han Yunxi to Medical City, second to sound out Gu Qishao and his true origins. Unfortunately, he hadn’t expected Jun Yixie to interfere halfway, or that Long Feiye would show up as well. The two of them had thrown his plans into chaos, so it was fortunate that Han Yunxi had escaped unscathed by the end.

Xi Yubo felt both angry and resentful, but he couldn’t reply. It was true, he had assumed authority of the situation, but he didn’t understand why the white-robed man had told him to frame Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue, then get angry at him when he caused difficulties for Han Yunxi at the consultation? Just who was this man? Where had he gotten his rare book on the Gu arts? Why did he want to lure Han Yunxi to Medical City? Xi Yubo had all sorts of questions, but he didn’t dare to ask any of them. The last time he did, the white-robed man had only told him he didn’t need to know so much.

“Go back to the old place. If this happens again, you won’t be let off lightly,” the white-robed man ordered coldly.

At this moment, a red-robed figure suddenly flew over. Xi Yubo quickly hid himself again, while the white-robed man took to the skies in order to screen him, exposing himself in the process. This red-robed figure was none other than Gu Qishao, who’d been chasing after the white-robed man for some time. If the white-robed man hadn’t been so severely injured, how could Gu Qishao have kept up for so long?

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Long Feiye remained silent as he slowly placed the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion back into her medical pouch, his movements making her hairs to stand on end. As soon as he hid it safely, he grabbed her chin and forcefully turned her to look at him.

Long Feiye: Look at me when I'm talking.

Han Yunxi: *glares*

Long Feiye: Not like this.

Han Yunxi: Sorry to be such a disappointment, Your Highness.

Long Feiye: *pauses*

Long Feiye:'ve never disappointed me.

Han Yunxi: Heh. In the end, those words only count for one point of view.

Long Feiye: This isn't the end.

Han Yunxi: No. We were over before we ever began.

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