Chapter 270: Doing your best to help is a must

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Long Feiye was about to ask Han Yunxi why she was in such a hurry to pack up when he stopped at the sight of Third Elder. Third Elder couldn’t be bothered with Long Feiye either, and asked as soon as he entered the room, “Qin Wangfei, just what is the matter with the crown prince’s old ailment?”

Only then did Han Yunxi stop with a cold smile. “Third Elder came to ask me? Why not ask Director Xi instead?”

Han Yunxi had given up the bet so easily and now had this kind of attitude. It only made Third Elder all the more suspicious. “Qin Wangfei, you let this old man win on purpose!”

Third Elder didn’t want to lose or have a tie, but he definitely didn’t want a young woman like her to yield to him. It was a point of great humiliation for a seventh-ranked Sage Doctor like himself. He couldn’t get over it!

“No, Third Elder’s overthinking things. Why would I yield to you?” Han Yunxi had worked so hard to cure Long Tianmo’s poison, so why would she yield to Third Elder on purpose? She was just concerned about the effect of exposing Gu arts to the world again. There was nothing good about that kind of skill because it caused great harm to others. When Cloud Realm Medical Academy had exterminated the Poison Sect, the primary reasons probably came from its use of Gu arts. Right now, there were very few people who knew the Gu arts. If she explained in public that Long Tianmo had been afflicted with Gu, then it would be telling everyone that the Gu arts still existed in this world. People would certainly go hunt down Gu and start learning the arts for themselves. Then she’d be the chief culprit of that calamity, because the resurgence of Gu arts could only cause chaos across the world.

The real man that was Han Yunxi kept insisting on being a little woman. She had nothing to do with the rise and fall of nations, but when it came to things like this, she still chose to look after the big picture. Third Elder was rendered speechless by her words. Because of this illness, they’d come to a disagreement from the first instance they met. In the end, it was still Han Yunxi who had won, so there was no reason for her to yield. Perhaps I really am overthinking things, Third Elder mused.

But Han Yunxi simply finished packing her things, sat down, and said leisurely, “I only yielded because I didn’t want invite serious trouble to the medical academy.”

“You!” Third Elder felt like he’d been played. “Even if you’ve won, the medical academy has no need to invite serious trouble!” Han Yunxi was the victor, but he’d only agreed to help her with one request. The consequences of her victory weren’t that exaggerated. This damned lass, she’ll overflow as soon as you pour her some well water! It looked like he’d come for nothing. Tired of talking, Third Elder rose and prepared to take his leave when Han Yunxi suddenly turned serious.

She lowered her voice and said, “Third Elder, you couldn’t tell that Xi Yubo was using the Gu arts, right?”

Third Elder’s head snapped back to look at Han Yunxi, astonishment on his face! Never mind whether Han Yunxi was lying or not, just the fact that she knew about “Gu arts” was enough to make him nervous. Why would someone of her age be aware of its existence? Long Feiye and Tang Li were startled as well, but all they did was exchange glances and keep quiet. Gu arts was a taboo in the medical academy. Only the oldest members knew about it, but most of their knowledge came from rumors. It didn’t mean they really understood how it worked, much less how to use it.

So how did Han Yunxi know?

Han Yunxi knew she’d made the right guess when she saw Third Elder’s shock. Third Elder hadn’t been able to tell after all. “Third Elder, there was a Gu bug inside Long Tianmo’s stomach. That’s why his old ailment seemed to come back overnight. Xi Yubo’s claim of chronic ascites doesn’t hold water at all!” Han Yunxi said seriously.

All right, she could admit she was doing this on purpose. By giving up so easily, she was able to lure Third Elder here. Some things really weren’t meant to be discussed in public. Third Elder’s forehead wrinkled as he stared at Han Yunxi without speaking. Of course he knew that chronic ascites didn’t exist. He also understood that Long Tianmo’s old ailment reappearing had something to do with Xi Yubo himself, but he always assumed it was one of the man’s own secret arts, not the Gu arts!

“Third Elder, the crown prince’s stomach originally had a poisonous cancer that I treated previously. It was dissolved into blood and water and witnessed by Emperor Tianhui himself. When the old ailment showed up again, it was only because Xi Yubo planted Gu into his body. Then, when the crown prince was kidnapped on the way here, someone treated his Gu and poisoned him instead.” Han Yunxi explained everything clearly. If she had spoken these words just then in public, she really would have won.

But now she was only telling them to Third Elder. When she noticed the Elder still furrowing his brows, she added, “Xi Yubo suspected that the crown prince was a fake because he was too self-confident. He thought that nobody would be able to treat the Gu he personally implanted inside.”

By now, Third Elder was forced to believe her even if he couldn’t. If not for the bet between him and Han Yunxi, it would’ve just been Xi Yubo, Luo Zuishan and a few Elders discussing Long Tianmo between them. He had no faith in Xi Yubo’s claim of ‘chronic ascites’ from the very beginning. He always assumed that Xi Yubo had used some secret arts to be so confident that Han Yunxi couldn’t crack the case. But the Gu arts seemed more likely!

Many secret arts existed, and many doctors had their own skills and techniques. Unless they were passed down personally, no one else would understand the secrets behind them. Even the person who’d kidnapped Long Tianmo wouldn’t have been able to figure it out! But the Gu arts were different. Typically, only the person who implanted the Gu would understand what was going all, but that wasn’t always the case when another Gu arts expert showed up. After analyzing the situation, the use of Gu arts was the one explanation that could solve all the doubtful points in Long Tianmo’s illness!

Suddenly enlightened, Third Elder could only mutter to himself in disbelief, “So that was it! So that was it!” Very quickly, he became on guard. “Esteemed wangfei, who was it that kidnapped Tianning’s crown prince?”

For now, he wouldn’t bother with how and where Xi Yubo had learned his Gu arts. In any case, that man wouldn’t be able to escape the calamity even if he ran away from the medical academy. He was more concerned with Han Yunxi and the kidnapper who was a Gu arts expert.

“I only know that the kidnapper’s from the Hundred Poison Sect. There were many Poison Humans who showed up then,” Han Yunxi was waiting precisely to answer this question. She wouldn’t sell out Jun Yixie so directly, much less mention that the head of the Hundred Poison Sect was involved. She’d rather toss these clues to the medical academy and have them investigate themselves, thus causing trouble for Hundred Poison Sect. Moreover, once news of Jun Yixie and Princess Duan both teaming up at Medical City together spread around, Northern Li’s imperial clan would definitely interrogate the man. Lodging complaints and exposing people weren’t upright methods, but Han Yunxi felt that a swine like Jun Yixie deserved it! Whether it was Northern Li’s imperial court or the Hundred Poison Sect, Jun Yixie’s future days would be filled with troubles!

Third Elder didn’t know the Gu arts, but he knew about “Poison Humans.” If the Hundred Poison Sect could create Poison Humans, then it wasn’t so strange for them to know about Gu arts as well! Third Elder stroked his beard as he nodded in turn. Very quickly, he turned to Han Yunxi with a guarded look. “Esteemed wangfei, do you understand the Gu arts?”

If she could recognize it, she should definitely understand it!

Luo Zuishan was one of Gu Qishao’s men, so of course Han Yunxi wouldn’t sell him out. She stood up and shouldered her bundle, an optimistic smile on her face. “Third Elder, I don’t understand it. That’s why we tied today. Since Xi Yubo’s here, just hand the issue over to the superiors.”

Third Elder was an intelligent man and immediately understood her intentions. Han Yunxi hadn’t exposed the matter of the Gu arts at the consultation because she understood the dangerous nature of such a topic. She was clearly set to win and make a name for herself, but she’d actually relinquished the chance for the greater good. Leaving aside the fact that she was female, even men with such breadth of mind were few and far in between. But this was exactly how a doctor should act. A true doctor aimed to save a person, a country, an entire world!

She could’ve avoided him altogether and reported directly to the Head Elder. If that happened, both Xi Yubo and himself, as the representative of the Council of Elders, would’ve suffered disaster together. Instead, she’d left him a way out. Doctors were still kindhearted in the end. A single, simple, ‘I don’t understand it, so we tied,’ made Third Elder look at Han Yunxi somewhat at a loss. He’d always assumed that this girl was conceited and arrogant, a argumentative, contentious sort with no regard nor mercy for her elders. Even if her poison skills were impressive, he didn’t think she was a good girl.

Now he had to reexamine his views. It was the first time Third Elder had been so accepting of a junior. His face was sincere as he said, “Qin Wangfei, this old man lost. Forget about just asking for one request. Even if you need to request something from all of Medical City, this old man will do his best to help you!”

He actually… Han Yunxi found this too unexpected. All she did was do what she felt was right. She’d even made a fool out of Third Elder with her words back then. But Third Elder actually admitted his loss and gave her such a serious promise. Things had really turned out to be a blessing in disguise! In the future, she now had connections and a relationship with someone from Medical City!

Han Yunxi made no efforts to conceal her delight. She really was pleasantly surprised. Clasping her hands before her chest, she generously accepted his offer and said, “Third Elder, it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously.[1. it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously (恭敬不如从命) - gongjin buru congming, a saying spoken to elders upon accepting their gifts] Yunxi will remember your words!”

Third Elder nodded. “This old man still has business to take care of, so I won’t accompany any further!” Naturally, he had to hurry off and deal with Xi Yubo. Just where had he learned his Gu arts from? Han Yunxi wasn’t concerned with that point. She only knew that her troubles were done and dealt with. She and Gu Beiyue were now innocent. Nobody had any idea where he was now. Hopefully, the medical academy people still searching for him would have news soon.

At this point, the ever silent Long Feiye finally spoke up. “Han Yunxi, you were formidable.”

It was rare for him to praise anyone, but he was truly happy for Han Yunxi’s sake. He never expected this woman could gain Third Elder’s approval by her own efforts alone. With Third Elder’s support, her path might not be the smoothest, but it would be unhindered.

Still, Han Yunxi only replied in a polite tone, “Your Highness praises wrongly. Chenqie is only very lucky not to have lost face for Your Highness.” Sometimes, being polite didn’t mean one had good manners, but that one was keeping others at a distance with their cold indifference. Long Feiye looked at her with a subtle start and suddenly didn’t know how to reply.

“If Your Highness has no other business, then chenqie will take her leave.” As Han Yunxi spoke, she adjusted her bundle and went towards the door. If her attempts to ignore him hadn’t been obvious before, they were glaringly clear now. Looking at Han Yunxi’s back, Long Feiye’s face immediately turned frigid.

Tang Li gave an involuntary shiver and cried out, “Han Yunxi, you wait there! Let me go out first!” At times like this, it was best for him to avoid the situation entirely. Han Yunxi actually stopped to let him pass. Long Feiye’s cold face seemed to warm somewhat as he prepared to speak again, but Han Yunxi actually took out a little porcelain bottle and placed it on the side table without taking a single step towards him.

That was none other than the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion!

Her tone turned even more polite as she spoke. “Chenqie is incompetent and unable to analyze this thing. May Your Highness please forgive me.”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Third Elder: Fooling around with an old man...have you no shame?!

Han Yunxi: None whatsoever. I'm shameless.

Long Feiye: *bristles* Don't use words like that so carelessly.

Han Yunxi: Oh, but of course. I'd forgotten that Your Highness is the real shameless one.

Long Feiye: What do you mean by that?

Han Yunxi: Why don't you ask someone who cares?

Long Feiye: *frowns* Your lordship--

Han Yunxi: --isn't just "my" lordship anymore, is he?

Long Feiye: *frowning intensifies*

Han Yunxi: If you're not going to talk, I'm going to assume that's a 'yes.'

Long Feiye: Han Yunxi, just what--

Han Yunxi: Later~ *saunters off*

Third Elder: H-hold on a minute! *chases after*

Long Feiye: *stalks after them both* >:|

Tang Li: a male lead still a male lead when he keeps falling behind the rest? :/

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