Chapter 269: Balancing sides, to say or not to say

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Han Yunxi cured him!

Duanmu Yao’s shout broke the silence in the courtyard. The crowd first gave a start, before breaking out into jeering laughter. For a while, all sorts of sneers and taunts came Duanmu Yao’s way. Who would like a woman who was such a busybody about other people’s business? Plenty of people were already resenting her for arguing with Han Yunxi in the first place. Now, most of them were taking advantage of her misfortune to throw rocks down her well.

“Qin Wangfei, beautifully done!”

“Heheh, that’s what happens when you meddle in other people’s business.”

“Aiya, didn’t Princess Duan say just then that she couldn’t cure the poison?”

“Hahah, Princess Duan, what did you say? Say it again, we didn’t hear!”

… …

Duanmu Yao wanted to cry herself to death. This was the first time she’d felt so utterly helpless. Even though she didn’t want to admit it, she knew that she’d truly underestimated Han Yunxi. She was too arrogant and conceited to place any other woman in her eyes. This time she’d really ran into a block of iron. It was too late for her to repent, or else she wouldn’t have provoked Han Yunxi in the first place. Afraid to look at the crowd, she only stole a glance at Long Feiye, only to see him smiling as well!


She’d been his junior sister for so many years, but she’d never seen him smile before. Who knew that her first time would come when he was laughing at her expense! Duanmu Yao didn’t even want to live anymore. She covered her mouth, turned away, and fled. Most likely, the news of her fleeing the scene in tears would quickly spread. Both Duanmu Yao’s clown act today, and her collaboration with Jun Yixie, would soon be the lead story in Cloud Realm Continent. Her marriage prospects had already been severely affected when Long Feiye rejected the marriage alliance. What kind of good man would willingly marry a woman rejected by another? Perhaps Duanmu Yao could marry well just by relying on her status as a Western Zhou princess of a first wife. But today her name had been utterly discredited. Even if the emperor of Western Zhou didn’t abandon her completely, nobody would dare to take her now.

For a woman, this was a mortal blow!

When Han Yunxi saw Duanmu Yao running away, her pent-up feelings felt somewhat relieved. If she was willing to look at Long Feiye, she’d definitely see his smile from just then. Unfortunately, she was still avoiding him.

While Qinwang Rong stayed behind to accompany Long Tianmo, Third Elder and the rest walked out. Duanmu Yao had brought disgrace upon herself. This bet was originally made between Third Elder and Han Yunxi, so now that they couldn’t cancel it, they had to see it to the end. Han Yunxi looked at the courtyard full of people before glancing at Luo Zuishan. As expected, he had been shooting her meaningful looks the entire time. She’d learned the truth about Long Tianmo’s stomach when they were first making their way to the Sky Pit. Long Tianmo had been implanted with Gu, and that’s why his abdomen swelled up. The Gu arts were a creation of the Poison Sect’s poison arts. Gu was divided into three different types by levels. Starting from bottom to top, they were Gu that fed on plants, that fed on bugs, and that fed on humans. Within each category were further subdivisions according to the Gu arts. This was definitely a taboo topic within the medical academy. Although it was unclear where Xi Yubo had learned such skills, Luo Zuishan only knew of them by name without understanding the content.

Han Yunxi was puzzled. Both Luo Zuishan and Xi Yubo were sixth-ranked Primogenitor Doctors who were directors to boot. There was no reason why Luo Zuishan shouldn’t understand Gu! Unless some high level master had helped Xi Yubo implant them? Of course, these weren’t matters for her to consider. What she was concerned with was whether it was possible to expose such a deed in public. As soon as she did, many people would be implicated in the mess. The medical academy would take care of Xi Yubo right then and there, but Han Yunxi was more worried over how many people would arrive to seek out the Gu arts. Supposedly, it had died out along with the Poison Sect since it was a calamity to begin with!

On one side, Luo Zuishan kept shooting her the same looks to tell her to stay quiet. But if she didn’t expose the deed, how was she to conclude her bet with Third Elder? Most likely, that man didn’t know the truth at all. If he did, he wouldn’t have agreed to a public consultation. As Han Yunxi weighed both sides, Third Elder was doing the exact same thing. After seeing the plight of Duanmu Yao and how Han Yunxi had rescued the patient twice, this seventh-ranked Sage Doctor even felt a bit of fear. He could only rejoice that he’d left some reservations when making the bet with Han Yunxi and didn’t limit it to just saving Long Tianmo’s life. Their original bet had Han Yunxi both curing Long Tianmo and explaining the reasons behind his old ailment flaring up again. Although there was no way for Third Elder to win now, he could at least struggle for a tie between them. This way, it wouldn’t lose too much face for the Council of Elders.

At this moment, the silent Xi Yubo suddenly scooted over with a soft reminder. “Third Elder, the bet isn’t over yet. Han Yunxi won’t be able to explain the cause.”

Actually, Third Elder had long started to suspect Xi Yubo. He hadn’t been able to find any signs of Long Tianmo’s poisoning last night, nor gotten any conclusion to his diagnosis attempt. He even thought of fetus in fetu as a possibility, but that wouldn’t explain why the condition had relapsed again. Now he had faint suspicions that Xi Yubo had done something with a secret art or another, but it wasn’t convenient to ask him when he had to save face. If it really was a secret skill of Xi Yubo’s, then Han Yunx would have no way to explain herself. Every doctor had secret skills of their own, or secret methods they’d figured out themselves. Typically speaking, there was no way for other people to expose such secrets.

Xi Yubo grew anxious when Third Elder didn’t reply. He knew that if Third Elder lost this time, then it meant a loss for the Council of Elders as well. Would the Council forgive him for bringing up a troublesome case like Long Tianmo?

“Third Elder, I swear on my rank as a director, there’s no way Han Yunxi can explain it!” Once Han Yunxi failed her explanation, then she wouldn’t really win. But since Third Elder hadn’t been able to cure Long Tianmo, he wouldn’t have won either. In the end, their bet would only end in a draw.

Third Elder glanced at Xi Yubo, signaling with his eyes for him to shut up. Xi Yubo only mused that there was nobody who understood the Gu arts. If Third Elder asked him for particulars either, he could toss out any excuse of secret arts to explain things. In any case, Third Elder didn’t hesitate any further with Xi Yubo’s guarantee. He opened his mouth and asked, “Qin Wangfei, shall we...continue?”

Han Yunxi paused before she said, “Third Elder, didn’t we say this wouldn’t be publicized? His Highness Crown Prince’s illness...why don’t we discuss it indoors?”

Discuss it indoors?

This woman was someone who didn’t spare anyone when she could, but she actually suggested that they talk about it inside?

“Qin Wangfei, are you afraid of losing and being laughed at?” Lady Lianxin laughed coldly. It was unclear how Han Yunxi had offended her, since even Third Elder didn’t try to find fault with her so often.

Han Yunxi looked over with furrowed brows before holding back her temper to explain. “The crown prince’s illness is a private affair in the end. It’s not appropriate to speak about it here.” This wasn’t an excuse. She’d done so much to get to this point, so of course she wanted to win. But the matter of the Gu arts couldn’t be exposed, either. Thus, she could only come up with such a method.

As expected, Lady Lianxin grew overbearing in response. “All cases of illness sent to the medical academy for consultation have nothing private about them!”

Han Yunxi used privacy as a reason, not an excuse. She really was thinking for Long Tianmo’s sake. “The patient isn’t just anyone, but our Tianning’s crown prince.” She looked unhappily towards Third Elder. Compared to Lady Lianxin, he was far easier to speak to.

But Xi Yubo took this chance to pitch in. “Esteemed wangfei, when Emperor Tianhui agreed to send your distinguished country’s crown prince here, he should’ve known that the medical academy has such requirements regarding consultations.”

What a Xi Yubo. He actually brought out Emperor Tianhui to use against her. Would the emperor regret it if he heard such words?

“Third Elder, such matters concern the good name of the Council of Elders. It’s not good to hide things away. As I see it, let’s not speak of this inside,” Lady Lianxin added.

“You’ve already saved the patient, so how difficult can it be for esteemed wangfei to explain the cause of illness?” Xi Yubo said significantly.

Finally, Third Elder came to a decision. “Esteemed wangfei, please continue.”

Han Yunxi gave a hateful glare towards Xi Yubo as if she could see right through him. Xi Yubo subconsciously averted his eyes. As he saw it, there was no way this woman could explain Long Tianmo’s illness even if she could tell he’d sabotaged her. In this situation, Luo Zuishan was anxious as well. He couldn’t help but dart glances around the surrounding rooftops, searching in vain for any sign of Gu Qishao.

Where had he gone at a critical time like this?

Long Feiye stared at Han Yunxi, a complicated look passing through his eyes. He couldn’t guess whether or not she could give an explanation.

“Esteemed wangfei, please continue!” Third Elder urged again.

But Han Yunxi simply said without hesitation, “I don’t know.”

Silence descended upon the courtyard, enough to hear a leaf land on the ground. Han Yunxi actually said she didn’t know? Even Xi Yubo and Third Elder, who knew she had no explanation forthcoming, were taken unawares by her decisive honesty. She was on the verge of winning, but she’d given up so easily. Only Luo Zuishan knew the entire truth of the story and saw Han Yunxi with new respect. This woman wasn’t inferior to any man, she could see the big picture of things.

“I don’t know. Third Elder, we’ve tied!” Han Yunxi was very calm. Ignoring the looks from around her, she took big strides and walked away. Since the bet was over and she’d neither lost nor won, she could leave! She seriously disliked how Medical City had acted this time.

Even Long Feiye was jarred by the sight of Han Yunxi walking away so smoothly. It took him a long time to recover. Inside the room, Long Tianmo and Qinwang Rong had been keeping tabs on all the happenings outside. Long Tianmo’s eyes flickered with gratefulness. He thought that this woman must have given up on winning against Third Elder in order to protect his privacy. Even Imperial Father had been willing to play with his life. Aside from Imperial Grandmother, it was probably only Han Yunxi who treated him well in this world. Third Elder felt that things were off the longer he stood looking. The contrast in that woman’s behavior had been too great.

There must be a secret hidden somewhere!

Third Elder feared losing, but he didn’t want tie under ignorant circumstances. After all, being yielded to by a mere lass a few decades younger than him was really a loss of face. No matter what, he had to get to the bottom of this.

Thus, the bet ended. Nobody gained anything, and since the main player had already left, the others dispersed as well. Long Feiye was the first to leave and chase after Han Yunxi. She hadn’t gone anywhere, but went straight to her room to clean up her things. The bloody white robes draped across her shoulders was removed and laid across the bed, making it the first thing Long Feiye saw when he entered the room.

“Are you all right?” Long Feiye asked seriously. Tang Li stood at the door, helplessly shaking his head. He thought that Long Feiye’s first question would be to ask whether it was the white-robed man had saved Han Yunxi.

“It’s fine, I’m very well,” Han Yunxi was exceptionally tranquil as she packed up. Then, Third Elder arrived.

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She’d been his junior sister for so many years, but she’d never seen him smile before. Who knew that her first time would come when he was laughing at her expense!

Duanmu Yao: *sniffles*

Everyone Else: *chortles and sneers*

Jun Yixie: Rather pathetic end, isn't it?

Duanmu Yao: Says the man running for his life from rats. 

Jun Yixie: Be careful I don't throw one onto your bed, princess. 

Duanmu Yao: *glares* 

Murong Wanru: I could have told you to quit while you're ahead; unfortunately, I'm half dead already.

Princess Changping: At least your end was meaningful. The author practically wrote me out of the story in one line!

Murong Wanru: Yes, yes, but the readers loved her for it all the more, didn't they?

Princess Changping: You--!

Duanmu Yao: I don't want to deal with all you flunkies! *turns around* Senior brother, are you just going to--

Long Feiye: Move. You're blocking my view of Han Yunxi.

Duanmu Yao: *stifles a sob* Senior brother!!

She covered her mouth, turned away, and fled.

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