Chapter 268: The real bully

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Long Feiye didn’t go in with them. Like the other people, he focused his sights on the entrance to the house to wait, but his furrowed eyebrows revealed the unease in his heart. That woman had been avoiding his gaze the entire time before simply walking in like this. What was the meaning of this? Couldn’t she tell that he was here to salvage the situation? Did she have the means to save Long Tianmo? But where had she gotten the antidote?

No matter what, she would always spare him a glance, but she hadn’t. It seemed like she’d ignored his existence entirely. Because of that, Long Feiye felt extremely unwell!

“Hey, what’s Han Yunxi up to?” Tang Li was at a loss as well. At first, he thought Han Yunxi would cooperate with their act until the end. They could forget about the bet and leave Xi Yubo and Luo Zuishan to argue over the consultation. Unexpectedly, she had actually gone to save that man, and filled with such self-confidence, too.

Long Feiye didn’t reply, but his gaze darkened. Tang Li fell silent as well. After a long time, he finally asked, “Could it be that man from the Shadow Clan helped her find the poison beast’s blood?” Tang Li might look like a careless and casual man, but his thoughts ran deep. Even if he didn’t ask questions all the time, he could still tell what was going on. Just then, he’d caught sight of how Long Feiye’s expression had shifted as soon as Han Yunxi showed up.

This time, Long Feiye had even delegated his personal troops to action. They were soldiers he’d been raising in secret for many years, but he hadn’t hesitated a second. What else could cause him to lose his cool beyond news of West Qin’s last orphan? If the Shadow Clan was so willing to protect Han Yunxi, but not for the sake of the poison beast, then it had to be because Han Yunxi was that very orphan.

Tang Li’s question couldn’t be any more clear, but Long Feiye still didn’t react. Tang Li only ended up looking at him unhappily. “Your woman has a high possibility of being the West Qin imperial clan orphan!” Tang Li said even more obviously.

“Mm,” Long Feiye replied.

“So then? What next?” Tang Li was disconsolate. Han Yunxi’s existence had caused their original plans to veer off track. That they could change, but now that the Shadow Clan had shown up, it wasn’t simply a matter of making new plans. He paused for a bit before stating, “At least take back the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion first. It can’t be left with her!”

But Long Feiye just wouldn’t answer him.

Tang Li didn’t know what to do with the man. He could only comfort himself with the fact that Long Feiye had kept calm upon noticing those white robes, so he couldn’t have fallen for her too deeply. Despite this, he still couldn’t guess how Long Feiye was planning to deal with Han Yunxi.

Both people inside and outside the rooms were waiting. Han Yunxi sat by the bed, surrounded by the few Elders, two Directors, and Qinwang Rong. Duanmu Yao stood on one side, her eyes fixated on Han Yunxi’s hands as if trying to hunt for clues for what she’d do. Han Yunxi allowed her to do as she wished. She wasn’t stupid enough to take out the poison beast’s blood in front of everyone here. She’d long stored it away in her detox system and dipped her acupuncture needles in them. As long as she inserted her needles, the poison beast blood would enter Long Tianmo’s joints all the same. Moreover, she’d added on some especially good drugs to faciliate the absorption of the antidote. It’d be even more effective than Long Tianmo taking it orally.

Long Tianmo was stuck in a state of half-consciousness. He was half-dead from all the pain and completely oblivious to everything happening around him. At the very least, his half-opened eyes could make out the figure of Han Yunxi above him. In the silence of the room, nobody spoke. Han Yunxi didn’t explain anything either, but stuck in the needles just like last time to expel the poisons from each joint in Long Tianmo’s body. Then she applied medicine. The entire process was a painstaking one for Han Yunxi, and a slow one for her spectators. But whether it was a crowd of six to seven or the entire world watching, she could still be wholly concentrated on her task in a systematic way. This time, Long Tianmo wasn’t only going to fully recover, but gain full consciousness as well!

Third Elder and the rest stared at Han Yunxi while trading looks. It didn’t seem like she was doing anything different from last time, so how could this be called a re-examination? She was clearly treating him all over again. Since Third Elder couldn’t save Long Tianmo himself, he dearly wished to abolish the bet. But now that that was impossible, he’d rather pick out shortcomings from Han Yunxi so they could even out into a tie. This way, he would at least lose with some dignity.

“Qin Wangfei, this is your re-examination?” Third Elder asked.

Han Yunxi had her head bowed as she inserted needles and threw him an answer. “If not, then what?”

“You’re just treating him all over again, right? Three days ago, you didn’t expel his poisons full at all,” Third Elder guessed.

Han Yunxi restrained her gaze to Long Tianmo’s joints, a cold smile forming on her lips. Her reply was careless and casual. “This is how you re-examine someone via needle expelling poisons. Did Third Elder not know?”

“This old man doesn’t understand how to expell poisons with needles to begin with!” Third Elder replied huffily. Only then did he realize that he’d fallen into Han Yunxi’s pace, but by then it was too late.

“Since Third Elder doesn’t understand, then don’t speak nonsense,” Han Yunxi smiled.

Third Elder ate a big loss. After that, who else dared to speak? Xi Yubo and Luo Zuishan each stood on one side, lost in their uneasy thoughts. Duanmu Yao watched on the sidelines and waited in silence. It was unclear what she was thinking about.

“Third Elder, help me check the crown prince’s complexion.” Han Yunxi suddenly spoke up. The people who were staring at her hand now moved to look at Long Tianmo, only to find themselves unable to look away. They’d never seen a patient recover his complexion so quickly. Long Tianmo’s previously ashen face was as white as paper with no traces of blood. His eyes were half-lidded as well, as if they could close at any minute. But now he looked ruddy all over.

“Is this his last recovery of consciousness before death?” Duanmu Yao couldn’t help but ask.

That would be the usual case, but many of the people present were established doctors. Even the lowest ranked Fifth Elder Lady Lianxin could tell that Long Tianmo wasn’t dying, but recovering. Third Elder wore a face full of disbelief and immediately went to take Long Tianmo’s pulse. As it turned out, his previously weak and feeble pulse had suddenly grown stronger, just like a normal person’s pulse.

“He’s really recovered?” Fourth Elder hastened to ask.

Third Elder didn’t want to admit it, but still nodded his head. “About 70 to 80 percent.”

“Once these needles are taken out, it’ll be 90 percent,” Han Yunxi said simply.

“How did you do it?” Third Elder grew serious.

But Han Yunxi simply recovered all her needles and personally tucked in Long Tianmo, before telling him, “Your Highness Crown Prince, you’ll need ample convalescence to get the last 10 percent back. Once you return to Tianning, remember to take plenty of rest. Don’t worry, all the poison’s gone from your body.”

So as it turned out, she was speaking to Long Tianmo! Third Elder gave a light cough. How awkward!

Long Tianmo slowly opened his eyes, the pupils filled with vitality. He looked at her for a long while before muttering, “Han Yunxi, it’s you again…”

That’s right, it was her again. She’d saved him twice, but had nearly lost her life for him twice as well.

“Showing no respect for your elders, it’s Imperial Aunt!” Han Yunxi teased, before arranging his covers for him again. Only then did she get up. Long Tianmo paid no attention to his surroundings beyond staring at Han Yunxi, but she was too busy to return the look.

“Third Elder, the poison’s been completely cured…” Before Han Yunxi could finish, Duanmu Yao quickly cut her off. She was waiting precisely for this moment.

“Third Elder, have a poisons master come check. You can’t credit her by her words alone.”

That was Han Yunxi’s original intention as well. If Duanmu Yao was so impatient, she’d only end up regretting it. Thanks to last time’s experience, Third Elder was quite docile this time. He’d long call for a rather formidable poisons doctor to wait in one of the side rooms. But judging by Long Tianmo’s complexion, he could more or less guess the results.

“Forget it…” Third Elder sighed.

“We can’t just forget it like that. Without verification, it’s hard to convince the masses. There’s so many people waiting outside!” Duanmu Yao said in a rush. She even wanted to tell them the truth about Bone Poison since she knew Han Yunxi didn’t have the antidote anyways. She must have done something to make Long Tianmo wake up.

“What, are you representing everyone outside to tail this wangfei?” Han Yunxi asked coldly.

“So what if I am?” Duanmu Yao replied brusquely.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you to tell everyone the results,” Han Yunxi was very polite.

“Don’t you worry!” Duanmu Yao was filled with self-confidence. Indeed, many people were waiting for the results outside. Third Elder called for the poisons doctor while he and the other Elders stood drooping to one side. Only Duanmu Yao was waiting with anticipation for the diagnosis. Long Tianmo gave Duanmu Yao a penetrating glance, but didn’t say a word. Once the poison doctor finished his examination, Duanmu Yao couldn’t wait to ask him, “How is it?”

“Heheh, Qin Wangfei is certainly formidable. After treating the poison, she even eliminated all signs of its existence in the body! Admirable, admirable!” The poisons doctor wore an expression of worship on his face.

“What?” Duanmu Yao shook her head in disbelief. “It can’t be, you clearly had no antidote!”

“Princess Duan is this certain? Could it be that you were the one who administered the poison?” Han Yunxi retorted.

Realizing her mistake, Duanmu Yao immediately moved to deny the claim. “I don’t, I’m just making a guess.”

Han Yunxi didn’t feel like arguing with her, so she simply cleaned up her things and shouldered her medical pouch again. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she said, “Now that the crown prince has fully recovered, I’ll have to trouble Princess Duan to tell everyone else outside.”

Now Duanmu Yao was completely at a loss! Just then, she’d argued against Han Yunxi in front of the crowd until her ears and face turned red. She was even humiliated by her, but now she had to go out and tell them all that Han Yunxi had cured Long Tianmo. Where was she supposed to put her face then?! She was basically going out to be a laughingstock!

A pity, it was all too late…

“Princess Duan, come on. Let’s go out together,” Han Yunxi said as she personally opened the door. As soon as she did, all gazes fell their way. Han Yunxi purposely yielded the way and said, “Princess Duan, please go on.”

When Duanmu Yao saw the gathered masses outside--Long Feiye amongst them--she felt like jumping into a hole. For a long time, she refused to budge.

“What, do Princess Duan’s words count for nothing? Or are you afraid to come out?” Han Yunxi’s lips curved up mockingly as she looked at Duanmu Yao, who found the entire thing detestable. She nearly threw up blood from the stifling sensation. What did it mean to be a beastly bully who went too far? Exactly this! If she didn’t go out, wouldn’t Han Yunxi disdain her all the more?

Duanmu Yao’s hands clenched into fists as she walked out. Han Yunxi quickly followed behind her, and the crowd’s eyes settled to rest upon them both. Han Yunxi leaned against the door with her arms crossed in front of her chest, while Duanmu Yao stood in the center of the door, her head lowered and her mouth shut.

“Princess Duan, how’s the situation?” someone suddenyl shouted. Duanmu Yao had never been in such a predicament before.

She was almost on the verge of crying, but she suppressed her shame and dread to mutter in a voice choked with sobs, “Han Yunxi cured him.”

Her voice was too small, so only Han Yunxi could here. She poked Duanmu Yao with her toes and grinned. “It doesn’t count if they can’t hear you.”

The proud and conceited Duanmu Yao was like a dog drowning in water. She inhaled a few times before squeezing her eyes shut to shout, “Han Yunxi cured him!”

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Tang Li: What do you do when your boss/superior/cousin/whatever isn't paying you any attention?

Tang Li: Because, you know, obviously just talking to him isn't going to solve anything.

Han Yunxi: You could try ignoring him.

Tang Li: ...then he'll forget I exist at all. = _ =

Gu Qishao: Eh, just stab him for being rude!

Tang Li: Yeah uh, I'll get stabbed first so no thanks.

Jun Yixie: The Duke of Qin's weakness is poison, so naturally, toxins should come into play--

Tang Li: Aren't you still on the run? No wait, hold still so I can catch you--

Jun Yixie: *dodges out of the way* Not this time.

Duanmu Yao: If crying and whining won't work, the next thing I'd try is being clingy!

Tang Li: And this is why no one likes you. Yeesh.

Duanmu Yao: Rude! *billows sleeves and stalks off*

Gu Beiyue: Why not wait until His Highness is ready?

Tang Li: Who has the patience for that?!


Tang Li: in the end, what--

Long Feiye: Be quiet, I'm trying to think.

Tang Li: Ah, Long Fei--

Han Yunxi: Long Feiye! I want a divor--

Gu Qishao: Stupid ice cube, you finally screwed u----

Jun Yixie: Your lordship will get back at you next--

Duanmu Yao: --nior brother! Why are you being so mean--

Gu Beiyue: --me, I was just going to get out of the wa--

Long Feiye: *whirls back* What was that?

Tang Li: Long Feiye, you're finally--

Long Feiye: *kicks Tang Li aside* Han Yunxi, repeat what you just said!

Han Yunxi: Tch, I'm not talking to you right now!

Long Feiye: Han Yunxi! *chases*

Han Yunxi: Hmph! *turns and runs*

Tang Li: *rubs back painfully* These main character types are always derailing the teasers, aye~

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