Chapter 260: Yunxi, hurry and go

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It was clear that the white-robed man was about to fall over at any minute, but his gaze was as steady as stone. The power emanating from his frail body was enough to awe and frighten. When he saw the certainty buried in the white-robed man’s eyes, Jun Yixie couldn’t help wonder, “Could it be that Lady Tianxin was a member of West Qin’s imperial family?”

Naturally, Jun Yixie had done his own investigations into Han Yunxi. This woman didn’t have any secrets in the Han Family. If she did hold any mysteries, then it’d have to come from her mother, Lady Tianxin.

“Until she helps me find the poison beast, she must live on,” the white-robed man said coldly without hesitation.

“Heheh, so you were after the poison beast after all.” That was what Jun Yixie had thought from the start. The white-robed man’s certain reply only cemented his suspicions. Rather than believe that West Qin still had a surviving orphan, he was more willing to trust the white-robed man’s own words. After all, years ago it was his own grandfather who’d witnessed the cruel death of the West Qin imperial clan’s last surviving heir beneath an onslaught of ten thousand arrows. The heir was a boy, and had only been an infant in swaddling clothes.

The rules of the Shadow Clan dictated that they had to exterminate their clan if the West Qin imperial family was annihilated. The current existence of the white-robed man, however, didn’t pique his curiosity. As he saw it, all humans were selfish and feared death. Nobody would really be willing to kill themselves for another. He didn’t believe that every single member of the Shadow Clan would follow the royal family in death after the last heir died. No matter what, there had to be some who deserted!

After figuring things out, Jun Yixie threw aside all courtesy. “Move aside. For the sake of the Shadow Clan, your lordship won’t cause you any trouble!” Of course Jun Yixie could tell that the white-robed man was severely injured. Moreover, it was an internal injury, so he was absolutely no match against him.

“I already said, not unless I’m dead.”

The white-robed man’s voice was shockingly cold, sending inexplicable fear into the hearts of those who heard him. A cautious look rose in Jun Yixie’s eyes; he didn’t dare to be careless anymore. He whistled a few times and summoned a few hidden Poison Humans from around them.

“To refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit[1. to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit (敬酒不吃吃罚酒) - jingjiu buchi chi fajiu, to submit to someone’s pressure after first turning down his request, be constrained to do what one first refused to do], someone come, take him alive!”

Jun Yixie backed off to one side. Of course he wanted this man captured alive. Though he disliked this white-robed man, he was looking forward to making the Shadow Clan yield. It would be a great help to his grand plans and ambition.

If this was any other time, the white-robed man would’ve dispatched these Poison Humans with ease. But now that his inner energy had been just about depleted, even someone with a smidgen of martial arts could knock him over. He backed up a few steps and turned back to glance at Han Yunxi. She had long been scared senseless and clutched the bloodstained white robes tightly around herself. Her entire body had huddled up into a ball as she trembled, her wide eyes filled with fear. Right now, she had blocked out the entire world including the white-robed man. He wanted to tell her something, but seeing her like this, he simply turned around. A feeling of inexplicable distress flashed through his eyes before he removed the hand pressed against his heart to grip a small golden flying dagger. Before he even started to fight, fresh blood trickled slowly from the corner of his lips to drip onto his chest.

Forget about Jun Yixie, even the few Poison Humans that surrounded him began to laugh coldly. Did they even need to fight a man in his state? A few Poison Humans exchanged glances before one of them stepped forward. The rest simply stood in place to watch. The sole representative didn’t even plan on fighting him, but was going to take him directly into custody.

They looked down on him to this extent!

Anger flitted past the white-robed man’s eyes as he suddenly unleashed his dagger. Nobody expected his weapon to be so potent or so viciously fast. It was extremely accurate as well, piercing right between a Poison Human’s eyebrows!

Too unexpected.

Now all the other Poison Humans were on their guard. “Be careful! Attack him together!”

Five to six Poison Humans charged in from different directions, each of them wielding long swords.

“You came just at the right time!” the white-robed man didn’t lose to them even in his attitude. He exerted his strength to speak loudly, each and every word ringing through the air! Immediately afterwards, he clenched his jaw and sent flying daggers out in an incessant stream. Their strength and speed were frighteningly beyond human expectations, making it impossible for the Poison Humans to dodge. None of the six daggers missed their targets. Each of them buried themselves in the center of the victim’s foreheads, while one had pierced straight through a hand raised up to block the blow. One after the other, the Poison Humans toppled to the ground as they were annihilated!

When the last man fell, the white-robed man couldn’t support himself any longer. His hand moved urgently towards his heart, but it was already too late. He staggered in place, narrowly falling over as he spat a mouthful of blood from his lips that dripped from his face veil, the drops landing one after the other on his chest. Even then, he disregarded himself to look back at Han Yunxi and make sure she was still there. He wanted to be certain that her condition hadn’t changed for the worse, and that she...wasn’t crying.

There was a silent note of appreciation in Jun Yixie’s eyes. He couldn’t help but think that although this man looked gentle and frail, he was a real man! Despite his admiration, he wasn’t a man to value such types. He could tell that the white-robed man had used all his strength in his fight. Right now he lacked the strength to truss a chicken! Jun Yixie placed his hands behind his back and began to walk towards him step by step. Immediately, the white-robed man backed away. Though there was still another golden dagger in his hand, he knew he didn’t have to strength to throw it anymore. All he could do was retreat until he was by Han Yunxi’s side, where he could shield her.

Han Yunxi simply stared at him, dazed and unmoving. Her entire body was still shaking! She wasn’t some omnipotent, fearless god, but a human--and a woman at that. Of course she’d feel fear. She’d been scared witless just now and didn’t know what to do. The white-robed man crouched down by her side and she immediately curled up even further, looking at him guardedly.

At the same time, Jun Yixie rushed over and kicked the white-robed man, catching him off guard and knocking him to the ground! As soon as Jun Yixie drew near, Han Yunxi gave a shrill shriek that filled the entire forest.

“Miss Yunxi, don’t fear!” the white-robed man shouted. He dragged his weak, exhausted body upright and shielded her behind him. At the same time, Jun Yixie landed on the ground to stand less than a step away.

He ignored Han Yunxi for now, but curled his lips upwards to say haughtily, “Your lordship will give you one more chance to get out of the way.” The white-robed man didn’t reply, but stared coldly at Jun Yixie with no plans to submit.

“Very well!” Jun Yixie wasn’t so tolerant. He simply raised his foot and viciously kicked at the white-robed man’s most fatal spot, his heart! The force was enough to send the white-robed man sprawling towards Han Yunxi, who quickly got out of the way before staring at them both, dazed and lost.

By now, the white-robed man had lost all strength to get up. Blood flowed nonstop from behind his face veil as his gaze grew distant. Despite this, he still used the last of his strength to look at Han Yunxi, his voice as thin as a mosquito. “Miss Yunxi, go...leave quickly.”

Han Yunxi didn’t move but kept staring at him blankly, just staring…

Jun Yixie had long put Han Yunxi out of his mind. His foot stepped directly on the white-robed man’s heart as he spoke. “Things have already reached this point. If I don’t kill you now, wouldn’t I make the entire Shadow Clan my enemy?”

This white-robed man’s shadow arts were uncanny, so he had to be an outstanding member of the Shadow Clan. Jun Yixie wasn’t sure how many of them still existed, but he wasn’t stupid enough to offend them all. The only way to avoid that was to kill the witness. Without the slightest hesitation, his eyes turned cold as he viciously stepped down!

But Han Yunxi suddenly cried out, “Don’t!”

Before she even finished speaking, numerous poison needles flew to sink into Jun Yixie’s leg, catching him unawares and forcing him to retreat. As he backed away with his numb leg, Han Yunxi attacked with needles anew. She’d finally recovered her senses from her fear!

“Jun Yixie, I, Han Yunxi, will be irreconcilable with you for the rest of my life!” she cried angrily as she rose to her feet, the Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain shooting in a continuous stream at him. Though Jun Yixie had taken a hit from the first few needles, it hadn’t struck any of his vital points. Neither was he bothered by the poisons. Truthfully speaking, their skills were too far apart. It wasn’t long before Jun Yixie was avoiding Han Yunxi’s needles while treating her poisons at the same time. He had made thorough investigations and knew that this woman’s strongest weapon was her Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain. She didn’t know martial arts, so she was hard-pressed to used her poison skills.

As soon as he cured her poisons, he started to counterattack. Beyond a doubt, Han Yunxi had even more trouble fending him off. Her initial attack had been too impulsive so that now her arsenal of Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain needles was almost empty. Finally, she used up all her poison needles just as Jun Yixie walked in front of her.

Han Yunxi was still scared. As soon as Jun Yixie drew close, she subconsciously backed away until she accidentally tripped and tumbled to the ground. Jun Yixie crouched down in amusement and gave her a wanton grin. “Hand over the antidote.”

Han Yunxi was extremely unwilling, especially when she knew that Jun Yixie wouldn’t let her off even with the antidote in hand. But she had no other options left. There was no way to retreat! She took a deep breath to calm herself down and replied, “I didn’t bring the antidote with me, it’s in the medical academy. I’ll go back and get it.”

Jun Yixie immediately broke into laughter. “Han Yunxi, do you think your lordship is a three-year-old child? Even without the antidote, you should have its prescription, right?”

She really was out of ideas…

“Yes.” Han Yunxi was about to speak when Jun Yixie suddenly grabbed her hand.

“It won’t be too late to tell your lordship after we go to Northern Li!”

He didn’t harbor any suspicions before, but he’d be an idiot not to now, after seeing how the white-robed man had protected Han Yunxi! It was exceedingly possible that she was related to the West Qin imperial family in some way. If so, he had to take her along.

“You beast!” Han Yunxi struggled with all her might, but Jun Yixie only tightened his grip. At the same time, the nearly unconscious white-robed man used the dagger in his hand to ruthlessly stab Jun Yixie in the back.

“Yunxi, go! Go now!”

The white-robed man didn’t even have any strength left. Even if he was ruthless, how deep could he really stab the man?

Jun Yixie sent out a shockwave that released a potent wave of energy, sending the white-robed man flying backwards until he crashed to the ground. Then he grabbed Han Yunxi in his arms without even looking back. But then, a sudden pain burst from his shoulder. When he turned to look back, it was to see a small white squirrel about the size of a fist resting on his shoulder. Its two front teeth were currently gnawing on his back…

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

“I already said, not unless I’m dead.”

Jun Yixie: Tch! What an empty boast.

White-Robed Man: *glares*

Han Yunxi: You...

White-Robed Man: !!!

White-Robed Man: *spits out blood*

Han Yunxi: Hey, hang in there!

Han Yunxi: You...arghh, I don't even know your name yet!

White-Robed Man: Names aren't important. As long as my intentions get's enough.

Han Yunxi: What do you mean, they're not important? Don't you know that the people with no names are the first to die in a story?!

White-Robed Man: There's no need...for you to know who I am...

Han Yunxi: Don't you dare raise more death flags.

White-Robed Man: Hahah.... *coughs* I definitely won't die before you're safely away, Miss Yunxi...

Han Yunxi: You stop this instant!

Jun Yixie: This is getting old. Let me put him out of his misery already. *readies sword, steps forward, stab--*

Han Yunxi: FREEZE!

Jun Yixie: *freezes in place* What the...?!

Han Yunxi: Rude. We're still talking!

Jun Yixie: You've talked enough!

Han Yunxi: If villains like you can monologue, we sure as heck can take as long as we want too!

Jun Yixie: Says who?!

Han Yunxi: Talking is a Free Actionthat's who!

Jun Yixie: You...abominable!

Han Yunxi: *ignores him* Now, what were we talking about?

White-Robed Man: *spits up more blood*

Han Yunxi: That's right, you have to stop coughing up blood! At this rate, you'll die!

Jun Yixie: .........

White-Robed Man: ........

Han Yunxi: I'm serious!

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