Chapter 259: Not unless I'm dead

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It wasn’t clear when the flesh-eating rats congregated around the stone door would leave; in any case, Jun Yixie wasn’t chased at all as he fled with Han Yunxi in his arms. Because he’d triggered the Sky Pit Death Trap to fall directly in the poison beast’s lair, his return path hadn’t been completely sealed by rocks. He retraced his route and quickly flew out of the limestone cave and up through the entrance.

The missing map and the activation of the Sky Pit Death Trap meant that the medical academy’s guards had tightly surrounded the entrance to the Sky Pit. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone to escape their eyes and escape. But Jun Yixie had enough skills to burst out of their guard and escape. One hand held on tightly to Han Yunxi while the other covered his face with a mask. He was about to leave when the silent Han Yunxi suddenly spoke up in a cold tone. “Jun Yixie, if you expose my identity, I’ll definitely let all of Northern Li know that His Highness Duke of Kang is the head of the Hundred Poison Sect!”

Despite the fact that the Sky Pit was ringed with guards, Jun Yixie had forgotten about her after hiding his own face. Though he only seemed to be holding onto Han Yunxi lightly, he had plenty of strength. As soon as she tried to struggle, she’d definitely break her back. It wasn’t strange for Han Yunxi to not struggle, but the unusual silence from her glib tongue was definitely abnormal. Jun Yixie had long taken precautions, but who knew that Han Yunxi’s first words would be to threaten him! He couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

“Han Yunxi, don’t forget that you’re in my hands now!”

Han Yunxi was as expressionless as ever. “Your Highness Duke of Kang, don’t forget that I’m the only one who can treat the poison in your shoulder!”

None of them had seen the poison beast this time. In other words, Jun Yixie didn’t have the poison beast’s blood to treat his poison, which meant his only choice lay with Han Yunxi. He laughed even louder at her words. “What, you don’t plan to treat your lordship’s poison even after falling into my hands?”

“I really wasn’t planning to,” Han Yunxi said fearlessly.

Jun Yixie wasn’t angry, but gave a soft laugh. Soon after that, he stuffed Han Yunxi’s head into his embrace, hugging her tightly as he flew towards the sky. This time, Han Yunxi did struggle, but the more she tried to move her head, the tighter Jun Yixie pressed against it. Her entire face was plastered against his chest, making it uncomfortable to breathe. One of her hands was pressed tightly against his body, the other trapped at her side by his hand around her waist, making it impossible for her to move.


Han Yunxi cursed from her heart. Was she too nice to others, and that’s why everyone bullied her? Unless she acted like a tiger, were they really going to treat her as a sickly cat?

By now, Jun Yixie had already taken her to the top of the Sky Pit. As soon as the medical academy guards saw someone come out, their archers launched arrows to shoot at them simultaneously! Jun Yixie avoided them while he escaped, his attention wholly focused on his surroundings. But it was then that Han Yunxi suddenly opened her mouth to bite down on his chest!

Biting, a woman’s most potent weapon!

Once, she’d bitten Long Feiye to the point of pain. Of course, compared with Long Feiye last time, Han Yunxi didn’t use poison this time. Jun Yixie’s poisoned shoulder was her greatest counter against him. Though she had plenty of poisons, she was in no rush to waste them all. Jun Yixie never expected that Han Yunxi would bite him. He unconsciously looked down at the same time an arrow flew towards him head-on. Jun Yixie quickly turned aside his head to avoid the weapon, narrowly preserving his life.

Detestable! This woman had done it on purpose, taking advantage of his concentration to make a move with her mouth!

Jun Yixie had no choice but to loosen his grip. “Han Yunxi, do you believe it when your lordship says I’ll thrown you back down?!”

Han Yunxi finally released him, her voice completely indifferent. “Do as you like...if you don’t want to live, that is.”

If she died, who would treat his poison?

He was the awe-inspiring sect head of the Hundred Poison Sect, a fierce and ambitious man in the world of poisons. Despite this, he still had no idea what the poison in his shoulder was, or when it’d flare up again to kill him. If news of this got out, how could he still maintain his foothold in that world? Jun Yixie was depressed. Time and again, he’d tried to kidnap this woman. Now he’d finally succeeded, but there was no sense of accomplishment at all. Instead, he was nearly fed up to death.

In the end, he chose to remain silent and give up on arguing with Han Yunxi. His focus was completely on dealing with the incoming arrows, but the extremely cranky Han Yunxi needed a place to vent and didn’t plan to let him off. Taking advantage of Jun Yixie’s loosened grip, Han Yunxi suddenly reached out a hand and scratch at his injured shoulder. No one else knew that Jun Yixie’s shoulder wound had still yet to heal, but Han Yunxi was very clear on the fact. More than that, she knew the best way to cause him pain was to scratch at it ferociously!

“Han Yunxi!” Jun Yixie bellowed in pain. Because Han Yunxi was in a bad mood, she didn’t fear Heaven or Earth. Instead of replying, she renewed her efforts with more strength! Jun Yixie couldn’t stand it anymore and held fast her hand again. But Han Yunxi only struggled violently in turn.

Jun Yixie dodged the various arrows while facing off against Han Yunxi kicking up a row. Before long, two arrows found their mark in his other shoulder. By now, each of the medical academy guards had started chasing after them using lightness techniques to get airborne.

“Han Yunxi, enough from you!” Jun Yixie gritted his teeth helplessly. He could only allow her to scratch him as he faced off against the medical academy guards. By the time he brought her past the arrows and guards to flee into the surrounding forests, both of his shoulders were soaked in blood. As soon as they landed, he viciously threw Han Yunxi aside, not showing her any tenderness at all.

Since when had any woman in the world tormented Northern Li’s Duke of Kang to such an extent? Han Yunxi tumbled to the ground in a lot of pain, but even that couldn’t compare to the pain in her heart. She didn’t even crease her eyebrows, but sat up and gave Jun Yixie a cold, penetrating look. Jun Yixie was currently treating his wounds when he caught Han Yunxi’s stare. His temper burst all over again as he kicked up a foot of dust into her face. “Slut!”

This wasn’t the first time that this woman had broken through his limits.

Han Yunxi turned her head aside, but still got a face full of dirt. Despite this, she didn’t mind Jun Yixie’s actions. How could a man who tried multiple times to kidnap a woman and threaten her really treat her tenderly? As if she could hope for kind words and a civil conversation from him? Han Yunxi wiped her face and looked at him just as coldly as before. Her expression put Jun Yixie on guard as he continued treating his injuries, afraid that she’d sneak attack him again. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he really didn’t know what to do against this woman.

This time, Han Yunxi didn’t make a move, but simply watched him until her gaze turned wooden. She seemed to have grown distracted. It looked like something was off about this woman, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. After finishing up with his injuries, Jun Yixie walked in front of Han Yunxi and extended his hand. Coldly he demanded, “Antidote!”

“Long Tianmo’s antidote,” Han Yunxi said, extending her hand in turn.

Judging by the skies, there were still a few more hours before it’d turn dark. Her bet with Third Elder would reach its deadline then. What could she use to save Long Tianmo, now that they hadn’t found the poison beast? What could be used to beat Third Elder while washing clean the crime on her and Gu Beiyue? She could run away from Tianning Country. In fact, she didn’t want to stay here anymore. But she couldn’t allow the name of ‘Han Yunxi’ to be disgraced in the medical community. Nor could she bear the burden of homicide for the rest of her life!

She was a doctor, one who had never failed in her professional career. She wasn’t satisfied with this!

“I’ve said it before, there’s no antidote,” Jun Yixie said angrily.

“Then why are you asking me for antidote?” Han Yunxi retorted coldly.

Jun Yixie suddenly grabbed Han Yunxi’s chin and pinched it between his fingers. “You have no right to discuss conditions with your lordship.”

“I’m not discussing terms with you. I just said that you have no right to ask me for antidote,” Han Yunxi disdained to refute him. At these words, veins popped out in Jun Yixie’s forehead. His grip tightened to the point that he almost broke Han Yunxi’s chin.

“Han Yunxi, don’t think that your lordship doesn’t dare to kill you just because the poison can’t be treated. If worse comes to worst, your lordship will get rid of this shoulder!” Though he didn’t know the identity of the poison in his shoulder, he was very clear that it hadn’t spread beyond that point.

“I’m guessing...that you wouldn’t bear to do it.”

Han Yunxi really did had the skills to infuriate people to death. Actually, she wasn’t trying to provoke Jun Yixie on purpose, but simply saying what she thought. Right now, her spirits were low, her heart in chaos. The one thing she knew for certain was that she didn’t want to go back to Tianning and see a certain somebody. She hadn’t taken Jun Yixie’s situation to heart at all, because she was trying to figure out what she should do next.

Long Feiye, it’s fine if you don’t like me, but you can’t treat me and other women well at the same time! Han Yunxi’s thoughts weren’t on the current events at all, while Jun Yixie’s rage had completely flared up.

“Han Yunxi, your lordship won’t kill you. But your lordship wants you to have a fate worse than death.” So speaking, he tore apart Han Yunxi’s collar, bringing her back to her senses.

She held onto the hand that tried to tear further down and raged, “Jun Yixie, show some propriety!”

“Propriety?” Jun Yixie smiled coldly. With a sudden show of strength, he tore Han Yunxi’s outer robes to shreds. Han Yunxi cried out in alarm and began to struggle.

“Jun Yixie, you’re shameless! You’re not a man at all!”

“You’ll find out very soon whether your lordship is a man or not!” Jun Yixie was so angry that his eyes had turned bloodshot. He wasn’t really planning to violate Han Yunxi and just wanted to scare her a bit so she knew the meaning of fear! But when he saw the primitive fear in her eyes, he couldn’t stop himself. So as it turned out, the woman who didn’t know the difference between Heaven and Earth could be afraid too? Would she submit herself to him if he actually ended up possessing her for real? Thinking up to here, Jun Yixie’s large hand began to reach downwards.

“Beat it!” Han Yunxi was really frightened. She never expected Jun Yixie to be such a brute, and her fear made her forget that she had assassination weapons and poison.

It was then that a white figure appeared from thin air. He was none other than the white-robed man, but his face veil had long been stained completely red with blood. As soon as he landed on the ground, it was to nearly topple over. He couldn’t even stand straight, but looked as if he’d just suffered through a severe illness that robbed him of all his strength. Despite this, he still took a large stride forward and grabbed Jun Yixie by the shoulder before ruthlessly pulling him aside! Then he took off his own outer robes and placed them on Han Yunxi’s shoulders.

It was clear that he couldn’t hold out for much longer. A gust of wind would be enough to topple him. Still, his eyes were shining with heinous killing intent that bore straight to the heart as he turned to look at Jun Yixie.

“Jun Yixie, don’t even think of touching a hair on her head unless I’m dead!”

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In other words, Jun Yixie didn’t have the poison beast’s blood to treat his poison, which meant his only choice lay with Han Yunxi. He laughed even louder at her words. “What, you don’t plan to treat your lordship’s poison even after falling into my hands?”

“I really wasn’t planning to,” Han Yunxi said fearlessly.

Gu Qishao: Poison lass, be sensible! Now isn't the time to provoke the enemy!

Han Yunxi: *coldly* I've got nothing to lose, anyways.

Gu Qishao: You--! *turns around* Dammnit, Giant Ice Cube, this is all your fault!

Long Feiye: *furrows eyebrows*

Gu Qishao: I knew staying with you would hurt her! Now she's turning into a useless iceblock just like you!

Long Feiye: Don't call her useless.

Gu Qishao: Then stop making her feel worthless!

Long Feiye: ...I did what I had to do.

Gu Qishao: Yeah well, Your Almighty Highness sure has a strange way of showing how much you care!

Long Feiye: You have no right to judge your lordship!

Gu Qishao: You can't stop me from saying what I want.

Long Feiye: Don't tempt me to try.

Gu Qishao: .... *glares*

Long Feiye: ..... *glares back*

Gu Qishao: Enough talk! *attacks*

Long Feiye: Your lordship is sick of listening to you as well! *counters*

Gu Qishao: Long Feiye! You owe Poison lass too much. It's about time you paid up!

Long Feiye: You're not the one to collect my debts!

Gu Qishao: Hnnnrk! 

Tang Li: Forget about fighting, let's figure out a way out of here first!

Long Feiye, Gu Qishao: Mind your own business!

Tang Li: ...well, you can't say I didn't try. = _ =

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