Chapter 243: Do you two plan on eloping?

Chapter 243: Do you two plan on eloping? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Han Yunxi never thought that Long Feiye would show up here. Had this fellow and Tang Li been here long, or did they encounter them by chance? She only felt a chilly air above her head and the tight grip around her waist. Long Feiye seemed to be in a bad mood, so she didn’t even dare to look up for his expression. Even though she owed him nothing and did nothing wrong, she still had a guilty conscience.

But while Han Yunxi was lost in her own world, there was a sudden shuashua noise from behind her. The Tang Clan’s assassination weapons were all tiny, but they all made clear noises when used. The sound behind her now was swift and fierce, the sign of multiple hidden weapons being launched at extremely high speeds. Hearing this, combined with all the Tang Clan guards that had shown up, Han Yunxi could only realize that Long Feiye had made preparations before he arrived. How did he know she made an appointment with Jun Yixie?

At this moment, Long Feiye had already taken her out the door. There was a creak before it shut behind them! Hearing this, Han Yunxi’s expression shifted instantly. She struggled free from Long Feiye’s arms and turned around. Even the windows on both sides of the room had been sealed shut with a Tang Clan guard standing in front of each on.

This was setting up everyone inside the room to die! The Tang Clan Sealed Death!

Han Yunxi realized what was going on with a glance. It was an extremely horrific tactic of the Tang Clan assassination technique! By sealing off all exits, no one inside could hope to get out without permission from the guards outside. The guards trapped inside had made the ultimate sacrifice, by using their own bodies as the final weapon. Everyone inside would die including the guards, so the ‘Tang Clan Sealed Death’ was also known as the ‘Human Assassination Weapon.’

“Gu Qishao’s still inside the room!” Han Yunxi was anxious enough to turn pale as she shouted at Long Feiye.

Long Feiye’s dark face turned three parts darker as he coldly asked, “So?”

“Open the door!” Han Yunxi was completely out of sorts. She rushed forward to open the door, but the Tang Clan member there had no intention of letting her pass. “Open the door, one of our people is inside!” Han Yunxi was truly worried. Even though she disliked Gu Qishao on the surface and often gave him the cold shoulder, she’d long treated him as her friend in her heart.

The Tang Clan guards only listened to Tang Li and Long Feiye, so they were indifferent to Han Yunxi’s yells. When Han Yunxi turned and saw that Long Feiye wasn’t planning to help, she finally noticed the killing intent in his eyes. Immediately, she fell quiet. Long Feiye only looked at her coldly before ignoring her outright. He turned and walked aside to lean on a railing, just like a king in control of the entire situation. Right now he was looking down the building to see how Tang Li was doing. Han Yunxi knew that Long Feiye had been looking for a chance to deal with Gu Qishao ever since that incident at the Celestial Fragrance Plantation. But she never thought Long Feiye would be ruthless enough to really take his life. Something in her eyes seemed to shatter as she looked at his chilly back.

She turned around and shot needles from the Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain in her sleeve. The guard before the door hadn’t taken any precautions against Han Yunxi, so he didn’t have time to dodge her poison needles. As soon as she targeted him, he was dead! The next thing she did was charge towards the door, but she wasn’t strong enough to kick it open with her foot the first time. The other guards on the sides had rushed over, while Long Feiye had turned around with a warning look in his eye. Han Yunxi ignored it. She was very clear that she’d killed a Tang Clan guard, one of Tang Li and Long Feiye’s subordinates, but she didn’t care about all that! She kept trying to kick down the door while her hand sent needles flying left and right, preventing the guards from getting closer. Gu Qishao had come to help her. Even if she had a falling out with Long Feiye today or put her life on the line, she was going to save him out of there. The Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain was Tang Li’s customized weapon and quite reliable. It kept back the guards on both sides while she attacked with both hands and kicked the door with her feet.

Dammit, why was the door sealed so tight? Han Yunxi’s feet hurt, but it still didn’t budge. She gritted her teeth and turned sideways before slamming her body against it instead. Finally the door burst open, but she didn’t even get a look inside before Long Feiye appeared by the entrance, his lofty form blocking her line of sight.

He gazed at her from high above and asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“I just said, Gu Qishao’s inside,” Han Yunxi didn’t have the patience to talk. She could already smell the thick stench of blood wafting from inside.

“What does his life or death have to do with you?” Long Feiye asked again.

“What does it have to do with you?” Han Yunxi angrily countered. Before he could reply, she reached out a hand and pushed him. “I’ll have to trouble you to get out of the way!”

But there was no way Han Yunxi could push Long Feiye aside with her own strength alone. No matter how much she tried, he didn’t budge an inch. Long Feiye’s head lowered to stare at Han Yunxi’s hand pressed against his chest. He didn’t understand why this woman was always so timid before him except when outsiders were involved. Why did she turn so courageous then? Why did she yell at him and even raise her hand against him?

“He came to help me. He didn’t have anything to do with the hidden spies last time either, so why do you want his life?” Han Yunxi interrogated.

“This has nothing to do with you!” Long Feiye’s cold tone was filled with an angry pressure. He hadn’t planned to kill Gu Qishao before, but now he had to die no matter what. He was about to pull Han Yunxi aside when he suddenly lost all strength in his body. Unconsciously, he backed up a step and nearly toppled over. Han Yunxi quickly caught him and leaned him against the wall. But as soon as Long Feiye touched the wall, he really did lose all his strength and slowly slid to the ground.

He was…

Han Yunxi helped him sit and said softly, “Apologies, but you’ll recover in the length of time it takes to drink a cup of tea.” Undoubtedly, her shove just then wasn’t really to get him out of the way, but to poison him.

“Han Yunxi, you actually poisoned your lordship!” Long Feiye’s rage reached to the skies, his voice terrifyingly cold. Though he had no strength, he emanated a killing intent strong enough to make one shiver. Han Yunxi only pretended that she hadn’t heard a thing. She avoided his murderous gaze and turned to rush into the room. At this, all the guards were stunned silly. They never thought there existed a person in this world who was capable of injuring the Duke of Qin.

The leader rushed forward and respected kneeled by Long Feiye’s side, asking in a low voice, “Your Highness Duke of Qin, this door…”

Should they shut this door again, or allow it to stay ajar?

If they didn’t close it, the Tang Clan Sealed Death technique would broken. If they did, then Qin Wangfei would die without fail inside as well. None of the guards dared to speak, but Long Feiye naturally understood what they meant. He leaned listlessly against the wall, looking inside the room without replying to the guard. The guard stayed with his head lowered and back bowed, wondering if His Highness Duke of Qin had missed his question. Or maybe he didn’t want to reply? Or even, perhaps, he was considering whether or not to truly shut this door? The guard waited for awhile, but Long Feiye simply ignored him. If this kept on, the people inside would almost break out, so he bolstered his courage and asked again, “Your Highness Duke of Qin, this door…”

Finally, Long Feiye looked at the guard, who was thrilled. He waited for a reply, but all Long Feiye did was stare at him without speaking. The guard felt his scalp turn numb from the staring. He could hear the sounds of combat getting closer and closer to the door, so he could only move to close the door himself. No matter what, they should shut it first. The slaughter inside wouldn’t finish so quickly, nor would the Tang Clan unleash their Human Assassination Weapon so soon.

But as soon as he moved to close the door, Long Feiye immediately spoke up. “Beat it!”

Frightened, the guard’s hands shook as he hastily got out of the way to avoid guilt. The door remained open, and Long Feiye remained sitting by its entrance as he looked inside. The prescribed time was almost up. Though the sounds of combat were getting closer, Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao still hadn’t shown up. If Gu Qishao couldn’t even get out, Jun Yixie’s Poison Humans had even less of a chance. The cold aura around Long Feiye grew more and more intense as he slowly narrowed his eyes.

Han Yunxi, you damnable woman, are you coming out or not? If you have the skills to charge inside, don’t you have the skills to get back out?

Or perhaps, you’re using your own life to pressure your lordship to release Gu Qishao?

Time trickled by slowly. Finally, Long Feiye turned towards the leader of the guards, who gave a start and didn’t dare to move. But just as he was about to speak up, a flash of red went past as Gu Qishao flew out with Han Yunxi in his arms. There was a dart stuck in his shoulder where blood flowed unceasingly, but Han Yunxi was perfectly unharmed. As soon as they landed, a few black-robed figures followed them out. They were precisely Jun Yixie’s Poison Humans. The Tang Clan guards rushed out after them, thus breaking the Tang Clan Sealed Death technique. Han Yunxi immediately shook off Gu Qishao’s hands to rush to Long Feiye’s side. Even the Tang Clan guards couldn’t compare to her speed. She was very clear as to the potency of her poison. Even though Long Feiye would recover very soon, right now he was completely powerless. In such a chaotic situation, he’d be the one in most danger.

Han Yunxi guarded Long Feiye with one hand while shooting with her Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain on the other. Very soon, the guards surrounded Long Feiye as well while the rest of them kept up the slaughter against the Poison Humans. Chaos reigned over the entire scene. Gu Qishao kept one hand pressed against the wound on his shoulder, his face as white as a sheet. He stood just outside of the chaotic fighting, looking at Han Yunxi from a distance. There was a rather helpless curve to his lips. Just a moment ago, this woman had given up everything to rush in and find him, but now she was giving her all to rush to another man’s side and protect him.

Han Yunxi, just what is this gentleman supposed to do with you?

Currently, Long Feiye was in the center of a protective circle. Though he was separated from all the fighting, his cold eyes pierced through the crowds to fixate on Gu Qishao. Seeing this, Gu Qishao withdrew his helpless expression and replaced it with his usual playful, dazzling, devil-may-care smirk. He laughed loudly and said, “Poison lass, you’ve already risked your life to save me, but you still won’t leave with me? Think it over carefully, I’ll find you again in three days.”

So speaking, he turned and fled. Han Yunxi was long used to such words and treated it as another one of Gu Qishao’s indecent jokes. She didn’t take it to heart, but focused her attention on the danger around them. She was the one who’d robbed Long Feiye of his strength. If he died because of her, she’d wouldn’t be able to atone for the crime even with her own death. But Long Feiye only asked coldly, “Qin Wangfei, do you two plan to elope?”

Han Yunxi gave a start before realizing she was Long Feiye’s proper consort. Just then, Gu Qishao had taken liberties with her right in front of Long Feiye’s face….

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