Chapter 242: She has the right to be provocative

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“Jun Yixie, you actually violated the principles of using poisons. Aren’t you afraid of those in the same field mocking you?” Han Yunxi was furious!

There was a unspoken rule in the community of poison users. One should never administer an antidote-less poison unless there was no choice!

“Han Yunxi, rather than worrying over my reputation, you should worry about your own life instead.” Jun Yixie disdained those in the same field as he. In all of Cloud Realm Continent, his poison skills were unparalleled. He’d never adhered to any sort of rules because power meant everything within a territory! With power, one could set one’s own rules!

When Han Yunxi saw Jun Yixie’s contemptuous smile, she was filled with hate! She glared fiercely at him and wished that her stare could kill him right then and there! She really had overestimated this man’s moral character. Now what should she do?

Two days later, it didn’t matter if she lost to Third Elder and was chased out of Medical City. But if Long Tianmo died…

Thinking up to here, Han Yunxi’s glare at Jun Yixie turned even colder. She was so angry that her entire being was emanating killing intent, enough for even Gu Qishao to sense that her aura had shifted. But Jun Yixie liked this side of Han Yunxi very much. His smile grew even more savage as he spoke. “Han Yunxi, leave the poison pond water here and your lordship won’t cause you any difficulties this time.”

He dared to ask her for her poison pond water!

Han Yunxi gave a cold laugh. “As if you aren’t causing me difficulties now? Then what’s ‘causing difficulties’ in your eyes? I’ve finally realized why you always wear a facemask,’s because you’re a total loss of face!” Immediately, Jun Yixie’s face turned three shades redder.

“You!” His surprise, however, surpassed his anger, and his awkwardness exceeded his surprise. Nobody had so thoroughly cursed him in his lifetime, much less a woman!

“What ‘me?’ I thought I’d overrated your moral character. As things stand, you have no morals at all! Let me tell you, don’t even think of getting a drop of poison pond water!” Han Yunxi shouted angrily.

Blood filled Jun Yixie’s face and turned it red. It wasn’t clear whether he was ashamed from a guilty conscience or enraged to a breaking point. In any case, he stood there like someone caught off guard who didn’t know what they had done wrong. It was an extremely difficult position. The high and mighty Duke of Kang and master of the Hundred Poisons Sect had actually been scolded by Han Yunxi to such an extent. It really was unfathomable. Gu Qishao stared at the scene with wide eyes, certain that this woman must have gone mad in her rage. In this situation, provoking Jun Yixie too much had bad consequences for both of them.

Meanwhile, Tang Li had nearly ended up in convulsions from laughter while spying from the roof. “Long Feiye, this really is a good show! Jun Yixie is going to slaughter her for sure! Hahaha!”

“Stupid woman!” Long Feiye’s face had turned dangerous, like a stormy sky. It seemed that no end of good shows would amuse him.

Tang Li was full of laughter, but he hadn’t missed the object in Han Yunxi’s hands. He couldn’t help but ask doubtfully, “Hey, how come she has poison pond water?”

Long Feiye didn’t understand it either. He was present on the night that the poison pond had disappeared, while Han Yunxi had lost consciousness in his arms. That woman had no chance at all to touch the water.

By now, Jun Yixie had recovered from Han Yunxi’s angry cursing. He ignored the hesitation in his hard and adopted a cold expression, taking strides towards Han Yunxi. “Han Yunxi, you don’t have the right to act so outrageous before your lordship! Hand over the poison pond water or else your lordship won’t be polite!”

Gu Qishao was shielding Han Yunxi, but she suddenly pushed him aside and raised the poison pond water up high. She stepped forward to directly face off against Jun Yixie with a cold snort. “You want this, don’t you? Then I just won’t give it to you!”

As she spoke, she suddenly smashed the bottle of poison pond water towards the ground. Nobody expected Han Yunxi to do this. Such a valiant woman!

“You dare!” Jun Yixie was the first to react. He didn’t think twice before diving to save the water, but it was then that Han Yunxi made her move and fiercely attacked him with poison needles! Unfortunately, the speed and strength of the Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain was nothing compared to the skills of an expert like Jun Yixie. Even as he protected the bottle of poison water, he managed to dodge the needles. One of his hands rested against the ground while the other held the bottle at the same time that Han Yunxi’s needles landed on the ground beside him. It was this instant that his cruel, violent gaze looked up to fixate on Han Yunxi.

This woman had already touched on his final nerve!

He might not kidnap her today, but he was definitely going to make her pay!

“Han Yunxi, your lordship’s said before. You don’t have the right to act so outrageous before your lordship!” Jun Yixie’s cold voice rang out before he slapped his hand against the floor, sending all the needles stuck in the ground back to the air. All of them shot unceasingly towards Han Yunxi, their speed difficult to avoid.

“Careful!” Gu Qishao grabbed Han Yunxi’s waist and protected her with his embrace as he turned. His red robes floated up and created a current of air that deflected all the incoming needles.

“Jun Yixie, it’s the first time this young gentleman’s seen someone raise a hand against a woman, hehe,” Gu Qishao smiled mockingly.

“She brought it on herself,” Jun Yixie was still too angry to care about being a gentleman.

“A man should act like a man, and yield to her more,” Gu Qishao was still smiling. He looked like he was joking, but it was all satire. As he spoke, he pulled Han Yunxi behind him again and glanced at a window out of the corner of his eye. When you couldn’t defeat an enemy, the best choice out of the 36 Stratagems was to flee!

“Gu Qishao, it’s not easy to leave as you like after making an appointment with your lordship!” Jun Yixie could tell Gu Qishao’s plans at a glance. He slipped the poison water into his sleeve and flickered over. Immediately, Gu Qishao dodged out of the way. This time, Han Yunxi was obedient enough to stay in his arms as she quietly stared at Jun Yixie’s sleeve while considering an idea. Jun Yixie gave chase while Gu Qishao dodged. Though Gu Qishao’s strength wasn’t comparable to Jun Yixie’s, he was no weakling. As long as he didn’t fight him directly and just evaded here and there, it was still easy to protect Han Yunxi. He even jeered at Jun Yixie a few times while he avoided him. Of course, Jun Yixie had already used poison multiple times during their chase, but Gu Qishao had detoxified them all in turn. During the entire process, Han Yunxi was unnaturally silent, almost enough for others to overlook her existence altogether.

Suddenly, Jun Yixie stopped and reached for his sword. Gu Qishao’s gaze sank as he grew guarded. Jun Yixie didn’t waste any more words speaking, while Gu Qishao knew that talking to him now was useless. The room turned still as the atmosphere grew tense. But in the silence, Jun Yixie suddenly gave a low groan before his right hand dropped uselessly to his side. His sword fell with a clang on the ground!


Before anyone could react, Jun Yixie hastily took out the bottle of poison pond water from his sleeve.

There was poison! Someone had tampered with the poison pond water, which had now injured his hand!

What a treacherous Han Yunxi. So she’d provoked him on purpose, not because she was stupid, nor because she was arrogant, but because she had a motive! Jun Yixie was one of the top poison users in the field, but he’d fallen before this woman again and gotten poisoned. His right hand suddenly lost all strength, while his wrist, elbow, and arm joints began to hurt. It seemed like Hundred Leaf Purple Jade (Bone Poison), but wasn’t completely identical! Dammit, he couldn’t even tell what kind of poison it was right now, nor whether it’d spread beyond his arm.

“Han Yunxi, you’re despicable!” Jun Yixie tightened his grip on that bottle of poison pond water and threw it at Han Yunxi, but before it left his hand, the bottle suddenly burst open to reveal a cloud of toxic fog. This was Han Yunxi’s true motive. Who knew she had one last move?

Jun Yixie didn’t have time to get rid of the bottle and was spurted in the face with the toxic fog. Dammit, it was another poison he couldn’t recognize at first glance. He could only try to evade and retreat from the poison.

“Jun Yixie, this wangfei dared to meet with you, not because I believed you, but because I believed in myself! This time, this wangfei will kidnap you!” Right now Han Yunxi was just like before, calm and self-confident. Her elegant demeanor sparkled with a brilliance that nobody could ignore, making her the focal point of the entire world.

“Gu Qishao, what are you standing there dazed for? Why aren’t you making a move yet?” she said in a low voice.

But before Gu Qishao could take action, Jun Yixie gave a whistle. Twenty Poison Humans dressed in black robes suddenly appeared from the windows on four sides to protect him. Soon after that, 20 more black-robed Poison Humans entered to rush towards Gu Qishao. In the chaos, Jun Yixie was the first to escape via the window. Nobody noticed the white figure that appeared at the same time he jumped out, nor the rainstorm of Pear Blossom needles that pierced his shoulder guard. Soon after that, a foot kicked him straight up into the air.

Tch...who’s he guarding against? He brought along so many people!” Gu Qishao spat. He had no way to chase after him and only thought of escaping first. Though he could fight off these black robed Poison Humans, he had a Han Yunxi to protect and couldn’t take the risk. Han Yunxi didn’t expect there to be so many Poison Humans hidden in their midst. It seemed like they couldn’t catch Jun Yixie this time. Still, when she was about to give up, she suddenly felt a strong wind gush past her. Before she figured out what was going on, she was wrested roughly out of Gu Qishao’s arms and into another embrace.

“Kill everyone on site!” a cold voice commanded from above her. Han Yunxi looked up and saw that clean, clear, well-defined chin. This man looked good even when he was talking.

It was him, Long Feiye!

Tang Li had gone off to chase after Jun Yixie. Aside from Han Yunxi and Long Feiye, the only other person present besides Jun Yixie’s men was Gu Qishao. What did Long Feiye’s ‘Kill everyone on site’ mean?

One after another, Tang Clan bodyguards bearing assassination weapons appeared. There had to be at least 50 of them, all of whom tightly encircled the rest. They’d completely overwhelmed the two waves of Poison Humans. The fighting turned even more intense with more people present. Gu Qishao’s figure was just about swallowed up in the sea of black-robed figures. Long Feiye’s steps were as calm and self-possessed as ever. One hand held on tightly to Han Yunxi’s waist as he walked her out of the chaos with a cold face. By now, Han Yunxi’s entire body had turned stiff. How could she imagine that he...would show up?


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