Chapter 240: Suddenly, I miss you so much

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When she’d parted ways with Long Feiye at the inn, he said he’d be in Medical City the whole time. Han Yunxi could admit to herself that she’d thought of Long Feiye first to help. It’d be completely justified, but she’d quickly rejected the idea. She knew that Long Feiye was here at Medical City for the sake of its Poison Sect’s poison storage warehouse. Even though he’d saved her from Jun Yixie’s hands, he hadn’t revealed his identity. It was likely that he was very busy and didn’t want to get involved in too many problems. Moreover, finding Gu Qishao to help her took care of Luo Zuishan as well, so it was the most fitting choice.

“It’s a secret, don’t tell him,” Han Yunxi replied in a joking tone.

“It’s much easier for him to find Jun Yixie than me. You’re not asking him for help?” Gu Qishao probed.

Han Yunxi still avoided a direct answer, but grinned and said, “You come whenever I call, whereas he...I don’t even know where to find him.” Even if he was in Medical City the whole time, she really had no idea where to find him or which person could contact him. She was always finding out how little she really knew about that man in the most unexpected of times. Maybe that’s why some people felt far away even when they were right by your side.

Come whenever he was called?

Gu Qishao rubbed his chin, pondering over the words with interest. He was not only not angry, but chuckling when he replied, “I like the sound of those words!”

All laughter aside, Gu Qishao really was reliable when it came to helping Han Yunxi. He poked Han Yunxi’s chest with his finger and said seriously, “I can help you find Jun Yixie, but he’s tried to kidnap you again and again. Now you’re delivering yourself to him, you…”

Back at the Celestial Fragrance Tea Plantation, Gu Qishao and Jun Yixie had fought each other. He didn’t have 100 percent confidence that he could fully protect Han Yunxi.

“Naturally, I have a way to deal with him. As long as you go with me, it’ll be fine,” Han Yunxi turned serious. Though meeting with Jun Yixie seems like an absurd, stupid idea, the situation demanded her to place her hopes on him in order to cure Long Tianmo’s poison.

“What kind of idea, tell me,” Gu Qishao asked curiously.

“What, you’re afraid of him too?” Han Yunxi grinned.

Gu Qishao snorted contemptuously and gave up questioning her altogether. “Just wait, I’ll have news by tomorrow morning!” So speaking, he was about to leave when he doubled back by the door, a mysterious expression on his face. “Poison lass, it was Long Feiye who saved you, right?”

If Jun Yixie had been the one to kidnap Han Yunxi, then Long Feiye was one of the few people in the world with the skills to rescue her. Han Yunxi nodded. There was no need to hid the specifics of this particular kidnapping. At this, the corners of Gu Qishao’s lips rose up until he revealed his mesmerizing dimples.

Very good, Long Feiye came to Medical City as well!

He, Gu Qishao, didn’t have any particular favorite hobbies in this life beyond holding a grudge. Long Feiye had closed down his teashop and teahouse. There was also that time at Medicine City he needed payback for! Wasn’t this the perfect chance for revenge? Medical City wasn’t Long Feiye’s turf, so this time he definitely had to return the compliment to him. Of course, things like vengeance had to wait until after Long Tianmo’s business was finished up. There was plenty of time to study it then!

This had to be the first time Gu Qishao was so happy to leave Han Yunxi of his own will. He was in such a good mood that he didn’t say much, only grin and turn around when he was at the door. “Poison lass, see you tomorrow!”


Once the doors closed, silence descended upon the dark night. Long Feiye had his arms crossed behind his head as he lied on Han Yunxi’s roof, staring at the vast expanse of stars above him. Those dark black eyes seemed to gaze deeper and deeper, making it harder for anyone to describe his thoughts.

He didn’t sleep the entire night.

When it was just approaching daybreak, Tang Li arrived.

“So you really were here!” Tang Li couldn’t believe it. He’d searched for Long Feiye one day and one night before running out of options and coming to try his luck at Han Yunxi’s place. There were lots of things they had to do during this trip to Medical City, but this guy could actually stand guard here instead. So much for being at Medical City the whole time; this guy was actually by Han Yunxi’s side the whole time, all right?!

Long Feiye still seemed lost in thought until Tang Li appeared. He quickly recovered his senses and asked, “Have the people from Medicine City arrived?”

“We’re only missing the Mu Clan, but they should arrive within these two days. I heard this time that the Mu Clan’s brought over a very important medicine,” Tang Li said honestly.

Though the medical academy’s Poison Sect had been eliminated for years now, there were still traces of them remaining. Imprisoned in the forbidden area of the Poison Sect was a frightful poison beast called the Gu Shu[1. Shu (鼠) - a word that means mouse or rat; on occasional it can also mean squirrel when used in conjunction with Song, aka songshu (松鼠).] that no one had been able to kill for hundreds of years. Cloud Realm Medical Academy could only join hands with Medicine City to create a medicine to put it to sleep every five years. Legends had it that this poison beast was the most extraordinary artifact of the Poison Sect. Not only could it distinguish between hundreds of poisons, it could eat them all too. Moreover, its blood could cure hundreds of different toxins. But the most frightening thing about it was that its body was also hypertoxic. One bite from the creature was equivalent to being poisoned with hundreds of different poisons. If that happened, even the gods wouldn’t be able to save you.

The Poison Sect had been destroyed, but its poison beast had become something that everyone in the world fought over. Every time the Gu Shu woke up, the peaceful Medical City had to secretly assemble all sorts of powers together to deal with it.

“Who’s delivering the medicine from the Mu Clean?” Long Feiye asked again.

“Mu Linger!” Tang Li seemed excited by the fact.

“That genius pharmacist?” Long Feiye had already heard Tang Li bring up this name multiple times. That innately gifted girl was praised this year as Medicine City’s most talented pharmacist. Supposedly, she was the undisputed heiress to succeed the position as Mu Clan head. Naturally, Medicine City’s three great clans weren’t just simply sending over medicine, but combining them as well to boil and create a medicine together to something to deal with the poison beast. If the Mu Clan could let Mu Linger come this time, then it meant this girl had enough skills to shoulder the responsibility by herself.

“Just wait, there’ll definitely be show worth watching this time!” Tang Li was very convinced. This time, the medicine from the Mu Clan was very important, which meant its pharmacist had to shoulder a large part of the responsibility. He was looking forward to Mu Linger’s performance. Long Feiye glanced at him, clearly uninterested. Tang Li assumed he’d leave then and there, but Long Feiye only sat in place, unmoving.

“Not going?” Wasn’t he planning to scope out the Poison Sect’s forbidden area in these few days?

Long Feiye shook his head and smiled coldly. “There’s a show worth watching today, want to see?”

A doubtful Tang Li cast a glance beneath their feet. “Her?”

Long Feiye didn’t reply. He was obviously smiling coldly a second ago, but now his face had turned frighteningly frigid. Tang Li didn’t even dare to follow up with his question. Han Yunxi and Third Elder had made a bet, while she’d treated Long Tianmo’s poison just yesterday. Two days later, she’d reexamine the patient and beat Third Elder. If everything went smoothly, then a personality like Han Yunxi’s definitely wouldn’t spare Third Elder. News of what had happened had already spread around the medical academy yesterday afternoon. The real good show wasn’t due until the reexamination two days later.

So what kind of show could this woman put on now?

Tang Li had no other choice besides sitting down by Long Feiye’s side. He didn’t know when he got used to Long Feiye acting outside of the plan. Still, he could tell that Han Yunxi was the reason for his behavior and exceptions…


The sun rose from the east, illuminating the skies. Han Yunxi had barely woken up when Gu Qishao arrived.

“You’ve made the appointment?” Han Yunxi asked urgently.

Gu Qishao’s lips rose up into a grin, his mood so good that it might have resembled the brilliant,  rosy clouds of the sunrise. He beckoned to Han Yunxi with a hand and said, “Let’s go!”

Han Yunxi gave him her hand without another word, not because she was wanton, but because she was too big hearted to consider so many taboos. Though, if it was Long Feiye offering his hand, she might have hesitated a bit.

As it turned out, Gu Qishao was the one who ended up hesitating. He never expected Han Yunxi to be so forthright and straightforward, but he quickly recovered to grip her hand tightly. The other wrapped around her shoulder as he helped her jump over the wall. By the time Gu Qishao and Han Yunxi arrived at the teahouse on the western side of the city, Jun Yixie had yet to shown up. Gu Qishao called for a table full of cakes and pastries as well as small side dishes. There had to be at least 20 options on the table. “All of Medical City’s local delicacies are here, enjoy them slowly. Jun Yixie won’t show up so early.”

It was difficult not to be nervous seeing a man who’d tried to kidnap her thrice, even if she wasn’t afraid of him. Right now, Han Yunxi had no appetite, but a single glance over the dishes on the table made her realize that a majority of them were similar to what Long Feiye had ordered at the inn that night.

“You have to try them if you’re in Medical City. Have a few of these, they say women like them the best,” Gu Qishao helped pile up Han Yunxi’s dish with his chopsticks while she stared dumbstruck at the selections.

Long Feiye, did you take care to prepare the table of delicacies that night, too?

When Gu Qishao noticed Han Yunxi’s reaction, he hastened to ask, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Han Yunxi didn’t answer, but lowered her head to gobble down the food. Liking someone was a baffling thing. Suddenly, she missed him so much. Liking someone was an unreasonable thing. Though she wanted to be by his side right now, she would never open her mouth to admit it.

Gu Qishao was puzzled. He scooted next to Han Yunxi and propped his head on his hand to look askance at her. Although he and this girl had never been on chatting terms since their first meeting at the cave, a lot of times they put on acts in front of each other. This time, Gu Qishao could tell that there was really something on her mind.

“Poison lass, what’s wrong?” he asked sincerely.

Han Yunxi didn’t reply, but swallowed down mouthful after mouthful.

“Did someone bully you after I left last night?” Gu Qishao hadn’t realized it, but he really was anxious.

Han Yunxi refused to reply, but nearly stuffed herself to the point of choking. She drank a few mouthfuls of water before changing the topic. “Jun Yixie’s in Medical City too?”

She assumed that they’d have to make a rush trip today, but never expected Jun Yixie to be right in the city. Since his kidnapping hadn’t worked, was that evil fellow concealing himself in Medical City for other movements?

“Just what’s wrong with you?” Gu Qishao looked at her seriously.

Han Yunxi grabbed a pastry and stuffed it in his mouth. The action looked incomparably intimate from any angle, but it was only Gu Qishao who knew how much strength she’d used, enough to nearly make him choke.

“Try some, this green bean cake is the tastiest of all, I like it best,” Han Yunxi had a very pretty smile.

Gu Qishao did his best to swallow the food stuck in his throat. He was about to speak again when there was a sudden knock on the door.

Jun Yixie had arrived right on schedule…

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