Chapter 239: Does your husband know?

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“Esteemed wangfei, you…” Gu Beiyue caught up after her, unsure of what to say.

“I was forced until I had no choice, after all, sigh…” Han Yunxi shrugged her shoulders, her head drooping.

Gu Beiyue didn’t know whether to laugh or rage at her current state. He’d always felt that this woman’s skills in poisons were unsurpassed, and that she treated patients with 100 percent seriousness, conscientious and meticulous. But who knew that she could act shamelessly as well? She’d fooled the two directors and Third Elder of medical academy with something so important. As a doctor himself, Gu Beiyue had always hated those who gained fame by deceiving the public with lies, but looking at Han Yunxi’s quiet self, his eyes forgave her and took on a doting light.

“Fortunately, I bought two days’ time,” Han Yunxi’s voice was firm despite bowing her head. Gu Beiyue’s doting gaze deepened as he helplessly shook his head. Unconsciously, he reached out a hand to rub her head--but stopped in mid-air. While Han Yunxi was still looking down, he quickly withdrew that hand until it vanished. Such speeds weren’t possible for even ordinary experts, but his had surpassed them to the point that it left no sound, making it impossible to sense. As he clasped those hands behind his back, Gu Beiyue silently sighed again, feeling the heavy weight of the situation and yet helpless against it. This sort of Gu Beiyue seemed to become another person entirely, one that lacked his usual calm and scholarly, refined air. In its place was a serious and steady man. Han Yunxi didn’t notice any of this, but the Long Feiye who’d been on her tail the entire time saw it all too clearly.

“Gu Beiyue…” he muttered to himself, his icy eyes fixated on Gu Beiyue’s arm as if he’d discovered something.

“What do you plan to do in two days?” Gu Beiyue asked mildly.

“Do you have any ideas? If the crown prince can’t be saved, we’ll both have to die,” Han Yunxi said seriously. Though she’d shown off on purpose in front of Third Elder and the rest just then, she hadn’t spared any effort to expel as much poison as possible from Long Tianmo’s joints. Unfortunately, she couldn’t expel it all. Only by applying an antidote could she fully get rid of the toxin. Otherwise, she’d be evicted from Medical City in two days’ time. That wasn’t even the most important part--it was that Long Tianmo wouldn’t survive much longer after that, either. Emperor Tianhui wouldn’t do anything to the medical academy if Long Tianmo died there, but she and Gu Beiyue wouldn’t be able to escape a death sentence. It’d also give Emperor Tianhui full reason to pin the crime on the Duke of Qin’s estate.

Gu Beiyue shook his head. “None, but…”

What he wanted to say was, ‘None, but we can run away together.’

Unfortunately, Han Yunxi was preoccupied with her thoughts and didn’t even hear his ‘but.’ She’d only asked him in passing at most, but was busy thinking over her own ideas already. Her intelligent eyes spun in their sockets before they revealed a hint of mirth. Han Yunxi shuffled closely as she lowered her voice, “I do. Wait for my good news! This matter definitely won’t get anyone into trouble!”

In order to win against Third Elder and, more than that, preserve the lives of her and Gu Beiyue, Han Yunxi knew she had to use any methods to get her hands on an antidote! So after some thought, her solution lay in that name: Gu Qishao! At this critical juncture, finding that fellow Gu Qishao was the best choice. It was harder to climb to Heaven for a person like her with no connections to track down such a mysterious, errant man whose origins were unclear. Fortunately, Han Yunxi could find at least one other person instead. That very night, she find the person in question, Luo Zuishan.

Previously, Luo Zuishan hadn’t even spared her a glance; now his gaze on her resembled a searchlight, bright and shining. “Qin Wangfei must have important business to pay a call here so late,” Luo Zuishan greeted with a smile.

“Very important, and I must trouble Senior Luo with this matter,” Han Yunxi smiled back. Hearing this, Luo Zuishan felt amused. He remembered Han Yunxi and Third Elder’s bet from today. Not only did she have to cure Long Tianmo’s poison, but uncover the truth about his previous chronic ailment resurfacing as well. He thought that Han Yunxi must have come to talk with him about that very ailment. Long Tianmo had been planted with Gu before. Even if Han Yunxi had Heavenly skills, she’d never be able to tell. In order to win against Third Elder, she’d still have to beg him for help in the end.

As long as she had a favor to ask him, he could take advantage of the situation and ask how she found those acupoints with her skills. Things such as the identities of those unknown acupoints and those disposable needles were a source of great temptation for a doctor.

“There’s no harm telling me what you need!” Luo Zuishan smoothed out his beard, looking the picture of respectability when he was actually secretly delighted.

But Han Yunxi wasn’t here to ask about Long Tianmo’s old ailment at all. She came straight to the point and said, “Where’s Gu Qishao?”

As soon as he heard ‘Gu Qishao,’ Luo Zuishan’s hand shook, and he narrowly avoided pulling out his beard.

Gu Qishao? Han Yunxi came to him to find Gu Qishao?

Since when had she discovered the connection between him and Gu Qishao?

Although Gu Qishao was the one to save him from bandits on the journey here, he had been wearing a facemask then. Moreover, Han Yunxi had been kidnapped around the same time as he, so she wasn’t around when he came back. Seeing Luo Zuishan’s reaction, Han Yunxi knew she’d come to the right person. She picked up her teacup and leisurely tasted its contents.

“Gu…” Luo Zuishan ignored the pain from his chin and feigned ignorance. “Qin Wangfei, what Gu were you talking about? Imperial Physician Gu? What’s happened to him?”


Even without the kidnapping incidents, Han Yunxi could guess that Gu Qishao and Luo Zuishan had a strong connection based on the former’s boast to get her out of jail. “Not Imperial Physician Gu, but Gu…..Qishao,” Han Yunxi purposely drew out her words.

“Gu Qishao? This old man’s never heard of such a person. I don’t know what Qin Wangfei could...possibly mean?” Luo Zuishan was a type who wouldn’t admit things even if he was beaten to death.

Han Yunxi was tired. She didn’t have much time to haggle, but maintained her smile and said, “Senior Luo, I’d like to trouble you to bring these words to Gu Qishao. Just say that I want to see him before daybreak, or else…” Han Yunxi paused. She didn’t really have anything to threaten him with, much less tempt him.

Or else what?

After some thought under Luo Zuishan’s increasingly disbelieving eyes, Han Yunxi aggressively said, “Or else, he’ll have to shoulder the consequences!” So speaking, she rose to leave without even turning back, leaving Luo Zuishan to gape after her.

Shoulder the consequences?

Just how much had this girl progressed with Gu Qishao? Did she have a handle on him somehow? That foolish brat, did he really take a fancy to that girl? Did he tell her one of his secrets? Thinking up to here, Luo Zuishan couldn’t be bothered with pretending anymore. He hurried out and went to search everywhere in the academy for Gu Qishao.

As things turned out, Han Yunxi had made the right gamble. She’d just gone back to her rooms when Gu Qishao appeared outside her window. “Poison lass, I have to shoulder the consequences? What kind of consequences?” he smiled in amusement. Anyone could tell that he was very happy. Han Yunxi imitated his smile by squinting her eyes and beckoned him over with her finger, signaling him to enter the room. Seeing this, Gu Qishao was even more delighted and obediently climbed through the window. Anyone who saw this might even think these two were about to have an affair!

Once Gu Qishao entered, Han Yunxi was all business. “Sit down, there’s a favor I have to ask.”

If you asked her why she was so sure that Gu Qishao would come, she wouldn’t be able to answer either. Instinct told her he would. Naturally, Luo Zuishan had told Gu Qishao everything that had happened at the back courtyard of the consultation hall today. He could guess what was going on when he saw Han Yunxi’s serious expression. He too, adopted a businesslike air, though his words couldn’t help but make a listener bristle with anger.

“Since you’re asking me for a favor, why not pledge your body to me in marriage?”

Han Yunxi spat out her tea all over Gu Qishao’s face. “Scram!” she said without the slightest hesitation.

Instead of getting angry, Gu Qishao simply wiped his face, still smiling beautifully enough to devastate cities and nations alike. “You can owe me first while you think it over.”

Han Yunxi threw her teacup at him, absolutely furious. “Get out, out, out!”

See her so worked up, Gu Qishao had a rare moment of seriousness and said softly, “All right, all right, just speak. What’s the matter?”

For one second, Han Yunxi could believe that Gu Qishao had a gentle side as well, but she quickly laughed at the thought. “Help me ask Luo Zuishan what Long Tianmo’s old ailment was,” Han Yunxi said seriously. Luo Zuishan had been so confident in the public consultation that he had to have gotten a handle on things. She’d never ask Luo Zuishan himself when sending Gu Qishao would save her much more hassle.

Gu Qishao was clearly harbored ulterior motives when he grinned and said, “All right.”

“There’s something else that’s also extremely urgent,” Han Yunxi said again.

Now Gu Qishao was puzzled. What other problems could there be? Long Tianmo’s swollen stomach came from being planted with Gu, so the disappearance of that stomach didn’t come from a shift in illness, but a removal of the Gu. The poison in his joints had been treated as well, so it was a safe bet to say that Han Yunxi would beat Third Elder.

“What is it?” Gu Qishao asked curiously.

“I want to meet a person, ideally by tomorrow. Help me find him,” Han Yunxi lowered her voice.

“Who is it?” Gu Qishao was even more curious.

“Northern Li’s Duke of Kang, Jun Yixie,” Han Yunxi said truthfully. She didn’t know that Long Tianmo had been poisoned with Gu, much less that removing the Gu had gotten rid of his swollen stomach as well. She only knew that she had to ascertain three things in order to beat Third Elder.

Number one, Long Tianmo’s old ailment, which Luo Zuishan could tell her.

Number two, the disappearance of Long Tianmo’s swollen stomach, which Jun Yixie had to know since he was responsible.

Number three, the antidote to the Bone Poison in Long Tianmo’s body, which was also Jun Yixie’s work. He should have one handy. If he applied poison without an antidote, it was basically akin to murder. Jun Yixie shouldn’t have the guts, right?

“What are you looking for him for?” Gu Qishao was completely lost now.

“He’s the chief instigator behind those Northern Li agents and the true poisons master,” Han Yunxi replied quietly.

Hearing this, Gu Qishao narrowed his eyes with a dangerous light. “It was him!” In other words, Jun Yixie was a high level master of the Gu arts as well? This really went beyond his expectations.

“I want to see him as soon as possible,” Han Yunxi said earnestly.

Gu Qishao hid the dangerous glint in his eyes and teased, “Northern Li’s Duke of Kang is your husband’s mortal enemy. You said you want to see him, but does Long Feiye know?”

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