Chapter 230: Silence, is he taking liberties with her?

Chapter 230: Silence, is he taking liberties with her? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Laughter was a way to close the distance between people. But even though the man before her was laughing now, he still gave off a cold, solitary air. Maybe some people are just like that, Han Yunxi thought. Cold from birth until it becomes their entire world, a world that no one can get close to. Even if you’re standing right in front of him, he’ll still feel as far away as the sky. You’ll never be able to reach him.

Just like Long Feiye.

That’s right, this feeling right now was identical to standing in front of Long Feiye! For a second, Han Yunxi was almost certain the masked man was Long Feiye, but she quickly rejected the notion. With the unrest in Tianning, Mama Su’s existence exposed, and Qinwang Rong’s appearance, the situation looked pessimistic. To avoid doing anything that could arouse suspicion, Long Feiye had already cast her aside. How could he come to save her now?

If he was going to save her, he would’ve done it much earlier. Why wait until now? That fellow hated dragging his heels when doing anything. Though a trace of disappointment still lingered in her heart, Han Yunxi proudly overlooked the fact. She raised her chin and asked coldly, “What are you laughing about?”

The man seemed about to remove his facemask, but stopped himself. He didn’t reply Han Yunxi, but said simply, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to Medical City.”

Now Han Yunxi was bewildered. “Just who are you? What are you taking me to Medical City for?”

The masked man didn’t seem to like talking, but raised a slender finger to his lips to indicate that Han Yunxi shouldn’t ask any more questions. Another hand reached out, as if offering to take her own. Han Yunxi backed away reflexively, caution on her features. The Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain hidden in her sleeve stood on standby to attack. A flicker of amusement flashed past the masked man’s eyes before he suddenly appeared behind Han Yunxi. She immediately turned around, but it was too late. The man had seized her hand with the Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, making it impossible for her to use her weapon. That was her Achilles’ heel.

“Let go!” An angry Han Yunxi jabbed backwards with her elbow, shooting out poison needles at the same time. Unfortunately, the masked man dodged them like they were nothing. Han Yunxi didn’t give up, but kept struggling. Her foot stomped heavily on the masked man’s foot. He not only held on, but stepped on her foot in return, holding it in check.

She had so many poison needles hidden on her person that she didn’t believe she couldn’t hit him with just one. Her other foot attacked along with her other hand; meanwhile, she turned her head to spit out a mouthful of needles. Even a tilt of her head was enough to send poison needles flying from her neck as she gave it her all.


Reality soon proved that Han Yunxi had underestimated her foe. Even with all her tricks, the man behind her simply captured her wrists with one hand while the other effortlessly took care of the needles, leaving him unscathed. Finally, the calm and collected Han Yunxi neared her breaking point. Flustered and utterly exasperated, she exclaimed, “Bastard, let me go! Just what kind of person are you? Do you think you’ll get pregnant just by speaking?!”

But the masked man persisted in his silence. If he hadn’t spoken just then, she would’ve been convinced that he was a mute. How could he have the patience to allow her to struggle and interrogate him without a single retort? Finally, Han Yunxi calmed herself down and took a deep breath. She turned her back to him and didn’t speak, either. The masked man kept silent, but reached out a hand to wrap around her waist and pull her into his arms. It was a smooth motion, but the grip was quite tight. Maybe his hand was too big, or too cold, but once the coarse skin brushed past her clothes, she trembled involuntarily before he turned her to face him.

Han Yunxi was a clearminded type. Though she had been angry, she’d given up struggling long ago. No matter who this fellow was, if he was taking her to Medical City then she might as well go. Everything could be dealt with one step at a time.

But when her eyes accidentally met his cold ones, she caught the hint of amusement within them. So...was this guy actually taking liberties with her? Abruptly, Han Yunxi creased her eyebrows and glared at him as if willing him death through her stare. Seeing this, the masked man stopped his attempts to leave with her, the amusement in his eyes increasing. Han Yunxi wasn’t sure if she’d seen wrong, but his eyes seemed to be hiding traces of laughter as well. She had to admit that such deep, frigid eyes really looked beautiful when they smiled, as if spring flowers were blooming after the snow and ice had thawed. The more she looked, the more familiar they seemed. The more she looked, the harder she concentrated. She was certain that she had to have met this fellow somewhere before, but no matter how she thought, she couldn’t figure it out.

The masked man was looking at her as well. Perhaps her intense stare had affected her, or perhaps he had grown earnest in turn, but his icy eyes actually began to gradually warm as they gazed at her quietly. The two of them stood with their arms together, their eyes locked in stares as silence surrounded them. At the edge of the forest, above the cliffs, the entire world seemed to have stilled until suddenly...Han Yunxi raised her head and bit down viciously on the back of the man’s hand!

It was obvious that the masked man didn’t expect this. All of his warmth vanished in an instant, and not only his eyes, but his furrowed eyebrows, turned cold and frosty. Han Yunxi stubbornly bit down without letting go, even when fresh blood began to flow. Still, all the man did was stare at her. He didn’t push her away, but stayed as silent as before.

What kind of human was this guy?

Soon enough, the fresh red blood turned black. Without a doubt, Han Yunxi had used poison. Despite this, the masked man still didn’t move. He lowered his eyes and quietly watched the black blood seep past the corner of Han Yunxi’s mouth with no intentions of stirring. Unless it was used for suicide, poison hidden in the mouth were typically commonplace toxins. Otherwise, it’d be deadly if the user accidentally swallowed it or contaminated their oral cavity. Although commonplace poisons weren’t very toxic, they’d be strong enough if they sank deep into the skin and blood. Han Yunxi used all her strength to bite down, willing the poison to go in just a bit deeper. Since this masked man was a fighting expert, Han Yunxi couldn’t feel relieved unless her poison really sank in.

Thus, she risked her life to keep giving him all the poison in her mouth before he pushed her aside. But as time passed, the masked man simply stood in place without doing a thing at all. Finally, Han Yunxi used up all the poison hidden in her mouth, but the masked man still didn’t move.

Did she poison him stupid? A poison like that didn’t exist yet! What was going on?

Though her scheme had succeeded, the chilly reception from its victim left Han Yunxi ill at ease. After some hesitation, she released him and looked up, only to see the masked man staring at her unblinkingly. His gaze seemed deep in thought.

This guy, doesn’t he feel any pain? Unless the pain left him dazed?

If this was any other time, Han Yunxi would’ve stylishly pushed aside the masked man and stomped on him before leaving, but she didn’t dare to move this time. Carefully, she said, “I can give you the antidote as long as you let me go.”

Finally, the masked man spoke up, his voice as cold as ice. “Han Yunxi, you were fully capable of killing me just then. This isn’t the first time.”

Nobody had even gotten so close to him for the past 20 years, much less to wound or kill him. But this wasn’t the first time for this woman. Once again, his life had been in her hands. He didn’t like this feeling, but he’d ended up at her mercy multiple times. He had taken every step cautiously and set up defenses in each corner ever since his childhood. This act of his was undoubtedly leaving his life in hers. He was certain this woman was worth trusting, but was it worth it to trust her this much?

The masked man’s words left Han Yunxi in a fog. She was about to break free when a white-robed figure suddenly flipped in from a distance. It was none other than that sham celestial-looking man, Tang Li. Shocked at the sight, Han Yunxi was still quick to cry out, “Save me!”

Tang Li was shocked by the sight of the masked man holding Han Yunxi with the wound on his hand. He too, cried out, “Long Feiye, you’ve been bitten?”

Long Feiye?


Long Feiye! It’s him?

Han Yunxi was so alarmed that her face turned white. Her eyes widened as she stared at Long Feiye’s facemask. At the same time, Long Feiye finally stopped his trails of thought and lightly pushed Han Yunxi aside. Thus, the suddenly startled Han Yunxi fell with a thump on the ground.

“Long Feiye, you…” Han Yunxi couldn’t recover her wits no matter how she tried. She never expected him to save her, much less have the time to ‘tease’ her afterwards! Was this her dream or Long Feiye’s? Han Yunxi was lost in a trance.

“What two doing?” Tang Li asked, still astonished. Han Yunxi had no words to reply, while Long Feiye simply ignored him. He took off his face mask and began to suck out the poisoned blood from his hand.

“Han Yunxi, you bit him and even used poison? You actually…” Tang Li didn’t know what to say. He really wanted to commend Han Yunxi for being the only woman in the world capable of leaving Long Feiye in such a state. How could Han Yunxi understand Tang Li’s exclamation? She only assumed he was angry.

All right, it was wrong of her to bite the hand that saved her, but who told that tsundere[1. tsundere (闷骚) - mensao, which means ‘outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside.’ Artistic liberties were taken to use its more well-known Japanese equivalent.] Long Feiye to keep silent and hide his identity? If she hadn’t bit him, was he planning to keep mum all the way to Medical City and never tell her who he was?

More and more, Han Yunxi was beginning to realize she couldn’t see through this man.

She kept her grievance at heart, but couldn’t be bothered to explain herself. Instead, she quickly strode to Long Feiye and said, “You sit down. I’ll use acupuncture to draw out the poison, there’s too much for you to suck out.”

Long Feiye didn’t speak, but couldn’t help avoiding Han Yunxi’s direct gaze. He obediently took a seat. Han Yunxi was tactful enough to keep her questions and words at bay, but silently focused on expelling the poison. It was the abominable Tang Li who couldn’t mind his own business. He observed them from the side before asking, “Long Feiye, you only took off your facemask just then. Were you fooling around with her?”

Fooling around with a woman?

How could Long Feiye possibly do anything like that?

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