Chapter 220: Wangfei’s life is priceless

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All of the giant bats came together as a swarm. Once their frenzied attack hit, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate, much less guard against. And yet, just when everyone was expecting to fight against them, this giant swarm gave up attacking Long Feiye and Han Yunxi and rushed to the side, where the corpse of the bat king lay!

Everyone was stupefied. Why had this happened?

Leng Shuang Shuang and Qi Yaotian were the most amazed of all. The two of them stared tongue-tied, unable to believe their eyes. The corpse of the bat king had inexplicably began to bleed all over. Perhaps the bat that had struck its body was to blame; perhaps there were other reasons at play. In any case, the blood seem to seep out from every pore on its body, creating a horrific scene!

Of course, everyone only caught a glimpse of the sight, because the horde of bats quickly drowned the corpse of their king beneath a dense, dark mob. Why was this happening? Shouldn’t they be attacking the chief culprits, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi? What were they doing now by surrounding their king? And what had happened to his corpse? Why was blood suddenly pouring out?

Qi Yaotian didn’t like to have many doubts, but he was beginning to wonder whether someone else was controlling his swarm of bats. This was too unexpected! All sorts of questions filled the people’s minds as they looked towards Han Yunxi in disbelief. By now, both Long Feiye and Han Yunxi had landed to stand on the ground. Naturally, Long Feiye was still holding onto Han Yunxi, not only to safeguard her, but also to seemingly to announce his claim on her as well. Even without asking any questions, Long Feiye knew that this woman must have used some sort of poison again. The only thing she knew were the poison arts, but that was enough to bring him no end of pleasant surprises and unexpected events.

Though Qi Yaotian and Leng Shuang Shuang were still looking doubtfully at Han Yunxi, neither of them believed that she had any hand in the bats’ peculiar behavior. So what if this woman knew the poison arts? At most, she could poison a bat or two to death. How could she manage to control the whole swarm? They were more inclined to think that Long Feiye had tampered with the horde somehow.

The thick swarm of bats surrounded the bat king’s corpse, making it impossible to see what they were doing. Neither was Qi Yaotian inclined to take any reckless actions. Judging by his spar just then, he was very clear that he wasn’t a match for Long Feiye without his bats. Leng Shuang Shuang didn’t make a move either, but stared doggedly at Han Yunxi as if pressing her for answers. Very soon, the foul stench of blood began to emanate from the horde. As the smell began to spread, bat corpses began to drop down from the swarm. At first it was just one or two, but more and more followed until they fell like rain to litter the ground. Each of those corpses soon followed the bat king’s example and began to ooze blood from all over their bodies. It was a terrifying sight.


Qi Yaotian finally showed an expression of shock. He’d raised bats as pets since he was young and understood them intimately, but he couldn’t explain the scene before him. Leng Shuang Shuang didn’t even dare to look at their corpses, afraid that she’d throw up instead. Very quickly, the hundred or so bats had all died, covering the ground with their black bodies. Every single one had blood pouring out from its pores, a sight that made one’s hairs stand on end. Meanwhile, all that remained of the bat king’s body was a pile of pitch-black bones with no drops of blood in sight.

Heavens! The entire swarm had been annihilated!

Qi Yaotian couldn’t help but feel absolutely petrified. Only then did he look properly at Han Yunxi. Leng Shuang Shuang had long found it impossible to shift her eyes away from the same woman.

Poison, it had to be poison. Only poison would turn the bones black. And it was this woman’s handiwork!

Amidst the shocked stares, Han Yunxi remained calm and collected. She wanted to walk over, but Long Feiye was still holding onto her rather tightly. Finally, she had to say in a low voice, “Your Highness, it’s fine. Can you let go now?”

Only then had Long Feiye realized his actions. He immediately let go of her without a sound. Under the stares of everyone present, Han Yunxi easily strolled over and took out a needle to collect some of the blood pooling from the bodies. She let out a light sniff before turning to smile cooly at Long Feiye.

“Your Highness, the cultivation of the Giant Bat Poison is complete.”

She’d never seen giant bats before, but she’d read about them in ancient records about poisons. They were raw materials for poisons. After poisoning the bat king to death and using its blood to attract the other bats, the various toxins combined together to create the Giant Bat Poison! The toxin formed as a result of internecine strife was typically highly toxic.

“Han Yunxi, you…” Qi Yaotian finally realized the frightening reality about this woman and why Tianning’s empress dowager would put out such a high price for her head. Unfortunately, it was all too late…

He originally assumed that the empress dowager’s true target was the Duke of Qin. As things stood, this woman was no less terrifying than the Duke of Qin himself! Han Yunxi glanced over and imitated his scholarly air as she asked, “Eldest Young Master Qi, is there anything else you’d condescend to teach me?”

Qi Yaotian was left momentarily speechless. He wasn’t even sure how to reply. The giant bats were his only pets, but now he had nothing left. Nothing at all! In Long Feiye’s eyes, everything that had happened was well within reason and yet, still beyond expectations. He nodded in satisfaction at Han Yunxi and said, “Come over.”

Han Yunxi was too lazy to bother further with Qi Yaotian and casually hid the needle that collected the Giant Bat Poison back in her wrist. She obediently walked back to Long Feiye, who instantly wrapped his hand around her waist again. Such an domineering move was enough to make anyone who saw it jealous! Even though there was nothing between them now or in the future, she was still one of his people. He was just this tyrannical, especially in front of outsiders. Having long gotten used to this routine, Han Yunxi knew that whatever followed next would all be his part now.

As expected, Long Feiye didn’t waste any more words before lashing his whip into the bloody corpses. The stained weapon was next sent lashing towards Qi Yaotian. Since the Giant Bat Poison had been successfully cultivated, the master of those bats should have the first taste of its effects!

Qi Yaotian recovered his wits and immediately dodged out of the way. Long Feiye’s whip seemed to grow eyes of its own as it kept up a ruthless chase. Without the giant bats to help him, Qi Yaotian couldn’t move as he liked anymore. He was now completely the passive party, dodging blows while attempting to escape in vain. Of course, even when stuck in such a deadlock, he still had ways to avoid getting hurt by Long Feiye. But once again, he had underestimated Han Yunxi. While he was preoccupied with avoiding Long Feiye’s whip, Han Yunxi silently aimed for his neck. You can’t keep these giant bats as your pets anymore, is it? Then I’ll give them back to you!


The swift, fierce rush of air sent the needle hurtling into Qi Yaotian’s neck before he realized it. When he touched the wound, he was left with a smudge of black blood! Han Yunxi laughed out loud.

“Eldest Young Master Qi, the poison cultivated from a giant bat massacre is quite rare. I’m returning it back to you!”

Qi Yaotian was greatly alarmed. But it was just at this moment that Long Feiye’s whip lashed forward. This time, Qi Yaotian didn’t manage to evade it and was hit full on. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before falling to the ground. His lacerated flesh left welts that also bled out black blood!

Long Feiye wasn’t stupid enough to kill him. After all, exterminating the young head of Carefree City would only bring them more troubles. He was too busy to deal with such inconveniences.

“Your lordship’s woman’s life is priceless. Carefree City is welcome to try again if they get another bounty for her!” he warned coldly.

A priceless life!

Han Yunxi liked those three words. Now that she was used to his aggressive personality, she completely ignored the part where he said ‘your lordship’s woman.’ Her smile glittered with brilliant magnificence. “Eldest Young Master Qi, if you want the antidote, come buy it from the Duke of Qin’s estate in three days. Have your employer calculate the value of your life!”

Qi Yaotian had been accepting bounties from big names these past few years, so it was normal for him to fail now and then. But he’d never been left in such a sorry state before. He crawled to his feet and gave Han Yunxi a penetrating stare. How many people in the jianghu knew of Long Feiye’s astonishing martial arts and skills with the whip? How many more knew that Han Yunxi could both treat poisons and use poison arts just like martial arts? When I go back this time, he thought, I have to remind father to put Han Yunxi and Long Feiye on Carefree City’s blacklist. Their bounties can’t be accepted lightly in the future.

Long Feiye hadn’t killed him, but the antidote to save his life was in Han Yunxi’s hands. He had no choice but to be polite and give them a generous greeting with clasped hands. “To you both, until we meet again!”

So speaking, he planned for a graceful exit, yet couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of black blood after a few more steps. He narrowly avoided losing consciousness right then and there, but finally retreated with support from one of his guards. Seeing this, Han Yunxi couldn’t resist laughing out loud. This was the first time she’d left an enemy defeated and fleeing from the battlefield like running water. What a beautiful finish! So as it turned out, poisons could be used in all sorts of ways. She could adapt as the situation fit. Han Yunxi discovered that she was getting more and more skilled with the poison arts, something that was completely her element.

Han Yunxi assumed that everything was over now, but Long Feiye didn’t withdraw his whip. Instead, he slowly raised the weapon, looking coldly at the ten assassins from the City of Daughters. Only then did Han Yunxi remember that they were still around. Fine, how could she forget about the woman who had called her stupid twice? The ten assassins trembled with fear at the sight of Long Feiye’s poison-soaked whip. None of them had the courage from before, but all backed away until they were standing behind Leng Shuang Shuang.

Leng Shuang Shuang didn’t even know what to say. Right now, she wanted to hide in a crack in the ground. See how loudly she’d cursed Han Yunxi, when she was the truly stupid, ignorant woman!

Had Long Feiye started jeering at her in his heart long ago?

She had been so self-assured when arguing with Qi Yaotian, even unsheathing her sword to help Long Feiye. As it turned out, her wishful thinking had made her a laughingstock! What did he plan to do with his whip now? Leng Shuang Shuang was about to speak when Long Feiye suddenly lashed out with his weapon. Nobody was hurt, as the crack of the whip was a warning to them all. Then he turned to leave.

He found it beneath his dignity to even fight them!

Leng Shuang Shuang was stunned before recovering enough to take two steps forward. “Han Yunxi, what about the antidote?!” She was still poisoned!

But Han Yunxi only turned back with a broad smile on her face. “I tricked you. It was only an common poison, it’ll wear off with time!”

At this, Leng Shuang Shuang froze with shock. She had never suffered a more humiliating day than this one. Han Yunxi, though I don’t want to admit it, I underestimated you as Leng Shuang Shuang. From now on, I’ll never underestimate the enemy again!


Although Long Feiye wasn’t smiling, Han Yunxi’s gut feeling was that this fellow was in excellent spirits. He kept his hold on her so that all she could do was follow him docilely, only to discover that he was headed towards Medicine City.

“This was clearly a trap planned by the empress dowager. Aren’t you going to look for Mama Su?” she said in a low voice. At the very least, they should interrogate Leng Shuang Shuang about Mama Su’s whereabouts. Did she really not know just because she claimed she didn’t? Matters regarding the two mercenary cities faded in her mind and were replaced with the more important matter at hand.

But Long Feiye only replied, “Tang Li should’ve succeeded by now.”

What did that mean?

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