Chapter 218: Angering you to stomp your feet

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Leng Shuang Shuang had crushed on Long Feiye for awhile now, so of course she’d investigated Han Yunxi. She knew that Han Yunxi was knowledgeable about poisons, but she never thought she could use assassination weapons too. By the time she realized this fact, it was already too late. Her right hand suddenly lost all strength as her sword fell with a clang to the ground. It was obvious that the needles had been poisoned. Still, as part of an assassin family, she betrayed no fear in the face of danger. Her foot kicked up the sword as her left hand caught the handle and stabbed it towards her opponent. “Han Yunxi, I never expected you to be so base!”

Han Yunxi dodged the blows as she released more needles, seizing the chance to widen the distance between her and Leng Shuang Shuang as she ridiculed, “You guys pit ten against one. You’re not only base, but brazen and shameless!”

“Shut it with the nonsense! Meet my sword!”

The numb sensation in her right hand didn’t stay put, but began to spread all over her body. Leng Shuang Shuang didn’t know what poison this was, but her conviction forced her to press forward. Even if she was poisoned, she still had to take care of Han Yunxi before she collapsed. Her blade deflected the needles with a cold and ruthless air, stabbing past Han Yunxi’s face multiple times. The difference of a slight margin would lead to the end of Han Yunxi’s face. Han Yunxi silently esteemed Leng Shuang Shuang’s tenacity as she evaded the blows with a helpful reminder. “Fourth Young Miss Leng, aren’t you curious about the poison in you?”

“Give me the antidote, or else I’ll give you a fate worse than death!” Leng Shuang Shuang kept up her chase. If not for fear of Han Yunxi’s hidden weapons and her own poisoned state, she wouldn’t need to waste so much time pestering this woman.

“Fourth Young Miss Leng, if you don’t stop, you’ll be the one with a fate worse than death!” Han Yunxi wasn’t afraid, but was even laughing and playing around. She rolled about on the ground with Leng Shuang Shuang’s sword in hot pursuit. Still, every time Leng Shuang Shuang stabbed, she’d miss by a tiny margin. Suddenly, Han Yunxi stopped, lying on her side. Leng Shuang Shuang gave a start before recovering her senses. Her sword swept forward, but right at that moment Han Yunxi yelled out, “You’ve been poisoned with a seduction toxin!”

Leng Shuang Shuang’s movements froze at the words. Even the assassins and Long Feiye paused to look over. A strange, limp numbness had long taken over Leng Shuang Shuang’s entire body, teasing each and every one of her nerves. She had been doing her best to ignore it by focusing on attacking Han Yunxi. But Han Yunxi had announced her poison to the world, making it difficult for her to overlook it. When all was said and done, she was still a woman. Half of her willpower crumbled away at Han Yunxi’s words as she felt heat rising from her abdomen. There was an indescribable sense of dissatisfaction that made her uncomfortable enough to yearn for something.


Leng Shuang Shuang forced herself to endure as her sword pointed at Han Yunxi’s throat. She grit her teeth and said, “You obscene woman. Hurry and hand over the antidote, or else I’ll ruin your face this instant!”

Han Yunxi lifted her face and grinned. “Wanna bet that you’ll be more obscene than me soon? Moreover, without my antidote, no amount of men will be enough to satisfy you!”

It sure was something for a wangfei to say such things, but Han Yunxi not only spoke them, but in a loud voice as well. She could admit that she had no sense of propriety, but she happened to have a flair to reveal those proper ladies for what they really were. Leng Shuang Shuang’s face shifted between shades of red and white. She forgot all about appearances as her anger turned her positively shrewish.

Stomping her feet, she rained curses upon her. “Han Yunxi, you shameless slut!”

The assassins on the side couldn’t resist another glance over. They’d spent so many years with the Leng Family, but this was their first time seeing Fourth Young Miss flip out. It was almost unbelievable. Long Feiye’s lips momentarily curved into a disdainful smile. The young lady from the Leng Family didn’t have much self-possession at all. Han Yunxi allowed Leng Shaung Shuang to curse in rage and keep her sword quivering before her as she smiled innocently.

“Fourth Young Miss Leng, don’t get agitated. Otherwise, the poison will spread even faster.”

“You!” Leng Shuang Shuang was ready to skin Han Yunxi alive. Still, she really feared that the poison would make her do something revolting before the Duke of Qin. In the end, she could only compromise. “Just what will it take for you to hand over the antidote?!” Han Yunxi didn’t speak, but glanced over at the fierce fighting behind them. At once, Leng Shuang Shuang understood.

“Give me the antidote and I’ll have them draw back at once!”

“Have them retreat immediately. I have a second condition as well,” Han Yunxi said brusquely.

A second condition? This woman was reaching for a yard after getting an inch!

As the victim, Leng Shuang Shuang could only fold despite her sullen mood. She hesitated before gritting her teeth and telling the ten assassins to halt. Even then, Long Feiye didn’t stop with them, but pulled out a golden whip from his waist. With a crack, he said coldly, “By killing your lordship’s horse, you’ll either leave me one of your lives or have your lordship take all ten!”

So speaking, he lashed out viciously with the whip.

Now this man was reaching for a yard after getting an inch!

Leng Shuang Shuang sucked in a cold breath, afraid to believe her own ears. Han Yunxi only grinned more happily. Now this was Long Feiye’s aggressive, domineering style. It was fine as long as she didn’t drag him down, because he didn’t need her help whatsoever. Long Feiye’s whip not only lashed out, but reached as far as the furthest assassin, forcing the group to keep fighting against their opponent’s attacks.

“Duke of Qin, don’t act so rampantly!”

“If you want to touch any of us, you’ll have to ask if our ten swords agree!”

“Fourth Young Miss, we regret that we cannot comply with your wishes!”


The ten assassins and their ten swords surrounded Long Feiye anew. But this time was completely different, because Long Feiye was using a whip instead of a blade. Between the movements, tempo, attacks, and counters, the whip was quick to showcase its superiority amongst its ten targets. Its movements were free and quick, attacking and retreating with its cold, sharp tip as it cracked through the air. Two swords were actually knocked to the ground. Han Yunxi was stupefied by the sight. Only now did she realize that Long Feiye’s true prowess lay not in the sword, but the whip. The gold lash hidden by his waist was actually his deadliest weapon!

Dressed in robes of white and wielding a whip of gold, Long Feiye’s figure flashed through the ten assassins as he hit and struck out, his every movement noble and elegant to the max. That air of kingly dominance was a new sight for both Han Yunxi and Leng Shuang Shuang. Neither of them had ever witnessed a man who fought so beautifully. Of course, the ten assassins were the most amazed of all. They already admired Long Feiye’s swordsmanship, only to find that his strength lay in other areas. Now they were men who were riding a tiger but hard-pressed to dismount, stuck in a difficult situation as they braced themselves to keep fighting. Before long, two more swords were knocked aside. The whip lashed out and directly struck an assassin’s face!

Han Yunxi was mesmerized by the sight, but Leng Shuang Shuang couldn’t take it any more. “Han Yunxi, where’s the antidote?!”

It was Long Feiye who didn’t want to stop fighting, so Han Yunxi couldn’t do anything about that. Han Yunxi didn't take her eyes off him as she spoke, "Where's Mama Su?"

Long Feiye had originally received news that the royal carriage was here to pick up Mama Su. If Leng Shuang Shuang was here, where was Mama Su?

Seeing that Han Yunxi was in no rush, Leng Shuang Shuang was beside herself with rage. “I don’t know anything about a Mama Su or Mama Li or whatever. The one in the palace only told me to ride that carriage out of the city because the Duke of Qin would chase after it. Han Yunxi, don’t you go back on your word. Where’s the antidote?!”

No matter how good her endurance was, she couldn’t resist the effects of the toxin. Right now, she was already rolling up her sleeves because she felt hot! And uncomfortable!

Han Yunxi wasn’t anxious at all, but smiled. “After the Duke of Qin finishes up, I’ll definitely give you the antidote. Don’t worry, the symptoms won’t take effect so soon.”

She wasn’t strong enough to be a solid support for Long Feiye yet, but she could at least keep him worry-free!

“You, y-you…..” Leng Shuang Shuang nearly spat blood from anger. “Han Yunxi, who do you take me for? My Leng Family’s words are like the nine tripods. Give me the antidote and I won’t hurt you, just like I said!”

Han Yunxi was in a good mood as she slowly glanced over. “Whatever, I don’t believe you.”

Leng Shuang Shuang wanted to kill herself from rage, but then the sound of squeaking filled the air. Very soon, pair after pair of scarlet eyes appeared from the shadows around them. Han Yunxi sprang to her feet. “What’s that?”

In a flash, a countless swarm of giant bats flew in from all directions, ignoring everyone to aim for Han Yunxi! These animals were obviously controlled by a human to target her. Just who had she offended?

Han Yunxi turned to flee, but she didn’t dare run far and launched needles to shoot at the giant bats. Still, there were simply too many of them to counter--at least a hundred or more. The most her Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain bracelet could hold was 39 needles. Of all the martial arts in the world, only the fastest could escape defeat, but as with all attacks, quantity could overwhelm everything to find victory! Before long, Han Yunxi’s hands were covered in scratches. Just as she was about to be overwhelmed, Long Feiye suddenly lashed out with his whip to down a large swath of bats.

“Carefree City’s men have come to take their share as well?” Long Feiye was as cold as ice. In a flash, he escaped from the circle of assassins to land by Han Yunxi’s side, elegantly driving back the bats with a move. Although these animals had been domesticated, they were still sensitive to humans. Long Feiye’s strong and domineering aura stilled them in place so that they were afraid to advance. At the same time, a white-robed male flew out from the darkness, emanating a refined, noble air. He was unusually handsome and resembled a scholar. A bat flew onto his fan and perched there like a butterfly. Such a sinister and filthy animal had actually been trained into an obedient pet. This scholar was nothing else than a mix of fair and foul as the eldest young master of Carefree City, Qi Yaotian. Leng Shuang Shuang was only a candidate for the leadership position in the City of Daughters, but Qi Yaotian was Carefree City’s only heir to the spot. In Carefree City’s Qi Clan, he was a person of outstanding talent.

Qi Yaotian’s vision swept past Han Yunxi as he chuckled softly. “Your Highness Duke of Qin, I’ll be brief with my words. The City of Daughters was offered a bounty for your life, while Carefree City was offered a bounty for esteemed wangfei’s head.” So speaking, he gave an elegant nod towards Leng Shuang Shuang before paying his respects. “Fourth Young Miss Leng, this doesn’t count as Carefree City snatching your business, correct?”

Carefree City and the City of Daughters had reputations that ran neck and neck. But in terms of strength, Carefree City was slightly superior. At the very least, eldest young master Qi Yaotian’s strength was enough to place Long Feiye on high alert. This time, Carefree City had sent out their eldest young master who had even brought along his giant bats. It seemed like the person who wanted Han Yunxi’s head was determined to succeed!

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Han Yunxi: Aiyaya, calm down, will you?

Han Yunxi: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

Leng Shuang Shuang: You'll be losing more than one eye when I get to you--

Han Yunxi: Not before you lose all sense of dignity~

Leng Shuang Shuang: You b[leep!]

(In the distance)

Long Feiye: Truly, a ruthless woman.

Assassin #1: Long Feiye, don't get distracted!

Assassin #7: That's right, you still have us to deal with!

Long Feiye: Do you know why there's 10 of you?

Assassin #2: Eh?

Assassin #4: Why does that matter?

Long Feiye: Because there's a "1" and a "0." That's "won" for me...and "none" for you!

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