Chapter 215: Answer, it can go to hell

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A groggy Han Yunxi looked to the side, only to see Long Feiye leaning by the bed, eyes closed as he took a brief rest. That chilly, handsome face with looks enough to arouse the indignation of men and gods wore a very still expression. He resembled a painting at this moment whose every look brought enjoyment to its viewer. Astonished, Han Yunxi drew her lips taut, afraid to wake him.

Only now did she realize she was sleeping on the bed in his quarters. Above her head was the extravagant canopy holding up the bed curtains, while below her body was the softest arctic fox coat. She was covered in a featherlight brocade quilt of real silk, while about her lingered his pure and fresh scent, mixed with a hint of a sweet, earthy fragrance. Everything together highlighted his nobility while showcasing his sleeping habits. Lying here was equal to stepping completely into his world, a terrifying thought. Han Yunxi wanted to get up, but she had a detestable infatuation with this sense of comfort and safety. It was at this moment that Long Feiye suddenly opened his eyes and glanced over.


Tch, when did he wake up? Or was he awake the whole time and just pretending?

“Just now. I...what happened?” she feigned confusion. She knew that she was back to normal now that the detox system had fully finished its upgrades. The unknown domain within her system was inaccessible to her. Perhaps it was awaiting upgrades as well. If the poison pond water was the impetus to start the detox system’s upgrades, what else would make it upgrade a second time? How many more functions were waiting to be developed? Han Yunxi had no idea, but she believed that the surprises would only get bigger and bigger.

In the middle of her daydreams, Long Feiye suddenly asked, “You have something weighing on your mind?”

Why this question all of a sudden?

Now Han Yunxi was truly confused. She shook her head with an innocent gaze. “None...I, I might’ve been too tired recently, so my body was weaker.”

“Have you met with any troubles?” Long Feiye asked again.

Han Yunxi had no idea what was going on, and shook her head again. Did having troubles and fainting have any direct connections in her case? Long Feiye gave her a penetrating look before rising.

“Zhao mama, summon Imperial Physician Gu.”

Han Yunxi didn’t understand the meaning behind Long Feiye’s gaze until Imperial Physician Gu explained the results of his diagnosis to her. She only wanted to say that Gu Beiyue was a genius. He was just a tiny bit shy of uncovering the root cause of her ailment.

“Esteemed wangfei, those who work with their minds sicken often. If you have any worries, don’t hide them in your heart. Your health is more important.” It would be a lie to say Gu Beiyue wasn’t curious, but with Long Feiye here, he couldn’t ask too many questions. All he did was prescribe some calming drugs before taking his leave.

Long Feiye leaned on one side with arms crossed and said coldly, “If you’ve taken anything to heart too hard, tell it to your lordship for consideration.”

Everything was going well for the Han Family, whose clinics were getting more and more well-known. She’d just assumed the position of power at the Duke of Qin’s estate and gained her freedom too, so what could be troubling this woman now? Of course, she was a mystery in herself, with things he naturally had no control over. Judging by her personality, what could have worried her so much that she fell into a coma? Long Feiye dearly wanted to know, and looked icily at Han Yunxi for her answer.

Han Yunxi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even if the sky was falling, there wouldn’t be anything that troubled her heart! Ignoring Long Feiye’s stare, she sat up to get off the bed and said, “Your Highness, chenqie is really all right.”

“Han Yunxi, you’re hiding the truth from your lordship?” Long Feiye persisted in finding the reason.

But his suspicious tone only made Han Yunxi feel uncomfortable. What was he to her? She had plenty of things she didn’t want him to know about, all right?! Han Yunxi turned around, unable to bear it any longer. “Chenqie indeed has something on her mind. Chenqie’s heart feels stifled and flustered, but I just can’t understand it so I’m beside myself with rage.”

Stifled and beside herself with rage? Had someone bullied her?

Long Feiye’s cold face flickered with serious earnesty. He didn’t make a sound, but waited for her to continue.

Han Yunxi didn’t hesitate, but said outright, “Your Highness, chenqie just doesn’t understand why Your Highness wants chenqie to move back. Although chenqie is nothing but a wangfei in name, doesn’t a place as big as the Duke of Qin’s estate have a corner just for chenqie to live in?”

Although she’d been in a coma, she hadn’t forgotten this bit. With her personality, she’d find an answer to any question she asked without withdrawing. Not expecting this, Long Feiye’s eyebrows abruptly furrowed. In contrast, Han Yunxi was easy and relaxed as she smoothed out her stray hairs. Her clear, limpid gaze was broad and magnanimous as she spoke.

“Your Highness, isn’t it good that chenqie’s moving out so I won’t disturb you? Why do you want chenqie to move back in?”

This dauntless woman with her simultaneously lovely and detestable gaze suddenly fired up Long Feiye’s own eyes as well. He was just a hair away from indulging his own whims. In the end, ice overtook his flaming gaze. He didn’t even spare Han Yunxi another glance, but said frostily, “There’s no reason why. If you want to move out, then move out.”

So speaking, an expressionless Long Feiye made his way past Han Yunxi and quickly disappeared out the door. By the time he was gone, she was still stuck in that moment from before. It suddenly felt like her heart had been left empty, as if something had hollowed it out. Even her mind seemed blank, making it momentarily impossible for her to think. For some reason, her palms hurt as if countless ants were biting at the flesh. Only by tightly clenching her fingers did she relieve some of the pain.

Why? Why was it that just by liking him that teeny tiny bit, she’d gain so much sadness in return?

“Esteemed wangfei, esteemed wangfei…” Zhao mama had carried over the medicine before Han Yunxi recovered her senses.

“Esteemed wangfei, this was just boiled recently. Imperial Physician Gu said you have to drink it down while it’s hot,” Zhao mama urged. Han Yunxi glanced over without moving.

“Esteemed wangfei, why don’t you tell this old servant about your troubles? Don’t keep it inside, it won’t be good if you hurt your body. You didn’t even see how worried His Highness was, he watched over you all this time,” Zhao mama said sincerely,

Because he still held doubts about her, right?

Wasn’t he still very curious about Lady Tianxin’s origins?

Han Yunxi smiled and said mildly, “Don’t make this medicine anymore, I’m fine. Tell the others to immediately move the things from Leisurely Cloud Pavilion to the Narcissus Residence. In the future, we’ll call that the Leisurely Cloud Courtyard.”

Surprised, Zhao mama narrowed avoided dropping the bowl of medicine in her hands. “Esteemed wangfei, why...but His Highness’s side…”

“His Highness knows. Do it immediately, I’m still waiting to catch up on sleep!” Han Yunxi commanded coldly before walking away. Her form was graceful and elegant, her steps free and unrestrained. It carried its own strength of character. Since she dared to ask, then she dared to accept any answer. Moving out was better, because then she’d be more comfortable and easy at heart. As for everything could go to hell!

The gloomiest ones were Zhao mama, Steward Xia, and their people. They’d moved house three times in one day, the last time being when it was almost light out. It was really unfathomable what these two masters of the house were arguing about. Nearly all of the servants were secretly making bets on how those two would keep making a row. But Long Feiye stopped taking an interest in the matter, while Han Yunxi settled down in the Leisurely Cloud Courtyard and spent many peaceful days there. Days passed like thus until one day, the empress dowager came to call on Grand Concubine Yi.

After the failure of the assassination plot, the empress dowager was in a foul mood. She didn’t come to call when the events had happened, but a month afterwards. For what? Han Yunxi couldn’t figure it out. The number of times that the empress dowager had visited the Duke of Qin’s estate could be counted with her fingers. But every time she came, the imperial insignia was raised high on its flag, while everyone present at the Duke of Qin’s estate came out to greet her. Grand Concubine Yi was no exception this time as well. After a strenuous and extravagantly wasteful greeting, the revered guest was finally seated in the place of honor at the guest hall. Compared to the empress dowager, Han Yunxi suddenly felt that Grand Concubine Yi wasn’t so detestable after all.

“Grand Concubine Yi, I know everything about the incident with the assassins…” the empress dowager’s first words were a brazen jab at her.

She knew everything? As in, everything from beginning to end?

But neither Grand Concubine Yi nor Han Yunxi could expose her. Not only did they lack proof, they couldn’t topple her so easily even with evidence on hand because of the emperor’s support behind her.

“Grand Concubine Yi, you’ve been frightened badly. It’s a pity for that child, Wanru...aye, such a good girl ended up like this. Just why was her life so hard?” the empress dowager sighed with emotion.

Grand Concubine Yi was already tired out from formally receiving the empress dowager that morning. Hearing this, she almost couldn’t hide the flames of anger in her eyes. If not for the fact that she was clenching her fists inside her sleeves, she would’ve erupted long ago. Of course, her present state now was the empress dowager’s favorite sight. The empress dowager heaved another sigh and said, “Grand Concubine Yi, you’re just a foster mother. If her real parents knew you were grieving for her like this, what would they think?”

Grand Concubine Yi’s face turned ghastly pale as her body involuntarily trembled. It seemed like she would lunge at the empress dowager at any second and give it her all. Sensing something amiss, Han Yunxi immediately felt that the empress dowager was trying to sound something out. She hastily walked over and pressed down on Grand Concubine Yi’s shoulders to give her strength. “Mufei, what’s happened has already past. Don’t overthink it. It’s fortunate that you weren’t harmed; otherwise, it would be His Highness and chenqie...who are sad.”

Han Yunxi put emphasis on the words ‘His Highness’ so Grand Concubine Yi could calm down. The woman silently expelled a breath before lifting her teacup for a sip. Only then did the empress dowager look at Han Yunxi at the same time she did the same. Their eyes met, but instead of a timid retreat, Han Yunxi changed the topic. “Empress Dowager, is esteemed empress doing better? Does she still miss Princess Changping?”

Ripping off scars, is it? Who doesn’t know how to do that?

Lady Tianxin had saved the empress dowager’s life, while she had saved the crown prince. This old thing still repaid such kindnesses with enmity. In the future, she better not have a day where she asked her, Han Yunxi, for help. Otherwise, she’d demand payback as well as profit! Han Yunxi’s two sentences poured salt exactly over the empress dowager’s scars. Her expression immediately turned heavy.

“Han Yunxi, I am speaking with your mufei. There’s no room for you to butt in!”

Han Yunxi put on a false smile. “Chenqie is just showing concern for esteemed empress. I hope that esteemed empress dowager can forgive me.”

She brought up the empress again!

The empress dowager was infuriated, but at this point Li mama spoke up from the side. “Mistress, don’t forget proper business. We came for the sake for Miss Wanru’s matters.”

Han Yunxi began to have doubts. What other business did they have with Murong Wanru?

The empress dowager adjusted her breathing before resuming her poised and elegant carriage. “Seeing Grand Concubine Yi safe and sound made my heart so happy that I forgot about that matter.” She smiled at Grand Concubine Yi, her words filled with sincere and earnest wishes. “Grand Concubine Yi, don’t be saddened anymore. I asked the emperor to give her a title as Princess Ning Shuochang[1. Ning Shuochang (宁硕长) - meaning “peace that lasts long and grows.]. She’s served you for so many years that she deserves some recognition. The emperor said that the imperial edict should be sent to her hometown in the countryside. It can count as her honoring her ancestors. You’ll have to make preparations and find all the members of her family so it won’t be a joke.”

Both Han Yunxi and Grand Concubine Yi were shocked by these words. The imperial edict, for better or worse, should be sent to Marquis Pingbei’s estate rather than Murong Wanru’s hometown in the countryside. Just what was the meaning of this?

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