Chapter 202: It actually upgrades

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It was already the stillness of late night when Han Yunxi returned to the Duke of Qin’s estate. When she saw the lights out at Long Feiye’s quarters, she assumed that the fellow had gone out again. After some thought, she decided to find some time over the next few days to hug Long Feiye’s thigh and ask him to teach her about assassination weapons.

If she had enough strength when she faced off against Gu Qishao, he wouldn’t have evaded her so easily. Moreover, she couldn’t wait to learn more after realizing the tenacious potential of poison-coated Tang Clan weaponry. Even if Long Feiye refused, she was duty-bound to keep trying with her thick skin and pester him. It wasn’t because she was shameless, but because maintaining face was worthless for her, especially before Long Feiye. Furthermore, having face was nothing next to possessing genuine skill. Once she mastered Tang Clan weaponry, couldn’t she fight for her face then?

Han Yunxi wasn’t some proud, haughty girl. She adapted to circumstances and was able to submit or assert herself as circumstances demanded in a pragmatic manner. As to why Gu Qishao suddenly wanted to know about the Tang Clan weapons in her hands, she had no time to ponder. Treating patients for an entire day, then living through that false alarm at night, had exhausted her thoroughly. After returning to the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion and washing up, Han Yunxi fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

She had no idea that Long Feiye had been sitting on her roof and waiting for her all night.

Only after the bedroom lights went out did Long Feiye leap down. Like a god of the night, he soundlessly landed in the courtyard and clasped his hands behind his back before walking out. Very soon, a guard appeared out of thin air to respectfully follow him.

“Master, as you expected, Gu Qishao went to the Han Estate to find esteemed wangfei and even injured Imperial Physician Gu!”

Long Feiye’s guards didn’t just work to make a living. Without Long Feiye’s commands, they wouldn’t dare to keep a step away from esteemed wangfei. Although he hadn’t been able to uncover Gu Qishao’s origins, Long Feiye didn’t mind trying other methods, such as taking a passive stance. Han Yunxi was a woman who lacked certain senses, but he could tell that Gu Qishao had motives for approaching her. If there was a first time, there was bound to be countless times afterwards.

“Gu Qishao insisted that esteemed wangfei’s weapons were from the Tang Clan, and even suspects esteemed wangfei has connections with them…” the guard systematically reported every detail of the events at the Han Estate without leaving out a word from Gu Qishao.

Only now did Long Feiye still his steps. “Tang Clan...what does he suspect?”

The guard stood respectfully at attention, not daring to say a word. Long Feiye completely overlooked Gu Beiyue as he fell into thought. It was a while before he resumed walking, his expression unreadable in the darkness. Still, his voice was as chilly as the night wind.

“Continue your guard, don’t startle the snake by hitting the grass.”

Gradually, the night grew darker…


The completely exhausted Han Yunxi had been sleeping peacefully before, but now her forehead was currently scrunched up as she murmured to herself uneasily. Soon enough, her eyes flew open. She discovered that she was drenched in sweat, so much that her entire back was soaked.

She had a nightmare!

Lying on the bed, she stared at the ceiling with wide eyes as she tried to recall her dream. But everything was fragmented and left in pieces, making it impossible to remember. She could only recall faintly that she’d entered a very strange place in her dream. It was both foreign and familiar at the same time, but when she tried to see clearly, countless medicinal ingredients suddenly started flying at her as a horrifying swarm. Just before they buried her alive, she woke up.

Currently, her heart was still pounding in her chest. Her head felt heavy and dizzy, her entire body weak. It felt like she’d used up too much of her energy, but she was familiar with such a sensation. When she didn’t take breaks and kept using her detox system to treat patients successively, she’d ended up feeling like this.

Han Yunxi seemed to recall something and sat bolt upright. She wanted to take some medicine from her detox system, but found that no matter how she tried, she couldn’t do it! The swarm of ingredients that had mobbed her in her dream all came from her detox system. All of them were pre-packaged medicine.

Why was this happening?

Han Yunxi tried her best to retrieve something again, but was still unsuccessful. Was she simply too tired, or had something happened to the detox system? What did her nightmare mean? Was that the giant dimension of the detox system she’d seen? Had the detox system gotten mixed up?

After all those terrifying thoughts passed by, Han Yunxi didn’t dare experiment any further. She leaned against the pillow and took deep breaths, telling herself to calm down. Once she did, she determined that it really was her exhaustion that was to be blamed. As long as she had a good rest, everything would recover. She took multiple deep breaths before slowly closing her eyes.

As soon as she did, a row of words suddenly appeared in her head: System is undergoing upgrades, please rest sufficiently.


Immediately, Han Yunxi opened her eyes, her expression one of disbelief. She never thought the detox system was capable of upgrades. This was why it’d suddenly stopped working! What a fright, she thought it’d broken down. After all, without the detox system, she wouldn’t be able to muddle along with the crude and simple medical techniques of the past. In hindsight, her tiredness after returning from Medicine City had to be related to the detox system. Still, Han Yunxi couldn’t understand why the detox system would randomly upgrade itself. Would she have extra abilities when it finished?

Was her nightmare just then a coincidence or something else? She could casually control the detox system with her mind, but she had been able to enter the dimension herself and look around at all its contents. In the nightmare, it felt like her soul had separated from her body and was walking around a large space. Just how many surprises--or rather, shocks--had the Research and Development Team left her? Han Yunxi patted her chest. No matter what, as long as the detox system hadn’t gone into convulsions or fallen apart, it wouldn’t be scary. Upgrades were a good thing. She wanted to use this time to rest well. As for learning about the Tang Clan weapons, that was something she’d have to postpone until later.


During the next few days, Han Yunxi went for a trip to the Han Family medical clinic, then another trip to the Gu Estate to check on Gu Beiyue’s injury. The rest of the time, she stayed obediently at home. The detox system’s upgrades really did sap at her strength. She’d often wake up when it was noon. In the past, she’d sit for a while in Grand Concubine Yi’s courtyard after a meal, but now she found herself going back to her rooms to sleep.

Zhao mama thought the situation was strange the longer she saw her. Finally, she opened her mouth at mealtime and said, “Esteemed wangfei, recently you’ve...taken a liking to sleeping?”

“Spring fatigue, after all,” Han Yunxi said as she ate. She looked like she was falling asleep already.

“Spring fatigue shouldn’t be this severe..” Zhao mama hesitated before saying, “Esteemed wangfei, why don’t we call over Imperial Physician Li for a look?”

“It’s fine, I’m a doctor myself.” Han Yunxi gave a lazy stretch and prepared to leave when Zhao mama grew anxious enough to exhort her.

“Esteemed wangfei, you can’t afford to be careless with such matters. What if you’re pregnant?!”


Han Yunxi spat out her mouthful of tea. She was still figuring out how to reply when a soft cough sounded from the door.

Cough, cough…

If Han Yunxi still had tea in her mouth, she would’ve spat it out again. Standing at the doorway was none other than Long Feiye.

When did this guy show up? Did he overhear just then?

Only Long Feiye himself knew. He walked over expressionlessly as Han Yunxi and Zhao mama bowed in greeting. A shrewd glint shone in Zhao mama’s eyes as she hastened to speak up first.

“Your Highness, esteemed wangfei has been addicted to sleeping recently. Judging from this old servant’s experience, it’s likely that she’s pregnant. Your Highness should coax esteemed wangfei to call Imperial Physician Li over for a look.”

Han Yunxi already felt uncomfortable from Zhao mama’s words, but she suddenly felt an urge to laugh instead. From what she understood, it wasn’t just Zhao mama, but many others in the estate who were concerned with her and Long Feiye. Was or wasn’t she favored? She kept her laughter in her heart as she innocently looked towards Long Feiye, waiting for him to answer. He was clearer than anyone else in the world whether or not she was pregnant.

But instead of hesitating, Long Feiye elegantly lifted his robes and sat down as if nothing had happened. Mildly he said, “Then why not hurry and summon Imperial Physician Li?”

Zhao mama was both thrilled and delighted as she exclaimed, “This old servant shall do it right away, right away!”

Whether or not esteemed wangfei was pregnant, the Duke of Qin’s words were enough indication that he’d visited her before. Otherwise, why ask for an imperial physician? Overnight visits were the root of favored statuses! Zhao mama nearly flew out, leaving Han Yunxi to crease her brows as she stared at Long Feiye. Even if Imperial Physician Li didn’t get a pregnancy pulse from her, it’d still prove that Long Feiye had favored her, thus summoning him. Once news of this spread from Imperial Physician Li’s lips, who wouldn’t believe the rumors? They were husband and wife to begin with, so chasity wasn’t an issue. Such news would solidify her favored status and position as Qin Wangfei. It was a move that brought her a hundred goods with no ills.

Why was this guy suddenly planning for her wellbeing for no apparent reason? Han Yunxi found it inconceivable.

Long Feiye allowed Han Yunxi to stare as he poured himself tea to drink, indifferent and self-possessed. He had been staying at home all this time, waiting for this woman to ask him to teach her about assassination weapons. Still, he’d ended up waiting for multiple days. He was curious beyond measure. Had this woman retreated and decided not to learn, or was she seriously waiting for Tang Li to come teach her?

No matter which reason, he couldn’t accept either one.

He poured a cup of tea and pushed it towards Han Yunxi, signaling her to stop looking at him and sit down.

“You...have business?” Han Yunxi asked doubtfully.

Fine, she didn’t believe that Long Feiye could be so good-hearted without a motive in mind. Everything between them had been accomplished with exchanges.

“What do you want to say?” Long Feiye retorted.

“Finding an imperial physician to check my pregnancy pulse for no reason, you..” Han Yunxi smiled slyly. “What are you planning now?”

But Long Feiye only leisurely drank his tea before speaking coldly, “Both the old lady in the palace and the one at the estate are pressing to hold a grandchild. Occasionally, we have to play the part. What other motives did you think your lordship had?”

So it was like that…

Han Yunxi’s heart quivered, but she quickly met Long Feiye’s eyes with a laugh. “I thought as much…” She lowered her head to drink her tea without saying anything else. Long Feiye saw her indifference and inexplicably wrinkled his handsome brows.

“Han Yunxi…” he didn’t know why he suddenly called out her name.

“Mm?” Han Yunxi raised her head, her crystal clear gaze broad and magnanimus.

He paused briefly before speaking icily, “Come to my courtyard at first light tomorrow to learn the Tang Clan assassination arts. Tardiness won’t be tolerated!”

Well… Han Yunxi widened her eyes in disbelief.

“After you’ve learned it, you can’t drag your lordship’s heels the next time you accompany me for matters.” There were stipulations for him offering to teach her first. Did this count as his explanation?

After a “won’t be” and “you can’t,” he rose to leave. Han Yunxi rolled her eyes a few times before she burst out into laughter. His high and mighty Highness Duke of Qin had actually taken the initiative to do things of his own accord…

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Han Yunxi: *exists*

Long Feiye: *stares*

Han Yunxi: Where I come from, there's names for roof-sitters like you.

Long Feiye: Is that so.

Han Yunxi: Yeah, they call them stalkers.

Long Feiye: You must be mixing me up with Gu Qishao.

Han Yunxi: He's not sneaky about it like you are, Your Highness.

Long Feiye: what you're saying is, it'll be fine as long as I stalk you in the open?

Han Yunxi: What? No!

Long Feiye: You really are a contradiction, Han Yunxi.

Han Yunxi: And you're just really unreasonable, all the time!

(Meanwhile, spying from the bushes)

Zhao mama: It's refreshing seeing His Highness get into a typical lovers' spat.

Chu Xifeng: I see the spat, but I'm not feeling the lovers.

Zhao mama: Oh, you. You're still young! You'll understand when you're older.

Chu Xifeng: Zhao mama...are you sure you didn't hit your head when you fainted last time?

Zhao mama: Hush. Believe in the power of love!

Chu Xifeng: *mutters* It's not 'love' that gets me my paycheck.

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