Chapter 196: Fury, he takes offence

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Just how much force was needed for a stone to badly mangle Gu Qishao’s hand?

Han Yunxi subconsciously looked over and saw that Long Feiye had inexplicably arrived. He was dressed in black robes like a venerable Immortal, emanating terrifying killer intent. The fury on his icy face reached to the skies. Gu Qishao narrowed his eyes until they were slits. Not only did he refuse to look up, he actually ignored his injury to grab Han Yunxi’s hand.


That was Han Yunxi’s first thought, so she randomly picked up a needle and stuck it into Gu Qishao’s hand!

Unfortunately, this was one of the needles she’d smeared poison on. It pierced directly onto his injury. Heaven knows what kind of poison she’d used, but Gu Qishao’s face paled as he immediately let go. It wasn’t that he wanted to-rather, his hand had lost all of its strength! Seeing this, Han Yunxi recalled that this poison was corrosive to muscles. Within a short period of time, it’d melt the skin and flesh away! Even Han Yunxi found it horrific, and that she had gone overboard. When she raised her head, she saw Gu Qishao looking intently at her. His gaze seemed to say that he’d never smile again. Han Yunxi gave a start. She didn’t do it on purpose. She might not like this fellow, but she didn’t really see him as her enemy. Nor did she truly want to hurt him.

In this moment, Long Feiye’s figure flashed before he pressed close. Like flint striking a spark, Gu Qishao dodged behind Han Yunxi and abruptly knocked her aside to get Long Feiye out of the way. Then he took the chance to turn and flee. By the time Long Feiye caught Han Yunxi, Gu Qishao was long gone. He let her go and prepared to give chase when Han Yunxi crouched down and cried out, “Hurts! It really hurts!”

“Someone, give chase. I want to see his corpse!” Long Feiye ordered coldly after stopping without any hesitation. Only then did Han Yunxi release a breath.

And yet, although he stopped, he didn’t approach her immediately. Instead, he advanced step by step before darting a glance at the items on the table. His cold eyes immediately turned gloomy. Han Yunxi knelt on the ground, watching his legs get closer and closer. Her heart had long started to pound. Gu Qishao’s move looked vicious, but it hadn’t hurt her at all. Rather than shoving her aside, it was more like delivering her into Long Feiye’s arms. Besides being startled, she was perfectly fine.

She didn’t know why she was lying, only that Gu Qishao’s poison needed prompt treatment before it destroyed his hand. If Long Feiye really chased after him, it was very likely Gu Qishao wouldn’t have time to take care of the poison. But if Long Feiye didn’t personally give chase, Gu Qishao should have the skills to escape successfully. Still, what about herself?

Han Yunxi’s heart was about to leap out of her chest by the time Long Feiye stopped before her. What could escape past his cold eyes? He should know what was up with Gu Qishao just then, right? So how could she get away with pretending to be injured in front of him?

Long Feiye slowly squatted on his heels and asked, “Where does it hurt?”

Her head hurt!

Han Yunxi didn’t even dare to look at him. She really wished she was injured somewhere, even if it was a heavy injury. Then she wouldn’t have to pretend. Unfortunately, there was no chance of that anymore.

“Heart hurts. Just then, it was too...scary!” she braced herself to answer.

“Really?” Long Feiye’s tone was very oppressive, making it hard to breathe for those who heard him. Han Yunxi bowed her head even lower, feeling like she was about to be executed. She didn’t know how to reply. Suddenly, Long Feiye raised up her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. In a second, his heinous rage unleashed itself like a violent storm on Han Yunxi’s face. His icy, ferocious gaze stared at her as he demanded, “Answer your lordship’s question!”

He could tell at a glance that Gu Qishao had been shielding this woman while he shoved her aside, so she hadn’t been injured. If she had the guts to face off against 10 Poison Humans, why would something like that scare her into chest pains now? It was obvious she was faking it to give Gu Qishao a chance to escape!

Han Yunxi’s chin ached from the pain, making it impossible for her to reply. Her continued silence further angered the infuriated Long Feiye.

“Just what is your relationship with Gu Qishao? Did he teach your poisons, or did you teach him? Did you two collaborate together with the Violet Wormwood so as to lead your lordship to Medicine City?”

Long Feiye asked question after question. He’d never trusted any woman in his life before. This one was the first, but she’d actually betrayed him! Chu Xifeng and Tang Li had both reminded him that she wasn’t so simple, but he’d insisted on trusting his own insight. As it turned out, reality had proved him wrong!

When Zhao mama rushed over and saw the scene, she was too stunned to run up and coax him. In all her times serving His Highness Duke of Qin, this was the first time she’d seen him so enraged. No matter what happened, he always took care of things coolly, but right now he couldn’t control his temper at all!

Just what had happened?

“How many times have you two met in secret? What kind of deals have you done behind your lordship’s back?”

The more Long Feiye asked, the nastier his questions turned. Finally, Han Yunxi lost her temper as well! She hadn’t done anything, so why was she afraid of being found out? Just as Long Feiye was going to interrogate further, she violently threw his hand aside. He was caught off guard, allowing Han Yunxi to free herself. Following that, she shoved him harshly until he fell back onto the ground.

She was mad too!

She stood up and bent over Long Feiye, ranting at him from above. “Long Feiye, I’ll have to trouble you to clean your mouth. I, Han Yunxi, might only be your wife in name, but you have no business asking after my innocence! Gu Qishao and I haven’t done anything together. He’s him and I’m me. I don’t know what he came to do, nor what you mean by ‘leading you on to Medicine City!’ And also, I’ll have to inconvenience you to put more guards around the courtyard. Otherwise, don’t blame me next time when someone or another barges in again! And also, I pretended to be hurt so he could escape because I pricked him with a poisoned needle. If he doesn’t treat the poison his entire hand will be ruined. For better or worse, he saved my life once. I didn’t want to repay kindness with enmity, that’s all!”

Han Yunxi said everything in one breath, huffing as she spoke. She didn’t realize that she had explained many things in the process. Of course, neither did she realize she’d done something quite terrifying. On one side, Zhao mama had long fainted away in fright by the doorway. Even the reigning emperor needed to think thrice before threatening the Duke of Qin! Yet Han Yunxi had actually shoved him onto the ground, then yelled at him from above…

Long Feiye propped himself up by the elbows as he looked astonished at Han Yunxi. He had to admit that he’d been caught unawares by her reaction. This woman, she actually...actually dared to talk back to him! And was so magnanimous in her ferocity!

Did her last words just then count as an explanation?

He narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at her. Even though he was sprawled on the ground, his aura was still imposing. Han Yunxi coldly glared back, guarding her own dignity with a do-or-die stubbornness. Both of them refused to yield.

Suddenly, Long Feiye stood up, causing Han Yunxi to immediately back away. Her temper was still flaring and her face full of wrath. She didn’t even blink as she continued glaring, as if ready to stare a hole through his face. Unexpectedly, the first thing Long Feiye did when standing up was to close their distance. She took a large step back and continued to stubbornly stare. Long Feiye took another large stride forward, and Han Yunxi yet another step back. Her gaze refused to submit.

Long Feiye continued to advance while Han Yunxi kept retreating. Soon enough, her back hit against a wall with him standing right in front her, just one step away. They were still battling with their glares, the world silent and still around them. It wasn’t clear how much time had passed before Long Feiye abruptly drew close, a palm pressed against the wall by her head. Han Yunxi felt as if his proud body was like a giant mountain. Those mysterious black robes that fell against her body seemed to hide the strength to split Heaven and Earth or topple mountains and overturn seas.

Finally, Han Yunxi began to realize what she had done.

She...was afraid!

“Long Feiye, I…” Han Yunxi was about to explain, but Long Feiye suddenly lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers, sealing off all of her words.

His lips were so, so cold.

That was Han Yunxi’s first thought. She didn’t have time to think of anything else before the cool sensation retreated, but her heart was left pounding in its wake, making her flurried and flustered…

Long Feiye, you...what do you mean by this?

“Han Yunxi, from this day on, your innocence belongs to your lordship. There’s no next time, so remember it well,” Long Feiye said icily. He dropped his hand and turned to leave, while Han Yunxi was left stunned in place with a thumping heart. She still hadn’t recovered her senses after a long time had passed.

Her fingers lightly brushed past her lips. She could almost still feel the remnants of that cool sensation along with his scent. But why did everything also feel as unreal as a dream? Though it was just a brush of their lips, they really had touched!

Long Feiye, what was that for?

What did he mean?

Perhaps he didn’t even know himself. As soon as Long Feiye left, he gave the orders, “Assign all forces to thoroughly investigate Gu Qishao, as well as Medicine City’s Mu family.”

When he returned to his sleeping quarters, it was to take a perch on the roof. The taut corners of his mouth finally relaxed then as he brushed past his lips, his eyes flickering between darkness and light. They twinkled with an unfathomable, secret radiance. His heart had always been as still as stagnant water, as cold as an iceberg. His life, too, had persistently followed along a set plan. Yet ever since this woman had arrived, he was always making exceptions.

Han Yunxi, since your lordship’s decided to use you, I definitely won’t give you a chance to betray me!


The next day, Han Yunxi was still lost in a trance and out of sorts. When Long Feiye suddenly appeared out her study, she hurriedly rose to her feet, knocking into Zhao mama who was bringing over tea and smashing the cup on the ground. Zhao mama had seen what happened in the beginning yesterday, but none of the events afterwards. Still, what she saw was enough to be unforgettable. Without daring to make a peep, she just pretended she hadn’t seen anything at all yesterday and went to clean up the broken pieces.

Still, Long Feiye’s reaction seemed even more like nothing had ever happened. He coldly told Han Yunxi, “You come out.”

For what? Han Yunxi asked in her heart. Her savage self from yesterday had long disappeared, so when Long Feiye left, she hastened to catch up. The two of them reached the courtyard, where Han Yunxi saw a table full of assassination weapons and finally understood. This guy was here to teach her how to use them. She’d been preoccupied and absent-minded ever since yesterday and forgotten all about this. But he was cool and calm in comparison, even coming over personally.

For some reason, Han Yunxi felt a sense of disappointment in her heart.

Long Feiye, did you do all that yesterday to claim me and keep me in check? Was there nothing more?

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Gu Qishao: *hisses*

Gu Qishao: You're not the only one hurting here, Poison lass!

Han Yunxi: I'm sorry, I didn't think before I--

Long Feiye: There's no need to apologize to the likes of him.

Han Yunxi: But Your Highness--

Long Feiye: No. Need.

Gu Qishao: *scoffs* Poison lass, looks like your husband's the real toxic agent here!

Long Feiye: You want me to dye your other hand in blood too?

Gu Qishao: I like red, but even have limits, you know.

Long Feiye: Get out.

Gu Qishao: I'll do that the next time you get lost!

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