Chapter 190: Surprisingly, he's returned

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With money, everything ran smoothly.

In just a few days, the Han family’s western, northern, and eastern clinics all opened up. Thus, the Han family now owned clinics in four directions in Tianning’s capital city. Together, they were known as the Four-Way Clinics.

The original south clinic was half for-profit enterprise that looked out for public welfare. After the payment from the justice courts, it grew to be purely a free establishment. As long as it was a poor family, they wouldn’t accept a cent of money for treatment and medicine. Because of such rules, Han Yunxi didn’t need to promote the clinics very much. Only a few days passed before the Han family’s Four-Way Clinics grew to be the lead story in the capital. On the main streets and small alleys, everyone was commenting. Though there were those who spoke ill of them, the popularity of the clinics still rose in an instant.

“Esteemed wangfei, those people are just too much. They’re shouting at the doors that no one will dare to come even if it’s free!” little Chen Xiang complained indignantly.

“Let them speak as they please,” Han Yunxi grinned, not minding the going ons at all. For those who belittled, there were those who praised. No matter what others said, as long as their name got out, as long as the Four-Way Clinics remained open, no one in the medical community or the aristocratic families would ever forget the Han family.

Little Yi’er was the only successor to the Han family’s medical skills, but he needed time to learn them all. The current Han family couldn’t just quietly withdraw from the medical world, right? Moreover, didn’t the empress dowager find the Han family an eyesore? She was going to make the Han family’s name rise in the capital like the sound of wind or water, shaking its prestige in former days!

After some thought, Han Yunxi said, “Little Chen Xiang, post up a notice and say that this wangfei will personally treat patients for free on the fifteenth of every month at the south clinic.”

“You?” little Chen Xiang was incredulous.

“Can’t I? You doubt my medical skills?” Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes and asked. Medicine and poisons were of one family. She was proficient in the latter, but she still understood the former. After reading through the 《Han Clan Medical Canon》, her medical skills had improved quite a bit, so it was a cinch to deal with common illnesses.

“No, no! If Mistress wants to appear personally, many people will definitely come!” Chen Xiang was elated, already imagining scores of people lining up outside the south clinic on the fifteenth. Those who’d scorned the Han family and bullied them were all gone now. This time they’d let them know that Qin Wangfei was part of the Han family too, and represented them in turn.

Han Yunxi smiled happily at little Chen Xiang’s delight. Actually, personalized treatment was one of the smaller steps in her plan. She thought, once she got the charity treatments going, she’d go find Gu Beiyue and let him make regular visits at the Han family clinics too. As the Head Imperial Physician, his appearance would have vastly different results. Once he came, other imperial physicians would follow. Aside from making a sensation in the capital, it’d at least stop those wagging tongues.

By then, the people who’d forsaken the Han family because of Han Congan’s misdiagnosis would be willing to come back as well. In short, the Han family’s free treatments weren’t just philanthropic projects for the poor, but the entire capital. When the time came, even the empress dowager and emperor wouldn’t be able to interfere. Not only that, they’d have to praise and honor them for their efforts. Later on, when they finally used up the compensation from the justice courts, Han Yunxi would definitely apply for financial aid from the imperial court!

Though she was doing charitable deeds, it wasn’t a bit benevolent or kind!

If the empress dowager knew of Han Yunxi’s plans, would she get angry enough to expel smoke from her seven apertures? As it was, when news of the Han family’s Four-Ways Clinic becoming the capital’s hot topic reached the palace, she was already slapping the table in fury!

She originally planned to revoke the Han family’s right to practice medicine, but now this was great. They opened up three more clinics on a spectacular scale. Anyone else in the empress dowager’s situation would be sullen enough to spit up blood.

“Abominable! This Han Yunx is abominable to the extreme!”“Using my money, she helped the Han family gain face and be a good person...I...I want to kill her!”

Slamslamslam! Slamslamslam!

The empress dowager used all her strength to hit the table as if it was Han Yunxi. The servant girls in the room were all kneeling on the floor, none of them daring to say a peep.

“What day is it today?” the empress dowager asked coldly.

Only then did an old mama on the side speak up. “To reply Mistress, today is the 25th. The day after tomorrow, Miss Wanru from the Duke of Qin’s estate will be getting married.”

Hearing this, the empress dowager felt a bit better. She’d endure and wait for Murong Wanru’s revenge after the wedding. She’d already forced her onto a dead end, so she didn’t believe that Murong Wanru wouldn’t fight Han Yunxi to the death…


After finishing up the Han family’s Four-Way Clinic affairs, Han Yunxi didn’t have time to rest. Because Murong Wanru was getting married, she had to greet and entertain guests as her sister-in-law along with Grand Concubine Yi.

The dowry, bridal robes, jewelry, servant girls, and old maidservants were all arranged by Grand Concubine Yi. Of course, it didn’t matter to Han Yunxi how much dowry the grand imperial concubine gave to Murong Wanru. Since the woman hadn’t brought it up, she was tactful enough not to ask. She busied herself with the ostentation and pomp of Murong Wanru’s marriage procession and matters related to her traditional bridal visit home with her husband after the wedding. There was also the huge pile of congratulatory gifts to take care of.

Technically speaking, His Highness Duke of Qin should be present now. He should be responsible for greeting the guests and receiving the gifts as well. After all, everyone had seized the opportunity to see the Duke of Qin to curry favor and affirm their existence. But Long Feiye still hadn’t shown up to this day. Even Grand Concubine Yi couldn’t find him. She was busy bustling about while Han Yunxi, as the bride’s elder brother’s wife, could only assume personal command. Rumors of her getting doted on were again confirmed by those who saw. Someone who could take charge of things in the Duke of Qin’s estate had to be a favored presence, right?

Finally, everything was thoroughly prepared. Tomorrow would be Murong Wanru’s grand wedding!


Late at night, the Duke of Qin’s estate was still filled with jubilation. The situation of the bride’s family was in no way inferior to the groom’s. After taking care of everything, Han Yunxi was tired enough to lie down. She lazily stretched and prepared to return to the Hibiscus Courtyard when Murong Wanru met her as she left the door. Han Yunxi had rarely seen her after the affairs of the Plum Blossom Meet. Shouldn’t the bride-to-be be sleeping at this hour?

Murong Wanru had gotten much thinner. She was wearing a light yellow skirt of fine gauze which made her look even skinner. A gust of wind seemed enough to knock her over.

“Sister-in-law, you’ve been tired out these two days. When you were married to here, I was never this busy,” she said, reserved and docile. As before, it inspired tender affection, but her words were a little…

Han Yunxi laughed in her heart.

If she remember correctly, the Duke of Qin’s estate hadn’t lit a single red lantern, much less deliver gifts. It was the difference between Heaven and Earth to today’s joyous decorations and mass of glowing red lanterns. She could admit that Murong Wanru’s wedding had the ostentation, pomp, and esteemed guests to inspire envy and yearning.

But so what?

Han Yunxi smiled. “What’s all this? Sister-in-law married into high status, while little sister is marrying into low status. As long as little sister is happy, it’s worth it no matter how tired sister-in-law is.”

One marrying high, one marrying low, such words dug straight at Murong Wanru’s sore point. In a competition between poisoned tongues, Murong Wanru was still inexperienced! Her face turned white, but very quickly she smiled again. She had something that was even more worth showing off. She didn’t believe that Han Yunxi wouldn’t object!

“Sister-in-law, the Duke of Qin returned. He’s with mufei in her room right now discussing tomorrow’s affairs. He said he was too busy, but he still managed to rush back!” Murong Wanru specifically went to find Han Yunxi just for this news.

That guy was back? Han Yunxi was caught off guard.

“Sister-in-law, the Duke of Qin doesn’t like lively, bustling affairs. When you two got married, he didn’t even live at the estate. I wasn’t counting on him to show up originally, but he still found the time to come back! I’m so happy!” Murong Wanru was too impatient to express her delight, and excitedly grabbed Han Yunxi’s hand. “Sister-in-law, come. We’ll go over too.”

Han Yunxi gave a start as she allowed Murong Wanru to drag her away. She had to admit, she had no rebuttal. Murong Wanru hadn’t torn the skin off her old scars when it was that bastard Long Feiye who had hurt her instead. What was he doing by coming back now? The things an elder brother were supposed to do, she’d done them all in his place. What would he do now? Leisurely attend tomorrow’s wedding ceremony?

He hadn’t even shown up for his own wedding, but found time in his busy schedule to attend someone else’s. She thought what he didn’t give her, he wouldn’t give easily to others, either. What he didn’t want to do, he wouldn’t try for her sake. Nor would he be bothered to try for someone else’s sake.

But reality proved that she’d thought too much of him. He had returned!

Han Yunxi was silent the whole way to Grand Concubine Yi’s courtyard. She really wanted to be headstrong just this once. If Long Feiye really attended the wedding tomorrow, then she wouldn’t go! Yet her thoughts changed after seeing Grand Concubine Yi. In the end, she told herself not to be wilful and make trouble deliberately. Murong Wanru was Long Feiye’s adopted sister. They’d grown up together since his youth, so even if they weren’t related by blood, they were still part of the same family. As for her, despite the capital’s rumors that she was favored, she was nothing in Long Feiye’s heart beyond someone that was occasionally useful.

“Sister-in-law, the Duke of Qin’s right inside. I didn’t lie to you, right?” Murong Wanru said in a low voice, feeling smug at Han Yunxi’s distracted state.

What are you being so contentious for? Han Yunxi spurned herself in her heart and immediately recovered. She smiled brilliantly as she turned to Murong Wanru. “I never said you lied to me!”

She silently wrested her hand out of Murong Wanru’s grasp and casually strode into the room with a grin. “Your Highness, has a big brother like you prepared any gifts for little sister Wanru?”

As long as she didn’t care, no person or words could hurt her!

Yet Long Feiye only raised an eyebrow as he looked at her, his tone mild. “Forgot to.”


Han Yunxi was surprised and dumbfounded. Was Long Feiye really here to attend the wedding ceremony?

Grand Concubine Yi was familiar with her son’s temper. Seeing Murong Wanru come in, she quickly effected a compromise. “He’s busy. For him to come already makes Wanru happy.”

Of course, Murong Wanru had heard the words just then. She knew the Duke of Qin’s personality as well and didn’t mind. Grinning, she said, “For Your Highness to rush back is already the best present.”

Long Feiye wasn’t planning to come over here after he came back, but Grand Concubine Yi had spotted him and dragged him over. Just then, mother and son had been discussing a government post for Zhangsun Che. As long as Long Feiye appeared in a personal capacity, even if the empress dowager was suppressing them, it’d be easy to get things done. As soon as Murong Wanru came, Grand Concubine Yi had stopped talking. She was too protective of Murong Wanru and feared that she’d run into a dead end and take things too hard at their conversation topic.

“Feiye, mufei will leave the things I’ve said to you. It’s getting late so you should all rest. Tomorrow you’ll have to look lively,” Grand Concubine Yi smiled.

Although it was a marriage against one’s will, one should still be happy and having a good time. They couldn’t let the palace laugh at them, after all. She thought, as long as Zhangsun Che gets a high position, Wanru won’t suffer a loss. Since her chastity had been ruined, she’d praise Buddha if they could wrest back this much.

The long-sullen Murong Wanru finally felt some consolation. She was filled with joy as long as she saw Long Feiye and was about to speak when Long Feiye stood up with a mild tone.

Mufei, erchen and Han Yunxi need to take a long trip and will be leaving tonight. I ask that you look after matters of the estate.”

What, he was leaving?

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