Chapter 175: Mufei, I’ve returned

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Why save him?

Actually, the reason was obvious, but Han Yunxi still hesitated before Long Feiye’s insistent questioning and straight-on stare. Why was she hesitating? Did she have any other answers?

“Why?” Long Feiye pressed closer and closer.

Han Yunxi quickly spoke up. “Because you used the command seal to save me, so I’m saving you now as well! Then we’ll both be even!”

Yet Long Feiye’s cold reply was unexpected. “Who wants to be even with you?”


Han Yunxi was astonished, her wide eyes staring at Long Feiye. What did he mean? This time, it was Long Feiye who averted his eyes. He immediately pushed her away and gave a light cough. “Han Yunxi, your lordship’s command seal isn’t so easily repaid. You still owe your lordship.”

What a stingy guy!

Han Yunxi frowned, too lazy to calculate debts with him. Since he’d finished asking his question, it should be her turn now. “Did you get locked up because you refused the decree to marry Princess Rongle?” She felt stupid as soon as she asked. Obviously, that was what had happened, but she’d said it anyways.

“Yes,” Long Feiye was very straightforward.

“Why?” Han Yunxi asked. All right, she thought this question was stupid too, but still she spoke. Unlike last time, Long Feiye didn’t reply her directly.

“Does that have anything to do with you?” he asked back, rendering Han Yunxi mute. Actually, this was the question she wanted to ask him, but he’d asked her instead.

Did rejecting Princess Rongle have anything to do with herself? Otherwise, what was the difference between being forced to marry one or two people? Why did he have to make such a big fuss by being stubborn?

Fine, she could admit that there was no use prying answers from a cold-faced, icy-eyed fellow like him. What if she offended him in the process instead? Actually, he was sullen enough being forced to marry the first time, so there was no need to endure it twice, right? Han Yunxi’s final conclusion left her heart much more at ease. “Nothing much, I was just asking.”

Long Feiye narrowed his eyes. “Do you have any other questions?”

“None,” Han Yunxi didn’t even raise her head, missing the flash of unhappiness in his eyes. Long Feiye didn’t say anything else. Han Yunxi kept her head bowed, and the two of them ended up falling into a sudden silence. Of course, Han Yunxi was quick to lift her head again and speak.

“The formula for the antidote is right in my hands. I’ll go find His Majesty right now. Even if he doesn’t want to let you go, he’ll have to!”

Actually, Long Feiye didn’t enjoy or cherish women helping him out, but seeing Han Yunxi so self-confident, he unexpectedly relented with a nod. “Mm, I’ll wait for you.”

A thrilled Han Yunxi quickly left. To her surprise, the first person she saw outside was Emperor Tianhui. Eunuch Xue hastily re-locked the door after she stepped out. Han Yunxi remained calm, neither haughty nor humble as she bowed. “Is Your Majesty awaiting the Duke of Qin’s prescription formula?”

The Duke of Qin’s prescription formula?

This woman really had a glib tongue!

Emperor Tianhui’s wrath was written all over his face. Coldly he asked, “Where’s the prescription?”

Han Yunxi replied at a leisurely pace. “The prescription is with the Duke of Qin. He said there’s an ingredient on it that only he can find.”

Emperor Tianhui’s hands clenched into fists inside his sleeves. He could hardly bear it after hearing such words. He could tolerate this woman threatening him, but now she was using the Duke of Qin’s name as a threat as well. She really knew how to earn face for Long Feiye!

Yet Han Yunxi actually stepped closer to speak. “Respectfully speaking, the matter of the prescription formula should be left to discussion between Your Majesty and His Highness Duke of Qin. If there’s a need, Yunxi will do her utmost to help search for the ingredient.”


Wasn’t this asking him to go in and beg Long Feiye to come out?

Emperor Tianhui was nearly angry enough to vomit blood. Killer intent emanated from his eyes. If it was possible, he’d have Han Yunxi dismembered this instant! At the same time, Long Feiye was listening in from within the courtyard, his mouth drawn up in a satisfied curve as he clearly heard every word.

Emperor Tianhui would never enter the Hall of Regrets, much less discuss the prescription formula for poison pestis with Long Feiye. With Long Feiye’s personality, he’d strike back at the first opportunity and make things difficult. The emperor stared at Han Yunxi for a long time before he spoke to Eunuch Xue. “When the Duke of Qin has repented sufficiently, let him out!”

So speaking, he flicked his sleeves and walked away. Eunuch Xue stared after his retreating form in disbelief, lost in a daze.

“Eunuch Xue, still not opening the door?” Han Yunxi smiled. Her mood was excellent.

Eunuch Xue glanced at Han Yunxi, sighing with emotion in his heart. Women really were sources of trouble. The relationship between the emperor and the Duke of Qin had only grown more tense with the years. Now that this woman had stuck her foot in, Heaven knows what sorts of developments would happen in the future!

Actually, Han Yunxi herself was clear that she’d thoroughly provoked Emperor Tianhui this time. In the future, she’d have to be extra cautious. It would have been best if she could avoid offending him at all, but the situation was beyond her control. She had always been a passive party, but now that she’d chosen Long Feiye, she was destined to make an enemy out of Emperor Tianhui. Long Feiye wasn’t a creature in some pond[1]. How could he willingly allow Emperor Tianhui to control him for the rest of his life?

When the palace doors were opened, Long Feiye walked out. Han Yunxi immediately beamed a smile at him, but Long Feiye ignored her to walk ahead.

This guy!

Han Yunxi bit her lip as she glared at his back. She’d already offended Emperor Tianhui to death. Couldn’t he spare her a smile at least?

It was right at this moment than Long Feiye turned around to speak in his usual impatient tone. “Han Yunxi, you’re still not going?”

“Going where?” Han Yunxi replied unhappily.

“Going home,” Long Feiye said coldly, before turning to walk away.

Going home…

What warm words. Did they really come from the mouth of Giant Ice Cube? Even Eunuch Xue was stunned as he abruptly realized that, indeed, the Duke of Qin and Qin Wangfei were of the same family. Han Yunxi’s lips secretly curved up at the corners as she trailed after him.


It was late night when they returned to the Duke of Qin’s estate.

Grand Concubine Yi had long gone to bed and the entire estate was silent. Only a few lanterns were lit. Fortunately, Steward Xia had heeded Han Yunxi’s words and left a gate unlocked to wait for her personally. As soon as he saw her, he was pleasantly surprised.

“Esteemed wangfei, you’ve finally returned. You…” He stopped, stunned at the familiar figure behind her. It was none other than His Highness Duke of Qin. The stupefied Steward Xia lost all ability to speak. Wasn’t His Highness Duke of Qin locked up in the palace? How…

Long Feiye walked past him and headed towards the Hibiscus Courtyard, while Han Yunxi shot Steward Xia a grin before hastily chasing after him.

“Your Highness, wait!”

“Your Highness, wait a moment!”

A pity that Long Feiye didn’t bother to listen. Instead of stopping, he actually sped up. After being locked up for so many days, he hadn’t been able to see anyone, much less receive or send out intelligence reports. There were many things he had to take care of immediately.

“Long Feiye!” Impatient now, Han Yunxi rushed over and grabbed his hand. This time Long Feiye finally stopped, but his tone was fierce as he cast her a sideways look.

“Let go!”

As if electrocuted, Han Yunxi immediately released him and said in a rush, “Just come with me for a bit, just a bit.”

“Is it something very important?” Long Feiye asked.

“It’s not really...aiya, you’ll know if you come,” Han Yunxi didn’t known how to explain it.

“No time!”

What kind of important business would she have? Even if it was to look for medicinal ingredients, they didn’t have to leave right now. It wasn’t good to delay his business. Seeing that he was about to leave, Han Yunxi went all out and grabbed his hand again. “It’s something very important, all right?!”

Then she hauled him away.

Long Feiye creased his brows, his expression unhappy. This woman was getting bolder and bolder! He was about to push her hand away when he noticed how small it was. Long Feiye paused for a moment before amusement overtook his eyes. He intentionally lowered his inner energy to make himself much heavier. Han Yunxi originally had no problems dragging him along, but it gradually became more difficult. By the time she’d taken 10 steps, it was impossible to budge Long Feiye any further. She finally realized something was wrong and looked back with furrowed eyebrows, her small face filled with stubborn indignation.

She gave him a sharp tug before speaking fiercely, “It really is something important! Hurry up and walk!”

This was the first time that any woman had dared to treat him so sternly. Or rather, it was the first time he’d been treated sternly by a woman. He wanted to get angry, but he only said, “Then let go of my hand!”

Han Yunxi did exactly as she was told. Although all she did was let go of his hand, Long Feiye felt as if she’d released his heart as well. It felt empty and desolate.

He didn’t like such a foreign feeling.

“Lead the way!” he said coldly. Somehow, it’d turned into him urging her along instead.

Han Yunxi turned and led him directly to Grand Concubine Yi’s Peony Courtyard, where the latter had long retired to bed. Gui mama was on night watch as she huddled up drowsily by the bedroom door. Han Yunxi ignored her and went to knock on the doors directly, making a noisy racket. Long Feiye stood behind her, completely clueless as to her intentions. Mufei was already asleep, so why was she looking for her?

The sound of knocking startled awake Gui mama, who rose at the same time Grand Concubine Yi asked angrily, “Gui mama, what’s going on? What are you doing in the middle of the night?”

Gui mama didn’t reply, but stared speechlessly at Long Feiye. She had frozen in the act of standing up. Heavens, the Duke of Qin! The Duke of Qin had returned!

Very soon, Grand Concubine Yi opened the door herself. When she saw Han Yunxi, she flew into a rage. “Han Yunxi, what are you doing?”

Yet Han Yunxi was full of smiles as she laughed. “Mufei, I’ve returned, and I’ve brought His Highness Duke of Qin back too!”

As she spoke, she stepped aside. Grand Concubine Yi immediately spotted Long Feiye and covered her mouth. She didn’t even take heed of her outer robes sliding down her shoulders, not daring to believe her eyes. With a sudden stride, she stepped forward and embraced Long Feiye. “Feiye, you…”

Long Feiye finally understood why Han Yunxi had brought him here. He allowed the emotional Grand Concubine Yi to examine him from head to toe and ask him all sorts of questions, feeling a little helpless yet unable to refuse her attentions. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi sat down on the side, secretly enjoying the sight of Grand Concubine Yi acting so happy and excited.

She wasn’t a calamity, much less a star of misfortune.

Although her own family had declined in wealth and position, leaving her with no backers nor prestige to compare to Princess Rongle’s opulence, she still managed to bring Long Feiye back with her own skills.

Grand Concubine Yi, no matter which aspect it is, I, Han Yunxi, am in no way inferior to Princess Rongle!


[1] wasn’t a creature in some pond (非池中之物) - fei chizhong zhi wu, something that isn’t destined to be small creature/animal in a pond, such as a dragon meant for the skies.

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