Chapter 1361: [10Year] Tenth level Lustbite

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn't expect Rui'er would return. They both looked back and saw that Gu Qishao and Yan'er were there too, while Han Xiang was closeby. They didn't need to think to know that Han Xiang had forced them here. Long Feiye didn't have much strength left and even his vision was turning blurry, but the sight of the two small children made reluctance and pain intensify in his gaze until it seemed like the emotions would never melt.

No matter what, he couldn't fall! No!

"Daddy! Daddy, what's wrong? Sobsob…what's wrong with you?" Rui'er broke free of Gu Qishao's hand to rush to Long Feiye's side. Although he was 10 years and some months old, he cried like a three-year old child.

"Stay back!" Long Feiye and Han Yunxi chorused in unison while Gu Qishao failed to catch him.

"Rui'er, you can't go over!" He wanted to chase him, but didn't dare with Yan'er out of it and Han Xiang gaining on them. He didn't dare try anything careless beyond protecting the girl and staying on the sidelines.

The Qi Clan Head didn't care about Rui'er at all and neither did he stop his strikes. He raised his sword to charge up for the fourth blast towards Long Feiye. Long Feiye turned to see the blade and shouted, "Rui'er, move away! Listen to me!"

"Daddy, a child should join their family in times of danger, a subject should join their nation in times of peril!" The ten-year-old Rui'er had a tender voice but his words were filled with strength and backbone! No wonder he was Long Feiye's son and Great Qin's crown prince. He didn't fly next to his father to stand shoulder-by-shoulder, but in front of him to spread open his arms and use all his strength to protect him! 

Qi Lianjue's sword quickly slashed downwards. Gu Qishao could only watch and almost released Yan'er to block the blast for Rui'er instead. Long Feiye subconsciously tried to hug Rui'er, but Han Yunxi was even faster. She rushed in front of the father and son and bared her back towards Qi Lianjue's sword as she took Rui'er into her arms. Just like that, Long Feiye saw Qi Lianjue's massive sword qi strike towards his wife and son!

This was the woman and child he loved deeply!

This was the only warmth that God had given him in his life!

How could they be destroyed before his very eyes! If the Heavens were to deceive him again, then he would shatter Heaven to pieces!

"I won't allow it!" With this roar, Long Feiye found unknown strength to shield Han Yunxia nd Rui'er with his body. His bloody form actually erupted with an incomparable energy that deflected Qi Lianjue's sword qi and knocked the man to the ground.

This was none other than the power of Lustbite!

"Tenth-rank divine power?" Qi Lianjue exclaimed. "Tenth-rank…it really is tenth-rank! So the Lustbite energy was tenth-rank divine power!"

There were nine grades of true qi and powers! The true qi cultivated every month was the same, but the powers varied monthly. There were tens of thousands of types, like the Wolf Sect's true martial arts energy, Han Yunxi's Phoenix power, and Long Feiye's Lustbite. A martial artist's level was determined by the rank of his true qi. The powers were just a supplement and their levels were less important. But Mysterious Continent had always spread legends that there was a type of power that defied Heaven itself, the so-called "divine power." This power differed from the rest as it could be cultivated to ten levels! Once the practitioner reached rank 10, they would suppress all ranks of true qi and become the ultimate force. Even ninth-rank true qi wouldn't be his opponent.

Long Feiye protected Han Yunxi and Rui'er as he slowly landed on the ground. Qi Lianjue quickly crawled to his feet and unconsciously withdrew a few steps, unconcealed fear on his face. Long Feiye's Lustbite energy was actually 10th rank divine power. Just then he had clearly advanced, a heaven-defying miracle that terrified those who saw it. This was the ultimate force that could quell Mysterious Continent when released within its borders! 

Qi Lianjue admired Long Feiye at first, but now he stared at the young man and felt nothing but fear. Every ascension needed some time for adjustment. At the very least, Long Feiye needed some time to get used to rising to tenth rank from ninth rank. Qi Lianjue's eyes flashed with killing intent. No matter what, he couldn't lose this chance. He could even abandon the ice crystal and Cloud Realm Continent, but Long Feiye…had to die!

Long Feiye didn't realize Lustbite energy would rise to tenth rank or that it was the legendary divine power. He murmured to Han Yunxi, "Take Rui'er and the rest to leave, quick! I can hold on!"

Could he? He was clear that he needed at least a day to recover. But no matter whether it was Han Yunxi or Rui'er, or even Gu Qishao, none of them could help him buy a day's worth of time. 

He could only bear it alone!

At this moment, the Water of Ten Thousand Poisons entered the ice crystal. Han Yunxi activated the poison storage system and stored it inside without hesitation. Perhaps the ice crystal was too powerful, but her mind felt dizzy and heavy after the action. Still, she held on. No matter what, she couldn't faint at a time like this! 

"Rui'er, take your little sister and go! Take it as mother begging you!" Han Yunxi pushed Rui'er towards Gu Qishao. But Long Feiye pushed her along with him. 

"Long Feiye, I…" Before Han Yunxi could finish, Long Feiye interrupted.

"Yunxi, help me…help me bring the children away, all right?"

He was actually asking and begging her? Han Yunxi really didn't want to answer him. Just then he had taken three strikes from Qi Lianjue and was already sporting serious wounds. Even if his Lustbite energy advanced, he was no match for the man at present! Staying here meant he could only hold on until…he died!

"I wouldn't lie to you! Go!" Long Feiye urged.

Han Yunxi dearly wanted to cry, but she laughed instead. Her smile was a bitter one that made her heart, liver, spleen, and lungs ache. This time, she'd believe him! She'd trust that he wasn't deceiving her! Of course she trusted him to hold on with his very life so they could escape. But once they left, what about him? What happened after the promise was fulfilled? Could he still hold on for himself? Could he still go back? Han Yunxi smiled and smiled until tears flowed down her face. Although she clearly knew the best decision was to leave with the children, so that they…at least, were protected…she couldn't do it! Really, she couldn't!

"Mother, I won't go! I'm not leaving! Daddy, I don't want to go! I won't! I won't!" Rui'er struggled to break free from his mother's hands and run over, but his mother held him tight. Gu Qishao had already stood behind Han Yuxni with Yan'er in his arms. His best choice was to take Han Yunxi away, but he couldn't do it at this moment. He couldn't be so cruel!

Qi Lianjue started laughing at them. "Heheh, what deep feelings between husband and wife, father and son! Today, this old man will indulge your entire family!" As soon as he waved his sword, Long Feiye stopped paying attention to Han Yunxi and the rest. He gritted his teeth and a whole body's worth of agony to stand up straight and raise his own blade. He knew Han Yunxi would go. For Rui'er and Yan'er's sake, for Great Qin, she could only leave. She had to. Very soon, he was in a deathmatch with Qi Lianjue. Even though he was this injured, he still forced three parries against the man.

Han Yunxi had no choice but to leave. Otherwise, she would be letting down Long Feiye's sacrificial efforts to buy them time and the world! 

She could only go and…abandon him.

Han Yunxi was crying until her vision turned blurry. Only now did she realize "death" wasn't the most tragic thing of all, but not being able to follow the other in death!

She screamed, "Long Feiye, I'll wait for you to come home!"

Steeling her heart, she grabbed the struggling Rui'er and turned towards Gu Qishao to leave. And yet Gu Qishao only thrust Yan'er into her arms and rushed to fly towards Long Feiye.

"Little Qi, no!" Han Yunxi shouted. But Gu Qishao had already reached Long Feiye's side. At the same time, Qi Lianjue's surroundings were filled with thorny vines that grew at a mad pace until they wrapped him up. Yet Qi Lianjue was able to shatter them all with only a third of his strength. Long Feiye took the chance to swing his sword while Gu Qisha flew to the side to try a sneak attack.

"Mother, I'm begging you, let me go help daddy! Mother!" Rui'er wailed.

Han Yunxi endured the dagger-like pain to drag Rui'er and turn around. She allowed the fighting behind her to get more vicious, the stench of blood heavier. She brought the two children to flee towards the southern coast, her lips pursed tightly into a line. She was afraid she'd start crying and fall apart completely until she couldn't escape at all. She always felt she was strong, but now she truly understood what was "a mother's strength." It wasn't being powerful at all, but being cruel to oneself by force! Han Yunxi brought Rui'er and Yan'er away, but it wasn't far before Han Xiang landed in front of them.

She pretentiously covered her mouth to chortle. "I heard the love between Cloud Realm's Great Qin Empress and Emperor was deep. They never parted from each other and even resolved the feud between East and West Qin. I never expected that you still went separate ways in the face of great disaster."

"Even if I'm leaving, I'll leave your corpse in pieces!" Han Yunxi's eyes flashed with appalling hostility. 

Han Xiang immediately stopped laughing to hiss, "Han Yunxi, how dare you act arrogant while bringing two children along? Heheh, don't blame me for the reminder, but keep a good eye on your offspring! Watch out! If I hurt innocents by mistake, you can't blame me."

Han Yunxi released Rui'er and muttered, "Look after your little sister and cover her eyes!"

Rui'er was scared by the hostility emanating off his mother. He didn't dare speak, but only did as he was told, taking Yan'er into his arms while covering her eyes. He left his own open. 

Han Yunxi didn't waste words with Han Xiang and simply unsheathed her sword to attack ruthlessly. Han Xiang's lips curved into a cold smile as she evaded her and headed for Rui'er and Yan'er. Yet Han Yunxi didn't block her but watched coldly as the woman flew past with her sword aimed straight at Rui'er. Right before she stabbed him, Rui'er remained put. He looked at the weapon fearlessly because of his utmost faith in his mother.

As expected, Han Xiang stopped just one step short of Rui'er.

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