Chapter 1338: [NCheng] Clean up

After the door slammed shut, Cheng'er's heart skipped a beat. She'd be lying if she wasn't scared facing down an angry Ah-Cheng, but she still couldn't resist taking peeks at him. In the past she used to think he was just a blind man, but why did he look more and more handsome now? He was even more good-looking than usual when angry.

Was it because he wasn't wearing his eyepatch this time?

Cheng'er pretended to panic as she asked, "What, what do you want to do by shutting the door?"

"Where's the child?" Ning Cheng retorted.

Cheng'er giggled. "I was just…"

"Since you're pregnant, abort it," Ning Cheng interrupted.

Cheng'er didn't know what he meant, but soon saw him opening the door to shout outside. "Someone come! Find a female doctor here!"

Cheng'er finally sensed the danger and turned to flee, but Ning Cheng shut the door again and blocked it with his tall, wide body. 

"I was just joking, I have something important to discuss with you!"


"Ah-Cheng, we've know each other for so many years. Just give me a chance."

Cheng'er felt more panic the longer she looked at Ning Cheng's gloomy face. Eventually she was stricken with guilt and could say no more. Ning Cheng simply glared at her without a word.

She bowed her head and said resentfully, "I'll go, I'll go okay?"

"No," Ning Cheng replied.

"What do you want?" Cheng'er cried.

"You can leave after you abort the child," Ning Cheng said coldly.

"I don't have a child, so how am I supposed to abort one?" Cheng'er was almost crying.

"I don't care," Ning Cheng was unmoved. If he didn't give this woman a lesson to remember today, she was guaranteed to find her way back. 

At this time, there was a knock on the door. "Master Cheng, the doctor is here."

Ning Cheng replied, "Tell the doctor the child is very large and there's no need for medicine. Use another way."

The people outside were stunned.

The child is very big? 

But Cheng'er's stomach isn't big at all! What's going on?

But the female doctor who came was very serious. "Master Cheng, since we're not using medicine for a child so big, then we'll need to use external force. I'll find some tools."

"Mm." Ning Cheng agreed.

Cheng'er's face was all but black. She couldn't began to imagine how cruel this "external force" would be. She stared fixedly at him without budging, like a statue. 

Time trickled by.

Soon enough, there was another knock on the door. This time it was the doctor who spoke. "Master Cheng, everything's been prepared. Can I come in?"

Ning Cheng was about to turn and open the door when Cheng'er suddenly pounced on him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs around his wast, and her mouth pressed without hesitation against his own.

Ning Cheng froze. 

He had never touched something so soft in this lifetime. He felt that this woman's lips were ridiculously tender! 

Actually, Cheng'er had never kissed anyone either. Now she gave up everything in a passionate kiss and in the chaos actually probed into Ning Cheng's mouth. He finally reacted and shoved her aside from pure instinct. The motion ended up sending Cheng'er flying until she slammed into the wall and tumbled to the ground, limbs askew and unmoving.

Ning Cheng was clearly annoyed as he wiped his lips and walked towards her. He kicked her and snapped, "Get up! If you keep pretending, I'll throw you out to feed the dogs!"

Cheng'er didn't move.

Ning Cheng kicked her a few more times but realized something was wrong when she continued to lie still. He quickly crouched down and lifted her head to see that she had fainted. Her forehead was bruised and covered in blood. 

Clearly angry, he exhaled and let go, causing Cheng'er's head to bonk against the floor again.

"Courting death!" he tossed out and strode out of the room. Everyone ducked for cover when he emerged except the female doctor and a servant by the door.

"Clean up the person inside," Ning Cheng snarled before leaving.

The two were visibly frightened by his temper, so the female doctor reacted half a beat later with a nod. "All right, all right!"

The servant thought Ning Cheng meant that they should "deal with" Cheng'er, but realized his misunderstanding when the female doctor responded. Thus, he told her, "Hurry inside. If it's inconvenient, I won't go in."

The female doctor dashed in and locked the door behind her before discovering Cheng'er bleeding unconscious on the ground.


What just happened?

She didn't have time to wonder and hurried over to stop the bleeding and deal with the wound. Then she looked at Cheng'er's abdomen and was certain the woman wasn't pregnant at all.

"This…" Now she was even more puzzled. She checked the other's pulse and was certain the woman had no child! But why did Master Cheng say she was huge with child and needed an abortion? 

And what did he mean by "clean up?" The female doctor couldn't puzzle it out. She used a lot of strength to drag Cheng'er to the bed and after some thought, left the room. She found the servant who brought her here and said, "Please tell Master Cheng that the metter's been dealt with."

The servant had been in a fog about Cheng'er's pregnancy from beginning to end. He pretended to understand and paid the consultation fee. "It's good that it's been dealt with, it's good."

The female doctor was glad the servant didn't ask for details, or else she wouldn't know how to explain it either. She decided to take the money and go before Master Cheng returned.

Thus, the rumors of Cheng'er's pregnancy became fact and spread among the servants. Cheng'er herself ended up sleeping in Ning Cheng's bed. When he returned late that night after busying himself, he saw the woman snoozing in his rooms and almost thought he went to the wrong place. 

Didn't he tell the servant to deal with this woman? Why was she still here? He was about to go off on the man when Cheng'er suddenly murmured, "Drink! Come come come, fill it up! Hehe…"

"Fourth master…isn't it just ten jugs? Sixth master, if you accept that wholesale deal, I'll add another jug. You can do as you please if I get drunk."


She rambled off a bunch of dream talk, all related to wine, all referring to business deals done at the table. Ning Cheng listened quietly before going to sit subconsciously on the side.

"Come, drink! Drink until we're drunk!" Cheng'er suddenly shouted.

Ning Cheng's lips twitched as he planned to do something, but hesitated.

"Are you drinking or not? You, yes you!" Cheng'er shouted next and even took her hand out of the covers as if holding a cup. 

Ning Cheng couldn't resist replying, "I'll drink."

"How much?" Cheng'er was still saying loudly.

Ning Cheng's lips broke into a light smile as he asked, "How much do you want to drink?"

But Cheng'er actually opened her eyes and sat up, extremely excited. "Ah-Cheng, you've forgiven me?"

At this moment, Ning Cheng was flabbergasted.

He remembered Ning Nuo used to talk in his dreams when young and woke Ning Cheng up. He would hold entire conversations with the other with Ning Nuo remembering nothing the next day. Thus, he couldn't help conversing with Cheng'er just then too.

But…this woman had just been pretending!

Yes, Cheng'er was faking it. She'd long woken up and didn't leave, but sprawled on the bed to await Ning Cheng's return. As soon as she heard the door open, she pretended to be unconscious without a second thought. When he approached the bed, she heard nothing else. The brief silence unnerved her, especially when she could feel him staring at her with her eyes shut. She couldn't stand the provocation and felt she'd break if she didn't try something. But what could she do while asleep? She decided to talk in her dreams instead. 

She had almost reached her limit and was debating whether to try sleepwalking next when Ah-Cheng was actually interested in responding. First, this fellow hadn't thrown her out; secondly, he'd listen to her ramble for so long; third, he even talked back, which moved Cheng'er so much she couldn't keep pretending anymore. 

"Ah-Cheng, I knew you weren't that ruthless! You even helped take care of my wound, and let me sleep here, and talked to me…hehe, let's make up," Cheng'er smiled shamelessly. 

Ning Cheng glanced at the wound on her head and was too lazy to explain. He said, "Fine, we've made up. Now you can get lost."

"Aren't you going to take responsibility for me?" Cheng'er asked seriously.

"Why should I?" Ning Cheng couldn't believe it. He'd never seen such a thick-skinned woman in his life!

"We've kissed on the lips!" Cheng'er replied.

Ning Cheng couldn't help creasing his brows. After fighting with her all these years, this was the first time he realized she was so casual about things. He replied bluntly, "You forced it! I don't acknowledge it."

"A forced kiss is still a kiss, ah…" Cheng'er said innocently.

Ning Cheng was so angry his face turned green. Only then did she amend hastily, "All of Liubei Trade Consortium will know I’m your woman. If you don’t take responsibility, how will I live in the future? Who can I still marry?”

Ning Cheng suddenly drew closer. Cheng’er was actually afraid, but braced herself to let him approach.

Ning Cheng said. “All of Liubei Trade Consortium knew Shaqiu was my woman too. Do you know how she died?”

At last, Cheng’er retreated. She had to keep her distance from this man before she could calm down enough to talk. When Ning Cheng had recognized her as the huakui  in Carefree Joy, she knew Shaqiu had betrayed her.

She was still figuring out how to reply when Ning Cheng asked, “How are you any different from Shaqiu?”

“I’m prettier than her!” Cheng’er replied instantly.

Ning Cheng’s eyes only rested on her chest with a snort. Cheng’er subconsciously covered her chest and prepared to curse, but seeing his contemptuous smile, she decided to forget it. Although her ears were burning, she still stuck out her chest to let him stare!

Ning Cheng only glanced at it briefly without interest.

Cheng’er knew her figure couldn’t compare to Shaqiu’s, so she thought it over and said with full seriousness, “Ah-Cheng, I can help you find someone even better than Shaqiu! I promise you’ll be satisfied!”

Seeing her earnest face, Ning Cheng was truly left…speechless.

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