Chapter 1316: [Beiyue] There’s poison

Ji Yifeng?

Qin Min never thought Qin Jie would bring up this old and rotten affair. 

Who was Ji Yifeng? The eldest son of the Ji Clan and its only heir. Although the Ji family wasn't as strong as the Qin or Ren, they couldn't be underestimated. Father had thought over many methods to marry into Ji. His original plan was to pair Qin Min with Ji Yifeng, but when she lost use of her legs, Ji Yifeng married her sister—Qin Jie. 

The Ji children often came to the Qin Clan to play and joke, but that was all in the past. If Qin Jie hadn't mentioned it, Qin Min would've forgotten she once said she wanted to marry Ji Yifeng. Qin Jie remembered this? Why is she bringing it up now?

"I remember," Qin Min replied calmly. "I also said I'd married the young master of the Ren Clan and even Gu Qishao, do you recall?"

"Haha, how come I don't remember that anymore?" Qin Jie chuckled, though it wasn't clear whether she was serious or joking. 

"That's because your memory's bad," Qin Min teased while growing guarded. She felt that Qin Jie had bad intentions. At this moment, Shaoyao came with two cups of tea and Qin Jie hastily came to take them.

"Aish, hurry and sit, Second Miss, this servant can take care of it," Shaoyao said hastily.

Qin Jie simply personally offered Qin Min a cup, "Not everyone has the chance to serve tea and pour water for Madam of the Academy Head. Shaoyao, you should withdraw. I can serve here alone."

"Why are you being so polite?" Qin Min asked.

Qin Min placed the other cup of tea by her side but didn't sit down. Instead, she suddenly fell to her knees. "Big sis, if you want Ji Yifeng, I'll give him back to you. As long as you're willing to help little brother, you can even take my life!" Her voice was choked up.

Qin Min was scared stiff. Her first reaction was that Qin Jie had been possessed. She knew her little sister's selfishness and utilitarianism all too well. If their little brother could gain the position of family head, it would be nothing but advantageous for them. After all, to stand firmly in the Ji Clan and become its future mistress, she needed a strong matron clan to support her. But even so, she didn't have to sacrifice so much for Qin Min.

Qin Min knew Qin Jie was here to pick a fight, but Qin Jie's scene left her at a loss. She said sincerely, "Qin Jie, why would I want your husband? You're exalting him too much! If you don't explain yourself today, don't think of leaving my doors!"

Even Qin Min found these words were laughable. If news of this spread, people might think she wasn't helping her little brother because she didn't get her man and hated her father and family for it! An accusation like that could crush her to death.

"Big sis…" Qin Jie lifted a handkerchief and pretended to wipe away tears. She secretly glanced at the tea cup and said hoarsely, "Big sister, words are useless. Just what will it take for you to forgive father and myself? I know father gave everything you should've had to me instead. You've resented it ever since, so I can give that all back. But little brother is innocent! Our Qin Clan is innocent, too! If second uncle takes the family head spot and takes charge of the ancestral medical books, then…then what of little brother? Or father in jail? Big sis…"

Qin Jie kept rambling while an impatient Qin Min picked up a tea cup and brushed aside the tea leaves atop its layer with gentle breaths. She decided to ignore her and let Qin Jie keep talking for as long as she liked! 

Qin Jie's eyes shone when she saw Qin Min pick up the cup, but before the latter could drink, something sharply cried out from the side. 


Eh? Lil Thing?

Qin Min set down the cup and looked over. Qin Jie was stunned and didn't even care about the tea anymore. She shrieked, "Ah…a rat!"

There were few who feared mice to the point of going mad, but Qin Jie was one of them. As soon as she screamed, Lil Thing scrambled into the window and jumped onto the tea table. It stood in front of Qin Min's teacup before grasping it with its paws and cheeping nonstop at Qin Min. Although Qin Min wasn't familiar with Lil Thing, even the stupidest fool could tell that Lil Thing was telling him the tea had a problem!

"Tea?" Shaoyao murmured to herself.

Qin Min immediately cast a look at Qin Jie, whose eyes were fixated on Lil Thing as she realized it was just a squirrel. Just like that, Qin Min stared at Qin Jie, who stared at Lil Thing, who glanced between them both without a sound. The whole room grew silent. Time ticked on slowly—much slower than their heartbeats.

Gradually, Qin Jie's expression turned fearful while Qin Min narrowed her eyes. Both of them knew without words that the tea had been tampered with. Shaoyao suddenly understood and shouted, "Young Miss, there's something wrong with that tea!"

Qin Jie lunged for the teacup, causing Qin Min to give a start before she reached out. But neither of them beat Lil Thing, who grabbed the teacup and jumped to one side. It propped its hands on the rim and sprawled with wide eyes at Qin Jie, looking extremely ferocious. It was a warning not to steal the cup from it!

Seeing both women still, Lil Thing dipped its head and took a gulp of tea, but it was so hot it spat it out instantly. Then it started blowing on the tea while casting guarded looks at Qin Min and Qin Jie. That thieving, cautious manner was hilarious, but none of the three females felt like laughing. Both Qin Min and Shaoyao knew Lil Thing loved to eat poisons most of all! Unless it was extra delicious, Lil Thing would turn up its nose at the offering. Shaoyao had only steeped ordinary black tea, so how could Lil Thing want to snatch it? Without a doubt, the tea was poisoned! With an extremely powerful toxin!

Qin Jie finally realized that this was the same poison beast she'd seen sitting on the Academy Head's shoulder in the past! 

"The tea is poisoned! You put poison!" Qin Min exclaimed. It was impossible for Shaoyao to poison her. Since Qin Jie had picked up the teacups, she had to be the culprit!

"I did not!" Qin Jie rejected.

"You used extremely toxic poison! Where did you get it?" Qin Min demanded.

Only truly rare and potent toxins would make Lil Thing so eager. It'd have kicked over ordinary poisons a long time ago. Ever since the Poison Sect had its name restored and the Hundred Poisons Sect overturned, it was hard to buy even ordinary poisons. Even Three-Way Black Market just sold common toxins. Qin Min had a bad premonition but didn't dare guess further. 

Qin Jie began to panic and rose to her feet, pointing at Shaoyao. "It was her. She made the tea! She poisoned the drink! I don't know anything."

Qin Min immediately interrupted, "Shaoyao, go and find the master!"

Shaoyao immediately ran out, but the guilty Qin Jie couldn't stand still and grabbed her. "You're not allowed to leave!"

Shaoyao struggled free. As a servant girl, she was naturally stronger than a pampered rich lady. She wrested out of Qin Jie's hands and ran outside. Qin Jie started chasing her, but stopped at the door to close them and turn around. Qin Min sat coldly on the wheelchair with a terrible expression.

"Qin Min, since you're so unkind, don't blame me for disowning you as my older sister!" As she spoke, she stalked towards Qin Min, who only felt alarmed that her own sister could be so venomous. She subconsciously turned the wheelchair when Qin Jie rushed over to claw at her. But at the same time, Lil Thing jumped on top of Qin Min's head and stared at Qin Jie. Forced to the brink, Qin Jie only registered that Lil Thing was still nearby and stopped in shock, her hands in mid-air.

"Cheep!" Lil Thing pounced on Qin Jie's face and started scratching like mad!

How dare you poison the gentleman's partner!

How dare you try to murder the gentleman's partner!

This crime is unforgivable!

After all, Qin Min was the only person besides Mama Yunxi that it allowed to be by the gentleman! It didn't know who this woman was in the Qin Clan or her relation with Qin Min, but it wouldn't show her mercy.

"Ah…aahHHH…save me! Save me!" Qin Jie screeched in fright, clawing at Lil Thing with no success. That was because Lil Thing had already sank its claws into her flesh. 

Bang! The doors were kicked open. A breeze fluttered in before Gu Beiyue was already in front of Qin Min. "Qin Min, are you all right?"

Qin Min gave a start. For some reason, his sudden appearance at this moment was all too much like a dream. How could he have shown up so soon?

Shaoyao had barely left. Even if Gu Beiyue was fast, he couldn't have come before Shaoyao passed on the message! There was some distance between the Qin Estate and the medical academy, so she couldn't have made it there so quickly.

Very soon, Shaoyao followed in to open her mouth, but relaxed at the sight of master standing in front of her mistress. She had just reached the courtyard when the master appeared and asked her what had happened. If she guessed right, master should have stayed back at the Qin Estate this entire time. See? She knew master would only worry about leaving mistress all alone here.

"Are you all right?" Gu Beiyue asked again.

Qin Min looked at Shaoyao, then back at Gu Beiyue's face. She couldn't help asking, "Gu Beiyue you…didn't leave?"

Gu Beiyue's eyes grew complex as he subconsciously backed away. He didn't answer her question, but glanced at Qin Jie struggling on the sidelines with creased brows. "Lil Thing, don't be reckless!"

Lil Thing finally released Qin Jie and jumped back onto the tea table to squeak and point at the tea cup. 

Gu Beiyue's expression was serious. "Qin—"

"Husband!" Qin Min quickly interrupted.

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Ruyi's Thoughts

GBY's back to his old habits of stalking his female leads, huh...

also negative IQ points to Qin Min here. even if she didn't want GBY's help, she could've asked for some guards? was she seriously going to face off against the entire clan alone? c'mon girl, you're smarter than that. what's with this pit by the author...guards are just worthless in this couple's eyes, aren't they...

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