Chapter 1309: [Beiyue] Sudden changes

Fourth Young Miss Ren?

Everyone present was surprised, including the Ren Clan agents. 

"What's Fourth Young Miss doing? Did the old master tell her to come?"

"Can she really rescue that person?"

"Quick, quick! I'll keep watch, you two go back and tell old master." 

The Ren Clan was completely clueless as they started to panic. Qin Min also looked at Fourth Miss Ren in amazement. She knew that Miss Ren was Medical City's number one beauty and a female Medical Adept. Her looks and her medical skills were both outstanding and she had gotten famous in the last medical competition by helping Gu Beiyue save patients. She was also promoted as an honorary trustee of the medical academy. Although it wasn't as strictly formal as the directors, it still counted as a special case in the academy's history. From then on, everyone knew that Fourth Miss Ren was Gu Beiyue's beloved and spread rumors that she would become his wife one day. The Ren Clan also rose to be the number one clan in Medical City at this time because of the Gu Clan's fall and Fourth Young Miss's fame. But in the end, Gu Beiyue chose Qin Min. Many people speculated that she was used to help Gu Beiyue suppress the Ren Clan's might. 

Qin Min was aware of all this but never thought about it much. After all, she and Gu Beiyue were only husband and wife in name and all its complications were related to Gu Beiyue alone. She had nothing to do with it, she just wanted to leave the Qin family. Currently, she was wondering who had sent Fourth Young Miss Ren here. 

The Ren Clan Head? Or did she come by herself? Or did Gu Beiyue send her? Did Fourth Miss Ren really have the ability to cure the patient? Unable to see her depths, Qin Min didn't speak casually and silently prayed that it wasn't Gu Beiyue who sent the girl. 

Fourth Miss Ren went on, "Madam of the Academy Head, my Ren Clan is at fault for this matter. I'm not only here to treat the patient, but also make up for their wrongs. May Madam allow me."

Qin Min's gaze grew complex. "What wrongs does the Ren Clan have?"

Silence surrounded them. 

"That old man turned to my Ren Clan to seek treatment, so my father shouldn't have refused him…" 

The Ren Clan agents couldn't keep quiet at this point. "Fourth Young Miss, how could the old master get involved with such a strange case after the Qin Clan Head treated it halfway? Even Vice-Head Shen didn't dare get involved! It's not the old master's fault for refusing."

Fourth Miss Ren ignored him and said, "Even if father couldn't treat the patient, he could've sent him onto Vice-Head Shen's hands, or discussed it with the Council of Elders. Father was too preoccupied with his grudge against the Qin Clan Head and accusing him to even let the old man in the gates. He was stuck kneeling outside for an entire day, thus delaying his treatment. What is this if not wrong? What's this difference between it and refusing to save someone about to die?"

Silence greeted her words again. Everyone exchanged looks, lost in their own surprise. When it came to right or wrong, most of them pointed fingers at the Qin Clan but never accused the Ren Clan so harshly of negligence. Unexpectedly, it was Fourth Young Miss Ren, the clan head's beloved, favored daughter, who spoke such words. Even Qin Min had to admire her pluck. Fourth Miss Ren's words were truly putting the patient and illness first. 

A doctor was supposed to treat others based on disease and not identity in the first place! 

Fourth Miss Ren looked at Qin Min and declared earnestly, "I beg the Madam of the Academy Head to grant me permission!"

"It's precious for Fourth Young Miss to have such heart. As a daughter, I too have to atone for the sins of the Qin Clan. Since the old man found our family first, let me do it," Qin Min replied.

But Fourth Miss Ren was adamant. "I ask that Madam of the Academy Head please allow me!"

Qin Min's gaze turned complicated as she asked, "If you could treat the patient, why delay until today? Moreover, do you understand the patient's current condition? Are you clear about the methods my father used on him?" She wasn't trying to make things hard for her, but probing for details instead. If Fourth Miss Ren knew the condition clearly, then it would prove that Gu Beiyue sent her here.

But Fourth Miss Ren only retorted, "If Madam of the Academy Head can treat him, then you must know about the patient's condition already?"

Qin Min couldn't help sighing. Fourth Miss Ren was smarter than she thought. No wonder Gu Beiyue had noticed her in the past and allowed her to participate in the competition. Perhaps her question was a simple rebuttal, perhaps it was a test; either way, Qin Min couldn't refuse. She was considering taking the matter directly to Vice-Head Shen and Gu Beiyue to deal with so she wouldn't be stuck guessing blindly. But before she could speak, everyone started coaxing around her.

"Madam of the Academy Head, your legs aren't convenient, so why not let Fourth Miss Ren save him. It'll save you a lot of work."

"Madam of the Academy Head, you just returned to Medical City and must be tired. How about resting first? Since it's all for the sake of saving others, leave it to Fourth Miss Ren. Don't worry."

"Exactly, exactly. Madam of the Academy Head, Fourth Miss Ren has practiced medicine for years and never failed. If she says she can cure him, then she definitely can."

All the polite persuasion and euphemisms even used her legs as an excuse to stop her. Qin Min could tell that they doubted her skills and wanted Fourth Miss Ren to find a chance to redeem the Ren Clan's sins. She looked at the crowd multiple times but didn't see Gu Beiyue or Vice-Head Shen anywhere. At this point, they were already straying from the original plan. Was she supposed to yield?

"Young Miss, shall I ask the master first before we make a choice?" Shaoyao asked.

"No need. He must be keeping an eye on something so important," Qin Min didn't give up but kept looking for that familiar face in the crowd. She hoped to see a signal from Gu Beiyue's eye, or something to tell her how to keep up the act. But she couldn't find anyone relying a message.

What now?

The crowd kept calling "Madam of the Academy Head" nonstop as they argued for Fourth Miss Ren's sake. Qin Min almost felt like this entire matter had nothing to do with the Qin Clan and that the Ren Clan was at fault, with the world begging leniency on their behalf. 

She didn't hesitate and raised her voice. "It'll be up to the academy head to decide who saves the patient. Fourth Miss Ren, let's find him instead."

Since Gu Beiyue didn't come, they'd go to him instead! 

The crowd grew quiet when they heard the academy head was getting involved too. Fourth Miss Ren's gaze turned complex as she intoned, "Everything will be as madam says."

Qin Min and her went to the medical academy with a trail of people following behind them. As soon as she saw Gu Beiyue, she gave him a look to ask whether he'd sent Fourth Miss Ren. But Gu Beiyue didn't respond. Qin Min was originally in low-spirits, but his reaction incensed her completely. Fourth Miss Ren repeated her words and begged Gu Beiyue to give the Ren Clan a chance, while Qin Min stayed silent and said nothing. The crowd looked at Gu Beiyue and waited for him to choose. Only Qin Min kept her head down, her emotions unreadable.

Gu Beiyue didn't hesitate long in the silence, but said, "Saving people is more important and atoning for sins less so. Let the higher-ranked physician accompany Vice-Head Shen to complete the task."

When it came to ranking, Fourth Miss Ren was naturally higher. She looked at Gu Beiyue with eyes full of longing and lingering emotions, but it only lasted a glance. "Thank you, Academy Head," she bowed and broke eye contact as she turned to leave. 

Meanwhile, Qin Min remained with her head bowed and mute. Qin Zhengyuan was standing right next to her and lamented sarcastically, "Big sis, I thought brother-in-law would favor you? Aish…"

The patient was in a small room of the rear courtyard. Everyone waited for Fourth Miss Ren's news, but she soon rushed out in fear, her hands covered in blood. "Academy Head, quick! The patient's committing suicide!"

The crowd was dumbfounded, including Gu Beiyue. But Qin Min suddenly looked up and had Shaoyao push her over. Shaoyao rushed from the rear at breakneck pace, many times faster than her stunt in front of the Qin Estate gates. Gu Beiyue was about to approach when a dozen of the Ren Clan members came to block his way. 

Inside the room, the patient had a dagger stuck in the side of his abdomen. Blood flowed out nonstop. Coupled with his serious illness, he was now in critical condition. Vice-Head Shen could only try stopping the bleeding but didn't know what to do. Seeing Qin Min, he forgot all status and shouted, "Hurry, find the Academy Head here! Quick!"

But Qin Min simply stood up from the wheelchair, rushed over, and shoved Vice-Head Shen out of the way. "Get out and close the door!"

Gu Beiyue appeared at the door just in time to crash into Vice-Head Shen. Luckily, he stood firm so the other man didn't fall. Before Vice-Head Shen could speak, Qin Min had already started to rescue the patient. Shaoyao had already gone into the familiar role of playing her assistant by spreading out all her acupuncture needles in order! Qin Min was using a method to target the acupoints that was similar yet different from Han Yunxi's own techniques. But while Han Yunxi treated poisons, Qin Min treated illnesses and lives. 

Both Vice-Head Shen and Gu Beiyue were dazed by the sight. Leaving aside her technique, it was already clear the method had successfully stopped the bleeding. Afterwards, Qin Min went to the front and started placing needles on the old man's forehead and shoulders. She moved extremely quickly and her methods were enough to make Vice-Head Shen's eyes go dizzy. Gu Beiyue couldn't stop staring either, knowing at once that Qin Min was using a different method than the one he taught her. After the patient experienced such an accident, it was no longer safe to stick to his previous methods. They would have to see if Qin Min's solution was sound.

A while later, Gu Beiyue murmured, "Leave." 

He had left the room first before Vice-Head Shen reacted enough to follow, pushing the wheelchair inside before shutting the door.

"Your Excellency Academy Head, the madam has such hidden depths?" Vice-Head Shen couldn't help asking. "That seems to be an acupuncture technique she developed herself."

Gu Beiyue didn't respond as he headed straight for the main hall. He had never underestimated Qin Min's medical skills like the others, but she still far surpassed his estimations. Had she really created her own technique, or learned it from somewhere else?

Back at the main hall, everyone saw Gu Beiyue and Vice-Head Shen appear and surrounded them to ask about the results of the emergency rescue.

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Ruyi's Thoughts

i have no idea what the hell gu beiyue is planning but this kind of flip-flopping between girls and not making your intentions clear is kinda scummy, not gonna lie. he's lucky qin min's so tolerant and knows him well enough to deal with his shadowy business, but the sheer disrespect to our girl! in public! 

he deserves a slap for that.