Chapter 1307: [Beiyue] Do as before

Hearing Gu Beiyue's reminder, Vice-Head Shen finally realized the truth. This matter of right and wrong was provoked by the Ren Clan. The Qin Clan head rarely went out and waited for patients to find him; the Ren Clan head often traveled the world and actively sought out all kinds of difficult or niche diseases. Thus, the Ren Clan head had lots of cases that weren't known to the public.

When it came to doctors of their caliber, treating ordinary minor illnesses was a waste of time and resources if not urgent. Thus, they wished to challenge more difficult cases, both for treatment and research. As long as collected enough cases, they could suggest a systematic treatment plan, repeatedly test it to find a paradigm, and finally become the first person to create such a treatment as well as enter the textbooks of the medical academy—or even go down in medical history.

It wasn't strange that the old man was recommended to the Qin Clan head, but that the Ren Clan head refused to take him after he left. The Ren Clan even questioned the skills of the Qin family. After all, the Qin Clan head was a seventh-rank Sage! Leaving aside a poor man with no way to seek help, even one with status and power wouldn't dare to question the Qin Clan head's might! This old man was very likely ordered to act this way! In today's Medical City, the only one who dared to provoke the Qin Clan besides Gu Beiyue himself was the Ren Clan.

"Seems like the Qin Clan's going to suffer a huge blow!" Vice-Head Shen declared. 

Typically speaking, there were two situations when a patient transferred treatment. One was the physician taking initiative to transfer the patient, choosing the best time according to his or her condition and covering all tasks needed for a handover. After the new doctor took over, the old one would assist for a period of time in case of something unexpected while helping the patient to adapt.

The second possibility was when the patient questioned the standard of his or her physician and asked to be transferred. The new doctor could be referred by the old, or the patient could find his or her own. However, the old physician was still responsible for doing a good job of transferring the patient.

The old man's situation was different. He already had a special condition and the Qin Clan head's treatment method was even more unique. How could the Qin Clan head willingly reveal his private methods to the Ren Clan head? 

"The Qin Clan head is no fool. He must have seen that the patient was sent by the Ren Clan by then," Gu Beiyue remarked.

"Even if he does, it's no use. It's too late to advance or retreat by now," Qin Min felt helpless. "The Ren Clan really made a sinister move!" There were many denouncing the Qin Clan head in the medical academy right now! Moreover, news of the matter was beginning to spread abroad. To outsiders, the Qin Clan head must seem like a man who saw death but didn't bother to stop it. 

The Qin Clan would either have to swallow their anger and meekly hand over the treatment plan, or ignore the old man's death and fall into disrepute. In the end, the medical academy would have to severely punish the Qin Clan head. 

The trio fell silent as they lost themselves in their thoughts. 

Gu Beiyue was in no rush, which meant he had confidence in saving this patience. That was the current priority, but how could he use this chance to suppress both clans was the crucial point. Qin Min stole a few peeks at him. If this was something else, she wouldn't be sitting here to give her two cents. But as the matter was related to her and the Qin Clan, she had to be present and speak up. Gu Beiyue hadn't told her anything about the issue on their trip back, but she was almost certain that he already knew how to deal with it.

So why was he hesitating?

"Academy head, about this matter…" Vice-Head Shen had been anxious for days and finally lost his patience. But Gu Beiyue ignored him, so the man cast a questioning glance at Qin Min instead. She immediately avoided the look and felt at a loss. She knew Vice-Head Shen wanted to ask her about Gu Beiyue's thoughts, but this was the first time she'd been put on the spot after all this time at Gu Beiyue's side. Qin Min had an indescribable feeling and felt like laughing.

She hesitated, then looked back at Vice-Head Shen, but he wasn't looking at her anymore.

I don't know what he's thinking either! she muttered to herself. She only found it strange: why was Vice-Head Shen so antsy? He had been with Gu Beiyue for years—longer than herself—so why couldn't he understand Gu Beiyue's temper? It was very simple to interact with the man. He would speak when needed, but there was no need to guess or ask questions when he didn't. He might not like to give explanations, but he always left people reassured. 

Qin Min thought and thought and realized she seemed to understand this man better than before. Although there hadn't been many chances to know him, although this was their second to third year of marriage, she had been with him for a total of no less than six months. How did she know this much? Her thoughts wandered just as Gu Beiyue suddenly said, "Madam…"

Qin Min heard him, but she was still spacing out and didn't realize Gu Beiyue was calling her. The "madam" from his lips sounded so foreign that he seemed to be calling someone else, yet so familiar that she knew he meant herself. 

"Madam." Gu Beiyue turned towards her and called again. 

Qin Min recovered her wits and subconsciously replied, "Ah?"

"Is Madam worried about father-in-law?" Gu Beiyue asked.

Qin Min honestly shook her head, causing Gu Beiyue's lips to curve up. Vice-Head Shen was left even more lost. Wasn't the eldest daughter going to protect her own father? 

"Then fine. I'll teach you have to save that patient and you cure him," Gu Beiyue finally voiced his thoughts.

Vice-Head Shen was stunned. He had to wonder how good Eldest Miss Qin's foundation was to learn such a treatment. Although it was the academy head's personal instruction, this was no simple case. He was aware of the woman's personal set of acupuncture skills and knew her actual ability was above her ranking, but he didn't think her medical skills were particularly high. 

Does Eldest Miss Qin have some skills that nobody else knows?

Qin Min was surprised as well, though her doubts laid in why Gu Beiyue had taken so long to voice his decision. What made him hesitate? Didn't he trust her? Was he afraid that she'd favor the Qin Clan instead? She looked at him and said lightly, "All right."

Qin Min waited for Gu Beiyue to continue, but he only replied, "Madam, it's getting late. You should go rest first."

Qin Min's eyes widened with even more surprise. Is this guy chasing me off? 

After she discovered the poison in her legs, after he had her leave Medical City for Yunning, he had told her many things about Medical City. He said that he'd find a chance to carry out reforms with Great Qin's doctors on Medicine City's side. He said he hoped she could join him and promised to find the person who poisoned her in the first place. He promised her the right to participate, but now…

Why did he trust her at the start, but doubt her now? Besides the fake pregnancy, she hadn't failed him in the past two to three years. But Qin Min had a spine; since Gu Beiyue chased her off, she left. Back at the rooms, her emotions surged but there was no place to vent her temper, leaving her organs all hurting. In the end, she released her rage onto a pillow by punching it repeatedly. 

"Gu Beiyue, don't you know what kind of person I am? Is it fun to suddenly be so defensive?" 

Qin Min was startled by her outburst. After a while, she wondered, "Gu Beiyue, how would you know what kind of person I am? How could you have any idea…"

The night passed just like that. Qin Min didn't ask about the Qin Clan again and the next afternoon, Gu Beiyue called her to the study to personally instruct her in the treatment method. Qin Min listened to him without a word the entire time. Her silence spurred Gu Beiyue to speak more, asking her if she understood and if there were any questions. Qin Min kept shaking her head until Gu Beiyue finished teaching, then voiced her own understanding of medical principles on the basis of Gu Beiyue's instructions to simulate an acupuncture method. Gu Beiyue was aware of Qin Min's strength, but was still stunned by her high level of comprehension and enlightenment. In the end, he couldn't help remarking, "Eldest Miss Qin, it really is a pity for you."

Pity how?

Pity that such high talent wasn't cultivated or made famous at a young age in Medical City before spreading across the world? Or pity that I was married to you?

Qin Min shook her head subconsciously and refused to think more. She hated considering gain or loss and doubting herself because of it. If you didn't want anything, you had no worries, right? 

Qin Min neither asked nor thought about it deeply, but silently vowed to go back to Yunzhou once matters were finished in Medical City. She would spend her own days taking care of little Shadow and teaching him well. 

Gu Beiyue, I like you.

But that doesn't mean I have to have you!

She smiled at him and said, "It's not a pity, I'm living a carefree life. Not like you lot, always shouldering your fate and always…holding a bellyful of words you can't say."

Qin Min stylishly turned and left, leaving Gu Beiyue a silhouette. He was taken aback and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. He seemed to have returned to that night in Yunning, when the woman also turned away dashingly, her footsteps sprightly and light. He pretended to consider the issue yesterday before asking her to leave just so she could kill her feelings. He'd rather be a villain and make her resent him then leave her missing him moment after moment. Although he'd seen the hurt in her eyes last night, she was already smiling at him the next day and saying these words?

Qin Min, just what kind of person are you? 

This was the first time Gu Beiyue had considered such a question, but he didn't think any deeper. 

That afternoon, a group of young doctors from Medical City gathered together at the Qin Clan's gates to protest and demonstrate. They denounced the Qin Clan head and demanded he rescue the patient or leave Medical City forever. Gu Beiyue and Vice-Head Shen were currently talking about letting Qin Min treat the patient when this broke out. He had her leave for the Qin Clan to replace her father and save the patient, thus placating public indignation. Qin Min didn't know why Gu Beiyue wanted to do this or what his next step in the place could be. She just did as she was told.

Shaoyao showed up less than an hour later. Qin Min didn't bother waiting for the guards, but had Shaoyao push her to the Qin Estate directly…

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Ruyi's Thoughts

i just realized…since GBY and QM are both so conflict-avoidant, we had to progress their story with outside conflicts, bwahaha. and their emotions are very subtle and shadowy (just like themselves) so it's been interesting weaving that into english.

but yes i concur with her mood! GBY is kind, but sometimes he is so…infuriatingly considerate that it can be suffocating in a way. he's so used to thinking for others that he thinks he knows best for them in the end but…GBY, everyone is their own person. what you think will hurt less in the long run doesn't always mean it's best. you can't "cure" people from their love like you cure diseases!

also laughing at vice-head shen who starts wondering about qin min's potential hidden skills instead of doubting her; i wonder if han yunxi gave him a good lesson in underestimating others lol