Chapter 1291: [Linger] Crying

As Big White cradled Mu Linger against his chest, all of the beasts stopped to await orders from their mistress. Both the tigers front legs and butt were covered in slashes, the fresh blood dying his noble white fur. He swept a glance at the beasts before giving the woman in the distance a murderous look. If he didn't have to protect Mu Linger, he would have pounced and bitten the woman to pieces by now!

He raised his head and roared towards the sky, hoping to summon the other tigers of the mountain forests. But they weren't on the snow mountain and couldn't heed his call. The woman had long guessed this big tiger was unusual from others of its kind. She was planning to deal with the damned girl and then torment the red-eyed beast, but didn't expect a battle. She discovered that the tiger's fangs, claws, and blood were all extremely toxic, making it a poison tiger. 

Having grown up in the Black Forest of Mysterious Continent, the gathering place of its beasts, she had never seen such poison tigers. Was it a specimen unique to Cloud Realm Continent?

"ROAR! ROOOARRR!" the white tiger wouldn't stop roaring at the woman.

"What are you yelling for? I'll tell you now, this lady still wants your lives even if I don't get the antidote!" She spoke a few words in the beast tongue before the snow leopards and wolves all prepared to attack again. 

Hearing her orders, Big White understood she intended to have them all tear him apart. Hiding between his paws, Mu Linger had no idea what the woman said, but she could sense Big White's fury. 

What's going on? 

Abruptly, a snow leopard flew over like an arrow, followed by all the rest. Immediately after them came the wolves. All of them aimed for Big White and started to slash and bite at him madly! Although each attack cost them their lives by poison, they didn't stop. Over a hundred beasts meant over a hundred bits and slashes. How many injuries would Big White incur! How much blood would he bleed!

Big White would die!

It was a tiger being bullied by dogs. Without any way to resist, the proud Big White remained with his head raised high, noble like a king as he looked askance at the beasts. He still protected Mu Linger well and didn't even tremble, afraid that it would make her worry. Smelling the stench of blood and hearing the cry of beasts nearby, Mu Linger suddenly understood that Big White was protecting her with his own flesh and blood!

"No!" Mu Linger shouted. "Don't hurt him! Stop hurting him! I admit defeat, I'll give you the antidote! I'll pay you back, isn't that enough?!" She raised her voice as much as she could and hollered, "Let him go! You can do whatever you want, but stop it! I'm begging you, stop it!"

The woman was thrilled by her words! Compared to a dead tiger, she'd much rather have a live one. This was her first time seeing a poison tiger and she wanted to bring it back to Black Forest to play, or at least show it off! With a wave of her hand, all of the beasts stopped and drew back. 

A child's intuition was very accurate, as was an animal's. Big White knew the woman was bad news as soon as he saw her, so he kept shielding Mu Linger even after all the beasts withdrew. Mu Linger struggled, but Big White didn't budge. Of course she knew the woman was untrustworthy and unreasonable too. It was unlikely she'd be safe even after apologizing. But things had already reached this point. What else could she do? She could only do her best to preserve her and Big White's lives. This trip to the snow mountains taught Mu Linger a principle: beasts were easier to guard against than people!

Mu Linger gently caressed Big White and murmured, "If we keep on like this, we'll all die. Big White, be good and move out of the way."

Perhaps Big White understood her intentions, or was soothed by her touch. He cautiously rose to his feet, as if afraid of touching her with his poison blood, and quickly rolled aside. He rolled fiercely in the snow to clean its wounds, the pain causing it to bare its fangs. Seeing Big White's bloodied fur and dripping blood made Mu Linger's heart ache. Tears fell from her eyes. She wanted to go over and hug him, but Big White quickly crawled to his feet and evaded her in fright, staying far, far away. He looked at her fearfully and Mu Linger was stunned. Aggrieved, Big White wailed and whimpered, as if apologizing or crying. 

He wasn't avoiding her on purpose, but because she couldn't hug him! 

Mu Linger came to her senses and pursed her lips. She wanted to held back, but in the end she end up weeping anyways. "Big White…" 

Seeing this, the woman's smile grew radiant. "Haha, scared to tears just by that? Damned girl, how dare you fight with me! Hurry and give me the antidote!"

Mu Linger hadn't asked for strong enough poisons, so the woman could still bear the effects of this one. Even though the itching sensations had spread to her neck, she could still remain calm. 

Mu Linger tossed her the bottle of antidote, but the woman said coldly, "Damned girl, you better not be playing any tricks on me. Even if I die here, my beast soldiers will definitely make you join me in death!"

Mu Linger couldn't bother to reply. After the woman took the antidote, her itching disappeared and she was delighted. "Heheh, excellent, excellent! Shall we take our time to play next?"

"I expect you want the Snow Jade Wormwood. I'm a pharmacist so I can help you grow more of them," Mu Linger said coldly. This was the bargaining chip she came up with out of desperation and her best counter against the female. 

Hearing this, the woman's joy rose to new heights. She laughed out loud and said, "So that's how it is! Sure, I can keep you alive. But you still have to pay me back, don't you? Say that this medicinal field belongs to me!" 

Mu Linger clenched her fists, ready to explode. She'd rather throw her life away than bow her head to this woman. But she couldn't bear to let Big White suffer too. In the end, her head bowed and she murmured, "Sorry, this medicinal field belongs to you."

Amused but unsatisfied, the woman demanded, "What did you say? Come here and speak louder. Didn't your parents teach you that an apology has to look like an apology?"

Mu Linger walked closer with her head lowered and said, "Sorry, this medicinal field belongs to you."

But the woman simply tugged her by the hair to force her head upright. "What kind of attitude is this? Look at me when you talk!"

"ROAR!" Big White roared, but his anger seemed mixed with sobs. Mu Linger quickly waved at him to show that he shouldn't act rashly. 

The woman rolled her eyes at Big White and snorted in disdain. “So what if you can raise tigers? You still lost by my hand. Hehe, repeat what you said again.”

“Sorry, the medicinal field belongs to you,” Mu Linger said loudly. She comforted herself by thinking this wasn’t humiliation, but saving Big White.

The woman suddenly tightened her grip and almost tore Mu Linger’s hair. “Say that you were despicable for using poison against me!”

“I was despicable for using poison against you,” Mu Linger said loudly.

Feeling at last a little satisfied, the woman scoffed. “I thought you had some backbone, but you’re just a coward who fears death. What a b*tch.”

Mu Linger’s eyes were red-rimmed, but she refused to explain herself. Tears pooled in her pupils as they stubbornly refused to fall. But the woman went even further and said, “How’s this? I’ll forgive you if you say you’re a b*tch.”

Mu Linger immediately glared back, but the woman seemed indifferent. “You don’t have to. I won’t force you.”

Mu Linger stared at her so hard that blod almost seeped out from her tightly bitten lips.

“Looks like you don’t want to be forgiven, ah! Fine then, I won’t.” The woman beckoned the surrounding beasts to draw close.

“I, I’ll talk!” Mu Linger choked up. “I…I, I’m, I am…”

The woman was very patient. But as she waited for Mu Linger to finish, Big White suddenly roared. The other beasts seemed to sense something as well and looked around fearfully. The woman soon noticed their unease and also looked about before she abruptly heard a tiger roar from behind them.

It wasn’t a sound made by a beast, but a human…speaking the beast language!

All of the animals prostrated themselves on the ground at the sound, growing instantly tame. The woman’s heart chilled. She whipped her head back to see ten large white tigers spread out in a line padding this way. Sitting atop the tallest beast in the center was a slim man in mysterious black clothes, emitting an icy aura even colder than the frozen mountains.

Did he make that tiger roar sound?

She couldn’t understand the contents of the roar, but was certain it was beast language! Not only that, the most noble and authoritative tongue of all the beasts! Only this language could unify the tigers of Black Master and command all the beasts!

Could it be that this person is…

Stunned, the woman was afraid to continue her thought. It can’t be, it’s impossible!

Mu Linger was still held hostage by her hair when she saw a familiar figure at a glance. A single look was enough to release the tears pooling in her eyes. 

This annoying guy found his way here? He actually… She hated him so much that she didn't even want to look at him. But…but why didn't she hate him now? Was she dreaming? 

From a distance, Jin Zi's eyes were focused on nothing but Mu Linger's hair being tangled in the woman's hands. He didn't say a word, but his tigers clearly felt his rage and sped up. Sensing this, the enemy beasts all began to quake in terror. 

The woman's heart grew colder. She suddenly pulled Mu Linger close and grabbed her by the throat with a warning. "Don't come closer or I'll kill her!"

Jin Zi leaped off the back of his tiger and moved his gaze to Mu Linger's face, clearly seeing the two scratches and her fresh tear tracks. He turned expressionlessly towards the woman, his voice frigid enough to kill. 

Word by word, he said, "You, made her cry?"

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